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("Trump up, Obama down after shocking Brexit vote," observes TheHIll)
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'''"[[Donald Trump|Trump]] up, [[Barack Obama|Obama]] down after shocking [[Brexit]] vote,"''' [http://www.thehill.com/homenews/campaign/284799-trump-up-obama-down-on-brexit-shocker observes ''TheHill''].
'''Angry, [[conservative]] Europeans''' have momentum and won't be placated by [[Brexit]].[http://time.com/4379594/brexit-referendum-anti-european-union/] See also: [[Decline of the secular left]]
'''Angry, [[conservative]] Europeans''' have momentum and won't be placated by [[Brexit]].[http://time.com/4379594/brexit-referendum-anti-european-union/] See also: [[Decline of the secular left]]

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"Trump up, Obama down after shocking Brexit vote," observes TheHill.

Angry, conservative Europeans have momentum and won't be placated by Brexit.[1] See also: Decline of the secular left

The Protestant work ethic loving Swiss have about double the per capita GNP of Britain, lower crime rates and no significant Islamic terrorism problems.

How long will liberal hysteria over Brexit last? [2]

How will secular Europe solve its underlying problems of an aging/shrinking population and economic/innovation stagnation?[3] Turn to God and have more children? More Bible-believing Christian immigration?

Brits vote to exit the EU!!!! Brexit wins and defies the experts.

"Leave's vote share continues to creep up, now at 51.3%," despite how experts predicted that Brexit would lose. [4]

Congress gets the blame for many things, but its members do not. Didn't those members make the institution what it is? [5]

Obama's immigration scheme loses big at the Supreme Court, as the 4-4 decision leaves the conservative rulings in place.

Internet giant Google is rogue and has grown into the world's largest censorship platform. Google has blocked access to more than 100 million websites. [6]

An Israeli offers an incisive assessment of current policy in Israel toward the so-called West Bank. What do you call it when a country's leaders act like its enemies? [7]

"Four-time Major winner Rory McIlroy will not compete in this summer’s Rio Olympic Games, citing health fears over the Zika virus." [8] So why is illegal immigration from South America welcomed by liberals?

Hate the sin, love the sinner. But that does not mean failing to acknowledge sin or even calling it a good thing. [9]

The man who tried to assassinate Donald Trump was an illegal immigrant! [10]

Proportional representation, or electing all legislators at-large, often thwarts, rather than supporting, the will of the people. [11]

Gun control bills fall far short of passage in the Senate, and even a Dem voted against them. [12]

Hillary Clinton leads by only 7 points over Donald Trump in the latest national poll, which is a smaller lead than Jimmy Carter had over Ronald Reagan before Carter lost in a landslide in 1980. [13] Republican entertainers like Trump usually exceed expectations on Election Day.

Good omen for Donald Trump: an anti-globalist protest party won by a landslide in elections in Italy, with a candidate unknown a few months ago taking 2/3rds of the vote to become mayor of Rome. [14]

Republican Senator Ron Johnson hurts his own reelection chances by falling for the delusional anti-Trump schemes, declaring that the nomination of Donald Trump is "reasonably uncertain." [15]

Which candidate will save America from more jihadist attacks? Hillary Clinton? Or Donald Trump? [16]

Only about 30 delegates out of more than 2,000 plan to change the rules at the Republican National Convention to block Donald Trump's nomination, when a majority on the Rules Committee is 57 out of 112 who are on that committee. [17]

A call to end the Federal Reserve system and other practices that go with it. [18]

So the FBI are looking for clues to the Orlando shooting incident? Let them "get a clue," not only about the perpetrator, but also about the Obama administration itself. [19]

A few Cruzites scheme to try to deny Donald Trump the nomination at the upcoming convention in Cleveland, and Ted Cruz fails to disavow the delusional anti-Trump attempt. [20]

Any Democratic Party voters who vote for that party only because their parents did before them, should reconsider. The Democratic Party today is the party of tyranny, especially as regards the Second Amendment. [21]

Setback for globalists: "Polls show Britain's EU 'Out' campaign pulls ahead as referendum nears." [22]

The Torah – the first five books of the Bible – a textbook of science? Check out some of its insights. They might surprise you. [23]

A handful of Cruzites hold a secret meeting to fantasize that Ted Cruz is somehow like Ronald Reagan, and dream that Cruz will become president. [24]

When the Mainstream Media and corrupt judges conspire together to black out the news, the republic is not safe. [25]

The Leave Campaign's Roadmap: Eight days until EU Referendum in the UK [26] Polling shows strong support for Brexit.

