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(Part of the media is even dismayed by how some (liberal) politicians snubbed Russians)
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'''An American wife, mother, and [[heterosexuality|heterosexual]]''' recounts the sacrifices she made to win a medal at the Olympics.[http://video.foxnews.com/v/3251250099001/noelle-pikus-pace-on-winning-silver-in-sochi/#sp=show-clips]  Needless to say, desert scarfing, obese [[lesbianism|lesbians]] didn't win a lot of medals at the Olympics this year. See: [[Lesbianism and obesity]]
'''[[Liberal media]] negativity about pro-heterosexual [[Russia]]'s [[Winter Olympics]] ends up costing the liberal media millions of viewers'''. [http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/envelope/cotown/la-et-ct-tv-ratings-olympics-sochi-amazing-race-growing-up-fisher-20140224,0,795405.story#axzz2uHGghW1f]  ''Part of the media is even dismayed by how some ([[liberal]]) politicians snubbed Russians''. [http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/feb/24/sochi-olympics-west-not-over-cold-war]
'''[[Liberal media]] negativity about pro-heterosexual [[Russia]]'s [[Winter Olympics]] ends up costing the liberal media millions of viewers'''. [http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/envelope/cotown/la-et-ct-tv-ratings-olympics-sochi-amazing-race-growing-up-fisher-20140224,0,795405.story#axzz2uHGghW1f]  ''Part of the media is even dismayed by how some ([[liberal]]) politicians snubbed Russians''. [http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/feb/24/sochi-olympics-west-not-over-cold-war]

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Welcome to Conservapedia!

An American wife, mother, and heterosexual recounts the sacrifices she made to win a medal at the Olympics.[1] Needless to say, desert scarfing, obese lesbians didn't win a lot of medals at the Olympics this year. See: Lesbianism and obesity

Liberal media negativity about pro-heterosexual Russia's Winter Olympics ends up costing the liberal media millions of viewers. [2] Part of the media is even dismayed by how some (liberal) politicians snubbed Russians. [3]

Are States in the United States sorting themselves out as free or socialistic? Instead of revolution or civil war, watch as a third option plays out. [4]

BBC evolutionist poppycock is debunked by Creation Ministries International.[5]

"Two-thirds of Americans have yet to see any of the movies nominated for the best picture Oscar," demonstrating how irrelevant the industry has become amid its Hollywood Values. [6]

The Winter Olympics end in "flawless" fashion, but the liberal media still complain about Russia. [7] Bad press is the price of being pro-heterosexual, as Russia is, but the media did not stop it from winning the most gold and overall medals.

Pro-heterosexual Finland, which has repeatedly rejected same-sex marriage, wins a 5-0 rout against the American men's hockey team, for a medal at the Winter Olympics. [8]

Climate Scientist: Global Warming Alarmists are a threat to humanity. [9]

Michael Dobbins says "it's time for militant atheism to be critiqued and confronted" on TheRealSideRadio (FF to 34:00). [10]

Will the Democrats allow the Internal Revenue Service to silence liberal groups? [11]

Barack Hussein Obama: A lawless lame duck president gone wild. [12]

The web traffic of Creation.com goes over 305,000 unique visitors a month for the first time.[13] With global creationism growing rapidly, the best is yet to come!

Michelle Malkin: Why American parents are rightly concerned about the Common Core curriculum.[14]

Thomas Sowell: Modern day American politics and the lesson of the Battle of Dunkirk.[15]

Conservative rocker Bradlee Dean on the Second Amendment and who and what the militia are. Hint: we, the People are. [16]

Oldest star in known universe is 6000 light years from Earth. This is precisely what would be predicted by Young Earth Creationism, but the researchers rely on unproven (and implausible) assumptions to claim the star is older than 6000 years. [17] No non-biblical explanation exists for the observed 6000 light-years distance.

"For the first time since 1936, no American man or woman won a medal in singles at the" Winter Olympics. [18] Instead, the pro-heterosexual nations of Japan, Russia, and South Korea swept the top figure skating singles medals.

