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Tasers (acronym for Thomas A Swifts Electric Rifle) are stun guns used by the police to subdue suspects.

Policeman aiming a Taser Gun.
The battery-powered device shoots an electrode, attached by a wire to a capacitor, which delivers a powerful electric shock. The taser is used to subdue suspects who resist arrest, as well as for personal self-defense.

It is favored by people who want to subdue a suspect or assailant without killing him, but is opposed by some people and liberal groups (like Amnesty International and the ACLU). In rare cases, being shot with a taser has resulted in death.[1] These deaths are often attributed to excited delirium, a heart condition, drug use or mental illness. This attribution has been controversial, because "excited delirium"[2] is almost never diagnosed outside of police custody.

YouTube has some videos of young men resisting arrest, getting tasered, and then claiming the police used excessive force or abused their authority.

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