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(Trump-Putin summit is a setback for the homosexual agenda, which the increasingly conservative Russia opposes.)
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'''[[Trump]]-[[Putin]] summit is a setback for the [[homosexual agenda]]''', which the increasingly [[conservative]] [[Russia]] opposes. [http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/397138-top-lgbt-group-projects-message-onto-presidential-palace-in-helsinki]
'''The U.S. trade deficit fell''' 6% in a year. That’s a clear success for the policies of President [[Donald Trump]].[https://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2018/07/10/has-the-media-overinflated-the-risks-of-a-china-trade-war]
'''The U.S. trade deficit fell''' 6% in a year. That’s a clear success for the policies of President [[Donald Trump]].[https://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2018/07/10/has-the-media-overinflated-the-risks-of-a-china-trade-war]

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Welcome to Conservapedia!

Trump-Putin summit is a setback for the homosexual agenda, which the increasingly conservative Russia opposes. [1]

The U.S. trade deficit fell 6% in a year. That’s a clear success for the policies of President Donald Trump.[2]

The Democrats lied: their computers may have never actually been hacked from the outside. The whole Russian accusations we've been hearing about for two years is a complete fraud perpetrated by powerful liberals.

A political earthquake in the California Democrat Party, as it votes by 65%-7% to endorse an obscure progressive rival to the entrenched Senator Diane Feinstein. [3] This is a setback for the feminist agenda.

America must stop being the unlimited giving tree to Europe and the rest of the world. Finally Donald Trump said what earlier Presidents should have said long ago. [4]

Greatest Conservative Sports Star "Novak Djokovic beats Kevin Anderson for his fourth Wimbledon title." [5]

Mueller indicts 12 more ham sandwiches, which is grandstanding that proves nothing ... except to grab headlines and perpetuate funding for his failed investigation.

Mueller's witchhunt takes its farce to an absurd new height: he indicts 12 Russians outside of American jurisdiction, which is as pointless as indicting enemy soldiers. They will never stand trial and the indictments are merely unprovable opinions by the Leftists on Mueller's staff. [6]

Do Americans want a philosophy that gives good moral nourishment? Or will mere sand satisfy them? [7]

President Donald Trump just let every American act as his own armorer and gunsmith. His Attorney General settled a lawsuit by one Cody Wilson, who invented the world's first plastic gun, and published the files to run it off on a 3-D printer. [8]

Preserved high in the Alps by a massive ice storm 5,300 years ago -- probably part of the Great Flood -- media stories on the last meal of the "Iceman" omit that he unexpectedly, abruptly died at the same time as the Flood. [9]

Liberal logic on full display: Trump-hating, disgraced Deep Stater Peter Strzok implausibly testifies that he does not recall texting his vow to stop Trump from ever becoming president. [10]

How the intermarriage of the Democratic Party with socialism worked out. Or rather, didn't. [11]

European Summit Fallout: Now Bulgaria Wants Borders Closed.[12]

Poland: Trump is right to criticize Germany for its massive dependency on Russia for energy. Poland will be independent of Russia for energy within a few years. [13]

"Trump Blasts Allies At NATO Summit," and tells Europe to stop freeloading off the United States. "Germany is totally controlled by Russia" for its natural gas, Trump pointed out. [14]

Classic liberal spin in this HuffPo headline: "Brett Kavanaugh Ruled Against Workers When No One Else Did." In its lead example the "workers" were actually illegal aliens. [15]

"Dems grasp for way to stop pick ... but acknowledged they are unlikely to win" against Trump's conservative nomination to the Supreme Court. [16]

Conservapedia proven right, again: we predicted that Brett Kavanaugh would be the nominee (see below).

Opinion: U.S. Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Has A Troubling Record On Religious Liberty.[17]

Looks like conservative Brett Kavanaugh will be the nominee, after pro-abort Republican Mitch McConnell vetoed Amy Barrett. In 229 years, the Supreme Court has never had a pro-life woman justice.

Promoted by liberal Republicans as a textualist or originalist, candidate Kethledge for the Supreme Court has never supported either in 2,358 cases! He even refused to join a conservative opinion that supported originalism in a precedent-setting Second Amendment case.

Liberal Republican Mitch McConnell demands that Trump pick pro-abort Raymond Kethledge for the Supreme Court. [18]

When the door closes, God opens a window: the soccer coach trapped with the kids in the Thailand cave is a former Buddhist monk who is well-trained to survive in the dark on virtually nothing for as long as necessary. [19]

Stanford University researcher: Most scientific studies are wrong.[20]

Duped by gun control supporters, the NRA is gearing up to push for confirmation of a nominee to the Supreme Court who, if it is Raymond Kethledge, is against strict enforcement of the Second Amendment against gun control laws. [21]

"SCOTUS Frontrunner Raymond Kethledge’s Record Reveals Immigration Weakness." [22]

America, who's driving the bus? Is it a rational adult or an overgrown child? [23]

Finding real "soldiers of the Cross" and distinguishing them from those who will not fight for the right. [24]

Pro-aborts push Trump away from Amy Coney Barrett and towards liberal-leaning Raymond Kethledge. Media reports say it's down to Kethledge versus Kavanaugh. [25]

RINO Mitch McConnell has positioned left-leaning Raymond Kethledge in the top three finalists for the Supreme Court. Kethledge is liberal on abortion, immigration, and the Second Amendment.

