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Could we at least be consistent?

If he wasn't homeschooled "as we know it now," why is his name listed in the entry for "Homeschooling" with a link to this article?

Because the Homeschooling article isn't very good. Dpbsmith 05:57, 28 February 2007 (EST)

Either he WAS homeschooled, in which case my edit was correct, or he wasn't, in which case his name should be removed from the list of famous people who were homeschooled under the homeschooling article.

I'll be glad to wait a bit to see what the consensus is, but one of them needs to be changed.

Or... the third option... I've changed the list heading in Homeschooling to read "High-achieving Christians who were educated at home."

Technically, that's not really a "third" option, I did say one of them needs to be changed, and this fits the bill. All kidding aside, though, I'd hope that you would also get rid of the non-Christians from the list, as well as those whose "acheivements" were dubious, or pernicious (Like John Walker lindh, I recall he was listed).

Also, and more importabntly, why on earth would the list be under "homeschooling"? I mean really, if they weren't homeschooled in the sense that is under discussion in the article, the list shouldn't be in that article, or their names shouldn't be in the list. Think about it - this is like having an article about "Microsoft Office" which includes a list of "Famous people who used computer programs" (not the best analogy, I know, but you get it, I'm sure)

Simply changing the name to "High-achieving Christians who were educated at home" while keeping it in the "Homeschooling" article is misleading.

Mozart was not "homeschooled," i.e. his parents did not opt out of the Salzburg public school system (there wasn't one).

Like I said, I'm not trying to get into a discussion about what is or isn't "homeschooling" - I'll save that for when my kids get old enough for school. I'm just aiming for consistency. If there's going to be a list of people in the article about "homeschooling" then those people really should fit into the definition of homeschooling given in the article. Or the list should be moved elsewhere.

Also, this discussion should likely be moved to the Talk:Homeschooling page I would have responded there now, but the site seems extra slow today, and it took me forever just to open this page. I'll likely not check back until much later tonight when things ease up a bit.

Mozart was high-achieving, Christian, and educated at home. Dpbsmith 05:57, 28 February 2007 (EST)