Professor Eric Kaufman: Another look at ethnic income inequality across the world that confounds the 'minority as poor' stereotype.[19]

Creation Ministries International gives a thumbs down review of the movie "God is not dead".[20]

The gap between rich and poor is the widest in the most liberal areas of the country, but the lamestream media do not report it that way. [21]

Are environmentalists waging a war on humans? And why don't those who urge people to kill themselves to save the planet, take the advice they give? [22][23]

Pro-heterosexual "Russia stuns with Olympic gold in women's figure skating, U.S. shut out." [24]

Since 2011, 4 million people have become Christians after visiting Billy Graham's online evangelism ministry.[25] See: Internet evangelism

More stem cell fraud. Last month's groundbreaking stem cell research becomes this month's fake science, as attempts to replicate the results have failed. Meanwhile, a disgraced Korean stem-cell scientist was granted a patent in spite of his fraudulent past. [26]

Michelle Malkin: ObamaCare - Con artists and criminals in charge.[27]

John Stossel: Students for Liberty.[28]

At least 25% of the American gold medal winners were homeschooled, including the first winner (Sage Kotsenburg), who completed a Christian online homeschool.[29]

Barack Obama is behaving exactly as a usurper, one who seizes an executive office illegally, behaves once in office. A Tea Party activist suggests that's because he is a usurper. [30]

This winter is already the 5th worst ever in snow in Chicago, and more than a month remains for it to surpass the all-time record. [31] Yet clueless liberals cling to their liberal denial.

Like rats fleeing a sinking ship, another Dem announces she won't be running for reelection. [32] Limousine liberal Michael Bloomberg spent nearly $3 million to elect her to the House.

Essayist Tabitha Korol has a follow-up on the Wyoming Humanities Council and its excessive readiness to accept dhimmitude. [33]

Liberal Darwinist congressman surprisingly announces he will not run for reelection, after a pro-life Christian who provides charity care began campaigning against him. [34] Rush Holt was one of the biggest Leftists in the House.

Are liberal gatekeepers trying to censor the Internet and Email? [35]

Yet another blow to Wikipedia, one of the biggest pro-evolution websites, happened in 2013. The evidence is pouring in that 2013 was the WORST year in the history of Darwinism.[36]

Ted Cruz and debt ceiling gamesmanship.[37]

When it comes to global warming, the liberal hypocrisy is evident: [38]

Liberal Democrat Rush Holt introduced a resolution to make Darwin Day a federal holiday. Now his Republican opponent called him on it. [39][40][41]

"President's Day" is incorrect; the false name is an attempt by the liberal media to deify their own false gods. [42] Today commemorates "Washington's Birthday."

Chris Christie of New Jersey should have learned a lesson: he spent five years appeasing liberals in his State and it got him nowhere. [43]

Another significant blow to internet Darwinism and internet atheism? Major news outlet reports Wikipedia's viewership may be sliding and the potential sliding was the result of Google's Knowledge Graph released in 2013.[44] The Daily Beast was right: 2013 was a terrible year for Darwinism![45]

Creation Ministries International released a video which features an analysis of the Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye creation vs. evolution debate.[46]

The earthquake that shocked South Carolina -- its strongest in more than a decade -- illustrates again that "faults" are rarely the source, contrary to what liberals teach in school. [47] Instead, earthquakes are a counterexample to an Old Earth.

Christian rocker Bradlee Dean appears with conservative radio host Jesse Lee Peterson. Four callers play the race card. Read how he answers them. [48]

The Times of Israel publishes an article on the harmfulness of militant atheism and discusses the importance of the production of the upcoming documentary film Martyred in the USSR: Militant Atheism in the former Soviet Union.[49]

Outspokenly Christian Kevin Durant scores 43 to send the liberal Lakers to their record 7th straight defeat at home. [50] But the liberal media think it is funny that Durant is inspired by Jesus Christ, and they still pretend that Overrated Sports Stars Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are somehow better than Durant.

ObamaCare lawlessness is entirely political.[51]

Progressive parenting: Couple raises child as a boy and girl so he will not grow up aggressive.[52] An explanation on why there are so many effete liberals?

Countries that prohibit same-sex marriage lead the gold-medal race at the Winter Olympics: Germany and Switzerland. Led astray by pro-gay politics, the United States has been faring worse than usual in the traditional Winter Olympic sports.

Liberal double standard: Google news and the entire liberal media give top billing to any declaration of homosexuality -- e.g, by a college football player or an actress -- but not a word by the media when someone gay converts to being heterosexual. Conversion therapy is quietly succeeding for many.

The establishment GOP is fooling nobody while advancing Democrat legislation. As we saw with Obamacare funding, the establishment deceit with their debt ceiling votes is on display for all to see. [53] [54]

Conservapedia proven right, again: the 30-mile rule stops the practice of another abortionist in Texas, and the public comments to the liberal news article are overwhelmingly pro-life. [55] Hey, maybe the abortionist can film some campaign ads for pro-abort Wendy Davis, who opposed the law!

