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Illegal actions by judge?

Could you explain why the judge acted 'Illegally'?

Robinson was arrested for causing a breach of the peace while he was filming and broadcasting within the precincts of a court during a trial...actions which are illegal in the UK. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 10 months for contempt of court. A further 3 months were added on account of a previously suspended sentence. During this original court case in 2017 Robinson had been specifically warned by the judge that if he repeated his illegal actions of filming and making defamatory remarks about defendants while their trials were in progress, his sentence would be implemented and he would be gaoled - he did and he was.

The judge who sentenced him in May 2018 put an order banning media reporting because he believed that any such reporting would potentially prejudice the trial then in progress, a trial that Robinson’s actions had threatened to abort.

One may not like or agree with this judge’s actions, but they were perfectly legal within UK law. In the UK, judges take a very dim view of the actions which could prejudice the rights of defendants to receive fair trials. Robinson was fully aware of the risks he was taking when he broke the law; he did the crime, pleaded guilty and is now doing the time.

Full details of the legal basis behind the various judgements are here:

NicosB (talk) 04:28, 18 June 2018 (EDT)

Regardless of what you may believe (especially if you either got your information - or lack thereof - from the liberal media, or drew your own conclusions based on the coverage the conservative media has given it), free speech - especially regarding Robinson's reporting of the sentencing of the Islamic rape gangs (the trial was already over by then) - is not illegal, but what the corrupt judge did in response (strictly out of political motivation) is illegal under British law, which he clearly chose to disregard in his rapid kangaroo-court sentencing of Robinson (also including his illegally declaring reporting on the illegal actions against Robinson to be "illegal"). What's clear here is that many of those in public office in the UK, whether politicians or judges, have become increasingly corrupted by liberalism and political correctness (particularly those who claim to be part of the "Conservative" Party but are basically Labour in all but name now, particularly Theresa May) and their favoritism toward Islam, and the lawless illegal invaders who adhere to it (I refuse to call them "refugees"), at the expense of British society is clear evidence of that corruption and their willingness to flout the law and societal norms and display their own contempt of both there. Northwest (talk) 07:19, 18 June 2018 (EDT)