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'''[[Britain]] has no major warships''' deployed overseas as 18 frigates and destroyers sit moored in port leaving an “unprecedented” hole in the defense of the UK.[https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/668285/Britain-Warship-Royal-Navy-HMS-Queen-Elizabeth-Portsmouth-Type-45-Devonport-Russia-Putin]
Britain is losing its status as a major world power. If only they hadn't embraced [[Darwinism]] and weakened their society.
[[Britain]] is a warning to the United States.[http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/11/23/kassam-britains-continued-managed-decline-is-a-warning-for-america-thats-why-im-thankful-for-the-u-s-a/]
“To arrive nowadays at [[London]] Airport from a [[France|French]] or [[Germany|German]] airport is to be made immediately aware that our standards have slipped” - British Ambassador Sir Nicholas Henderson
In 2014, Chicago O’Hare and Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson, could handle almost twice as many flights as Heathrow Airport in London.[https://qz.com/312075/why-the-second-busiest-airport-in-the-world-is-often-nightmarishly-fragile/]
'''90 [[Indian]]s facing modern''' [[slavery]] in Britain.[http://www.hindustantimes.com/world-news/90-indians-facing-modern-slavery-in-britain/story-b0Errg4Rzb94mCYvdr6yvL.html]
Shrinking British law enforcement agencies have difficulty stemming slavery pandemic in Britain.[https://sputniknews.com/europe/201712191060140107-uk-moden-slavery-pandemic/]
If only Britain had more Christians and more industrious people, then they could afford better policing and better combat their growing slavery problem.  See: [[Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism]] and [[Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism#Slavery|Protestantism and abolition]] and [[Atheism and slavery#Abolitionist movement and religious conservatives|Abolitionist movement and religious conservatives]]
'''[[UK]]'s newest and biggest aircraft''' carrier springs a leak.[https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/dec/19/uks-newest-and-biggest-aircraft-carrier-springs-a-leak]
In the 19th century, British naval supremacy helped enforce what became known as the Pax Britannica. After embracing [[Darwinism]], Britain began a steady decline and now the Brits have difficulty making their flagship ship stop leaking.
'''How [[immigration]] without restriction threatens [[civilization]]''' when recent immigrants do not share its moral foundation. ''Two cases in point: the murder of Kate Steinle and the [[Times Square]] [[terrorism|terrorist]] episode.'' [http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2017/12/18/human/crumbling-civilization-immigrant-rights/]
'''How [[immigration]] without restriction threatens [[civilization]]''' when recent immigrants do not share its moral foundation. ''Two cases in point: the murder of Kate Steinle and the [[Times Square]] [[terrorism|terrorist]] episode.'' [http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2017/12/18/human/crumbling-civilization-immigrant-rights/]

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Welcome to Conservapedia!

Britain has no major warships deployed overseas as 18 frigates and destroyers sit moored in port leaving an “unprecedented” hole in the defense of the UK.[1]

Britain is losing its status as a major world power. If only they hadn't embraced Darwinism and weakened their society.

Britain is a warning to the United States.[2]

“To arrive nowadays at London Airport from a French or German airport is to be made immediately aware that our standards have slipped” - British Ambassador Sir Nicholas Henderson

In 2014, Chicago O’Hare and Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson, could handle almost twice as many flights as Heathrow Airport in London.[3]

90 Indians facing modern slavery in Britain.[4]

Shrinking British law enforcement agencies have difficulty stemming slavery pandemic in Britain.[5]

If only Britain had more Christians and more industrious people, then they could afford better policing and better combat their growing slavery problem. See: Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism and Protestantism and abolition and Abolitionist movement and religious conservatives

UK's newest and biggest aircraft carrier springs a leak.[6]

In the 19th century, British naval supremacy helped enforce what became known as the Pax Britannica. After embracing Darwinism, Britain began a steady decline and now the Brits have difficulty making their flagship ship stop leaking.

How immigration without restriction threatens civilization when recent immigrants do not share its moral foundation. Two cases in point: the murder of Kate Steinle and the Times Square terrorist episode. [7]

Liberal logic: "Franken urged to reverse his resignation." [8]

When does the pursuit of peace become a delusion and an addiction? We see it now in the Middle East. Donald Trump must resist this malady. [9]

Why Net neutrality was a humanitarian hoax designed to enable censorship of views unfriendly to government. Donald Trump orchestrated its rescission. [10]

Slavery ensnares thousands in the U.K.[11][12] Britain recorded 2,255 modern slavery offenses across England and Wales last year, a 159 percent increase from the previous year.

