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<!-- ================ PAGE CONTENT BEGINS BELOW THIS LINE ==================== -->
<!-- ================ PAGE CONTENT BEGINS BELOW THIS LINE ==================== -->
'''Lessons from [[Torah]] [[Scripture]]''' relevant to the campaign to rebuild the [[Temple of Jerusalem]]. [https://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2020/08/19/clergy/shoftim-tzedek-chasidut-tzadik-state-israel/]
'''A fatal decadence has taken hold in [[America]] today,''' between rioting and the creation out of nothing of "[[money]]" out of the whole cloth. ''A plea to return to [[God]] and to time-honored standards, including [[gold]].'' [https://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2020/08/18/accountability/executive/the-riddle-of-animals-and-small-children/]
'''See how the [[globalism|globalists]] try to turn [[adult]]s into small children''' by provoking groundless fears of the [[Coronavirus|Contagion]] That Shall Remain Nameless. [https://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2020/08/18/accountability/executive/the-riddle-of-animals-and-small-children/]
'''Behold [[Communism|Communist]] [[Revolution]] 2.0:''' a direct assault on even the smallest of real [[property]], and [[police]] do nothing. ''Is this why once stout-hearted [[liberal]] donors to radical causes are now fleeing?'' [https://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2020/08/17/human/revolution-target-homeowners/]
'''An [[Israel]]i laments one flaw in the [[peace]] accord''' between Israel and the [[United Arab Emirates]]: ''What about the [[Temple of Jerusalem]]?'' [https://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2020/08/16/clergy/reeh-gods-chosen-place-for-the-temple-in-jerusalem/]
'''Ninety [[politics|politicians]] and other prominent people exposed''' for their crimes against children. ''And from the [[Mainstream Media]]? Crickets.'' [https://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2020/08/14/accountability/executive/crimes-against-children-90-exposures/]
'''Ninety [[politics|politicians]] and other prominent people exposed''' for their crimes against children. ''And from the [[Mainstream Media]]? Crickets.'' [https://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2020/08/14/accountability/executive/crimes-against-children-90-exposures/]

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Welcome to Conservapedia!

Lessons from Torah Scripture relevant to the campaign to rebuild the Temple of Jerusalem. [1]

A fatal decadence has taken hold in America today, between rioting and the creation out of nothing of "money" out of the whole cloth. A plea to return to God and to time-honored standards, including gold. [2]

See how the globalists try to turn adults into small children by provoking groundless fears of the Contagion That Shall Remain Nameless. [3]

Behold Communist Revolution 2.0: a direct assault on even the smallest of real property, and police do nothing. Is this why once stout-hearted liberal donors to radical causes are now fleeing? [4]

An Israeli laments one flaw in the peace accord between Israel and the United Arab Emirates: What about the Temple of Jerusalem? [5]

Ninety politicians and other prominent people exposed for their crimes against children. And from the Mainstream Media? Crickets. [6]

Democrat introduces bill to legalize men having sex with 14 year old boys. [7]

Kevin Clinesmith pleads guilty in Democrat's and Mueller probe Trump-Russia fraud. [8] Clinesmith forged the Carter Page FISA warrant to say Page was a Russian agent when in fact he was working for the CIA.

1/3 of Blacks will not vote for Biden because of KKKamala. [9] She is "deeply honored" to run with a man she considers a racist and rapist.

Riots Day 77: Democrat riot control fails, Oregon State Police withdraw after insurgents released. [10] Why should first responders risk life and limb on the frontline if Democrat prosecutors won't prosecute crime?

Both Harris and Biden are descendants of slave owners. [11] Should Harris and Biden be forced to pay slave reparations out of their family fortunes rather than descendants of Union soldiers and immigrants who had nothing to do with slavery?

Harris accepted campaign cash from Democrat mega-donor Harvey Weinstein, currently facing rape allegations from 97 women. [12]

Democrat rioters loot Ronald McDonald House for families with children suffering from cancer. [13] Black residents of Chicago neighborhood run BLM and Democrat rioters out of town. [14]

Biden names Kamala Harris as his replacement; Harris is longtime advocate of San Francisco values. Marc Elias, who was paymaster for the Steele dossier, ran Harris' primary campaign. [15] Trump names coup plotters during press conference; [16] Susan Rice's name withdrawn from VP consideration. [17]

BLM: Looting is reparations. [18]

Commies plan siege of White House. [19] Secret Service takes down armed suspect. [20]

Congress, as well as the FISA Court, was lied to about the reliability of the Democrats' Steele dossier. [21] Will we see Navy frogmen and armored vehicles take down John Brennan and James Comey live on CNN for lying to Congress?