Leftists need to face reality: President Donald Trump is winning.[26]

Trump is strong despite a far Left media giving him 90% negative coverage. Just looking at the record stock market in his second year shows the economy to be in a major expansion streak. [27] See also Donald Trump achievements.

RINO Mitch McConnell is steamrolling Trump's advisors again, and the nomination to the Supreme Court of someone more liberal than Anthony Kennedy appears likely. The Heritage Foundation reports that Raymond Kethledge, who is neither pro-life nor pro-Second Amendment, is the top contender now and the globalist Heritage even cheerleads for him!

Examining the death of Antonin Scalia, which precipiated another Supreme Court confirmation fight. Recent evidence suggests two people close to the Obama Administration and the Hillary Clinton campaign knew about his death three days ahead of time. Was he, in fact, murdered? [28]

Security violations, criminal investigations, House Democrat caucus, Pakistani Imran Awan, theft of a computer server and a lamestream media uninterested in finding answers. [29]

Setback for liberals: DOJ appeals the absurdly light 30-day jail sentence for the Leftist who attacked, in a cowardly way, conservative Rand Paul on his own lawn. [30]

Tim Tebow has been been named to the Double-A Eastern League’s All-Star squad. People are remarking that Tebow “suddenly looking like a pro baseball player.” [31]

Liberal Politico.com admits: "2020 hopefuls get failing grade for commencement speeches." The Leftist rhetoric is pathetic, and their substance even worse. [32] Of course no conservatives are allowed to give commencement addresses.

Evangelicals, a key voting block for Donald Trump who remain loyal to him, want Trump to pick Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court. [33]

Catholic and pro-life groups welcomed the Senate's confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Seventh Circuit. Amy Coney Barrett is the mother of seven children.

Pro-aborts crawl out the woodwork: "Sen. Susan Collins Won’t Support A Supreme Court Nominee Who Opposes Roe." [34]

Dr. Steven Turley: Red Wave! Democrats Committing Political Suicide Ahead of Midterms.[35]

Evolutionists once again bow to another major claim of biblical creationists and admit defeat. Oxford University study indicates that "it’s likely that we are alone in the universe."[36]

For decades biblical creationists have asserted that there is no intelligent life outside of earth and that a natural origin of life is impossible.[37][38]

Michael Moore has just predicted that Donald Trump Will Win In 2020.

See also: Donald Trump achievements and Essay: Donald Trump's glorious victories

Anti-Trump, sometimes-conservative Ben Shapiro reaches a new low: "Trump impeachment 'should be on the table' if Mueller investigation quashed. [39]

‘JournoList’ 2 Revealed: Over 400 ‘Left-Of-Center’ Members.[40]

The left leaning/fake news media continues to collapse. Now even their "fact checkers" are facing growing skepticism.

Remember, liberals/leftists say evolution is fact - despite the fact that there is no scientific "law of evolution". "Evolution is not a fact. Evolution doesn’t even qualify as a theory or as a hypothesis. It in a metaphysical research program, and it is not really testable science”. - Karl Popper

Publicly supported media organizations in Europe are under attack from right-wing politicians.[41]

The UK's Mirror recently declared: "Of the 28 EU states only six have a left-wing government and most of those are minority administrations."

Trump's interviews of candidates for the Supreme Court include two women: one is Amy Coney Barrett, and the other is undisclosed but is probably Joan Larsen. Dems worry about the politics of opposing a woman nominee. [42]

Nationalism is today a vital concept for the protection of liberty, especially in America. Barack Obama sought to destroy both the concept and the country. Donald Trump respects both. [43]

Politicians believe themselves above the law because those charged with applying the law to them, fail to apply it. [44]

Our education system is failing our students. Could this be the cause of so much mental illness among students? [45]

Conservapedia proven right, again: "Justice Neil Gorsuch racked up a more 'liberal' voting record than Justice Anthony Kennedy." Reason magazine calls this "curious", but it isn't surprising here. [46]

How did Hillary Clinton expect to govern when she willingly accepted such insulting abuse from her husband and others? She makes excuses to this day for losing the presidency. [47]

The short list for the U.S. Supreme Court includes the buddy of RINO Mitch McConnell, Amul Thapar, who locked up an 84-year-old nun for 3 years for a protest (reversed on appeal). He was one of the first judges McConnell pushed through the Senate last year.