In 2016, a British Muslim cleric told teenage disciples that it is permissible under Islam to have sex slaves.[13]

Will the U.K. become a less civilized country in the 21st century? Will Richard Dawkins ever pay his slavery related reparations? See: Richard Dawkins' family fortune and the slave trade

Letting those actually guilty of sexual harassment resign, is not enough. Those who commit such offenses should face prosecution, especially when force is involved. [14]

Liberals' emphasis on sexual harassment boomerangs, as a top Dem candidate supported by Emily's List just pulled out of her race: "First Female Politician Brought Down By Harassment Allegation." [15]

Freedom From Religion Foundation Drops Lawsuit Against President Donald Trump's Religious Liberty Order.[16] See also: Donald Trump and American atheists

Roy Moore did well enough to make it a slam dunk for him to win that same seat in 2020, when Dems will have their hands full with trying to defeat Donald Trump.

Give it up, liberal Silicon Valley: "FCC overturns net neutrality rules," opening door to Google, Facebook, and other traffic hogs having to start paying their own way. [17]

Never Trump Republican globalists, led by Evan McMullin, spent $500,000 in ads to defeat Roy Moore. [18]

As Hanukkah begins, remember the first Hanukkah and the Maccabean Revolt. The Jews had their "Days of Rage" over 2,000 years ago. [19]

Roy Moore refuses to concede the election, and will ask for a recount. [20] Note: the apparent margin of victory for Doug Jones is less than the total votes for write-in candidates.

  • “We have stopped prayer in our schools,” Moore said in a post-election statement. “We have killed over 60 million of our unborn children. We have redefined marriage and destroyed the basis of family, which is the building block of our country. Our borders are not secure. Our economy is faltering under an enormous national debt. We have a huge drug problem. We have even begun to recognize the right of a man to claim to be a woman, and vice versa. We have allowed Judges and justices to rule over our Constitution, and we have become slaves to their tyranny. Immorality sweeps over our land.” [21]

After Dems manipulated the black vote to elect white Leftist Doug Jones, Charles Barkley declares, "This is a wake-up call for Democrats to do better for black people and poor white people." Yeah, right, as though liberals are going to change.

The write-in campaign by the Republican Establishment enables Leftist pro-abort Doug Jones to win with less than 50% of the vote in Alabama.

Latest election returns in Alabama, with 99 percent of precincts reporting:

Doug Jones: 49.9 percent
Roy Moore: 48.4 percent
Write-ins: 1.7 percent

You can't always believe the women. Especially not when they wait forty years, and then show up with partially forged evidence. [22]

Conservapedia proven right, again: Dems calling on Al Franken to resign was just a stunt to set up their calls now for Donald Trump to resign. [23] But the flaw is this: Trump is not a clown like Al Franken.

Another year, another budget delay. The national budget wouldn't be a problem if Congress limited itself to Constitutional functions. [24]

Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore is now leading his Democratic rival, Doug Jones, by 4 points, according to a new survey.[25]

According to the Real Clear Politics average of polls in the Alabama Senate race, Moore has a 3.8 point lead over Jones.[26]

"DNC 'unity' panel recommends huge cut in superdelegates," in order to avoid a repeat of insiders handpicking another Hillary Clinton as nominee. [27]

Beware those who are feeding the swamp by sacrificing real sexual offenders as they prepare to accuse Donald Trump, Roy Moore, and others – falsely – of similar sins. [28] Note: Roy Moore's accuser already admitted to committing forgery. [29]

"Trump rallies for Moore ahead of Alabama election," [30] while Koch puppets like Ted Cruz fail to stand when it counts.

Warning: sickness actually pays off for all too many doctors and other health professionals. Seek ways to make yourself well at all times. [31]

"Roy Moore accuser alters story on yearbook signing," admits the liberal Alabama news site. [32]

60,000 right-wing nationalists march on Poland’s independence day.[33]

ABC News on Europe: "ultra-conservative rhetoric is now seeping out of the fringes and into the mainstream."