The Democratic Party abandoned the Jews beginning with Franklin Delano Roosevelt. And now they are doing it again, as their 2020 platform makes clear. [22]

The summer of love turned into the summer of murder, just like the Long, Hot Summer of 1967. Big-city Democrat mayors have none to blame but themselves. [23]

Democrat cities erupt in chaos; Chicago, [24] Washington, D.C., [25] New York City, [26] Baltimore, [27] Portland, [28] etc. Many killed. Defund police gains momentum.

Setback for the homosexual agenda: The lesbian and homosexual activist Ellen DeGeneres may be cancelling her show amidst allegations of the show having a racist and toxic working environment.[29][30]

Democrat agents met with Russian officials days before Steele dossier hoax launch. [31]

Day 73: Democrat rioters burn down Portland police building. [32]

American feminism gone wild! American wife has the audacity to confront her husband over his “entire Taco Bell dining booth” in his home office man cave.[33]

Golf TV Ratings Dominate National Basketball Association (NBA) and Major League Baseball (MLB) Ratings Due to Lack of Social Justice Warrior Politics.[34][35]

Bill Gates loves to imitate the doctor he is not. Shouldn't his outrageous health claims rate prosecution for impersonating a physician? [36]

Biden's latest racist comments: Blacks lack mental diversity. [37][38]

"Joe Biden has the mindset of a plantation owner." [39]

Democrats losing decades-long grip on young Black voters. [40] Only 47% of Black Americans under 30 years plan to vote for Biden.

Sen. Susan Collins, normally known for being a RINO, fires back after an extremely anti-Trump group ridiculously claimed that she "never stands up to Donald Trump". [41] The facts are clear: Collins bucked with Trump on ACA repeal efforts, Betsy DeVos, banning late-term abortions, and Iran war powers.

Communists initiate full frontal attack on 2nd amendment.

Hague Convention invoked to get Julian Assange testimony from UK in Seth Rich case. Democrats and the communist fake news media have insisted for years that the Russians hacked the DNC, whereas strong evidence has always existed that Wikileaks got DNC emails from Seth Rich, who was brutally murdered shortly thereafter. [42]

Democrats plan to claim victory in November no matter who wins. [43][44]

Democrats plot Blue state Civil War. [45]

Biden forgets he was tested for cognitive decline. [46]

Fake news media, Obama team and Mueller team pushed Russian propaganda during the 2016 election, Trump transition, and Mueller probe, [47]

Democrat mayor threatens to cut off water and utilities to totalitarian dissenters. [48]

Gallup Poll: 81% of Black Americans want more cops, not less as Marxist Democrats/MSM want you to believe. [49] Should the Democratic Party pay slave reparations? [50]

Sally Yates throws Jimmy the Weasel under the bus. [51]

Senate hearing reveals Democrats carrying out Marxist coup. [52]

Kim Gardner, the communist prosecutor who indicted a St. Louis couple for exercising their 2nd Amendment rights, ordered to turn over communications with George Soros. [53]

Minneapolis Democrat Politburo tells citizens to be ready to give up wallets and cell phones to criminals. [54]

MSNBC producer quits, calls network fake news a "cancer" with "no cure." [55]

DHS: Antifa terrorists trained in Syria. [56]

Setback for video game addicts: top gamer in eSports retires at age 23 because "chronic stress, obesity, irregular diet, staying up late and other reasons" gave him Type 2 diabetes. [57]

A harbinger of November? Six weeks after the June primary, results still not in in New York. [58]

Atheists and evolutionists suffer a body blow. The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) project is being shut down amidst uttter failure.[59] The abiogenesis hypothesis is a pathetic joke and there is no life on any other planet besides earth.[60][61]

BLM book burners [62] now call the white Wall of Moms human shield protecting Portland rioters, 'racist'. [63]

Football star Unplugs the NFL and walks away from more than $10M this year by declining to play: "health is wealth," Broncos RT Ja'Wuan James tweets. [64]

Conservapedia proven right, again: Trump rejects his inept advisers' demand to immediately shut down TikTok, and instead gives Microsoft 45 days to buy it. [65]

Why do viruses and riots drive us to despair? Maybe because our society dismissed Jesus Christ as not even Real. [66]

Democrat voter is concerned that Joe Biden may be a "scaredy-cat" because he recently refused to be interviewed by a journalist.[67] How can Joe Biden stand up to China, Iran, North Korea and Russia if he is a big scaredy-cat?

Many Democrats advise Joe Biden to stay in his intellectual bunny hole and not debate Donald Trump.[68] Of course, this further proves that Biden is mentally incompetent to be president and that the Democrats and their presidential candidate lack machismo! Why is Joe Biden taking so long to pick a vice-presidential candidate? Is it because he is mentally slow?