Somali Muslim Dead After Taking Hostages at Texas Walmart.[27] Is Islam a religion of peace? Trump's arguments about ceasing Muslim immigration keep getting stronger.

The real problem in Israel and the West: have we descended into that moral unconsciousness called nihilism? [28]

So many mosques, often handing out incendiary materials and refusing to condemn incidents like the recent one in Orlando. Is any of this prosecutable as sedition? [29]

Liberals still don't want to admit we are at war with Islam. [30][31]

Liberals are receiving unintended consequences as far as bringing Muslims into their countries. City Journal: "Dutch gays have fled the cities in droves to escape Muslim gay-bashing."[32]

Just one problem with the "two-state solution" for Israel: it violates still-established international law, including at least two treaties. [33]

Donald Trump calls for Obama to resign for his continued liberal denial about radical Islamic terrorism, after last night's horrific massacre by an admitted supporter of ISIS. "Obama never mentioned ISIS, Islamic extremism, Islamic States or radical Islam" in his terse comment on the worst attack since 9-11. [34]

Commencement speakers descend on college campus to promote the liberal worldview. Watch a common sense speaker deliver a conservative message, Don't Follow Your Passion by Mike Rowe.

Gay bar in Orlando, Florida is the scene of the most devastating Islamic terrorist attack since 9/11: 50 people confirmed killed. [35]

See how The Washington Post shockingly blames the victims in the latest wave of murders in Israel. Sadly this is typical of the Mainstream Media. [36]

Now that Donald Trump has won nearly three times as many delegates as Glenn Beck's candidate Ted Cruz, Beck finally admits that Trump has won. [37] So why can't Cruz do the math and concede defeat?

"Criticism of Transgender Agenda Will Get Virginia Students Expelled," in one of the largest school districts in America. [38] Liberals don't support freedom of speech. Conservatives do.

A warning against those who water down the Christian faith with false and misleading notions about grace and what is, and is not, sinful. [39]

Cruzites still cling to their fantasy of nominating Ted Cruz rather than Donald Trump, by trying to persuade delegates to break their pledges to Trump. [40] Cruz says nothing to stop the dishonest tactics being considered.

Speaker Paul Ryan does the work of the Left by falsely smearing Donald Trump with the "racist" epithet. Ryan is widely condemned for it.

The damning details about Judge Gonzalo Curiel and his associations and rulings. No wonder Donald Trump does not care to have him judge his case. [41]

Time magazine admits Hillary Clinton loses the likeability test.[42]

When was the last time the less likeable U.S. presidential candidate won? Will Bernie Sanders and the FBI continue to chip away at Clinton's likeability?

Globalists panic as polls suggest voters in Britain will prefer to leave the EU in the historic upcoming referendum. [43] Fear-mongering against Brexit intensifies to try to avert this outcome.

The justice of Jewish claims on the so-called West Bank of Israel, in detail. [44]

Hillary Clinton deserves to face a charge of reckless endangerment of human life, especially in the Benghazi affair. What difference does it make? Literally the difference between life and death, of men and republics. [45]

What if the Jews of Judea and Samaria wrote a Declaration of Independence similar to that which American patriots wrote? [46]

She betrayed the pro-life movement, and now she is the first GOP incumbent to lose by a landslide in her own primary: Congresswoman Renee Ellmers is retired. Yet the liberal media try to blame even this on Donald Trump! [47]

'The Atheist Delusion' Is Most Persuasive Answer to Atheists Ever Put on Film.[48]

Donald Trump properly calls attention to the Mexican heritage and political associations of a judge trying a lawsuit involving him. Why should his opponents be so sensitive about that? [49]

"President Obama Swipes at Donald Trump in Ramadan Statement." [50] How "presidential" is that?!

