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<!-- ================ PAGE CONTENT BEGINS BELOW THIS LINE ==================== -->
'''''[[Conservapedia]]''': Over <big>'''250 million'''</big> Views & Over <!--as of 06/06/11-->'''850,000''' Edits.''
'''''[[Conservapedia]]''': Over <big>'''250 million'''</big> Views & Over <!--as of 06/06/11-->'''850,000''' Edits.''
'''The [[Moon]] turns a spectacular blood red during its lunar eclipse Wednesday'''. [http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2003046/Lunar-eclipse-Moon-turns-blood-red.html]  ''But [[atheism]] denies this is by design, pathetically pretending instead that this is somehow pure chance''.
== Featured Essay ==
== Featured Essay ==

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Welcome to Conservapedia!

Conservapedia: Over 250 million Views & Over 850,000 Edits.

The Moon turns a spectacular blood red during its lunar eclipse Wednesday. [1] But atheism denies this is by design, pathetically pretending instead that this is somehow pure chance.

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Christian apologetics is the defense of the Christian faith through logical arguments. The term comes from the Greek word apologia, which means "defense".

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In 2011, the results of a study was published indicating that most United States high school biology teachers are reluctant to endorse the theory of evolution in class.

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Gas prices respond to stimulus

In February 2009, President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, raising the federal deficit to 9% of total U.S. economic output. By the Spring of 2011, the resulting stimulus of consumer spending on gasoline prices at the pump recovered to a national average of $3.88, the highest pump prices since August 2008, before the Crash of 2008. But the promised improvement in job creation has yet to trickle down.

Pump prices.JPG

As can be seen from the chart provided by the White House Office of Management and Budget, the dramatic increase in the federal deficit culminates in the later half of 2009 with the starting point of today's run-up in gas prices.

Obama deficit.png

Since President Obama's Oil Drilling Moratorium prices have risen $1 at the pump. Obama blamed “speculators” and ordered the Justice Department to investigate. Wayne Allyn Root of the Washington Times writes that Mr. Obama is

seeking to redefine profits as either immoral or criminal, and targeting, demonizing and punishing the people who invest in America, courageously take financial risk and create most new jobs.

Why is Mr. Obama engaging in class warfare? Because
A) he has to blame and demonize someone for his failures;
B) he has to distract American consumers and voters from a failing economy and $5 per gallon gas; and
C) most investors and speculators are fiscal conservatives, many of whom contribute to Mr. Obama’s political opposition....

One investor or speculator offers to buy a product at a certain price, while another offers to sell at a different price. This price-seeking mechanism redirects the economic engine of producers to best fulfill the needs of consumers.

Root notes

home buyers, stock buyers, gold buyers, art buyers, classic-car buyers, wholesalers, small-business owners and investors... everyone who risks money to buy things and attempts to resell later at a profit is a speculator.

A Washington Post/ABC News poll shows that 60 percent of Independent voters who say they’ve been hit hard by surging gas prices also say they definitely won’t support Obama in his bid for reelection. Llewellyn King, executive producer and host of PBS's, White House Chronicle summarized,

The fate of the Obama presidency hangs not on a birth certificate or the red ink on the federal budget but by the hose nozzle of your local gas station. Electoral discontent is measured by the price of a gallon of gasoline. Heading past $4 toward $5, that is a lethal trajectory for President Barack Obama.

The British Sterling was the world's reserve currency for nearly 200 years and continued to play this role until after World War II, when United States bailed out Britain with a foreign aid program known as the Marshall Plan. The US gave billions to help Europe rebuild. Britain, however pursued a socialist agenda and nationalized major industries. Like Barack Obama, Britain's leaders wanted to "spread the wealth." Soon Britain was broke.

The final straw came in 1967, when the British Labour Party (the socialists) devalued the British currency by 14%. The government thought this would help people pay their debts. In reality, it made people holding British Sterling 14% poorer, and the cost of living much more expensive. One of the worst decades was ushered in, Britain's "Winter of Discontent" in the 1970s. And the dollar now replaced sterling as the world's reserve currency.

The United States is the only country in the world that does not have to pay for its imports in a foreign currency. The US can consume as much as it wants without acquiring a foreign currency to pay for it, because US dollars have been accepted everywhere. The US government is the only debtor in the world who can legally print US dollars to pay its debts. Access to cheap oil has been the greatest boon of owning the world's reserve currency. This has made gas cheaper in the United States than everywhere else in the developed world. Here is a comparison of how much less the United States pays for a gallon of gas compared to other developed nations:

United States $3.88 (national avg.)
Foreign locale per gal. (% over US)
Oslo, Norway $7.41 (172% higher)
Berlin, Germany $6.82 (151% higher)
London, England $6.60 (143% higher)
Rome, Italy $6.40 (135% higher)
Paris, France $6.04 (122% higher)
Tokyo, Japan $5.40 ( 98% higher)

If oil is no longer priced in dollars, the price of oil for Americans will skyrocket and change our lives overnight. All that needs to happen is for other countries to begin preferring payment in something other than US dollars. Robert Zoellick, President of the World Bank said in 2009

the United States would be mistaken to take for granted the dollar’s place as the world’s predominant reserve currency. Looking forward, there will increasingly be other options to the dollar. [2]

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) in April 2010 published a paper entitled Reserve Accumulation and International Monetary Stability, written by the Strategy, Policy and Review Department of the IMF, recommending specifically other options.

Thanks to Stansberry Investment Advisors (no endorsement implied).

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