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[[File:Alabama map and flag.png|right|50px]]
'''[[Question evolution! campaign]] southern style.''' Sweet home Alabama! [http://questionevolution.blogspot.com/2012/10/creationism-southern-style-sweet-home.html]
Y'all [[evolution]]ists are going to be madder than a [[mule]] chewing on [[bumblebee]]s!
'''Did [[Barack Hussein Obama]] try to get another [[October Surprise]] going with [[Iran]]?''' If so, why did the [[White House]] deny they had a deal? Maybe because the deal fell through, or they realized they never had a deal at all. [http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2012/10/22/news/world-news/october-surprise-in-iran/]
'''Did [[Barack Hussein Obama]] try to get another [[October Surprise]] going with [[Iran]]?''' If so, why did the [[White House]] deny they had a deal? Maybe because the deal fell through, or they realized they never had a deal at all. [http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2012/10/22/news/world-news/october-surprise-in-iran/]

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Alabama map and flag.png

Question evolution! campaign southern style. Sweet home Alabama! [1]

Y'all evolutionists are going to be madder than a mule chewing on bumblebees!

Did Barack Hussein Obama try to get another October Surprise going with Iran? If so, why did the White House deny they had a deal? Maybe because the deal fell through, or they realized they never had a deal at all. [2]

American atheism is going to receive a whupping! Get out your Bible belts American creationists![3]

In June of 2012, a Gallup survey reported an increase in American creationism.[4]

"Where's Chris Christie when we need him?" jokes Mitt Romney during a pickup football game between his aides and the press corps on a Florida beach. [5] Hopefully Romney will use his resourceful wit Monday night to liven the all-important final debate.

The phony Senator Bob Casey, who insists on funding Planned Parenthood while falsely pretending not to be pro-abortion, faces an upset defeat by the pro-life Tom Smith in Pennsylvania, which could also cost Obama the national election. [6]

CNN: "George McGovern, an unabashed liberal voice, is dead." [7]

Plagues of egpyt.jpg

Biblical creation vs. evolutionism and atheism and agnosticism - Biblical creation wins! Again and again and again![8]

A series of gloomy news is descending on evolutionism, atheism and agnosticism like plagues of hail, fire and locusts.[9]

Monday night's final debate could decide the presidential election 2012. [10]

The Question evolution campaign is still growing in America! American creationists are going to pour it on in America in October, November and December of 2012.[11]

What is shrinking faster? Evolutionism, Barack Hussein Obama's re-election campaign or global "warming"?[12]

Obama's lead in Ohio has evaporated to only one point, "tumbling from the five-percentage-point advantage Obama had a week ago, according to a Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey released Saturday." [13]

Quantcast shows Creation.com website having 453% more web traffic than Richard Dawkins's website. [14]

The USA Question evolution! campaign outreach is a success and beginning to roll faster and faster. Citius, Altius, Fortius!

The excitement is raging within global Christianity and creationism and these communities are attracting strong leadership.[15] Evolutionism is for pantywaist evolutionist "men" and distant, fussy, cold fish, evolutionist women![16]

Liberal style: Obama wins 'interruption debate.' ... Obama cut off Romney in mid-sentence 36 times, while Romney cut off Obama 28 times. Moderator Candy Crowley, meanwhile, cut off Romney 23 times, compared to the 15 times she cut off Obama." [17]

A creation activist from Australia reminds us sharply: we cannot win the Pro-Life battle if we do not embrace children in our own lives. [18]

The swing state of Ohio maybe closer than you think for Mitt Romney in the U.S. presidential election. [19]

Mitt Romney has the momentum in the United States presidential election.[20][21]

The Barack Hussein Obama team is resorting to desperate measures.[22] If Obama is not re-elected, he will blame it on George W. Bush!