Democrats run wargame scenario for Deep State coup 3.0 - a contested election after stuffing the ballot box through mail in ballots. [69]

Television ratings plummet for baseball and the NBA after their politicized opening games. [70]

Racist BLM extortionists vandalize Cuban restaurant for not paying up. [71]

Fascist BLM book burners. [72]

Misled again by incompetent advisers, President Trump says he will ban TikTok despite its popularity with young voters and its competition against Facebook. [73]

Greatest Conservative Sports Star Jim Jordan (R-OH) takes down Hillary Clinton-admirer Anthony Fauci by exposing how he would not admit that the Leftist protests should limited to curb spread of COVID-19. [74]

Presumptive Democrat VP pick Karen Bass was a member of the communist front Venceremos Brigade along with convicted terrorist Susan Rosenberg. [75]

Jason Chaffetz: Michael Robinson will be Biden's VP pick. [76]

Sunrise Movement activates 100 day siege. [77] Sunrise has targeted suburban white kids, 14 years old up, with Marxist brainwashing and Revolution for several years. Violence and arson is encouraged.

Democrat rioters take 'protests' to Portland suburbs. [78]

Portland murders: June 5, July 30. 600% increase. [79] Antifa update [80]

Obama hijacks John Lewis eulogy to push ballot box stuffing, election stealing, and Deep State coup 3.0. [81]

Twitter fascists remove Trump tweet. [82]

Democrat rioters vandalize Veterans Museum. [83]
Even if Marxist insurrectionists were successful, would posterity honor their cause?

The Wuhan virus ends the life of conservative giant Herman Cain. [84] Was he also denied early treatment by hydroxychloroquine?

The courageous woman who warned against some fifty humanitarian hoaxes grants another interview. [85]

MSNBC bigotry on full display in racist attack on Black representative. [86]

Facebook Grand Wizard Mark Zuckerberg testifies in the House. [87]

Twitter, Facebook, and Google have foreign ownership and are interfering the 2020 Presidential election. [88]

Twitter interferes in election, bans Donald Trump, Jr. from free speech. [89]

Mark Zuckerberg criminal referral for lying to Congress. [90]

100 police agencies pull out of securing Democratic Convention. Defund the Police, lack of riot control measures cited. [91]

University of Minnesota violent crime skyrockets after Democrats cut police. [92]

Soros attorney who indicted St. Louis couple for exercising the 2nd Amendment did not disclose international travel with communist front groups as required by law. [93]

White BLM protester attacks Black physician for saving lives in the covid crisis. [94]

Former Sanders co-chair says voting for Biden is like ‘eating a bowl of s***’. [95]

Antifa IED bomber identified. [96]

Spider web of fear: Facebook, Google/YouTube, Twitter censor viral video of Frontline Doctors’ Capitol Hill coronavirus press conference. Censored video Here

Marxist Teachers Unions seek to ban charter schools; [97] Democrat special education teacher encourages Black Lives Matter to kill white baby. [98]

Breaking: White people go to National Parks. [99]

Day 61: Democrat riots continue. [100] Antifa run out of Colorado town.[101]

Former Malaysian Prime Minister guilty on all counts in Obama 1MDB scandal, sentenced to 12 years. [102]

CNN violates confidentiality agreement with Covington kids. [103]

John Lewis, who called Sen. John McCain racist, dead.

Elderly man beaten by covid patient placed in nursing home by fascist Democrat governor Gretchen Whitmer dead. [104]

Trump continues to dismay his supporters by allowing Leftists to block access to hydroxychloroquine, while pushing their pro-vaccine agenda by visiting a facility that makes vaccine components. [105]

Anthony Fauci was caught publicly not social distancing and not wearing a mask during a Nationals ball game.[106] But it gets worse. He completely embarrassed himself due to throwing a baseball very badly.[107] Watch Fauci's pathetic, baseball pitch on THIS YouTube VIDEO.

Question: Should Fauci have asked his wife to throw the baseball pitch instead? Her pitch would have probably been less girly than Anthony Fauci's pitch. Sister Mary Sobieck threw a better first pitch than Fauci.[108] Sad!