The voice of middle class America speaks: so-called refugees at the border with Mexico are not American citizens. Citizens should take priority over prospective residents. [48]

“He felt confident in me to make the right choice and carry on his great legacy, that’s why he did it,” Trump said about the retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, who is not known for any taking positions against the liberal media. [49]

CNN admits, "Anthony Kennedy's retirement just confirmed every Republican's dream scenario for Trump." [50]

Breaking: Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announces retirement. [51]

Dr. Steven Turley on Sweden’s mass swing to right-wing nationalism.[52]

Supreme Court ends mandatory fees to liberal public sector unions, which is expected to end their political clout and enable 726,000 members to leave. [53]

"The Dirt on the Inside"[54]

Powerful Dem insider in House is ousted in a landslide in his own primary, admits Politico.com: "Top Democrat Crowley loses in shocker," 58-42%. [55]

After the Red Hen restaurant owner kicked out the Sarah Huckabee Sanders family out of her restaurant, she organized a protest at a competing restaurant across the street that chose to serve them.[56]

Lexington, Virginia businesses are now facing backlash over Red Hen restaurant uproar.[57]

"No political bias"? The Inspector General has got to be kidding. [58]

Trump proven right, again: "Supreme Court upholds Trump's travel ban," CNN admits.

Liberal Politico.com admits: "The left loses its cool." [59] Meanwhile, Dems criticize other Dems who call for harassment of those they disagree with.

Not a good sign: the U.S. Supreme Court misspells "laissez faire" today in the first sentence of its dissenting opinion in a 5-4 antitrust decision. [60] Ironically, the dissent is pro-free market.

San Francisco Chronicle/Business Insider: Britain is no longer a 'tier one' military power.[61]

"Underlying the statement is a realisation that the UK can no longer economically compete with top powers, defence experts told Business Insider."

If only Britain did not embrace evolutionism and godlessness, then it might still be a major power. See: Atheism and sloth and Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism and British atheism

Bavarian conservative leader shuns Angela Merkel in German state election.[62]

French President Emmanuel Macron's recent comment is another bellwether that European atheism has a bleak future.[63] See also: French atheism

Another atheist admits his side is losing badly. He admits the future looks grim for nonreligious people.[64]

First the atheist Aron Ra admits the atheist movement is dead and now this! See also: Decline of the atheist movement

This is pathetic: NeverTrump huckster Mitt Romney spends nearly 5 times that of his obscure opponent to try to win the Utah GOP primary for a U.S. Senate seat. [65] The caucus rejected Romney so now he's trying to buy his way in.

A ‘mini-summit’ on the European migrant crisis of more than half of the European Union’s leaders appears to be doomed to end in failure. [66]

The Visegrad Four countries (Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia) are boycotting the EU migrant mini summit.[67]

What if one had to earn citizenship with life-on-the-line service, if not necessarily military? Would that produce a more responsible electorate? [68]

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban (who is a right-wing populist): We Stand at the Verge of a European Renaissance.[69]

Orban asserts that Europe must return to its Christian/classical roots (see: Western Civilization).

Colombia turns to right-wing populism.[70]

The illegal immigrant family separation issue is another humanitarian hoax on the American public.[71]

More liberal claptrap: "Michelle Obama says upcoming memoir shares the 'ordinariness of a very extraordinary story.'" [72]

Remember to defend your Second Amendment rights vigorously. Movements toward gun confiscation do not limit themselves to America's largest cities. [73]

Liberals view the field of science like a sacred deity. Will they reject science now that the results show they are more likely to be psychotic? [74]

When Will Anti-Atheism Be Viewed as Bigotry? When Hell Freezes Over.[75]

Anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok has lost his security clearance.[76] When will he be fired?

Clueless NeverTrumpers: ABC orders a spinoff of the popular show "Roseanne" ... without its pro-Trump star, Roseanne Barr herself. [77] Will it last any longer than it takes for viewers to realize that the star Roseanne was cut out??

R.I.P. Charles Krauthammer, a secular conservative greatly admired by even his foes.

Setback for Dems: "compromise" amnesty bill is delayed in the House because it lacks the votes. [78]

What has the Supreme Court done for conservative values in the United States lately? Answer: less than you think. [79] The only way to redress that is to show that God actually exists.

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction,” Ronald Reagan famously said. The OIG report suggests that its demise may be only one election away. [80]

Are they getting nervous in Norway? Not the people—but the Nobel Prize Committee. Donald Trump gets outstanding results in North Korea. And now he has not one but two nominations for the Nobel Prize for Peace! [81]

Setback for the Deep State: NeverTrumper agent Peter Strzok escorted from his office. [82]

President Trump could have his proposed Space Force within days. All he need do is give a particular general an extra star and seat him at the table of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. What exactly would that mean? Plenty! [83]

The Obama administration began a policy of lying, spying and propagandizing to and on the American people in Obama's second term. And it continues today, with Obama holdovers. [84]

Ted Cruz caves into liberals on the immigration issue, by introducing a bill to force Trump to create migrant camps for illegal alien families. [85] Cruz's bill would simply encourage more illegal immigration.