Setback for liberals: "No Charges Against Boy's Mother in Gorilla Case." [51]

What would Jewish statesmanship look like? Hint: we haven't seen it yet, even from Prime Ministers of Israel. [52]

The politically correct PGA moves a key event to Mexico City just to spite Donald Trump, it seems. Is any professional sports franchise left that does not sully its reputation with liberal politics? [53]

George Foreman, the hardest-hitting boxer in history and a devout Christian, said recently about his famous fight with Muhammad Ali: "I hit him with everything I had. He survived, and after about six rounds, he started whispering, that all you got, George? Show me something, George. And I knew this was a frightful moment." Ali then knocked Foreman out. [54]

Bernie Sanders: "The Democratic National Convention will be a contested convention." [55]

No room for conservative leadership in Silicon Valley, where companies want more H-1B labor rather than American engineers: "Intel CEO cancels Trump fundraiser, says he’s not endorsing a presidential candidate." [56]

R.I.P. Muhammad Ali, best of the public. [57] His stunning upset boxing victories, and predictions of them, defied the experts.

A sharp reminder of what it really takes to get into heaven. On the occasion of the death of TBN founder Jan Crouch, remember: one must have salvation from Jesus Christ, Who paid the penalty for sin. [58]

Picture this: loss of liberty under Hillary Clinton.[59]

"Report: Prince Died of Drug Overdose." [60] Why do Hollywood values tragically destroy the lives of so many?

Benjamin Netanyahu prepares a dangerous concession. What games are Saudi Arabia playing? [61]

Liberal claptrap debunked, again: Eyewitness who videoed Harambe's encounter with the child says it is false that the gorilla was "protecting" the child, and that violence by the gorilla was left off her video.[62]

The incredible reversal of Shimon Peres on the question of Israel and "Palestine" [63]

How the United States Department of State helps cover up for Saudi Arabia. And why: oil money. [64]

Lamestream media at work, again: "MSNBC interrupts Libertarian candidate to talk to Clinton." [65]

The neocon promise of a third-party "Never Trump" candidate turns out to be a farce, as the mystery candidate is an obscure writer for National Review. [66]

"Trump: Zoo had ‘no choice’ but to shoot gorilla." "You have a child, a young child, that's at stake," he added. [67] Pro-aborts cannot be happy with Trump's stance.

Boy Scouts membership has declined after caving into the homosexual agenda, but its departing president says there are new corporate sponsorships! [68]

The world of libertarians: Gary Johnson is booed at the debate of the Libertarian Party for supporting drivers' licenses. [69]

Ted Cruz is still running for president, and still refuses to admit that Donald Trump is the nominee. [70] This is getting beyond bizarre.

Game over: Hillary's emailageddon is coming.[71][72]

Trouble in liberal paradise: "Dems short $10M for convention ... Another source told Buzzfeed the deficit is closer to $16 million." [73]

Damning report on Emailgate shows Hillary can’t be trusted.[74]

"Donald Trump Clinches GOP Nomination." [75] Yet some Republican officials still cling to anti-Trump animosity.

One thing Ted Cruz' supporters overlooked: his associations with globalist players. And: does modern globalism fit descriptions in Bible prophecy? [76]

Cruz-supporter Rush Limbaugh still refuses to endorse Trump. [77] Does jealousy explain some of the lingering anti-Trump animus?

"The rise of Donald Trump is threatening the power of neoconservatives, who find themselves at risk of being marginalized in the Republican Party." [78]

Worst College Majors: "Islamophobia Studies Are Coming To A College Near You, And There Won't Be Any Debate About It." [79]

Feminist Megyn Kelly has a ratings flop for her much-promoted interview with Donald Trump. Her insipid feminism has brought down the Fox News Channel, which now consistently loses to CNN among the key demographic of ages 25-54.

A shooting at the White House complex occurred Friday while Barack Obama was golfing. [80] Keep track of Obama's golf trips, read The Obama Golf Counter.

Liberals at Google celebrate a human rights activist that heaped praise upon Osama Bin Laden. [81]

Rasmussen poll: Donald Trump earns 42% support to Hillary Clinton’s 37% when Likely U.S. Voters are asked whom they would vote for if the presidential election were held today. [82]

Donald Trump holds a slight lead over Hillary Clinton - 45% to 42% - among registered voters, according to a new national Fox News poll.[83] What will Hillary do once the email scandal intensifies?