Now that right-wing politics and conservatism are going mainstream, will the liberal media keep labeling conservatives "controversial" and "extreme"?

Leftists agree: President Donald Trump is accomplishing too much.[34] See also: Donald Trump achievements

"Trump is a man of action. He’s a man of courage, he cannot be deterred.."

Conservapedia proven right, again: resignation of goofball liberal Al Franken was a stunt to criticize Roy Moore and Donald Trump, whom Franken ranted against in his resignation speech. Dem women senators then gave "big hugs" to Franken! [35]

Why does a papal relief organization consistenly get it wrong about the plight of Christians in the Middle East? What's the one safe haven Christians have in the Middle East? Israel! [36]

Trump gets bipartisan support for Jerusalem as Israel's capital [37]

Defeated by Roy Moore, liberals move to Plan B: force Al Franken out of the Senate, and then use that precedent to try to block Moore after he is elected.

Steve Bannon slams RINO Mitt Romney for his lack of military service: "You went to France to be a missionary while guys were dying in rice paddies in Vietnam. Do not talk to me about honor and integrity" concerning Roy Moore." [38]

The dangers of relativism generally and moral relativism in particular. Whose purpose does it serve? [39]

Setting himself apart from do nothing American politicians who merely gave empty promises, Donald Trump keeps his promise to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and his administration makes plans to move embassy.[40]

Never Trump Sen. Jeff Flake flakes out further by boasting about donating to pro-abort Doug Jones' campaign against Roy Moore ... a contribution of a mere $100. [41]

Does George Soros fund all liberal ideology and politics? He certainly has the war chest for it. To compete against him requires asymmetrical campaigning. [42]

"Trump calls Roy Moore to offer his endorsement," calling him a "fighter" and finishing the call with this: "go get 'em, Roy!" [43] Refreshing, isn't it?

The so-called Regulation Freedom Amendment would cement in place regulations that already violate the Constitution. The proper remedy is to challenge the entire regulatory regime in a court of law. [44]

Mueller's investigation is disgraced as one of his top FBI agents was sending out anti-Trump texts, and was removed for it. [45]

Detailed citations from American historical records show why a Constitutional Convention would be a disaster. No institution can survive a second exposure to the process that created it. [46]

"Report: Trump White House Caught Off Guard by Michael Flynn Plea: ‘Their Own Counsel Didn’t Know.’" [47] Trump needs better advisers.

Behold the mathematics of culture war: psychologist Kurt Lewin proposed erasing history and leaving us captive to the present moment. [48]

After tossing out an imposter from a church rally who works for Jimmy Kimmell, veteran Vietnam War officer Roy Moore tells Kimmell "If you want to mock our Christian values, come down here to Alabama and do it man to man." Kimmell responded with a cowardly, nasty rant on his late-night show for liberals. [49]

Conservatives strike back in Alabama: "Bannon-linked group to make six-figure ad buy for Moore in Alabama, emphasizing his opponent's pro-abort record. [50]

17 mainstream media figures have been fired or placed on suspension recently over allegations of sexual misconduct.[51]

Left leaning Salon website: "Roy Moore in the home stretch: He has survived, and is likely to win... Moore is poised for victory."

Half-empty stadiums for NFL games, and now this: "ESPN to Eliminate 150 Production and Studio Jobs in Another Round of Massive Layoffs." [52] Unplug the NFL.

Give it up, pro-aborts: "Moore Opens Up 49–44 Lead in Alabama; Just 9% of Trump Voters Believe Allegations Against Moore." [53]

The alarming trend of estrangement from family is a deliberate aim and strategy of the Liberal Left to promote its deceitful philosophy. [54]

Never Trump Plant in Alabama: ‘Write In’ Against Conservative Roy Moore Attended Liberal Dem Doug Jones Fundraiser" [55]

MSNBC Morning Joe and Mika Brzezinski caught red-handed offering a fake "live broadcast."[56]

If they are lying about their broadcast being live, what else are they lying about?

Court Documents: Roy Moore Accuser Has 'Violent Nature,' History of Criminal Fraud Against Own Family.[57]

Moore represented accuser's mother and won the case.