Bavarians give German Chancellor Angela Merkel two weeks to reach EU deal on migrants. [86]

German journalist Katharina Kroll calls her task "mission impossible".[87]

President Donald Trump declares: “The people of Germany are turning against their leadership as migration is rocking the already tenuous Berlin coalition."[88]

Never-Trumper losing congressman Mark Sanford, who repeatedly and unfairly criticized Trump and then lost because of it, now pretends that he crashed in his own primary merely because he was not "Trump enough." [89]

Despite the overhype of Tiger Woods leading up to the U.S. Open and during its first two rounds, the Overrated Sports Star failed even to make the cut to play the last two rounds. Brooks Koepka repeated as the winner but you've probably never heard of him. [90]

Overrated Hollywood Actor Robert de Niro embarrasses himself at the Tony Awards show. Come to think of it, he does look "punchy" today, as well as act like it. [91]

Lacking in soul, U.S. soccer failed even to qualify for the World Cup this year. We were routed twice by Costa Rica, and also lost to Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago. [92]

File this under "You gotta be kidding!" The NRA is getting some new curses, by old-fashioned witches![93]

The Independent declares: "Britain’s railways lurch from one disaster to the next... The problems that beset the railways stem from a conspicuous lack of leadership."[94]

Switzerland is a beacon of European creationism.[95] Even leftist leaning Wikipedia admits concerning Swiss railways: "The Swiss rail network is noteworthy for its density, its coordination between services, its integration with other modes of transport, timeliness and a thriving domestic and trans-alp freight system."

No one missed Overrated Sports Star Tom Brady at the practices he skipped in unsuccessfully seeking more money, and now he says he will retire "sooner rather than later." [96] Then the Patriots can replace him with a quarterback who won't give up yardage just to avoid being tackled.

The collapse of European liberalism is nigh. Long live right-wing populism!

Bloomberg News: 49 percent of voters surveyed last week by pollsters Civey for Die Welt newspaper said they either “definitely” or “sooner” place trust in Seehofer to solve the perceived asylum crisis compared with 32 percent who said Angela Merkel has the right approach.[97]

Antitrust laws ostensibly protect consumers against one company forcing everyone to buy from it, with high prices and low quality. Where is the equivalent in geopolitics? Wouldn't globalism be an antitrust violation if it were in business, not politics? [98]

Ars Technica: "Arizona state education standards see evolution deleted. Never mention "change over time" by its name."

Did Ray Comfort help bring this about? Adaptation is not macroevolution (See: Evolution vs. God).

Liberal double standard: the Leftist who violently attacked conservative Senator Rand Paul from behind gets only 30 days in jail [99], while Paul Manafort -- peaceful and convicted of nothing -- is sent to jail indefinitely in what Trump aptly calls "very unfair." [100]

One day after the first anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy, a London high-rise building catches on fire without working fire alarms.[101]

Britain has become a land that lacks various fundamentals of a first world civilization such as basic civil liberties (Tommy Robinson)[102][103] and a well-maintained road system (Britain's road repair crisis).

Germany's Angela Merkel’s government on the brink as Germans are increasingly rejecting open borders.[104]

A Bundestag parliament session was shut down amid an uproar, which is a rare occurrence.

Politico Europe: "The current battle is unprecedented in its bitterness and duration...".

Once Berlin adopts right-wing populism, this will be as a huge defeat for secular, leftist globalism.

Conservative congressman Mark Meadows observes that "This Peter Strzok text about “stopping” Donald Trump was hidden from Congressional investigators. We never had it. Absolutely unreal." Lisa Page text to Peter Strzok: “(Trump’s) not ever going to become president, right? Right?!” Strzok reply: “No. No he’s not. We’ll stop it.” [105]

Anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats party surges in polls amid EU’s Eurosceptic wave.[106]

Dr. Steve Turley comments on the recent political developments in Sweden.[107]

It is just a matter of time before anti-muslim immigration, right-wing populists take power in the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

Deep Stater Peter Strzok sent a text saying "we'll stop" Trump from becoming president, and this text was concealed from earlier releases. [108]

NeverTrumper incumbent congressman Mark Sanford is defeated in his own primary by pro-Trump conservative, and HuffPost credits Trump's last-minute tweet. [109]

Those Google Chromebooks are a dangerous Trojan Horse for leftist politics in education. They also directly steer their users toward the kinds of job assignments a Soviet employment planner might make. [110]

Britain's liberal leaning New Statesman recently admits: "These events are symptomatic of two broader trends taking hold in many western democracies: first, the rise of right-wing populism, and second, the resurgence of religion, which – over a century after Nietzsche declared that “God is dead” – is again fundamentally reshaping politics."

Global Times recently admits: "A worldwide resurgence of religion emerged amid increasing globalization."

Exposed by one of their own: A former staunch liberal launches the #WalkAway campaign explaining why it's time to leave the Democrat Party. [111] Share it with your liberal friends.