A small group of superdelegates could close the deal for Hillary Clinton, but won't .[84]

Catholic Cardinal from Africa speaks the truth: In America, “God is being eroded, eclipsed, liquidated.” [85]

Why electing a "good" Congressman from your district is not enough. The full membership needs to change, and with strictly limited terms. [86]

America suffered a coup d'etat in 2008. Can Donald Trump roll this back? [87]

The Senate seeks answers from Facebook about their manipulation of trending stories.[88] Though the overlooked scandal is the punishment given to conservative users. [89]

Great Achievements by Teenagers in the news: 14-year-old Taylor Rosenthal received $100,000 from investors and rejected a buyout of $30 million for his emergency vending machine invention. [90]

A critical analysis of Barack Hussein Obama's policies and actions, and what they all add up to: a worldwide caliphate. [91]

A sense of meaning and purpose in life, a new study suggests Churchgoers live longer. [92]

Liberal bias caught in the act: "Trump’s former girlfriend: New York Times 'spun' my comments." [93]

Cover-up for the homosexual agenda: the NTSB delays more than a year before stating the obvious cause of the Amtrak derailment outside Philadelphia that tragically killed 8 and injured more than 200. [94] The recklessly speeding train was driven by a homosexual rights advocate who claims he can't recall key details, even though he was coherent immediately after the crash.

Ted Cruz wants "recriminations" against "everyone who was responsible for the rise of Donald Trump." [95] Is that something a real conservative would say?

Conservapedia proven right, again: outspokenly Christian Stephen Curry -- not Overrated Sports Stars Kobe Bryant or LeBron James -- becomes the first unanimous MVP winner in NBA history. [96]

Who are the real racists of today? [97]

A new liberal media nationwide poll shows Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in a statistical tie. [98] Possibility of a Reagan-like landslide for conservatives in the fall grows.

Bernie Sanders trounces Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump tops 75%, in West Virginia. [99]

Ted Cruz is still all about Ted Cruz, as he refuses to concede to Donald Trump and even hints at jumping back into the race. [100]

"Dead heat: Trump, Clinton tied in 3 swing-state polls." The independent, reliable Quinnipiac University survey "shows close races in Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio." [101]

Former Arizona Governor "Jan Brewer: Republicans who don’t support Donald Trump need to ‘get over it.'" [102] A dream anti-immigration ticket would be Trump-Brewer, which she would welcome.

"Brexit could cause war? Utter nonsense, David Cameron," a fellow Brit points out. [103]

British globalist claptrap reaches new low, as David Cameron declared Monday words to the effect that "if Britain leaves the European Union (EU), war may follow"! [104] That's pathetic demagoguery to scare Brits into opposing Brexit.

Sarah Palin will campaign against Paul Ryan due to Ryan's refusal to back the GOP nominee Donald Trump. "Paul Ryan is soon to be 'Cantored,' as in Eric Cantor," Palin added. [105]

"Sanders: Dem convention tilted toward Clinton." [106] Wow, whoda guessed?

Is Benjamin Netanyahu repeating the mistakes of the French during the Second World War? [107] Indeed, a current-generation Aaliyah Jew asks: why have Prime Ministers of Israel played such cynical games? [108]

A long overdue housecleaning in the Republican Party is occurring, as RINOs show their true colors by refusing to endorse Donald Trump. Their ranks include Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush and his former-president brothers, and Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Obama, starting to panic at how Donald Trump will humiliate him, blusters that "this is not entertainment" and "this is not a reality show." [109] Yeah, and Trump doesn't need a teleprompter like Obama does.

A popular Bible-believing voice refuses to endorse any candidate, because they all pay scant attention to God. [110]

North Dakota becomes the 9th state to reject Common Core standards. [111] Academics will be “Written by North Dakota teachers … for North Dakota students.”

A review of the damaging political philosophy of President Woodrow Wilson. [112]

Pathetic move by RINOs: "Bush 41, 43 won't be endorsing Trump." [113] Good news for Donald?

"Donald Trump Makes Huge Pro-Life Hire." [114]

Man does not live by bread alone, said Jesus Christ. But you wouldn't know it by the priorities in this election cycle. [115]

"Ted Cruz drops out after Trump delivers knockout in Indiana." Trump trounced Cruz 53-37% in the conservative state. [116]

Donald Trump wins the Republican primary in Indiana dealing a blow to Ted Cruz in the winner-take-most state.[117]
It is "almost impossible to stop" Trump for the nomination, CNN admits. [118]

"Once a Clinton stronghold, Appalachia now Trump country," admits the lamestream media. [119]

"Ted is an immigrant," bragged his wife Heidi Cruz, who is a Goldman Sachs executive. [120] Then the Cruz campaign denied it.