A Constitution Party member attorney disputes Donald Trump on his powers to quell civil disorder in Portland, Oregon and other cities. But is "doing nothing" an option? [109]

Gay Black Trump supporter stabbed by Antifa racists bigots and homophobes. [110]

Marxist murderers kill Black Trump supporter. [111]

Conservative of the Year 2019 Sen. Josh Hawley "will only back Supreme Court picks that have said Roe v. Wade was 'wrongly decided.'" [112]

BLM and Antifa racists set fire to Seattle juvenile detention, 21 police officers injured. [113] Police chief warns citizens cannot be protected after Democrat city council politburo defunds riot-control. [114]

BLM / NFAC shoot 3 in Louisville. [115][116]

Armed white BLM "protester" threatens driver with an AK-47 in Austin and is shot dead [117]

Anthony Fauci lamely defends not wearing a mask and not social distancing while watching Nationals game.[118] Isn't leadership by example a proven way to influence others?

Anthony Fauci and the coronavirus pandemic: A mask and social distancing for thee, but not for me! Is there no limit to liberal hypocrisy and willful disregard/ignorance of science?

Yugoslav woman warns how Socialism takes over: divide people by identity politics, hate and tribalism. [119]

They nicknamed him ‘American Gangster’: How Biden laundered $4 Billion of American aid to Ukraine. [120]

After Democrats send federal agents into Trump campaign to perpetrate the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, Democrat leaders condemn sending federal agents into Democrat cities to quell crime and riots.

BLM polls.png

Sympathy for BLM terrorist organization tanks. [121]

Democrats using toddlers as human shields in Portland riots. [122]

White Antifa racists beat Black photographer. [123]

A rebuttal to conservative voices who oppose the attempt to retake Portland, Oregon and other cities from communist insurrectionists. What would they have us do instead? [124]

A Yale professor says that hydroxychloroquine could save 100,000, but President Trump is still under the control of the anti-HCQers. He just canceled the Republican National Convention in Florida rather than make HCQ available. [125]

John Durham has cold hard evidence in the Democrat coup against American democracy. [126] Indictment of Obama CIA director John Brennan likely.

Should the Democrat party be forced to change its name because of its racist legacy? [127]

John Kasich operative arrested by FBI for bribery; Kashich was invited to speak at the Democrat convention. [128]

"Biden Struggles to Remember the Word “Aneurysm” During Livestream – With Only 19 People Watching!" [129]

An Israeli Jew urges Jews in America and elsewhere: it's time to come home to Israel. [130]

A moderate resigns from the "Paper of Record," The New York Times. And posts a ringing denunciation the Times has long deserved. [131]

The Mainstream Media howled with outrage when President Donald Trump commuted the sentence of ally Roger Stone. But where was their outrage when earlier Presidents pardoned real embezzlers, traders-with-the-enemy, and terrorists? Where are they now while cities are burning and their mayors don't seem to care? [132] And where was outrage when Bill Clinton pardoned Weather Underground terrorist Susan Rosenberg who is now funding the Black Lives Matter riots?

Marxist critical theory strikes, even against a member of a "protected group." A "critical" analysis of critical theory, its meaning, and its often deadly consequences. [133]

Antifa Democrats burn down Portland Police Association building. [134]

Setback for conspiracy deniers who insisted the torching of Notre Dame de Paris was an accident: "Arson suspected in burning of historic cathedral in western France." [135]

A reminder: only Jesus Christ can save this or any generation from the mire into which society seems to be sinking. [136]

BLM and Antifa terrorists attack police in Chicago. [137] Feds move to retake communist-occupied Portland. National Lawyers Guild supports Antifa terrorism. [138] BLM communist organization gets a taste of its own medicine. [139] Arson suspected in fire at Nantes Cathedral. [140]

Problems solved for the Washington Redskins? Nope, now 15 former employees say they were sexually harassed. [141]

A Jew reminds his people sharply why they lost the Temple of Jerusalem: at the root of the loss, is sin. [142]

Real live Nazi stuff: Democrat Los Angeles County performed non-consensual transgender human experiments on children. [143]

Statue of Jesus in Miami beheaded; hate crime suspected.

President Trump fires his campaign manager, and replaces him with a former aide to Chris Christie, Bill Stepien. Maybe he will realize that distributing hydroxychloroquine to the public is essential to restoring Trump's rallies.

Pregnant white mother and her toddler brutally assaulted by leftwing racists. [144] 'I Can't Breathe' suspect wanted in murder.' [145]

The Left's history of demolishing monuments. [146] Smithsonian: Rational thinking is "white". [147] Yes Virginia, the Smithsonian has been taken over by Progressive racists and communists.

Democrat/Marxist revolution has declared war on society: NY Police Chief bloodied. [148] Tim Pool: Far left goes full racist. [149]

Corrupt Mueller team had no legal basis to investigate Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi. They knew Russia collusion was a hoax in June 2018 when they opened the investigations into Stone and Corsi; Mueller actively interfered in 2018 Midterms.

