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Template: Bible quote
Use on Articles (mainly)
Use for Linking to a Bible passage
Category template applies to page (none)
Template Parameters
(See using templates).
Name Purpose Required? Comment
1 Quoted text yes Paste text you are quoting here
language English, etc. no Defaults to English
book Bible book yes see note about books with spaces
chap Chapter(s) yes
verses verse(s) no Defaults to entire chapter(s)
version Translation no Defaults to NIV (see note)
rmargin Right margin no Defaults to standard CSS default. See explanation below.

The {{Bible quote}} template creates a grey box that is the preferred format for quoting scripture. The template also incorporates the Bible ref template for linking the scripture reference to BibleGateway.

To use, specify the following parameters (only book and chapter are required; the others have defaults).

Example: {{Bible quote|place quote here|book=Matthew|chap=1|verses=1-18|version=ASV}}

  • language = the language you want the quote in. Default is English.
  • book = the book of the Bible. Required.
  • chap = the number of the chapter. Required.
  • verses = one verse or a range of verses. Default is the entire chapter.
  • version = the version you want the quote in. Default is NIV--but if it is not specified, it will not be specifically mentioned. If you are quoting explicitly from any given version of the Bible, including the NIV, please so specify explicitly.
  • The parameter for the right margin is to allow the quote box being prevented from being overlapped by right-floated images.

Note: this template does not "substitute" well. It tends to leave the "if" statements in place.

Also note that books which have multiple volumes (such as I & II Corintians) must be specified with no space between the book number and book name (i.e. ICorinthians and 1Corinthians both work, but (I Corinthians) does not.)

Update: This template now supports the Douay-Rheims English-language Catholic Bible, with its seven deuterocanonical books. If you specify Tobit, Judith, 1_Maccabees, 2_Maccabees, Wisdom, Sirach, or Baruch as the "book" parameter, the template will call upon the Douay-Rheims and will ignore any version specification. The version number for the Douay-Rheims is 63.