Three-year University of Cincinnati study on the ecological effects of Fracking showed no damage to the environment at all. Funders to the public university were disappointed and decided to suppress the study instead, it will not be released to the public. [121]

What is jihad? How can you recognize it on and off the battlefield? [122]

Anti-Trump gimmicks, such as the Cruz-Kasich alliance, are backfiring badly: "Fully 58 percent disapprove of the so-called Cruz-Kasich alliance, with 22 percent considering it a 'major factor' in their choice." [123]

In merely 24 hours the respected "fivethirtyeight" prediction for Indiana puts Donald Trump at a 69-31% favorite after having him at a 65-35% underdog yesterday. [124]

A reminder of the importance of natural born citizenship as a criterion of eligibility to the office of President of the United States. [125]

Rabid anti-Trump campaign reaches new low in George Will's Sunday column: "If Trump is nominated, the GOP must keep him out of the White House," is the headline for Will's latest work. [126]

Pete who? Pete Wilson becomes the latest washed-up RINO to endorse Ted Cruz and warn against Donald Trump. [127]

"Target’s Stock Down 5 Percent, Brand Damaged, by Public Rebuke to Pro-Transgender Bathroom Rules." [128]

If America continues to accept lawless behavior especially on the part of political leaders, tyranny will follow. [129]

"Demonstrators storm California GOP convention to protest Trump." [130] Did you think liberals support free speech?

Ted Cruz's choice of Carly Fiorina shows his desperation.[131][132] She is not going to help him in California and she was eliminated early in the race for the Republican nomination. Fiorina was definitely not a presidential-like choice.

John Boehner declares that Ted Cruz is "Lucifer in the flesh." [133] Boehner prefers Donald Trump over Cruz, it's safe to say.

Exceeding expectations Tuesday, even breaking 60% of the vote despite the three-way race, Donald Trump is only 287 delegates away from clinching the Republican nomination. [134] The much-anticipated Trump-Clinton contest is on the horizon.

Donald Trump takes Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, as he looks for Northeast sweep.[135]
UPDATE: Trump wins 5 out of 5 states by massive landslide margins.

Pennsylvania primary update: "reports of high turnout, smooth voting in midstate." [136] Donald Trump makes the GOP competitive in the state.

"Judge Ruled North Carolina's Voter-ID Law Constitutional ... delivering a major win for conservatives who have sought to tighten laws across the country" [137]

Conservapedia proven right, again: The 4-game suspension of Overrated Sports Star Tom Brady is reinstated, after an appellate judge observed at oral argument that there was "compelling, if not overwhelming" evidence of cheating, plus evidence Brady "knew about it, consented to it, encouraged it." [138] But the liberal media likes cheaters.

Austria's "far-right" candidate wins its presidential election by 16 points over his nearest rival, with the main political parties not even qualifying for the upcoming runoff. [139] The liberal media is speechless.

Lamestream media, again: "CNN Asks If Prince’s Death Will Benefit Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump." [140]

Silicon Valley corporation (Intel) fires 12,000 American professionals after demanding to import 14,523 foreign workers with H-1B visas and Green Cards.

Donald Trump defeats Ted Cruz 90-0 for delegates in the New York primary. [141] Trump could secure the nomination by winning 58% of the remaining delegates.

April 19th Anniversary of the Battle of Lexington and Concord and the early stages of the Revolutionary War.

It's so obvious now that the political pendulum is swinging to the right in world politics that Roger Cohen declares liberalism dead or at least on the ropes in the left-leaning New York Times.[142]

By 2021 the effects of New Atheism movement may be largely over in the United States.[143]

Outspoken Christian Stephen Curry broke Michael Jordan's record for most wins in a season, but Overrated Sports Star Kobe Bryant gets more attention. [144]

Hollywood values continues to hit new lows with award shows. MTVs two-hours worth of garbage included 84 incidents of profanity targeting your impressionable kids. [145]

Liberal double standard, again: Hillary Clinton participates in a racist joke, but most Dems give her a pass on it. [146] Imagine the backlash if a Republican had done that.

Lamestream media, again: Overrated Sports Star Tiger Woods did not even compete at the Masters this year, and yet he is in many of the articles and was even featured on the pre-tournament cover of Sports Illustrated.

Students at two Catholic universities are taking on their administrations in a fight against honoring pro-abortion advocates. [147]

The Republican Party has experienced an increase of 55 percent in turnout so far this primary, Democrat numbers are down 21% compared to 2008. [148]

"GOP Establishment Money Funding Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson To Attack Trump." [149]

Setback for the homosexual agenda: "Pope Francis ... says no to gay marriage." [150]

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