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Tara Brabazon

Tara Brabazon is a professor of media studies at the University of Brighton at Brighton & Hove in the south of England. She was a finalist for Australian Teacher of the Year in 2005.[1] and is director of the Popular Culture Collective which tries to document popular culture with academic rigor.[2][3]

Brabazon came to international attention in January 2008 after she criticized Wikipedia® and Google for encouraging a lack of critical thinking in students. Brabazon banned her students from using either website, and compared the sites to "white bread" as they were filling but not nutritional.[4] Wikipedia responded to this by increasing the size of their article on her.[5] Professor Brabazon has also criticized Wikipedia for stifling debate and critical evaluation.[6] Her views are similar to the views of Andrew Keen, another Wikipedia critic.[6]


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