Biden quotes Mao during fundraiser; [150] Biden campaign manager Anita Dunn is a self-described apologist for the planet's biggest mass murderer ever, chairman Mao Zedong. CCP opened floodgates and flooded Wuhan days before WHO inspection.

Black Lives Matter taunt family of murdered mother. [151]

Propaganda distorting Middle Eastern history continues with yet another children's book telling the usual lies about Israel's founding. [152]

One year old baby murdered in Leftist violence. [153]

Black Lives Don't Matter in Chicago: 64 shot and 13 killed in the Democrat stronghold.

Leftist brainwashing Day 46: White man threatens to kill everyone on Alaska Airlines unless they admit Jesus was Black. [154] It's your future America, if you vote Democrat. Antifa tries to cover-up murder of Black child. [155]

An overview of the barbarians at the gate, and inside the palace. But Americans are beginning to notice. [156]

Biden proclaims the 'European' identity of America: "Our culture is not imported from some African nation." [157] He probably meant to say sh--hole but was being polite.

Mueller to be subpoenaed in Obama-led coup attempt. [158]

Mueller recycles "Russia hacked the DNC" conspiracy theory. [159]

Seth Rich, the 27 year old Progressive Democrat Sanders supporter and hero, murdered four years ago this week. Rich leaked the DNC emails and the corrupt Clinton machine was defeated. Greater love has no man than this: that he lay down his life for his friends.

Black Lives Matter murder 24 year old white mother. [160]

Facebook used to organize Antifa/BLM hate that resulted in shooting. [161]

As leftist riots continue, 3 more church burnings, [162] Virgin Mary statue set on fire. [163]

Democrat anti-Republican Klan tactics midway through their second century. [164]

Caving into the liberal media which feeds it, the NFL's Washington Redskins will reportedly drop their name without even having a replacement yet. [165]

Memo to Jews in America: the Democrat Party is your enemy. Too much has changed since Harry S Truman recognized Israel. [166]

Not only did the Comey/Obama FBI lie to the FISA court about spying on Trump, the corrupt Mueller team lied to the court as well in Juiy 2018, interfering in the 2018 Midterm elections. [167]

Many public school teachers do not want to return to the classroom for the new school year, and some threaten to walk out. [168]

Education opportunities and choice for Black and Hispanic children under attack by Marxist Democrats. [169]

Leftist police state raid Missouri couple's home, cancel 2nd Amendment.

Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar talks of dismantling America. Last time we checked, that's treason. [170]

Democrat representative Elissa Slotkin understands what the rest of her party won't admit: that the "polling" for the 2020 elections are unreliable, fake, and left-leaning. [171]

Breaking: Roger Stone's sentence commuted! Yes, there still is justice in America!
God bless Roger Stone! God bless President Trump!

Leftist charged in hate crime killing for killing white Harley-Davidson rider. [172]

Leftist Nazi announces retirement. [173]

Mailman pleads guilty to voter fraud; dead cat for 12 years gets ballot (he was a demo-cat). [174]

Jeff Bezos of Amazon learns expensively: don't feed the bear, because it will maul you anyway. About the "Amazon Tax" and the direct threat of communism from Seattle. [175]

Hoaxed again: Armed Black Panthers at Stone Mountain Georgia were straight out of central casting. [176]

NFL star J.J. Watt might not play if the mask police require face shields based on COVID-19. [177] The NFL could simply make HCQ available to players and fans as a prophylaxis.

Black Lives Matter protester assaults Black man. [178]

Kanye West: Democrats are ‘threatening’ black people. [179]

God has a sense of humor: the easiest test for COVID-19 is a simple smell test, better than even checking for a fever. [180]

Hate crime hoax backfires, again: Democrat candidate confesses to hoax. [181]

Democrats took millions in coronavirus Paycheck Protection Program while still receiving income from donations. [182]

Rep. Vernon Jones: Do Black Lives Matter to Black Lives Matter? [183]

Biden will defund police because police have "become the enemy." [184]

Ilhan Omar calls for destruction of the United States. [185]

Reviewing all the "defund the police" calls and the consequences of actual or threatened defunding. [186]

Murder up 20%+ in the Democrat cities of Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Nashville, Chicago, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and New Orleans as Defund the Police gains momentum among Marxists. [187]

Thus far Black Lives Matter protesters have murdered at least 4 Blacks, including 2 children, and shot at least 3 others. (2 killings each in Seattle and Atlanta, 1 shot in Seattle and 2 in Atlanta).