CBS News woman employee files lawsuit: Claims CBS boss told her to sleep with co-workers to get ahead.[58]

The enemies of Israel twist the meaning of peace to promote more atrocious and unfavorable exchanges like "land for peace." [59]

Roy Moore: Gloria Allred’s Refusal to Release Yearbook Proves Allegations Are ‘Completely Untrue’.[60]

Politico on the the Roy Moore controversy: "The anger against the mainstream media is deep-seated. And, as difficult as it is for many to accept, much of the anger is justified. ...most major newspapers and cable news programs outside of Fox — has displayed a vexing double standard against conservatives. Those in the media unwilling to even see that as a possibility—and I’m sure there are many—are hopelessly lost to their own biases."

Question: Do you remember the Aesop's Fable of the boy who cried wolf? See: Liberal media bias

The new atheist Richard Dawkins feigns shock at Malaysian Deputy Minister's view on atheism.[61] The Deputy Minister is a Muslim. See also: Atheism vs. Islam

This is especially rich given what Dawkins' said about the New Atheism movement: "[O]ur struggle is not so much an intellectual struggle, as a political one: What are we going to do about it?”.

Read our new essay: Politics: The achilles' heel of atheism

Unconditional love has a time and a place. That adults can or should expect it is another humanitarian hoax intended to encourage people to be amoral or immoral. [62]

Koch puppet senators Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse, and Ted Cruz followed instructions and lined up against conservative Roy Moore, thereby helping his pro-abort opponent. Jeff Flake has had to quit at a young age rather than face a humiliating defeat for reelection next year.

The Left's last spasm.[63] The Left is collapsing everywhere.[64]

See also: Decline of leftism and Decline of the secular left

A religious, conservative age is rising and its only the beginning.[65]

What if the false accusers of Judge Roy Moore had to pay the same penalty they tried to make him pay? In fact, that is a Biblical legal principle. [66]

More double standard by liberals: only 22% of Minnesotans think Dem Sen. Al Franken should remain in office, but he simply promises "to regaining their trust" and stays in office with tacit support by the liberal media. [67]

Analysis determines that during the Las Vegas massacre last month, the atheistic gunman fired more than 1,100 rounds at the festival, where guns were banned. [68]

Two videos on the history of Thanksgiving Day.[69][70]

The Christian Heritage Fellowship publishes a wonderful article about how Thanksgiving is rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition.[71]

Liberals rarely learn from their own mistakes: fivethirtyeight.com, which repeatedly predicted Hillary Clinton would defeat Donald Trump last year, incorrectly pretends now that Roy Moore is headed for defeat. [72]

The liberal media may drop its emphasis on sexual allegations soon, because it is mostly Dems being accused now. Top Dem Rep. John Conyers joins Sen. Al Franken and media power-brokers among those accused. [73]

Another setback to the ambush of Roy Moore: his accuser's boyfriend around the same time explains in detail, "I didn’t find her story believable. And the way she told it." [74]

A dire warning about the changes in Saudi Arabia. What kind of new economy is the new Crown Prince really building? [75]

Liberal double standard comes to light: "New York Times suspends top White House reporter amid investigation into sexual-harassment allegations." [76]

While we're on the subject: is it sexual harassment when a woman seeks after a compliment, and gets one? It is when a lawyer like Gloria Allred seeks pecuniary – or political – advantage. [77]

Numerous acquaintances and ex-girlfriends speak out in support of the good character of Roy Moore, but the liberal media don't want to report that. [78]

Give it up, liberals: Alabama governor announces that she will vote for Roy Moore. [79] The more the liberal media tries their stunts against Moore, the bigger their loss when Moore wins.

"The hypocrisy of Washington has no bounds. So many denouncing Roy Moore when they are guilty of doing much worse" - Franklin Graham. [80]

Moore double standard by liberal media against him: "Second woman comes forward with bombshell harassment allegations against Senator Al Franken," yet liberals are OK with that. [81] Nor is Franken the only one. Three other Senators are guilty of far worse crimes than this. [82]

Dems, liberal media fail to call for resignation by liberal Sen. Al Franken, "accused of sexual harassment from 2006, [who] apologizes and [merely] agrees to an ethics investigation." [83]

Stepson of accuser exposes the false allegation against Roy Moore: “I don’t believe a word she says.” [84]

Setback for the liberal media: latest poll shows Roy Moore leading 49-43%. [85]

Liberal double standard: RINOs are just fine with George H.W. Bush despite the accusations by six women against him, but insist that unproven alleged misdemeanors from 40 years ago against conservative Roy Moore somehow require him to quit. [86]

Meet the new Federal Reserve boss – same as the old boss. [87]

Global warming??? "Boston shatters 116-year cold weather record." [88]

Latest poll shows most Alabama voters are not persuaded by the hit pieces by the liberal media against Roy Moore, with 62% saying they are unchanged in their position or even more likely to vote for him now. (but that fact is buried near the end)

Veterans voted for Donald Trump by an overwhelming 2-1 margin, and he has delivered. See Donald Trump achievements: Veterans.