Seriously? Anti-Trumper Ben Shapiro on Trump-Kim Summit: 'The Paper That Was Signed Yesterday Is Weak.'” [112]

The liberal media is perplexed about whether to praise or criticize Trump's meeting with the communist dictator Kim Jong-un.

President Trump met Kim Jong-un at 9am Singapore time, which is 9pm Monday New York City time. Communist Jong-un is so deranged that he reportedly brought his own toilet, perhaps to hide his DNA.

Tommy Robinson is a bellwether for the decline of liberty and the primacy of Islam in England. Are we next? [113]

Hypocritical France and Germany scold President Donald Trump on tariffs. How dare they![114]

Liberal leaning Washington Post just admits: "According to the World Trade Organization, 7.1 percent of Canadian imports face these high tariffs, 4.1 percent of imports to the E.U. face them and 2.8 percent of imports to the United States are hit with high tariffs."

No wonder why the Canadian leader Justin Trudeau dislikes President Donald Trump's trade policies so much.

President Donald Trump calls the G-7's bluff with his call for a complete end to all tariffs — and non-tariff barriers to trade, like government subsidies.[115]

Canada’s Doug Ford wins big in a right-wing populist revolt in Canada's most populous province (Ontario is Canada's most populated province).[116]

If this can happen in Ontario, it is just a matter of time before it happens in: Canada as whole, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Human rights disaster: China's persecution of Christians at highest level since Mao.[117]

China's leaders are atheists and communists (see: Atheism and communism).

Christianity is experiencing explosive growth in China. See: Growth of Christianity in China and East Asia and global desecularization

Newt Gingrich: The red wave is growing.[118]

Conservapedia proven right, again: Outspokenly Christian Kevin Durant wins his 2d straight finals MVP, with 4-0 sweep of Overrated Sports Star LeBron James. LeBron is good, but not 100x better than Durant as the liberal media falsely pretends.

Please read: Post sexual harassment allegations against Lawrence Krauss and David Silverman, searches for atheism related topics have dropped like a rock

2018 is shaping up to be a VERY BAD year for militant atheists.

Morbid obesity in Britain to double within 20 years.[119]

Britain’s obesity problem is the worst in Western Europe with the number of people in England, Wales and Scotland diagnosed expected to double by 2035.[120]

Nine in 10 English mothers and eight in 10 English fathers of an overweight child described them as being about the right weight.[121]

Britain was recently called "the fat man of Europe" by a native Brit. See: Essay: Godless Britain is the fat man of Europe

Austria's right-wing government plans to shut down 7 mosques and expel up to 40 foreign-funded imams.[122]

Is Reconquista 2.0 coming to Europe?

American Voters Think Young Blacks Doing Better Under President Donald Trump Than Barack Obama.[123]

In May of 2018, black unemployment rate hit new record low.[124]

France's Marine Le Pen SAVAGES Emmanuel Macron's 'fake news REPRESSIVE bill' which CENSORS political rivals.[125]

Also, Le Pen rebrands/renames her party so it appeals to a wider portion of the French populace.[126][127]

European Union shake up: Swedish minister predicts tough time for Brussels amid right-wing surge.[128]

The Independent: "The right-wing populists doing well across Europe, from Marine Le Pen to Viktor Orban".[129]

Sexual abuse and infighting among atheists is leading to the dismantling of godless organizations. [130] See: Decline of the atheist movement

Does the response to the September 11, 2001 attacks pose a threat to liberty? Some of the measures look a lot like those that followed the Reichstag Fire. [131]

How the enemies of Western civilization are using children in various ways, all to their destruction. [132]

Is Europe’s right-wing populism unstoppable?[133]

Overrated Sports Star Tom Brady fails in his holdout for more money after Coach Belichick ignored him, and not even the lamestream media believes Brady's "personal reasons" excuse for not practicing with his team. [134]

Why talk of impeachment is no more than talk. The Senate will never muster two-thirds to convict in any such case. [135]

Conservative congressman to Deep State defender Paul Ryan: maybe he should resign as Speaker now. [136]

Donald Trump’s Right Hand Man in Europe Rick Grenell Wants To ‘Empower’ European Conservatives.[137]

The Deep State apparently used multiple spies to infiltrate Trump's presidential campaign from overseas as early as December 2015, per unredacted “oconus lures” messages. [138]

Rudy Giuliani: Mueller assembled "13 highly partisan Democrats ... trying very very hard to frame [ Trump ] to get him in trouble when he hasn't done anything wrong." [139]

Nationalist, right-wing populism wins in Slovenia.[140]

Trump Unplugs the NFL by disinviting the ungrateful Super Bowl champs to the White House. [141] How about ending the massive subsidies of the NFL next?

