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December 2008 Study counters statements given

According to a December, 2008 study conducted by the American Association of Pediatrics and Harvard University and published in the journal Pediatrics the statements given by the Heritage foundation are not statistically accurate. The study showed that 5 years after taking the pledge

  • 82% Denied taking the pledge
  • Pledgers and non-pledgers did not differ in rates of premarital sex, STDs, or oral/anal intercourse rates
  • Total partners over the previous year was only 0.1 fewer for pledgers, but over the course of a life time, pledgers and non-pledgers had the same rates of sexual partners

More over, the study showed that pledgers had significantly riskier sex in that they birth control rates were much lower than non-pledgers

Sources: Rosenbaum, J. Pediatrics, January 2009; vol 123: e110-e120.

I wait for approbation prior to adding this to the actual article. --AndrasK 21:50, 29 December 2008 (EST)