NPR claims white supremacists use cars to run over protesters leading to a rash of shootings of innocent drivers and passengers; [188] media finally admits a driver who hit two white idiots blocking a freeway is Black. [189]

221 shot, 45 dead in Democrat cities over holiday weekend. [190]

Georgia Gov. Kemp declares state of emergency as Democrat mayor Keisha Bottoms refused to act when Black Lives Matter murdered an 8 yr old black girl and ransacked State Police headquarters. Another Black man murdered by BLM. National Guard activated. [191]

Another setback for the false "toxic masculinity" narrative by liberal white women: Central Park woman is charged for her false report to the police against a critic after she refused to leash her dog. [192]

Black Lives Matter, Antifa, et al., are part of a revolutionary movement made in China. The parallels to the Cultural Revolution of Mao Zedong are inescapable. [193]

BLM co-founder says white people are subhuman. [194]

Black Lives Matter murders another Black man in Atlanta. [195]

Black Lives Matter protesters murder 8 year old black girl in Atlanta. [196] NPR claimed people resisting Socialism would try to run barricades. [197] BLM upgraded its Rules of Engagement (ROE) to “shoot people in vehicles”. [198] This is the fourth incident after Alamosa CO, [199] Provo UT, [200] and CHOP. [201] Three Blacks now have been murdered by Black Lives Matter in 3 weeks.

Violent crime is surging in Democrat cities. [202]

Riot declared as Socialist protesters besiege Portland federal courthouse. [203]

"Whose streets? Our streets!" 7 year old girl shot playing on the sidewalk in front of her grandmas's home. It's the third weekend in row with a child under 10 murdered in Chicago. [204] Democrats show their compassion and concern for minorities with Defund Police movement.

Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest is directly related to President Trump's removal of Deep State U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman. [205]

Kanye West enters presidential race.

Kentucky citizens demand their governor resign over coronavirus related oppressions. And they paraphrase the Declaration of Independence to do it. [206]

Liberals hate Russia because it rejects the homosexual agenda: "Vladimir Putin Mocks Rainbow Pride Flag Flying over U.S. Embassy." [207]

Chinese ships surround Taiwan. Taiwan on full military alert. [208]

Pro-China communists claim credit for ‘sparking’ US riots. [209]

BLM protest turns anti-Semitic. [210]

Are Democrats attempting to suppress voters by demoralizing Republicans in Maricopa County, Arizona via fake polls? See this analysis and make up your mind!

Class action lawsuit filed against City of Seattle in collusion with communist occupiers for deprivation of rights. [211]

Communists block roads, slash tires at Mt. Rushmore. [212]

The Hill: Joe Biden must release the results of his cognitive tests. [213]

President Trump pays out rope and lets the Democrat Party hang themselves with it. He does this by sitting back and watching Democrat-run cities – Minneapolis, Seattle, Chicago, New York City, et al. ad nauseam dissolve in a civil disorder of their own making, over years of bad public policy. [214]

WHO finally admits that China never reported Covid-19 to it, and that they found out about the virus from an American website. [215]

  • "China and its allies at the WHO insisted in multiple interviews and press conferences that China came to the health organization with information about the virus. This is now known to be false."

Setback for Clintons and the partisan MeToo narrative: Bill's pal Ghislaine Maxwell, a woman who lived with Jeffrey Epstein, is arrested, charged with conspiracy & enticing/transporting a minor. [216] Epstein, you may recall, was protected as an "informant" for Robert Mueller.

Mueller witness gets 10 years for child sex slavery. [217] Another Democrat star witness and whistleblower.

Hydroxychloroquine reduces risk of death from COVID-19 by about 50% in hospitalized patients, confirms a large new study from New York City. [218] So why are liberals still blocking access to this cheap, effective medication???

Chinese Communists smuggle 10,800 assault weapons parts into U.S. [219] Were they intended for their Democrat/Antifa buddies?

Communist Democrats cut 6,000 cops in New York; murder up 25%, one shooting per hour. [220]

Feds arrest Democrat Antifa kingpin in attack on White House. [221] The same communist attacked Jack Posobiec.

Two Blacks murdered by Black Lives Matter protesters. [222] After the second murder of a Black teen, Seattle moves to retake CHAZ. [223][224]

White BLM terrorist arrested in Provo, Utah. [225]

Washington Post: White women are ‘lucky’ we ‘aren’t calling for revenge’. [226]

Turkish television reports on Democrats' Pizzagate scandal; [227][228][229] Hollywood and the Democrat's Pizzagate scandal makes all of American culture appear "Satanic" globally.