While ignoring the real War on Women, liberals forget that abortion goes against not only the Bible but also against reason and science. [23]

A new poll shows Republican Mitt Romney leading the U.S Presidential race in Pennsylvania, a state that Republicans had all but written off just weeks ago but which is now listed as a toss up by the Real Clear Politics website.[24]

Democratic strategist Bob Beckel says it is over for Barack Hussein Obama if Gallup's new national poll is correct. [25]

Naive evolutionists, evolutionist posers and the headlights of the Question evolution! campaign. [26]

Creation evangelism cadenzas - successfully recruiting the virtuosos of creation evangelism in Texas and Latin America.[27]

Some strong creationist leaders have recently been recruited for the Question evolution campaign.

A Constitution Party official asks: what is America doing in the Middle East? More harm than good, maybe, for the people living there as well as ourselves? [28]

Liberal values: Drunk driving by teenagers is an enormous epidemic. The leading cause of death for those aged 16-19, fatal car crashes are often the result of teenage drinking. [29]

Give it up, liberals: "Obama spinning toward a loss." [30]

More signs that Bible believers are aggressively using the internet for evangelism plus a major internet evangelism organization is cementing a relationship with the Question evolution! campaign and Creation.com next week.[31]

Indian elephants.JPG

Also, will a Christian from India with over a decade of experience in internet evangelism help implement a plan to further grow biblical Christianity, belief in biblical creation and the Question evolution! campaign?[32][33]

Latest Gallup poll shows Mitt Romney widening his lead to 52-45% for the presidential election 2012: "Poll Suggests Romney Continues Surge." [34]

Kerry Ladka, who asked the question that started all the trouble in the Second Presidential Debate, has a dilemma. He wants Barack Obama's social programs, but wonders whether only a Mitt Romney has the business know-how to make them happen. The problem: when the economy tanks, all social programs tank with it. [35]

Another setback for liberal claptrap: after 79-years, Newsweek will end its print edition. Liberal spin loses popularity as Americans realize how biased the lamestream media has become.

How well supported is the Trinity in the Bible? Where can it be found? [36]

51-45% is Romney's latest lead over Obama in the reliable Gallup poll. [37] Give it up, liberals.

Promises made to a woman to encourage her to have an abortion are not enforceable: "there is no cause of action for terminating one's pregnancy and then regretting the decision due to subsequent events," a court ruled. [38]

Science proves that conservative men and young earth creationist men have more machismo while liberal, evolutionist women are often distant, fussy, cold fish![39][40]

Liberal Barack Obama: more talk in the debate than Mitt Romney, again, but less substance, again.[41]

Will Arizona be a bellwether for Democrats bringing in extra voters across the border? [42]

Hillary Clinton, who won't begin running for president until next year, takes responsibility for the Libya scandal. [43] But will this liberal shell game rescue Obama's declining chances to be reelected now?

Biblical Christianity and Christian creationism are exploding in the world and gobbling up atheism, agnosticism and theistic evolutionism - world maps.[44]

A Tea Party activist calls for a new doctrine, not the old Bush Doctrine, to deal with Muslim terrorism in the Middle East and elsewhere. [45]

A Question evolution! campaign fan opened a Question Evolution! Paltalk channel. [46]

A member of the Constitution Party makes the case for his candidate, Virgil Goode, against the "good cop bad cop" combination of Mitt Romney and Barack Hussein Obama. [47]

Why would a loving God send people to Hell? And who goes to Hell?[48]

If you died tonight, are you sure you wouldn't go to hell?

Evolutionists, atheists and agnostics are soft, featherweight, pantywaists and their competitive environment is getting tougher by the day.[49]

Was the Benghazi attack an October Surprise gone horribly wrong? That rumor is flying in Washington, DC and military circles. And it would explain a great many things that the White House will not explain and maybe cannot explain. [50]

Global warming ended 16 years ago. And certain people want to keep a lid on it: [51]

What? No free movie? A bunch of listless liberal anarchists who couldn't get another freebie riot on the streets of Hollywood: [52]

The dumbing-down of education continues, and in Florida the plan is based on race: [53]

Liberal cover-ups in the media. Martin Bashir of MSNBC leaves out key facts about the Bengazi attack, while blaming conservatives for it: [54]

See four more claims of science that the Bible makes, and honest observers later proved out. [55] See also Biblical scientific foreknowledge.

