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(The increasingly politically correct NFL is losing its fan base: "Attendance at playoff games should be a concern for NFL," as 3 out of 4 playoff games had trouble selling tickets.)
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'''The pro-[[evolution]] news website''' ''The Daily Beast'' declares "2013 Was a Terrible Year for Evolution". Meanwhile, global [[evangelicalism]] is growing![http://questionevolution.blogspot.com/2014/01/the-pro-evolution-news-website-daily.html]
Evolutionists, 2013 was a BAD year for Darwinism and [[creation]]ists predicted it!
'''The increasingly [[politically correct]] [[NFL]] is losing its fan base''': "Attendance at playoff games should be a concern for NFL," as 3 out of 4 playoff games had trouble selling tickets. [http://www.providencejournal.com/sports/content/20140103-bill-reynolds-attendance-at-playoff-should-be-a-concern-for-nfl.ece]
'''The increasingly [[politically correct]] [[NFL]] is losing its fan base''': "Attendance at playoff games should be a concern for NFL," as 3 out of 4 playoff games had trouble selling tickets. [http://www.providencejournal.com/sports/content/20140103-bill-reynolds-attendance-at-playoff-should-be-a-concern-for-nfl.ece]

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Welcome to Conservapedia!

The pro-evolution news website The Daily Beast declares "2013 Was a Terrible Year for Evolution". Meanwhile, global evangelicalism is growing![1]

Evolutionists, 2013 was a BAD year for Darwinism and creationists predicted it!

The increasingly politically correct NFL is losing its fan base: "Attendance at playoff games should be a concern for NFL," as 3 out of 4 playoff games had trouble selling tickets. [2]

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has a remedy against the NSA surveillance state: a class-action lawsuit. [3]

Americans are restricting abortion at an unprecedented pace. 205 abortion restrictions were approved over the past three years, a number greater than the previous decade. [4]

Are you worthy of the American Republic? [5]

Bill Nye, "The Science Guy," will debate Ken Ham on creation v. evolution, at the Creation Museum on February 4, 2014. [6][7][8]

Detroit chief of police to citizens: arm yourselves. It's a 180-degree turn around for this liberal. [9]

From the Canada Free Press: a description of the coming collapse and how to prevent it. [10]

Three years later, a review of the disastrous U.S. response to the Arab Spring: [11]

The liberal media have ignored the fact that the ship now on ice in Antarctica was on a global warming mission...in 98% of the stories. [12]

The frigid temperatures will likely break a 46-year-old record for the coldest game in NFL history. [13] Global warming, as liberals claimed???

Philosopher Reveals His Predictions for the Future of Christianity in America. [14]

Liberal double standard: a hate crime is declared by leftists only when it advances their agenda; the liberal media do not even discuss if the brutal murder of a popular priest in his own rectory was a hate crime. [15]

Paul Ryan showed how bipartisanship works – to the detriment of our country's finances and liberties. [16]

Lech Walesa, Nobel Peace Prize-winning former president of Poland (who unlike Obama actually earned his Nobel Peace Prize), said Barack Hussein Obama has failed to reclaim America’s role as a world leader, especially in terms of morality.[17]

The Duck Dynasty culture war battle: a "defeat of stunning magnitude for political correctness and pressure groups like GLAAD."[18]

Liberal atheists have tried to suppress Conservapedia's debunking of liberal falsehoods via its homosexuality, atheism and evolution articles, but Conservapedia has never backed down.

The Australians, whose leader scoffs at global warming alarmism, help in a rescue mission for the "global warming" researchers in Antarctica who are trapped in ice.[19] Another example of conservatives helping to rescue liberals from their folly?

The lamestream media continue to conceal how the "research" team stuck in the ice in Antarctica, who now require a costly helicopter rescue to save them, were on an expedition to promote the theory of global warming (which liberals now call "climate change"). [20]

All about justice, how it is perverted, and what that does to society. [21]

The Pew Research Center once again surveyed atttitudes on human evolution. Some remarkable findings: [22][23][24]

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor -- appointed by Obama -- grants an emergency exemption to nuns from having to comply with offensive liberal mandates in Obamacare. [25] A great headline to start 2014!

The New York Times doubles down on its new Walter Duranty and his mendacious article about Benghazi. [26]

2013 was a banner conservative year, as 87 abortion clinics closed (a record), belief in the liberal hoaxes of global warming and evolution declined, and Obama's plummeting approval rating made him the lamest of ducks.

The frustrated American atheist activist Eddy Tabash says the political situation of American atheism is currently "desperate" and if American atheists suffer a reversal in politics then their cause is lost.[27]

Tightfisted atheists must give more money to their cause in order for them to be victorious? See: Atheism and uncharitableness

The Democratic National Committee actually worried publicly about the prospect of the impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama. A Tea Party activist points out: impeachment would be appropriate and should be a campaign issue in 2014. [28]

Belief in the liberal hoax of evolution has dropped by more than 10 points since 2009 among Republicans. [29] RINOs are headed for extinction.

The Mainstream Media try to cover up for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on Benghazi. The ghost of Walter Duranty rears his ugly head at The New York Times.[30]

Barack Hussein Obama's incompetent rollout of ObamaCare was picked the #1 news story of 2013 by the Associated Press.[31] ObamaCare became the butt of comics' jokes in 2013.

The ice is so thick in Antarctica that ice breakers have been forced to turn back and abandon their mission to rescue "global warming" researchers.[32] Old man winter has global warming alarmists in his icy grip.

