Teen pregnancy

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Teen pregnancy refers to the unplanned pregnancies of unmarried school-age girls, and very often of girls who conceived or gave birth below the age of consent. It is a major social problem as teen pregnancies most often either result in abortion or in the raising of children in unstable single-parent families. The increasing rate of teen pregnancies is a consequence of increasing atheistic and secular pressures in modern society. These include the influence of Hollywood values and other manifestations of materialistic culture which erode and undermine moral standards, the hostility of school boards to the exercise of religious faith, and the bias of public school sex education against abstinence education programmes, which are the only sure safeguard against teen pregnancy. European countries teach contraceptive use in schools. The rates of teenage pregnancy in most of Europe are lower than in the United States.

Note: Terms like teen pregnancy refers to single teens. There is a problem with a married teenagers enjoying conjugal love or bring new lives into the world. Youngsters who are compatible as teenagers may not be compatible when they are older. The characters of teenagers change. It is uncertain what a teenager will be like as an adult. When people who were compatible as teenagers become incompatible later this leads to unhappy marriage or divorce.