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So now, when someone searches for war, they go straight to an Anti-war quotes page? That doesn't seem sensible. DrSandstone 16:04, 29 March 2007 (EDT)

Well, that was the case before the edit, too. The page move makes sense since the content was just a bunch of anti-war quotes. The War page isn't locked, so anybody can create a serious entry about it by editing the page at [1] --Sid 3050 16:08, 29 March 2007 (EDT)
Alright, well I'm going to add a simple definition so that it at least doesn't redirect to anti-war quotes. DrSandstone 16:10, 29 March 2007 (EDT)
You could add several links to existing articles on specific wars, too. MountainDew 16:12, 29 March 2007 (EDT)

The only external link is something called "what liberals say about war?"Jros83 20:19, 24 August 2008 (EDT)

re: Wars, USA and Russia

I looked at this and it doesn't appear to be correct or a good fit.

Three things:

1. There is a difference between using military force and a full-blown war. And the footnote doesn't appear to be saying the USA has been in 200 full-blown wars since the Cold War.

2. None of the military actions the USA has been involved in post COld War with has had to do with "Holy wars". They were not holy wars. The same applies to Russia. So it's not in the right section. And neither Russia or the USA are considered to be irreligious/nonreligious. Both countries have some degree or religiousness (Number of churches, etc.).

3. I am looking at List of wars involving Russia and from 1991 to present, Russia appears to have been in 10+ wars.

Since the end of the Cold War, the United States has been involved in over 200 wars;[1] the Russian Federation has been involved in 4.
How many countries has North Korea invaded since 1950? RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 14:55, February 21, 2024 (EST)
I just used North Korea because an armistice has never been signed and they are a pretty hostile country. I will just get rid of the current graphic and use something related to Islam. Conservative (talk) 14:59, February 21, 2024 (EST)
Oh, you don't have to explain. I think I understand full well why you used North Korea. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 15:09, February 21, 2024 (EST)
The United States has invaded (i.e., violated the sovereign territorial integrity of) 160 countries in 215 instances since 1991.
As to your point 2 about Holy wars, that's interesting, but it's not the main subject of this article (perhaps it belongs in your religious wars article). And whether America's 20 year war on the Islamic faith in Afghanistan, to turn the country into a bunch of Westernized sodomites, is debatable. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 15:14, February 21, 2024 (EST)
I do think the USA has been sticking its nose into too many things in the world, but the section has to do with the causal factor of wars. The USA has gotten into various wars throughout its history, but I don't believe any of them were "holy wars". But there was some irreligion/religion aspect to the USA/West vs. the former Soviet Union as far as the Cold War, but it doesn't seem to be a religion vs. irreligion war or a holy war and instead a major power conflict in general.
Anyways, it seems as if we came to some agreement concerning this section. Conservative (talk) 15:27, February 21, 2024 (EST)
I chose North Korea because they are a majority irreligious country[2] and the state promotes Juche. Juche, North Korea maintains, is a "man-centered ideology" in which "man is the master of everything and decides everything". (Lee, Kyo Duk (2004). "'Peaceful Utilization of the DMZ' as a National Strategy". The successor theory of North Korea. Korean Institute for National Reunification. page 4. ISBN 978-8984792258. Conservative (talk) 21:25, February 21, 2024 (EST)
Sorry, you're not going to use your anti-Trump foreign policy, anti-North Korea bigoted perspective in this regard.
In the same article you claim no connection between religion and wars.
Since 1950, the United States is clearly the warmongering state, not North Korea. They have invaded no one.
As to religious vs irreligious, sodomite marriage is legal in the US and not in North Korea. And the US has invaded countries attempting to force sodomite mariage on them. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 21:38, February 21, 2024 (EST)

RobSmith, setting aside the fact that I lean towards isolationism, North Korea/South Korea never signed an armistice. And on the whole, South Korea is the less aggressive party when it comes to the Korean Peninsula now. North Korea was more peaceable than it was previously post Trump visiting North Korea for a while, but post Trump it has been more aggressive.

RobSmith, you are not addressing the point I made about the USA not being in 200 full-fledged wars since the Cold War. A war is different than smaller military activities in terms of the level of force. Can you please provide a source clearly saying the USA has been in 200 full-fledged wars since the Cold War? You cited this: Instances of Use of United States Armed Forces Abroad, 1798-2023, Congressional Research Service, June 7, 2023. But this source does not say the USA has been involved in 200 wars like you claim. The Congressional Research Service report states at its beginning: "This report lists hundreds of instances in which the United States has used its Armed Forces abroad in situations of military conflict or potential conflict or for other than normal peacetime purposes".[3] A military conflict or potential conflict is not synonymous with a full-fledged war.

Next, List of wars involving Russia gives about 10 wars that Russia has been involved from 1991 to present, but you claim that Russia has merely been involved in 4 wars, but you give no source. Conservative (talk) 21:58, February 21, 2024 (EST)

I don't care what you lean to. You're not spewing your clearly defined anti-Trump foreign policy and racist hate toward Asians in this article. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 22:11, February 21, 2024 (EST)
I was hoping to not get the owner of the website involved in this issue and to solve the dispute amicably, but I see that this is not going to be possible. That's unfortunate, so I will just contact the owner of the website about this matter.
Hopefully, you will change your mind before then and address my points. Conservative (talk) 22:15, February 21, 2024 (EST)

RobSmith, I see that you removed the material about the role that Darwinism played in WWI and WWII. In addition, you removed the material indicating that religion is not the causal factor to most wars.

The owner of the website is anti-evolutionism and pro-religion. I believe he will overturn your unfortunate editing choices in this matter.

But hopefully, you will reconsider your choices and be more open to good-faith dialogue. Conservative (talk) 22:20, February 21, 2024 (EST)

Your pro-sodomite marriage culture and anti-Trump foreign policy doesn't belong in this article.
And there you go whining like a big crybaby again. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 22:22, February 21, 2024 (EST)
RobSmith, some people make up fictions about a person they disagree with due to delusion or malevolence. Making me the villain in your fictional mischaracterization of me, is not going to make you the noble protagonist in the fictional world you are attempting to create in your mind and/or in the mind of others. Conservative (talk) 22:29, February 21, 2024 (EST)
Andy is a lawyer, and you made a mistake when you admitted to Andy you were driven by maliciousness (See My geopolitics essays work is done until 2030. I put the icing on the cake of my geopolitics essays.). Andy is a professional at discerning people's motives. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 22:36, February 21, 2024 (EST)
RobSmith, I wish you had been more civil in the main page talk about domestic/international politics. But since you were not, I decided to create essays and encouraged you to create counteressays in response to my essays. For the most part, you haven't created counteressays which is your choice and I am fine with that.
With that being said the owner of the website has said concerning my essays: "...I think there should be more leeway for strong editors to create essays and categorize them as they think best. That includes you too. Essays are a valuable part of this website (in contrast with the tyranny at Wikipedia which prohibits them). The essay author is easily identified from the entry history.--Andy Schlafly (talk) 21:26, December 22, 2023 (EST)"
I do wish you the best in term of your life and future editing. And I will certainly do my part not to create unnecessary conflict between us. Conservative (talk) 22:48, February 21, 2024 (EST)
So you admit your malicious intent to cause other's harm. It's really nothing to be proud of. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 22:51, February 21, 2024 (EST)


  1. Instances of Use of United States Armed Forces Abroad, 1798-2023, Congressional Research Service, June 7, 2023.