Liberals have advanced their causes disproportionate to their numbers using cultural bullying. It is time conservatives stand up to them.[56]

Michelle Malkin: 5 years later - How is Barack Hussein Obama's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act working out? Ready for the reality smackdown?[57]

The editors of an atheist wiki don't have a fundamental understanding of their evolutionist religion. [58]

Saint Valentine's Day honors the Christian bishop who secretly married couples and then, while awaiting his execution for this crime, wrote his jailer's daughter with the signature "from your Valentine." Wish someone a Saint Valentine's Day Friday.

A silent war on religion, that is what Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal warned us about last night. But is that war silent? How long has it really raged? [59]

3 reasons why seeing proud and incompetent atheist and agnostic fools epically fail is quite entertaining![60]

Will the editors of an atheist wiki admit their error? Why aren't followers of the evolution religion aware of major proclamations of their own high priests? Will the editors of an atheist wiki pick up the gauntlet thrown down to them and finally try to rebut this origin of life article?

Atheistic "Belgium's parliament votes through child euthanasia," even against the child's will. [61] Once a nation turns its back on God, it inverts right and wrong.

Creation evangelism is working in atheistic Japan.[62]

"Lake Superior hasn’t completely frozen over in two decades. But an expert on Great Lakes ice says there’s a 'very high likelihood' that the three-quadrillion-gallon lake will soon be totally covered with ice thanks to this winter’s record-breaking cold." [63] Global warming strikes again!

The United States has a cornucopia of welfare queens living in air conditioned residences.[64]

John Stossel: America is now like the place described in George Orwell’s book “Animal Farm”: “All animals are equal,” but some are “more equal than others.” “Animal Farm” was about Communism, but today the allegory applies to our bloated democracy, too.[65]

Michelle Malkin: Former Obama administration official Hilda Solis, who is now running for yet another government position in Los Angeles, is embroiled in yet another union corruptocracy scandal.[66]

A Republican is elected mayor of San Diego, in a landslide. [67] A harbinger for Dems losing control of the U.S. Senate this year too?

Creationist group reports: "Creation.com receives a record amount of web visitors this month. 2014 is already starting to be the WORST year in the history of Darwinism - just like we predicted!"[68] What new initiatives will young earth creationists launch in 2014?

As we celebrate the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, we remember what he said about how philosophies go from the classroom to government. [69]

The liberal hoax of global warming has tragic consequences, as the unprepared South is hit with a "Bone-Chilling" and "Catastrophic" winter storm that leaves people freezing to death. [70] Many billions of dollars were wasted on preparing for a non-existent global warming instead.

"Swiss vote to limit foreign workers captures growing European fears about immigration." [71] Norway may be next to vote to close its borders to immigration.

A Constitutional activist challenges "outraged" Congress members to sue the government on the grounds that Obamacare improperly originated in the Senate, not the House of Representatives. He gives details that should be familiar to everyone. [72]

Michael Sam, University of Missouri defensive end, says: "I am an openly, proud gay man". Why are homosexuals prideful?[73] The Bible says that homosexuality and pride are both sins.

Perhaps if homosexuals were less prideful, there would be less violence and extreme violence in their perverse relationships. See: Homosexuality and Murders and Homosexual Couples and Domestic Violence. Christian ex-homosexuals exit homosexuality via humility and repentance.

Is this liberal hypocrisy or liberal stupidity? Gun control advocate who helped write a highly-restrictive law in New York is arrested for carrying a concealed gun at a Buffalo elementary school. [74]

Liberals pathetically turn to mind-control to try to salvage their agenda: "Firms must swear ObamaCare not a factor in firings." [75] Liberal-turned-conservative George Orwell predicted it would come to this.

ObamaCare delays: Welcome to Barack Hussein Obama's banana republic "leadership".[76]

MyRA's - Barack Hussein Obama's latest scam.[77]

The smoking gun in the IRS targeting of conservatives? All organizations with receipts of $50,000 or less filing for tax-exempt status have their requests routed to a far-left group supported by George Soros: the Urban Institute. [78]

"Abortion Rate Falls to Lowest Level Since 1973." [79] Give it up, pro-aborts.