Latest anti-Resistance Resistance communique from Deep State POW Gen. Michael Flynn. [230]

Unplug the NFL: liberals want Trump rallies to stop, but are fine with pandering to the NFL as training camps are set to begin in late July. [231]

Truth is the target along with history in the current Black Lives Matter information war. But truth remains, whether one believes it or not. [232]

White BLM terrorist shoots driver at stop light. [233]

Van Jones accused by far-left rag of working to improve the lives of Black people. [234] PragerU: The Left couldn't care less about Blacks. [235]

"Systemic racism?" Look at the Democrat Party! And it continues to this day. [236]

Compilation of 50 studies of hydroxychloroquine shows its immense benefits as a prophylaxis and in early treatment for COVID-19, but NeverTrumpers continue to block access to it. [237]

Why the police are important to any community, especially today. [238]

Commie libs want to destroy Mount Rushmore. [239]

Communists suspend Trump campaign account; wave of leftist totalitarian bigotry sweeps social media. [240] Stefan Molyneux nuked from Youtube. Stefan Molyneux statement: "It's an attempt to silence the center and push America to the extremes." [241]

Gen. Flynn's defense lawyer Sidney Powell silenced on Twitter. [242] More Deep State/Big Tech collusion and coverup of their crimes against America.

Bill Gates is using COVID-19 to push his program for depopulation, that he has had in the works for decades. [243]

Liberal hypocrisy: stare decisis is not used to prevent judicial activism by the Supreme Court decisions, but it is used as the swing vote to perpetuate abortion.

Democrats and communists caused $400 million in damages in the first weekend of rioting. [244]
Black Lives Matter organizer charged in extortion plot. [245]

Mainland Chinese Progressive communist police rape Hong Kong girls. [246]
Chinese Communists working with Democrat insurrectionists to interfere in the 2020 Presidential election. [247]
Minneapolis Politburo officially abolishes police, [248] councilmembers hire private goons @ $4500 per day. [249]
Defund the Police will create a Marxist totalitarian style law enforcement system.

Leftwing Marxist Baluch Liberation Army attack Pakistani Stock Exchange, several dead. [250]

Convicted terrorist sits on Board of charity handling Black Lives Matter fundraising. [251] BLM terrorists arrested in D.C. monument caper.

Setback for neocons: their icon, Woodrow Wilson, is officially declared to have been a racist and is dropped down the memory hole. [252] Is purging Wilson's progressive legislation, the Income tax and Federal Reserve Board next? [253]

BLM protester kills journalist in Louisville. [254] The suspect had been arrested twice already on rioting charges. [255] BLM rioters threaten St. Louis couple. [256]

Christians: We're smart enough. Beautiful enough, and doggone it, God loves us![257]

President Trump offers assistance to Illinois governor and Chicago mayor to stop mass killing of Blacks in Democrat Chicago. [258]

The NeverTrumpers' denial of hydroxychloroquine to Americans is disastrous: Coronavirus and HCQ by country.png

Face masks do not prevent the spread of coronavirus, and Anthony Fauci knows it. That mask is as much a symbol of submission as the Muslim total face covering for women. [259]

BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors appears to violate IRS laws on CNN.

“Our goal is to get Trump out.” IRS laws prohibit 501(c)(3) organizations from engaging in campaign activity. [260] BLM rioter loses testicle. [261]

Antifa nazis attack Jack Posobiec. [262] White racists want to tear down Lincoln statue to commemorate Juneteenth.

Kentucky: the Mayor of Bowling Green orders United States flags taken down and put away for "safekeeping." He now is facing a popular uprising. [263]

Strzok’s newly discovered FBI notes deliver jolt to ‘Obamagate’ evidence. [264]

Joe Biden is the descendent of slave owners. [265] And he used his white privilege to parlay it into a career of corruption.

Black man shot by Progressives in CHAZ claims shooting was racially motivated. [266]

Portland Progressives attack police precinct station. [267]

Racist Democrats in Oregon exempt Blacks from mask law; Democrats don't care about the health of Black people if they get coronavirus. Only white people are required to wear a mask before robbing a convenience store. [268]

It's official: Democrats name riots in "George Kirby's" honor. [269]

Michigan man charged in Macy's assault. [270]

Breaking: Facebook fires head of HR when Project Veritas exposed its racist personnel policies. [271] No indication yet Facebook will institute reforms.

Nike reports $790 million loss. [272] Is Krapernick really worth the money they're paying him?

Minnesota: Antifa & Muslim Groups plan to ‘Police Minneapolis under Muslim rule’. [273]

More Leftist revisionism: Rhode Island drops the second half of its official name, “State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.” [274]

CHOP killers and thugs endorse Biden, Democrats. [275]

Racist Democrats block Senate Justice Act police reform bill.

Democrats use racist attacks on Sen. Tim Scott to block bill. [276][277]

Setback for NeverTrumpers: Michael Flynn wins in D.C. Circuit, which orders the district court to dismiss his prosecution. [278] Will the Dem-majority court go en banc to reverse?