"Swing States poll: Women push Romney into lead," declares the USA Today. [56]

Meet Virgil Goode, candidate for President for the Constitution Party. [57]

October 15, 2012 has been a great day for the Question evolution! campaign and it's still early in the day![58]

Evolutionists, agnostics and atheists: You were told that October 15, 2012 would be a bad day for Darwinism and it is.

Darwinism and the appeal to authority logical fallacy. [59]

"I was only following order." Isn't this what the evolutionist followers of Adolf Hitler said? See: Social effects of the theory of evolution

Was 2012 a BAD year for Reddit atheism? Does atheism have a strong tendency to ruin everything it touches? [60]

Just how stupid can a liberal get?
Apparently, an Obama voter thinks deer read road signs. "Why are we encouraging deer to cross at the interstates? They can direct the deer population anywhere they want to by moving the deer crossing sign." [61]

"Still not sure how Obama earned a Nobel Peace Prize after less than two weeks in office? You’re not alone. The party’s over, and all the water and aspirin in the world isn’t going to cure the Nobel committee’s hangover." [62]

Atlas Shrugged, Part Two hit movie screens yesterday. And much of it reads like current headlines. [63]

Liberal-driven early voting is rampant, and for the first time in history analysts may call the results of the presidential election before Election Day. [64] Is that what an election should be?

The European Union "wins" the Nobel Peace Prize despite its debt problems. [65][66]

Isn't the European Union contributing to global economic instability?[67]

Isn't economic instability a catalyst to political instability and war?[68] Is the Nobel committee familiar with the causes of World War II?[69][70]

Joe Biden's rude, clownish antics during Thursday's debate were offensive to many, but not to liberals - or at least liberals won't admit it. [71] (But did Ryan miss some opportunities to catch Biden out? [72])

Will future historians see May through August of 2011 as being a major turning point in the Christianity vs. atheism/Darwinism culture war.[73]

Liberal style: Joe Biden seems to talk twice as much as Paul Ryan during tonight's debate, while saying half as much (the imbalance narrowed near the end, but Biden complained despite having more time).
Last week liberal Obama spoke much longer than Romney during their debate, yet Obama lost by a record margin.

During the vice presidential debate, an animated Joe Biden gestured and mocked Paul Ryan: scoffing, grinning, shaking his head, and even muttering "oh God" while a more serious Ryan made his points. When Al Gore was likewise disrespectful during a 2000 debate, public opinion turned against him.

Among the outrages that the Benghazi Attack hearings reveal: 10,000 shoulder-fired missiles are missing! And Barack Hussein Obama's intervention in Libya brought that result about. [74]

Is Barack Hussein Obama a communist? A New Zealand-based researcher says yes. And the group he credits with stopping him? The Tea Party. [75]

Environmentalism vs. conservation and stewardship over creation.[76]

Environmentalists often claim humans are merely animals. Try calling your Department of Motor Vehicles and asking them if animals are allowed to have driver's licenses!


4 key pillars of defeating Darwinism.[77]

Has Dr. Jonathan Sarfati published a Christian apologetics book with another author which covers a wide variety of defenses of Christianity?

Will it be widely disseminated?

How people in New Guinea discovered Jesus is real.[78]

"...I am with you always, even to the end of the age." - Jesus

Voter fraud enabler caught on video: [79] Yes, vote twice or more for the Democrat Party...they're that desperate!