Setback for homosexual agenda: Christian baker wins case by 7-2 U.S. Supreme Court decision that held he has the right to decline to bake a cake for a same-sex marriage. [142]

Koch brothers step up their support of pro-abort politicians, by running ads for the North Dakota Dem incumbent senator despite how Trump and the GOP hope to defeat her. Politico article

Liberalism is truly a mental disorder, and dangerous as well. A pedophile and pro-incest individual wants to make both legal, and he's running for Congress. [143]

Conservapedia proven right, again: As a denier of "The Force" (and religion), Han Solo's new movie crashes at the box office, baffling experts who believed the Star Wars franchise was invincible. [144]

Having expelled the globalists from power in Italy, the new government installs an outspokenly pro-life family minister in its new Cabinet, Lorenzo Fontana. "Not to respect life from the moment of conception until its natural end leads to aberrations," he observes. [145]

Zero growth in real wages, after adjustment for inflation, is why the stock market soared today. [146] Economists are baffled by how real wages do not increase amid low unemployment.

A critical examination of ten comic book characters. Question: which of these is the most moral example to follow? [147]

Globalism crushed in Europe, as even CNN admits that "Italy to be led by populist, euroskeptic government." [148] This conservative victory on the continent mirrors Brexit.

Setback for liberals: "Teens are ditching Facebook." [149]

Study: Western European Christianity Stands Against Global Secular Elites.[150]

New York Times issues an embarrassing correction on its underestimate of the crowd size for Trump's rally in Tennessee: the actual crowd was more than five times as large as the liberal newspaper claimed. [151]

Democrats in Illinois pass the Equal Rights Amendment more than 35 years after its deadline for ratification expired.

Conservapedia proven right, again: "Active Shooter" video game pulled from distribution after parents of school shooting victims complained. But the billion-dollar industry that exploits addiction remains defiant. [152]

The real reason liberals hate Roseanne: she's pro-Trump. [153]

Liberal political correctness: ABC cancels the hit show Roseanne because of one racist joke she tweeted linking Obama's top aide to the Muslim Brotherhood, for which she apologized. [154] But liberals are just fine with offensive jokes about Trump.

How Donald Trump could indeed secure funding from his border wall from Mexico. He could do it directly or indirectly. [155]

A box-office failure is what the politically correct Solo: A Star Wars Story movie is this weekend, as Star Wars fans don't think much of Han Solo for being in denial about the "Force". [156]

Why does MS-13 have any defenders, especially in Mainstream Media and even in Congress? A booby-prize example of moral darkness in America. [157]

"'Active Shooter' video game draws backlash from parents," but liberals are silent about violent video games training young mass murderers. [158]

Britain: Journalist, activist Tommy Robinson arrested for filming Islamic child rapists, judge tells press not to report on it.[159]

Britain has been rocked by a series of child sex scandals perpetuated by gangs of predominantly Muslim men.[160]

Most Media Did Not Report That Texas School Shooter Was an Atheist.[161] See: Atheism and the media and Atheism and psychopathy

Setback for environmentalists: "McDonald's rejects proposal to report on plastic straw use in blow to environmental group." [162] How about focusing on the immense environmental harm caused by marijuana farming instead??

Pro-aborts take Ireland by repealing its constitutional protection for the unborn; Poland confirms its pro-life leadership in Europe, while many countries in Africa and South America remain pro-life. [163]

Tommy Robinson was arrested for his live stream reporting about the trial of Muslim gang members accused of grooming young girls for a prostitution ring.[164]

School shootings happen, not only where you have no guns for self-defense, but also where you have no morals and no consequences for bad acts. [165]

When asked which company she would like to lead, Hillary Clinton declared that she would want to be CEO of Facebook because it is the “biggest news platform in the world.” [166] Isn't Facebook already liberal enough???

Setback for gun control: "Armed citizen kills shooter at Oklahoma City restaurant." [167]

The atheist PZ Myers quotes an atheist activist who declares: "It’s quite depressing that movement Atheism has turned into such a joke. I valued it so much once."[168]

Myers says the atheist movement is in "shambles" and this is "quite depressing" for him.

Setback for millennials: "Parents win court battle to evict 30-year-old" son. [169] But liberal politicians have failed to deliver good jobs and wage growth for many millennials.

A bang-up idea to fund the Trump border wall: crowdfunding. Rep. Diane Black (R-Tenn.) introduced a bill to provide for exactly that. [170]

Liberal Politico.com admits: "When the CIA Infiltrated a Presidential Campaign" ... conservative Barry Goldwater's. And the head of that spying said Dem LBJ ordered it. [171]

A definitive reminder of what Judaism has done for civilization, and the full implications of the Democratic Party striking God from their platform in 2012. [172]

School authorities reject the claim that the young mass murderer in Santa Fe, Texas -- a football player and self-described atheist -- was a victim of bullying. [173]

"Diplomat Who Prompted FBI Trump Spying Helped Raise $25M for Clinton Foundation." [174]

Perpetual investigation: Reuters reports that RINO Rudy Giuliani "entirely made up" an end date for the witchhunt by Robert Mueller, which will continue for years until its funding is cut off. [175]

