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The style of a [[liberal]] often includes these characteristics:
The style of a [[liberal]] often includes these characteristics:
#attempting to portray [[conservatives]] as callous or uncaring, and bait them into making insensitive remarks
#calling others "extremist"
#calling others "extremist"
#deny the obvious and embrace the implausible
#deny the obvious and embrace the implausible

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Examples of Liberal Style

The style of a liberal often includes these characteristics:

  1. attempting to portray conservatives as callous or uncaring, and bait them into making insensitive remarks
  2. calling others "extremist"
  3. deny the obvious and embrace the implausible
  4. attempting to appear smarter than others, when often the opposite is true
  5. attempting to appear more reasonable than others, when often the opposite is true
  6. overreliance on hearsay, such as the false claim that most support evolution
  7. unjustified praise of atheists and other liberals as "geniuses", despite little achievement
  8. calling the use of the term liberal when used in a derogatory context "stupid"[1]
  9. denial that people can grow out of a liberal viewpoint, such as atheism
  10. denial of accountability
  11. insisting on a mindless equality, as in "if you have an entry for Beethoven, then you must allow entries for vulgar rap artists!"
  12. concealing one's liberal views rather than admitting them
  13. calling conservative free speech "hate" speech [2]
  14. calling conservative humor "unprofessional and meaningless, and degrades the quality of your encyclopedia." [3]
  15. pretending to know more than he does; Isaac Newton admitted that he knew almost nothing, yet a liberal rarely admits that and often pretends to know more than he does
  16. resistance to quantifying things, such as liberal bias or openmindedness
  17. preference for obscenity and profanity [4]
  18. insistence on having the last word in a discussion or debate
  19. over-reliance on mockery [5] [6] [7] [8]
  20. over-reliance on accusations of hypocrisy [9]
  21. hostility to faith
  22. insistence on censoring certain speech, such as a description of The Flood or even teaching children about a massive flood, despite its acceptance by a majority of Americans[Citation Needed]
  23. believing that the education of children is for liberals to control
  24. believing that conservatives will fail, and refusing to accept when they succeed, as when George W. Bush won in 2000
  25. reluctance to admit that anything is morally wrong
  26. bullying conservatives who disagree with liberal views
  27. draw an analogy between opponents and racists, no matter how illogical
  28. claim that science supports their position, and ignore any evidence that shows their position to be false
  29. often declare that an adversary should be "ashamed of himself," while never saying that about a fellow liberal (such as Ted Kennedy or Bill Clinton)[10] [11]
  30. willing to give away everything held dear by the majority to avoid serious conflict (such as the appeasement of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, or those liberals who wish to pull our troops out of Iraq, and embolden the terrorists).
  31. using hyperbole instead of fact-based logic in an attempt to tug at people's emotions rather than appealing to their sense of reason.[12]
  32. often long-winded and verbose, and in debates liberals often consume more than their fair share of the alloted time, leaving less time for the other side.
  33. attempting to control the rules of evidence used in a debate. For example, claiming that Young Earth Creationism is false, and then refusing to allow supporting evidence by claiming that the scientists are religiously motivated.
  34. attempting to control the definitions of words through political correctness. For example, referring to Israel as "occupied territories" or suggesting that Al-Qaeda terrorists in Iraq are not part of Al-Qaeda.
  35. Dismissing legitimate criticism as "a joke" [13]
  36. Denying something widely known to be true but difficult to prove, such as observing that men are far more likely to work in gas stations than women.[Citation Needed]
  37. Will often deny being a liberal, or will claim to be a "true conservative", while spouting liberal and democratic talking points and criticizing basic conservative beliefs and principles.
  38. using non sequiturs in argument, such as responding to the point above that liberals over-rely on accusations of hypocrisy by citing an example of conservatives' observing liberal hypocrisy. But their example does not help their argument. Quite the contrary, use of that example tends to prove that liberals do over-rely on accusations of hypocrisy (relativism). Think about that.
  39. selectively citing the Bible when convenient, even though they hold much of it in disdain.
  40. believing that bureaucratic honors or appointments are meaningful achievements.
  41. silly demands for apologies.[14]
  42. can't understand the difference between identity (e.g., color of one's skin), perspective (e.g., Judeo-Christian) and bias (e.g., Bias in Wikipedia).
  43. inability or unwillingness to differentiate between genuine conservative arguments and parodies of conservative arguments.
  44. "Contrariness is creativity to the untalented" - Dennis Miller's general observation about liberal behavior.[Citation Needed]
  45. Assuming criminals are on the other side of the political fence, without evidence.


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