"Keep Obama as president...he gave us a phone!"
One of Obama's top donors - and the world's richest man - is even richer now, just for doing this:[80][81]

Voters take note: Obamacare is making people jobless. [82]

America has always been one nation under God. The Founders said so. Repeatedly. [83]

The Washington Post "Wonkbook: Romney takes the lead," according to multiple polls. [84]

World's biggest atheist blogging community seeing a big decline? Are atheist women or atheist men to blame?[85]

Obama has lost support since 2008, but the non-religious vote has grown to the point of becoming nearly half of Obama's remaining support. [86] No wonder Democrats sought to take God out of their platform.

Are the rats deserting the sinking ship of the Barack Hussein Obama campaign? When four people in a week tell you not to imply that they endorse you, you're in trouble. [87]

Another setback for materialists and lamestream media: overhyped claims about discovering the Higgs boson are passed over in the Nobel Prize for physics, which went to more profound quantum mechanics work instead. [88]

Jesus vs. the scientific consensus and evolution - Jesus wins! Charles Darwin loses! [89]

When are evolutionists going to understand that Jesus and Scripture are always right and evolutionism always fails? Are you going to build your house upon the rock or upon sand?

Unemployment dropped below 8 percent in September? Really? If you believe that, a certain Tea Party activist has a partnership stake in a bridge spanning the East River that he would like to offer for sale. [90]

To what extent is internet evangelism and creation evangelism going to work concurrently and in tandem in the near future? [91] How many present and future alliances are there?

What effect will this have on evolutionary belief in the United States, Europe and the rest of the world?

The three greatest lies of the Devil all involve human pride, evolution, and politics. [92]

It's another six years of Hugo Chavez...or is it? Did the Venezuelan strongman actually lose the election? [93]

Stem cell doctors win the Nobel Prize. But Planned Parenthood and supporters of abortion may be howling mad at these two, as they did not use a single cell from an unborn child. [94]

Years of mismanagement, corruption, and cronyism; years of neglect, stagnation, and nearly half the population leaving since 1980; years of being near the top in terms of violent crime; years of direct rule by the Democrat Party and their union allies have been reduced to a stunning notice never before seen in any American city, handed to baseball fans by a reduced police force: "Enter Detroit at Your Own Risk." [95]

The punch-drunk evolutionist Richard Dawkins vs. the mean, lean evolutionary bunk fighting machine! [96]

Between now and December 2013, there are about 15 months. After these upcoming 15 rounds of creation vs. evolution fighting are over, evolutionism is going to be a bloody mess!

Does science contradict the Bible? A creation activist says no. First in a series. [97]

Even liberal polls show that the presidential election 2012 is very close, with Obama currently favored by only 294-244 in Electoral College votes. [98] Romney can expect a bounce as more undecideds make up their mind.

Staunch atheists convert to Christianity at UK Soul Survivor events. 25,000 young people attended the three Soul Survivor events this summer in the U.K. [99]

"One youth leader told me he’d brought seven staunch atheists to Soul Survivor, four of whom gave their lives to Jesus before the end of the week, and the other three had totally changed their opinions about God."

See also: Weakness of secularistic upbringing and Atheists doubting the validity of atheism

The Wall Street Journal declares about the New York Jets and Tim Tebow: "it seems clear that Tebow needs to be a bigger part of things, and right now."[100]

An overweight, atheist college professor strips naked except for his socks in class, declares there is no God, screams, shouts an obscenity, slams his hands against the window and presses his face to the window and then is taken away by police.[101][102] See also: Atheism and mental health

Mitt Romney jumps 4 points in the first post-debate poll, and Barack Obama is at only 46%. [103]


2013: Extinguishing evolutionary belief, atheism and agnosticism on the largest scale possible.[104]

Case study of an effective internet evangelism organization which did creation evangelism as well.

Will this be done on a much larger scale in 2013 by Creation Ministries International, its supporters and allies?[105]

"NFL Man of Year Defends Marriage as 'Sacred Union of One Man and One Woman.'" [106]

The so called Big Bang is big bunkum![107]


Proof and evidence that the Question evolution! campaign is growing in America - Independent third party evidence.[108] God bless America!