Trump proven right, again: the Obama Administration did spy on the Trump campaign, and the FBI informant was paid more than $400,000 for “research and development in the social sciences and humanities” and other work in 2016 and 2017. [176]

The FBI Informant Who Monitored the Donald Trump Campaign, Stefan Halper, Oversaw a CIA Spying Operation in the 1980 Presidential Election.[177][178] [179]

Despite the many potholes and terrible condition of Britain's roadways, Queen Elizabeth II managed to reach Windsor Castle for the royal wedding of Prince Harry and his bride Meghan Markle, via automobile transport.[180]

An expose of the real collusion between Russia and American politicians: Democrats, not Republicans! [181]

The Santa Fe, Texas shooter Dimitrios Pagourtzis, who killed at least 10 people at a public school, describes himself as an atheist on his Facebook page.[182] See also: List of atheist shooters and serial killers and Atheism and psychopathy

A young mass murderer -- a student -- kills at least 10 at a public school south of Houston, Texas. Our prayers go to the victims. Some changes to the culture in public schools might be overdue.

Did Hamas stage the scene in Gaza by deliberately putting civilians into harm's way? A rioter from Gaza, whom the IDF captured, says Yes. [183]

More liberal double standard: "Deep State FBI Started Spying on Mike Flynn for $45,000 Russian Speech — But NOT on Bill Clinton for $500,000 Russian Speech." [184]

Liberals are unhappy about how the coed graduate with a semi-automatic rifle casually strolled about the Kent State campus, which is famous for the Kent State protests. [185]

Setback for evolutionists: Some lizards have green blood, and there is no plausible evolutionary explanation for why. [186]

Setback for liberal environmentalists: electric cars actually cause more pollution than the new internal combustion cars, and the subsidies for electric cars primarily benefit the wealthy. Politico article

On the bicentennial of the birth of Karl Marx, a reminder of who is keeping Marxism as an ideal alive (if you can call it an ideal). [187]

More liberal claptrap: HuffPo criticizes how President Trump praises his mom on Mother's Day, but not Melania (note to libs: Melania is not his mom). [188]

Mueller's witchhunt indicted a Russian company that did not even exist at time of the alleged wrongdoing, and an attorney told the federal judge that this was an example of an indictment of "the proverbial ham sandwich." [189] Which goes to show how Robert Mueller and Senator Joseph McCarthy are two of a kind. [190]

UK roads ranked worse than Chile and Cyprus in global survey.[191]

Singapore, a former colony of Britain, was ranked second for the best quality of roads. Switzerland, a beacon of European creationism [192], was ranked third. If only Britain did not embrace irreligion/Darwinism.

Sarah Palin and others are fed up with the Parthian shots being unleashed in the name of John McCain, but Fox caves in by censoring a retired general who refers to him as "songbird John." Why doesn't the liberal media demand respect for Sarah Palin?

Britain is experiencing a pothole epidemic.[193]

Switzerland, which has a much colder climate than Britain, has never had a pothole epidemic on its modern roads. Once again, Switzerland, which is a beacon of European creationism[194], bests Britain which is the fountainhead of Darwinism.

Why the Iran nuclear weapons deal had to end. Biblical and economic reasons, in addition to obvious factual reasons. [195]

Conservapedia proven right, again: Counterexample #21 to Relativity is confirmed, as the "Biggest Test Yet Shows Einstein Was Wrong About 'Spooky Action at a Distance.'" LiveScience news article

Pastor runs on a socially conservative platform and is the first to oust an incumbent in his own primary, in North Carolina. [196]

Trump-like candidate wins in a "huge upset" in the Indiana primary for U.S. Senate: Mike Braun defeats two congressional incumbents favored by the Establishment. [197]

Dinesh D'Souza got a felony conviction for illegal campaign donations; will Rosie O'Donnell get the same treatment?[198]

New York state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, the man who supposedly was going to "take down Donald Trump," resigns amid abuse allegations.[199]

Globalism replaces God, as government did, as a provider of needs. It destroys common fellowship while also destroying local control – and freedom. [200]

North Korea is a fortress of atheist tyranny, where the only "divinities" in a perverted communist pantheon are Kim and his father, Kim Jong-il.[201] See: Atheist cults

Setback for atheists: braindead after having been completely dead for 15 minutes, a boy comes back to life just before his organs were to be taken. "I was in an open field walking straight,” the boy said. "There's no other explanation but God. There's no other way. Even doctors said it." [202]

CNN says the UK's economy has ground to halt and then alleges that cold weather is partly to blame.[203] The Swiss, a beacon of European creationism, are far richer than the British and have a much colder climate.[204]

Trump's White House stands up against communist China again, mocking it for being "Orwellian" in how it demands that airlines stop referring to Taiwan. [205]

California's economy surpasses that of the atheistic United Kingdom, despite how the UK has 25 million more people. [206] Atheism is a powerful disincentive.