Did the Washington Post offer bribes to anyone just to make accusations against Roy Moore? [89]

Liberal double standard: Roy Moore is accused of committing a mere misdemeanor nearly 40 years -- less serious than the allegation of rape committed by Bill Clinton -- and yet the liberal media demands that Roy Moore pull out.

An encouragement to Donald Trump regarding Hillary Clinton and whether he should order an investigation: it is not only within his powers, it is his duty under the Constitution. [90]

RINO Mitt Romney demands that Roy Moore quit, but neither Moore nor anyone else in politics takes orders from the loser Romney. [91]

Who are we as a country anymore? America faces complete subsumption by a new class of immigrants who don't understand or don't want to understand what it means to be an American. Thank Senator Edward M. Kennedy for that, shortly after Barack Obama was born. [92]

NFL television ratings are down a whopping 18.7% since Conservapedia began our Unplug the NFL campaign, yet the lamestream media pretend the decline is due to "injuries" and "quality of play." [93]

A warning from the Israel experience: when a Supreme Court abandons the rule of law, the national consciousness suffers. That holds just as truly in America as in Israel. [94]

Words like Islamophobia and phrases like voter suppression are more liberal lies. The aim: chaos, on which they thrive. [95]

Liberal denial claiming the vicious attack breaking 5 ribs of Sen. Rand Paul was merely over landscaping issues does not withstand scrutiny. [96]

A hypothetical dialogue illustrating faith and the history of miracles affecting the Jewish people.[97]

Wake-up call for GOP Establishment: Dems defeat GOP insider in Virginia -- a state Hillary Clinton won by 5 points -- by 9 points in the gubernatorial race. [98]

Evil exists, and atheism harbors it: the atheist fired "450 rounds" at the church attendees in Texas, and "went aisle to aisle looking for victims and shot crying babies at point-blank range." [99]

After 100 years, let's look critically at communism, what it has wrought, what it seeks to wreak, and why we must fight it.[100]

NFL legend Tony Gonzalez: Colin Kaepernick Will Never Play in the NFL Again.[101]

The 2018 Global Atheist Convention was cancelled. Poor ticket sales was given as the reason. The boring nature of atheist conferences was not mentioned. [102] Several atheists have indicated that the atheist movement is dead (see: Decline of the atheist movement).

After atheist shooter Devin Patrick Kelley killed 26 people in a Texas church, Theodore Beale wrote:

"And let's not hear any more about how atheists are so persecuted in America, or how amazingly moral they are, when they are shooting up schools and churches and universities. No wonder they are the most distrusted group in the country.[103]

New York Post: "Texas church shooter Devin Kelley was a “creepy” atheist “outcast” who never fit in and berated religious believers on social media, according to former friends and classmates."[104]

Daily Mail says classmates describe him as 'Creepy, crazy and weird.' [105] See: Atheism and social outcasts

Another liberal double standard: Conservative Senator Rand Paul was attacked and beaten by a Leftist, causing multiple fractures that could require months to recover from. So why aren't liberals calling for the Justice Department to bring charges against the assailant?

A primer on George Soros, currency manipulator, news manipulator, patron of the Mainstream Media, who hides behind many false fronts. [106]

Atheist mass shooter Devin Patrick Kelley was a militant atheist who proselytized his atheism online, to the dismay of his Facebook followers.[107]

Texas Mass Shooter Devin Patrick Kelley: Facebook Page Suggests He Was An Atheist And A CNN Fan. [108][109][110]

Update: His LinkedIn profile indicates his interests skewed towards leftist causes.[111]

A significant portion of the recent incidents involving young mass murderers have involved atheists.

