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The North Korean ballistic missile capable of delivering a nuke to Seattle or L.A. came from Ukraine; maybe Zelensky can get a nuke from Kim Jong-un. After all, isn't what the Ukraine mess is all about according to Biden, Jake Sullivan, Blinken, and Psaki? Every country is free to choose its own allies and what military alliance it chooses to partner with? RobSLet's Go Brandon! 13:47, February 22, 2022 (EST)

On another note, the fact that the Azov Battalion has been integrated into the Ukrainian military indicates that the Ukrainian military has a serious neo-Nazi problem. With that in mind, which would be worse? Radical Islamists getting nukes or neo-Nazis getting nukes?--Geopolitician (talk) 18:16, February 22, 2022 (EST)
I don't see Ukraine getting nukes, I see Putin saying "See, I told you so" to Biden. RobSLet's Go Brandon! 18:33, February 22, 2022 (EST)
Now, Biden, Zelensky (and Blinken and Psaki) can say, "Zelensky only said that for domestic consumption." The problem is twofold: (a) Americans heard it, too, and (b) average Americans are not as stupid as Democrats think, unless Democrats really believe pushing the planet to the brink of nuclear war is how they can win elections and remain in power. RobSLet's Go Brandon! 18:37, February 22, 2022 (EST)

Playing the piano

Would it be appropriate for me to include a reference to... well... this?--Geopolitician (talk) 21:52, April 21, 2022 (EDT)

That one is adolescent, but this one is even more revealing. [1] I've been struggling with words to encapsulate the context of the second one, which definitely, is more directly relevant to all the money we and the rest of the planet are dumping into Ukraine, and their attitude toward it. RobSLet's Go Brandon! 22:26, April 21, 2022 (EDT)
Unbelievable videos! But he is poking fun at corruption in the second one and maybe there's more to the first one?
We should include the comment, "he's pimping Ukraine for foreign dollars" somehow. RobSLet's Go Brandon! 16:15, April 22, 2022 (EDT)

Jewish family history

I'm genuinely puzzled by the fact that Conservapedia has fallen in love with a former communist like Vladimir Putin and his propaganda. I realise that there are Nazis in the Ukraine – i beliee they may have one seat in parliament but I find that both the President and the Prime Minister have Jewish ancestry. In Zelensky's case it seems that some family member died in the Holocaust, while others fought in the Soviet army against the Germans. My sources are Fox News and the Jewish Quarterly.[1][2]

Good question. So why is he and Kolomoisky in bed with Nazis now? RobSLet's Go Brandon! 16:46, April 22, 2022 (EDT)
Your Putin = Hitler thesis will never fly.
"There is every indication that Ukraine’s present Government is nazi-controlled, but neither in the breakaway republics nor in Crimea is the Government racist-fascist (or “nazi”): they are the exact opposite — intensely anti-nazi — and so, too, is Russia’s Federal Government. Whereas America and its CIA brought in and protected many thousands of Nazis after WW II, the Soviet Union did the opposite: searched for them and killed them. Today’s Russia is continuing that aspect of its predecessor’s policies. Allegations in The West to the contrary are not merely lies: they are obscene, vicious, anti-historical, lies, which come from the true heirs of (in fact, the modernized versions of) Hitler, Gehlen, and Goebbels."[3]
Here's Zelensky's boys in action [2] RobSLet's Go Brandon! 16:57, April 22, 2022 (EDT)

In reply to your earlier question: Doesn't make any sense. So you find a totalitarian dictator like Putin a reliable source? Clearly you haven't had time yet to thoroughly check the sources that I used.--Jackin the box (talk) 16:59, April 22, 2022 (EDT)