What a disarmed society looks like: Britain in its crime and Muslim wave. In contrast, Kennesaw, Georgia has near-universal adult gun possession and almost no crime. [207]

Federal judge smacks down Robert Mueller's witchhunt against Trump, adding that "It's unlikely you're going to persuade me the special counsel has unlimited powers to do anything her or she wants." Politico article

Rod Rosenstein is not above the law.[208]

President Donald Trump establishes new office in the White House to create partnerships between the federal government and faith-based groups.[209] See also: Donald Trump's presidential victory and upset secular leftists

RINO Rudy Giuliani commits the legal mistake of the decade, forcing President Trump to address a liberal media agenda item rather than our Nation's needs. [210]

Text invisible to the eye in the Dead Sea Scrolls are uncovered by NASA-developed technology, and announced on the 70th anniversary of their discovery. [211]

"Remaining Conservative Voices on Facebook Will Be Eliminated by Election Day." [212]

Bavaria Orders Christian Crosses to be Displayed on All Entrances to Government Buildings.[213]

Setback for feminists: broadcaster Mike Schmidt, the greatest third-baseman ever, cracks several jokes at their expense. [214]

Another Constitution Party protest against the missile attack on Syria. A new suggestion: were arms merchants the only beneficiaries? [215]

Enthusiasm for the Democratic Party is waning among young voters - so-called millennials.[216] And they increasingly say the Republican Party is a better steward of the economy.

Liberal double standard, again: feminists in the media rally to the defense of liberal Tom Brokaw, in an example of how "Progressivism is just another word for, 'We've got each other's back.'" [217]

Britain is in the midst of a crime wave.[218]

The normally pro-evolution Fox News features an anti-evolution segment from the agnostic David Berlinski.[219]

Move over Britain, France is now America’s ‘special’ friend.[220]

If only the British didn't embrace Darwinism/irreligion to the degree they did and the British weren't more pro-Trump, then they might have more global influence.

“It is He who changes the times and the epochs; He removes kings and establishes kings..." (Daniel 2:21).

The growth of religious fundamentalism in the world since the 1970s is beginning to quash the teaching of the pseudoscience of evolution more and more.

First Turkey banned the teaching of evolution in its primary and secondary schools. Now the Jerusalem museum puts a pro-evolution display under a white sheet.[221]. There has also been an importation of creationism into British public schools via immigration. [222]

Even liberals express disgust and dismay at the vulgar, one-sided, and not-even-funny attempts at humor at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner. [223] Trump's instincts are proven right again in skipping it.

"I was invited to another event tonight, but I’d much rather be in Washington, Michigan, than Washington, D.C.," President Trump declared to a roaring overflow crowd of supporters in the Dem stronghold that he conquered. [224]

"Former Green Party Candidate Jill Stein Pushes Back Against Russia Witch Hunt," refuses to comply with "unconstitutional" demands for information. [225] Refreshing, isn't it?

The real political agenda behind the Russian Collusion agenda[226]

"Rep. Steny Hoyer predicts Democrats likely to pick up 50 seats in midterms," and would anything change compared with the liberal Republicans running Capitol Hill now? [227]

George Soros called the United States the greatest obstacle to the New World Order he clearly wants. How do we present an obstacle? We are armed and have the Second Amendment to protect our right to be armed. [228]

A statewide protest by Arizona public school teachers fizzled because the mid-90s temperature was somehow "too hot." [229] Ever hear March for Lifers quit due to bitterly cold weather??

Northern League Wins Again: Italy Continues Its Turn Toward Right-wing Politics.[230]

The wealthy, over-subsidized NFL is so cheap in mistreating cheerleaders that some are willing to settle their lawsuit for merely $1 and a chance at decent rules. [231]

The history of the Federal Reserve System and why Americans who love their liberty should end it. [232]

Setback for atheists: teen basketball players stop their pickup game, on their own initiative, to kneel while a funeral procession passed by. [233] Can't the ACLU look into that??

Like other young mass murderers, the murderer wore all black as he killed 10 in Toronto. [234]

Liberal censorship runs amok - Shania Twain is forced to apologize for saying she would have voted for Donald Trump (she's a Canadian). [235]

Viktor Orbán vs. secular leftist/globalist George Soros: Victor Orban wins! Soros in Retreat: Billionaire’s University to Move Out of Hungary.[236] See also: Central and Eastern Europe and desecularization

Setback for the liberal media: profoundly conservative Black Panther leaps past Titanic to become #3 in revenue on the all-time list. Black Panther joined our famous list of Greatest Conservative Movies many weeks ago.

Compare the Deep State in America with the Nazi Party, especially in the early days. Compare ideologies and methods. Then ask yourself what the Deep State really represents. [237]

Never Trumper Mitt Romney is humiliated by the Utah convention which refused to give him first place, and now Romney will have to buy his way into the U.S. Senate by spending millions in a primary. [238]

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