Go Question Evolution! American team! USA! USA! USA! Why is America a key battleground in the creation vs. evolution war?[109]

Moses vs. Francis Collins - Moses wins![110]

Evidently, Francis Collins never saw the movie The Ten Commandments. God and Moses always win.

Another new wrinkle in the tight presidential race: the official unemployment rate declines to 7.8%, which is still higher than the rate when Obama took office.

Barack Hussein Obama plays the race card, though he does not share the common Black American heritage. [111]

Marco Rubio predicted Romney would win the Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney debate on both substance and style.[112]

Barack Hussein Obama is impotent outside his liberal media cocoon and "Professor Obama" with his liberal professor values is incompetent and boring. [113]

The Democrat strategist James Carville indicates that a disinterested Barack Obama did not appear to want to be at the presidential debate.[114]

Obama loves golfing and vacationing, it's time to give him a chance to pursue his interests more fully.[115][116]

Bewildered and lost without the teleprompter[117], Obama's debate performance succeeded in freaking out his liberal base. [118]

Mitt Romney wins the key presidential debate Wednesday night. "Even some Democratic partisans grudgingly acknowledged that Romney had a good debate." [119] The key: Mitt Romney used judo, not bare-knuckle fisticuffs, to win. [120]

Latest slew of Obama videos show an appeal to racism. But it is all a sham. Obama's real game is, and always has been, redistribution, or confiscation, of wealth. [121]

A Tea Party activist predicts: Mitt Romney will not call out Barack Obama on his record, or his mis-statements. Can a man be too careful to win? [122]

Fool me once,... Promises, promises, promises. Barack Hussein Obama has fulfilled only one in four promises he made in the 2008 Presidential Election. [123]

It's not Christianity.[124]

When will liberals tire of attempting to claim their useless and harmful ideologies are compatible with Christianity? [125][126]

Does pro-life matter? Bank on it! After all, it was in the Declaration of Independence. [127]

Texans love Conservapedia![128]

Should Conservapedia ask Chuck Norris to endorse its evolution, atheism, homosexuality and ObamaCare articles or does it go without saying that all true Texans like these articles?

An Obama adviser makes a shocking admission about Obamacare: "we need death panels." [129]

21st century atheism is well-known for its foolishness and cowardice.[130]

"God never wrought miracles to convince atheism, because his ordinary works convince it." - Sir Francis Bacon

Tokyo Rose is alive and well, and working for the Democrats this time. But conservatives know better. [131]

"2012 has been a very BAD year for Darwinism and atheism just like we predicted!"[132] New data/chart!

Also, the popular YouTube Christian Shockofgod made 3 videos on how 2012 was going to be a BAD year for atheism. See atheists! Shockofgod told you so!

Edward Babinski's creation vs. evolution website has significantly lost web traffic according to Compete.com. Is he an agnostic/evolutionist destined for total obscurity?[133]

Also, will the evolutionist Edward Babinkski's blog be lifted up from obscurity?

Liberals have to wake up on November 6 to a very painful reality: Tea Party supporters in the voting booth...all 41 million of them! [134]

Flag of New Zealand.png

Biblical creation belief is growing in New Zealand. In addition, New Zealand Associate Education Minister John Banks says he is a creationist.[135]

Also, a New Zealand Christian who has successfully raised money via Christian grants has expressed a strong interest in a fundraising effort which could help revolutionize fund raising for biblical creation evangelism efforts worldwide. [136]

A nightmare scenario for a dictatorship in America? An activist puts three disturbing facts together. [137]

Did the Obama White House arm Al Qaida? It's a scandal that could make "Fast and Furious" look like child's play: [138]

A First Amendment lawyer has a simple message for all citizens worried about their First Amendment rights: stand up and be counted! [139]

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