See also: List of atheist shooters and serial killers' and Atheism and psychopathy and Atheism and mass murder

Devin Patrick Kelley, a "black-clad" gunman, kills 26 in church in Texas, and an armed bystander shoots at him as he attempted to flee. [112] Wearing all black is a Satanic characteristic of other young mass murderers.

Israel needs another Winston Churchill to lead it now, not the succession of Neville Chamberlains it has had. [113]

Comparing a sociopath to a leftist is easy: both use projection as a defense. But the Leftist does so deliberately. [114]

A primer on voter fraud, who benefits, and what President Donald Trump is doing to stop it. [115]

Another pillar of leftist control is crumbling. The number of college campuses systematically limiting free speech for students and faculty continues to go down at a rapid clip.[116]

Is Israel truly a Jewish State, as its charter demands? Its leaders are now doing several things that violate the concept – like talking of giving away Judea and Samaria. [117]

Mass murderer Stephen Paddock had big gambling losses over the past two years when he went on his shooting rampage in Las Vegas. [118]

Who deserves more blame for terrorist attacks? Those who perpetrate them – or corrupt politicians who, by negligence or deliberate oversights, aid and abet them? [119]

A warning to the RINO establishment: people didn't elect you to perpetuate liberal policies and agencies. [120]

Wages and labor participation rate decline in the latest jobs report, suggesting that deflationary forces persist. [121]

The five most common sets of arguments for a Palestinian state next to Israel turn into five arguments against it when one examines the actual facts. [122]

Like many Muslim terrorists on the verge of attack, the NYC terrorist shouted "Allahu Akbar," which means "Allah is Greater," but John McCain insists "the phrase is no more troubling than a Christian saying 'Thank God.'" [123]

Conservapedia proven right, again: "Papa Johns Pulls NFL Ads ... Several NFL stadiums were nearly empty post kick-off the past few weeks," confirming our "Unplug the NFL" that started in 2015. [124]

"The [ NYC ] terrorist came into our country through what is called the 'Diversity Visa Lottery Program,' a Chuck Schumer beauty," President Trump tweeted this morning. [125] Perhaps another example of the leftist war on America itself. [126]

Notice that liberals focus on the who of behavior while conservatives focus properly on the what. That's also how objective reality is supposed to work. [127]

Why Didn’t Anyone Listen to Corey Feldman’s Warnings About Pedophilia in Hollywood? [128]

Actor and homosexual Kevin Spacey accused of pedophilia.[129] See also: Homosexuality and pedophilia

Liberal double standard: merely two months ago the "Podesta Group Retroactively Filed DOJ Disclosures in August-Same Forms Manafort Arrested for Today." So why didn't Mueller indict the Dems?? [130]

Coalition government in Israel produces unaccountable legislatures – and executives. If the Knesset were more like Parliament in the United Kingdom, this would be less likely. [131]

The secular left collapses in the Czech Republic. ‘Czech Trump’ wins landslide election victory .[132]

President Trump ridicules Michael Moore with this tweet: "While not at all presidential I must point out that the Sloppy Michael Moore Show on Broadway was a TOTAL BOMB and was forced to close. Sad!" [133]

The media reports that that the first arrest in the probe of alleged collaboration with Russia concerning the 2016 election will occur as early as Monday, as secret charges have issued by the grand jury. [134] Any chance it's Hillary???

Who is responsible before God when people in high places get away with crime? Does the fault lie with the perpetrators, or with those who tolerate their acts? The answer: both! [135]

Tiger Woods, favorite of the liberal media, avoids jail time by entering into a plea bargain for his May DUI arrest, pleading guilty to reckless driving. [136]

Why the Hillary Clinton uranium deal was so bad for America and the free world. [137]

Trump releases most of the JFK assassination records here. Add to our analysis here.
J. Edgar Hoover memo two days after the assassination is here, and the FBI chief:

  • said FBI had warning that Oswald would be killed, told Dallas police, and yet he was not protected. Hoover was furious.
  • emphasized a need to "convince the public that Oswald is the real assassin"
  • explained how Oswald's prior letter to a communist at the Soviet Embassy in DC in charge of assassination (!) was intercepted, read by the FBI, and the resealed
  • implied a globalist view to cover up some of this to avoid complicating foreign relations
  • wanted local police "to shut up"

Trump overcomes pressure by the Deep State and tweets that the JFK assassination files will be released Thursday. [138]

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