This is the beginning of the full unravelling of the Obama legacy. Prosecution of Gen. Flynn was the "insurance policy" to hide Obama administration wrongdoing and political spying going back to 2012.

Oh-oh: Biden himself suggested using the bogus Logan Act to try to frame Flynn, according to Strzok's handwritten notes. [279]

Mob burns down suspected sex trafficing house. [280] "Due process? That's white man talk. Ever since #BLM came to town we have #RealJustice." [281]

Black Seattle shooting victim of racist white lawlessness in CHAZ and business owners sue City of Seattle for failing to protect them. [282] Black man tears down CHAZ racist border wall. [283] When will the hostages of CHAZ be freed?

Democrats beat up progressive gay Democrat state senator for trying to video record their destruction of an abolitionist's statue. He tried to tell them, "I'm on your side." [284]

Black Lives Matter is a Soros funded Color Revolution. [285]

Democrat race war across America continues. [286]

Fourth shooting in three days in Democrats' Summer of Love. [287]

Jimmy Kimmel: It's Trump's fault I'm a bigot. [288][289]

Conservative Rep. Tom Massie (R-KY) wins in a spectacular landslide, 88-12%, despite how the liberal media and even Trump excoriated him for opposing the voice-vote, trillion-dollar bailouts by the House. [290]

Ocasio-Cortez primary win ratifies violent Marxist takeover of Democrat Establishment. [291]

The Democrats, not Republicans and not whites as a race, have the real record of racism in America. All one need do is look at the results of their policies, from welfare to education (such as it is) to abortion. [292]

D.C. Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton and MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell attacked by LGBT protestor in Black House Autonomus Zone. [293] Norton's first response was, "Where's the police?" [294]

A surprising 9-point lead for political newcomer Laura Loomer in Florida's 21st district. She is trying to unseat radical Dem Rep. Lois Frankel without any support from the National Republican Congressional Committee. [295]

Zogby Poll: 60% of likely voters think Biden is in the early stages of dementia. [296]

Project Veritas: Facebook targeting of Conservatives exposed. [297]

Gen. Michael Flynn finally receives Peter Strzok's hand written notes. [298] You guessed it, nothing but exculpatory.

First statues, then people. [299]

WalkAway ~ Dear Black People [300]

White Black Lives Matter attorney shoots innocent driver in the head. [301]

Too bad Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima weren’t “unarmed blacks killed by police”. If they were, they might have been able to keep their jobs. [302]

Kevin Jackson: Democrats will never admit their Obama mistake. [303]

Breaking: Riots in Lafayette Park across from White House spark up again. [304]
White Democrats attempt to create Black House Autonomous Zone (BHAZ). [305]
D.C. police charge 16 year old with 4 murders. [306]
Mob actions confirm unrest has little to do with racial justice and more of an all out assault on America, its heritage, and all that it represents. [307]

New Jersey Republicans receive mail-in ballots with only Democrat names. [308]

NPR busted pushing fake news, again.

The "attacker" was actaully a Black victim of Democrat mob violence. [309]

Defund the Police: See it Live in Atlanta Now. [310]

Bolton: I'm not voting for Biden. [311] More Biden-Ukraine tapes released; destroying witnesses, organized crime planning, detained witness alleges he was poisoned, etc. [312]

Venezuelan woman begs Americans to wake up: This is how it starts. [313]

Remember the "Century of the Common Man," as Henry Wallace described it? It was an impossible dream, and very likely hypocritical, too. [314]

The Jonestowning of America. [315]

An African-American Federal Protective Service officer was killed at the Ronald V. Dellums Building during the Antifa riots. A building named after Ron Dellums is burdened with its own weight of historical complicity in leftist atrocities. Dellums wrote “Let me commend your pastor, Jim Jones, for the dedication he is showing to his community and surrounding areas."

Classical music is racist. [316]

Communist China launches cyber attack on government of Australia. [317]
Indian soldiers authorized to use firearms on Chinese border, abrogating a 1996 agreement. [318]

Black Lives Don't Matter in CHAZ: Black man shot. White mob prevents EMTs from rendering aid. [319] Democratic Socialists enforce segregation. [320]

Dems agree to tear down a statute of ... Teddy Roosevelt, on the theory that he was imperialistic. [321] Is Mount Rushmore permissible now?

Denied access to hydroxychloroquine to protect against COVID-19, attendance is disappointing at the Trump rally in contrast with what his staff predicted. [322] A necessary wake-up call to stop letting NeverTrumpers withhold the prophylactic HCQ from Americans?

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