A Tea Party activist describes his encounter with a liberal who finds him dangerous to his illusions about Obamacare. [80]

In the 2014 Winter Olympics, there are 2,850 athletes from 88 countries (plus 1,650 Paralympians from 45 countries).[81]

If homosexuality is so healthy and fantastic and not sinful and destructive, then why are there only 6 openly homosexual athletes in the 2014 Winter Olympics? See: Homosexuality and health and Homosexuality and murders and Homosexuality and the Bible

Are you upset that your income is unequal to others - namely lower than others? Don't just stand there and whine. Do something slacker![82]

Christians Are The World’s Most Oppressed Religious Group. A Pew study says that “5.3 billion people (76% of the world’s population) live in countries with a high or very high level of restrictions on religion, up from 74% in 2011 and 68% as of mid-2007.” Anti-Christian hostility has increased the most in Arab countries. [83]

Unlike many America-hating liberals, the Olympic champion Sage Kotsenburg is a patriotic American.[84] Also, while many liberals engage in groupthink and use the lame excuse of "scientific consensus" to justify their empirically weak pseudoscience, Kotsenburg is a rugged individualist who likes to "march to his own beat.”[85]

Homosexual teen boys are 6 times more likely to use steroids.[86] 52% of homosexual youth report self-harming: UK study.[87]

Is it any surprise that Sage Kotsenburg, a heterosexual man born in Republican flyover state of Idaho, won the first Olympic gold? See also: Homosexuality and health and Lesbianism and obesity

The homosexual agenda suffers another defeat: A heterosexual American, U.S. snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg, wins the first gold at the 2014 Winter Olympics![88][89]

In addition, Kotsenburg, much to the dismay of liberal West/East coast elitists, was born in Idaho - Republican flyover country! Also, his father is a real estate agent and his brother is in the military (the small business community and the military are well-known bastions of conservatism). Is Kotsenburg a conservative?

The web traffic for the websites of Creation Ministries International and Answers in Genesis hit all-time highs.[90][91]. The Daily Beast describes the Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye debate as a "nightmare" and says it may increase the donations to the biblical creation cause.

Clueless, self-centered, and incoherent: liberal Joe Biden declares, "There's no obvious reason for me why I think I should not run" for president. [92] He could then repeat his buffoonery during the debates!

"ACLU tries to fool low-information voters", by the Chicks on the Right: [93]

In an exclusive interview, Walt Brown, originator of the Hydroplate Theory, discusses the defense of creation he would have given to Bill Nye. [94][95][96]

More comments on the Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate. [97][98][99]

The story of the Little Red Hen can instruct us today about the Obama Administration's latest propaganda about 2.3 million job losses. [100]

Republicans are likely to win the U.S. Senate, gaining 4 to 7 seats, according to a highly respected independent pollster. [101] That would set the stage for an historic 2016 presidential election.

Creation Ministries International comments on the debate between the creationist Ken Ham and the atheist/evolutionist Bill Nye: An analysis of the Ham/Nye debate

More than 500,000 viewers watched Tuesday's debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye over the theory of evolution and origins: see Essay:Lessons from Ham-Nye Debate.

"Obamacare to cut work hours by equivalent of 2 million jobs," the government announces. [102]

As Bill Nye "The Science Guy" prepares to debate Ken Ham, a secular-atheist group in Australia tries to claim a new ground for believing in an old earth: the Australian Aborigines. Never mind that all the "proofs" that Australian aboriginal culture is 40,000 years old or older, actually depend on first postulating an old earth. Circular reasoning rears its ugly head, yet again. [103][104][105]

Hollywood values claim another victim? "50 bags of heroin, prescription drugs were found in home where" a 46-year-old, Academy Award-winning actor was found dead. [106]

The evangelist Ray Comfort is reaching out to secular Europe with the gospel of Jesus Christ and the biblical creation message.VIDEO

Conservapedia was so right in identifying Peyton Manning as an Overrated Sports Star, and the lamestream media was so wrong in claiming otherwise. Does the media admit its failure? Of course not. [107]

"Peyton Manning chokes: Tim Tebow outperforms incredible shrinking star in Super Bowl dud." [108]

Conservapedia proven right, again: Overrated Sports Star Peyton Manning throws twice as many interceptions as TD passes, resulting in a massively lopsided Super Bowl loss, despite the inane pre-game hype by the media. [109]

The lamestream media laughed at Kevin Durant for thanking God and Jesus Christ, after Durant demolished Overrated Sports Star LeBron James and the Miami Heat. [110]

Google trends: Atheism is more boring in 2014 than it was in 2013.[111] How is it possible for the stale religion of atheism to become even more boring?