Conservapedia proven right, again: Overrated Sports Star "David Beckham has suffered the humiliation of being rejected for a knighthood." [33]

How liberals love to twist the meanings of words. [34]

Liberals: the very best gun salesmen on the planet! [35]

15 killed in terrorist attack in a Russian train station, and the liberal media use this tragedy to try to embarrass the socially conservative Putin prior to the Winter Olympics there. [36]

25 reasons why Christians should get involved in internet evangelism. [37] In 2014, June 1, 2014 has been designated to be Internet Evangelism Day.[38]

That Antarctic expedition stuck in the ice, with an icebreaker not able to break through? It is a global warming expedition. Funny: the Mainstream Media never mentioned that. [39]

Creation Ministries International now offers an online quiz on evolution.[40] Can you obtain a perfect score?

For millennial generation evangelical Christians, the practice of evangelism is notably on the rise.[41]

The United States Chamber of Commerce says, "No fools on our ticket!" But if they don't stand for true liberty, who are the bigger fools? [42]

Give it up, pro-aborts: China abandons its "one-child" policy. [43]

Duck Dynasty Promo.jpg

The Duck Dynasty war seems to be over. But this is part of a wider war against God. [44]

A federal judge makes a wrong ruling that threatens our Constitutional liberties, and sets up a split between two judicial circuits. At issue: the NSA surveillance program. [45]

Is the rally in the Dow Jones Industrial Average real? Or does it portend global financial disaster? [46]

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley gets a gun for Christmas. Gun control advocates howl. Good for you, Governor! Support the Second Amendment. [47]

Professor values in the news yet again. Iowa State University professor faked AIDS lab results nabbed $18 million in federal grants. [48]

ABC's ratings fell 18% in its Christmas NBA game pitting a team of Overrated Sports Stars (the Lakers), rather than outspokenly Christian Kevin Durant, against the Miami Heat. [49] Durant's team routed their hapless opponent.

Barack Obama tried to sign up on his health care website, and failed an identity check. So why won't the MSM pay attention? [50]

Barack "my health care website does not work" Obama is having his administration sue a major tax preparation company over the performance of its website.[51]

The American Studies Association announces a boycott of Israel. Once again, academics surrender to Allah. [52]

The liberal global warming hoax causes real tragedy: "Half a million face Christmas without power in north-east US and Canada," with two-dozen deaths. [53] Trillions have been wasted on the hoax.

Santa Claus: Conservative. [54]

Celebrating the twelve names of Christ this Christmas. [55]

Thousands of Christian pilgrims, tourists, and residents packed Manger Square in Bethlehem to watch choral groups, performers, and marching bands from across the West Bank. [56] Heavy turnout of about 300,000 tourists is expected which is the highest in years. [57]

Remembering Jesus Christ, the Lord of time and creation, on the occasion of his birth. [58][59]

Much to the dismay of pouting liberals who childishly cry homophobia, pentecostal/charasmatic Christians rejoice that a anti-homosexuality bill passes in Uganda.[60]

India criminalizes homosexuality again.[61]

Bristol Palin points out how hypocritical and hateful the intolerant homosexual community is and said they need to leave Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson alone.[62] Duck Dynasty merchandise is flying off American retail shelves.[63]

"Russia Considers Banning Abortions" -- the booming Russian Orthodox Church calls abortion a "mutiny against God." [64]

An Obamacare meltdown is coming. Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) said it out loud. [65]

Thirty-five Members of the House of Representatives push a resolution to sue Barack Obama and force him to follow the law, instead of changing it on-the-fly as if he were a king. [66]

Al Sharpton gets an earful of something he didn't expect to hear: an enraged black community that is fed up with the status quo. [67]

Why the NSA domestic surveillance program is better discontinued. Hint: Obama did not make the case for it, and if anything made a case against it. [68]

2013 will go down in the record books as one of the 10 coldest years in the U.S. since 1895.[69] Old man winter laughs at global warming alarmists.

No Global Warming For US Travelers - Cold Holiday Weather Continues To Buck Predicted AGW Trend

Despite predictions of a human-caused global warming trend, U.S. travelers are facing extra cold weather this holiday season. [70]

Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne said Saturday that Louisiana will help connect the television juggernaut "Duck Dynasty" with new producers if the show's stars, the Robertson family, cannot resolve their differences with the A&E network.[71] The A&E network then quickly decides to reinstate Phil Robertson to the Duck Dynasty show.[72]

ObamaCare, with its 14th unilateral change without consulting Congress, is shattering. With the upcoming midterm elections, will Barack Hussein Obama cave as far as the penalties imposed by the IRS if people fail to sign up for ObamaCare?[73]

Is Obamacare dead? Dick Morris seemed to think so. More to the point, Barack Obama himself almost admitted it. [74]

Liberal double standard: name-calling by a Democrat against the Duck Dynasty elder is no problem, but he is not allowed to talk the same way. [75]

Excellent new video: Is atheism a religion?[76]

A&E lost 71.6% of its viewing audience for Duck Dynasty in less than a week. [77]

Scientists couldn't wait millions of years, so they created oil from algae in an hour [78]

Liberal values: a homosexual activist faces charges of child pornography. And then – nothing happens for a year and a half. [79]

Obamacare runs up yet another penalty for delay of game. This as Americans turn against big government by the largest proportions yet seen. [80]

Christians stand up for free speech amid increasing infringement by the homosexual agenda: "'Duck Dynasty' family: No show without Phil," who was taken off the show due to Bible-based remarks he made on his own time. [81]

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