Here's another source. [3] But before we even get to the question of Kolomoisky and Zalensky, perhaps the cases of Soros, who backed the Maidan coup, and Victoria Nuland should be reviewed. Gonzalo Lira, himself a Jew I believe, profiled Nuland shortly before Lira's arrest by the Ukrainian gestapo. I don't see discrepancies based on research conducted over many decades. So saying "because so-and-so is Jewish, therefore they cannot be a Nazi" is, in this case, Nazi propaganda. RobSLet's Go Brandon! 17:18, April 22, 2022 (EDT)
<disclaimer>Now, the quotation I cited above, i would argue that Gehlen was not a Nazi, and we don't need to get into the details here. By contrast, Canadian Deputy Prime Minister and Russophobic Zelensky backer Chrystia Freeland's grandfather, who fled to Canada, most definitely was a Ukrainian Nazi. Her own family does not dispute that. RobSLet's Go Brandon! 17:29, April 22, 2022 (EDT)
The Russians are highly offended by stuff like this which apparently came from Italy. That's why you hear talk in Russia today about the need to de-nazify NATO, the EU and the West. RobSLet's Go Brandon! 17:46, April 22, 2022 (EDT)
"Putin launched a GRU-hosted misinformation effort to color the Zelenskyy government as anti-Russian and anti-separatist. His use of ‘Nazi’ resonates with many Russians because of the slow-healing scars still plaguing the Russians from World War II," Ret. Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis, a military analyst with experience on the ground in Russia and Ukraine, previously told Fox News. --Jackin the box (talk) 18:17, April 22, 2022 (EDT)
I know, it's not worth the time to debate. We're either too early or too late. But you should know that sooner or later the bloom will be off t he rose of Zelensky, and a lot of people will have some explaining to do. RobSLet's Go Brandon! 18:24, April 22, 2022 (EDT)

RobS, you may be right, given all the fake news around, but Bit Chute doesn’t appear to be a reliable source. I visited Bit Chute and found this: Holocaust; see “Jew” also. I didn’t check Hitler but I saw something describing what a good, kind man he was, who loved animals, etc. Anyhow I spend too much time debating!! Jack

That's a good argument for Youtube and Google, but unfortunately it's gonna fall flat. C'mon man, I know you can do better than that. Thanks. RobSLet's Go Brandon! 15:56, April 23, 2022 (EDT)
The major point you just don't seem to realize yet is, support for Zelensky and the Ukrainian Nazi regime itself will eventually be seen for what it is, holocaust denial. Same goes for trashing Russians and Putin in this war. RobSLet's Go Brandon! 16:58, April 23, 2022 (EDT)
"But Rob, there is only 900 Nazis fighting for democracy in Ukraine." Even if that CIA disinformation which the MSM parrots were true - which we can prove is a lie -
A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.
RobSLet's Go Brandon! 17:11, April 23, 2022 (EDT)

According to the ADL, white supremacists and neo-Nazis are in fact heavily divided over the situation in Ukraine. Some are siding with Kyiv because (1) the Azov Battalion; and (2) they see Putin as a "race traitor" for "declaring a brother war" against another white nation. But others are siding with Moscow because (1) Zelensky is Jewish; (2) they see Zelensky as being beholden to Jewish oligarchs; (3) they see Putin as being his own man despite also having close ties to Jewish oligarchs; and (4) they thus conclude that Putin is actually fighting a war against the Jews, not against Nazis (and they call the Azov Battalion "race traitors" who are useful idiots of an "international Jewish conspiracy").--Geopolitician (talk) 17:57, April 23, 2022 (EDT)

It should also be noted that many of the pro-Russian white supremacists and neo-Nazis are actually Nazbols rather than Hitlerites. Of course many people fail to understand the difference between Hitlerites and Nazbols, and thus are very confused as to which regime is the pro-Hitler one. It's time that these differences be addressed, hence why I created the Nazbol article (which is still under construction at this time).--Geopolitician (talk) 18:02, April 23, 2022 (EDT)
bla bla bla old news - and not even worth debating The ADL discredited itself at the start of the war when it changed its definition of white supremacy and the language in its Wolfangel hate symbol page. You need another source if you even want to continue this discussion. RobSZ 18:32, April 23, 2022 (EDT)
I should warn you, you need to get off this neo-nazi holocaust denial horse you're riding fairly quickly. RobSZ 18:35, April 23, 2022 (EDT)
What lies here: DFTT
Oh, shut up.--Geopolitician (talk) 18:40, April 23, 2022 (EDT)
Let me warn YOU, RobS. You have pushed me to a breaking point, you damn pathological liar. I have the emails of all the other mods, and if you continue to push me, I will do what I can to get them to turn on you. And your career here will be over.--Geopolitician (talk) 18:41, April 23, 2022 (EDT)
You got that, RoBERT?--Geopolitician (talk) 18:42, April 23, 2022 (EDT)
The Russians lost more than 3 times as many lives as the Jews - and the Russians were targeted because of their race - which is exactly what the Maidan regime has done for 8 years, and that killer cokehead Zelensky for 3 years now. RobSZ 18:39, April 23, 2022 (EDT)
The 80s are calling. They want their foreign policy back. RobSZ 18:47, April 23, 2022 (EDT)