The Center for Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary reports that Christians in 2014 - particularly Bible believing Christians - are growing much faster globally than atheists who face a global decline prospect by 2025.[112] See: Global atheism

Dems fear losing big in the upcoming midterm elections, so they "cede the House to save the Senate." [113]

Obama's half brother photographed wearing Hamas kaffiyeh. A 2010 photo of U.S. president's Kenyan half brother bears Hamas slogan, 'Jerusalem is ours - we are coming' and 'From the river to the sea.' [114]

Mystery solved: why have liberals turned against Justin Bieber, when they are just fine with Hollywood values? Answer: he is pro-life, and liberals want that to be considered "part of Justin Bieber’s ‘downward spiral.'" [115]

Record low viewership for liberal claptrap Tuesday night, as the audience for Obama's State of the Union address was the lowest in 14 years. [116] How long before people say, "Obama who??"

Twice-divorced pro-abort Wendy Davis tries to explain discrepancies between her own biography and the facts. [117] Is Davis even more self-centered than Obama?

The cold weather is interfering with interest in the Super Bowl, in addition to proving liberals wrong in their prediction of a crisis of global warming. One ticket broker said he has never seen Super Bowl tickets available so cheaply, so early, but said the lack of interest is not just due to the cold temperatures. [118]

Agnosticism: Still boring and useless! Google Trend and Google Ngram data.[119] Christianity and biblical creationism are going to have a fantastic year of growth in 2014, but global agnosticism is going to have a terrible year.

In the last couple of decades, hundreds of millions of the ultra-poor were lifted into the middle class as developing nations around the world moved towards free market capitalism. But now some large emerging countries are turning politically left.[120]

Conservapedia proven right, again: Stephen Hawking admits that black holes do not exist, as Conservapedia suggested back in 2012 in Counterexamples to Relativity. [121] Was Hawking's "biggest blunder" not listening to Conservapedia sooner?

So Senator Charles Schumer and Governor Andrew Cuomo (both D-N.Y.) think Tea Party people are elitists? Let's see them and the Tea Party side-by-side. [122]

Symbolism of the struggle between good and evil: two doves released for peace are suddenly attacked by a seagull and crow in front of tens of thousands. [123]

Fox News contributor Brit Hume made headlines with commentary against abortion. Ted Cruz gave his support to the statement and now the video has gone viral. [124]

Peer-reviewed mainstream science journal says Darwinism "Has Pretty Much Reached the End of its Rope". How will Darwinism completely die off?[125]

Outspokenly Christian, Kevin Durant is by far the best player in the NBA, scoring more than 30 points in his 10th consecutive game tonight. [126] The liberal media continue to promote Overrated Sports Stars Kobe Bryant and LeBron James instead.

Remember Barack Obama wanting a civilian security force as well-funded as the United States military? Obamacare gives it to him! [127]

Creationism proved right: water vapor gushes from two places on Dwarf Planet Ceres at a rate of 13 pounds a second. The Hydroplate Theory offers a simple explanation. [128][129][130]

Public school and marijuana values are a bad combination. "Police: Teacher brought marijuana-laced food to after-work potluck." [131]

A Marine veteran gives a new take on the 'Lone Survivor' controversy. [132][133]

Evolutionists divided over coexistence of placental mammals and dinosaurs.[134] See also: Evolution and little consensus

Liberal denial starts working overtime as 500,000 -- half of whom are teenagers -- participate in the March for Life on Wednesday. Many Conservapedians will be part of this spectacular event in D.C.

Conservapedia proven right: after Overrated Sports Star Tom Brady flopped again, even the lamestream media begin to admit, "Is Tom Brady now a big-game loser?" [135]

A Tea Party activist assails judges who act as oligarchs, making law instead of interpreting it. [136]

Obama, playing doctor now, tells the American people that marijuana is not really that harmful (!), and insists there are "some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black President." [137]

People are going to Yahoo Answers to inquire/comment about the issue of Atheism and obesity. See: Yahoo Answers/atheism and obesity

Overweight atheists, have you broken your New Year resolutions yet? Without God's help, you know that the sins of gluttony and sloth will continue to enslave you.

A leading British newspaper admits: "There was indeed a great flood, and the animals really did go in two by two," as confirmed by the discovery of an ancient cuneiform independent of the Bible. [138]

Conservapedia proven right, again: new physics article adds another counterexample to relativity by demonstrating that the theory is false at high energies. [139]

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