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Template: Bible ref
Use on Articles (mainly)
Use for Linking to a Bible passage
Category template applies to page (none)
Template Parameters
(See using templates).
Name Purpose Required? Comment
language English, etc. no Defaults to English
1 or book Bible book yes See note A about books with spaces; see also note D
2 or chap Chapter(s) yes See note D
3 or verses Verse(s) no Defaults to entire chapter(s). See note D
version Translation no Defaults to ESV (see note B)

This template sets up the external link to BibleGateway for providing a chapter or chapter and verse reference for any passage in the Bible, in any version in any language.


  • {{Bible ref|book=1Corinthians|chap=1|verses=1-18|version=ASV}}
  • {{Bible ref|1Corinthians|1|1-18|version=ASV}}

NOTE A: Books which have spaces in the name (such as Song of Solomon or I & II Corinthians) must be solid set (spaces omitted), or with the spaces replaced with underscores (_). (i.e. ICorinthians and 1Corinthians and I_Corinthians and 1_Corinthians all work, but (I Corinthians) does not.)

NOTE B: If the version is not supplied, the link will be to the ESV, but the version will not be shown. To show that the link is to the ESV, supply ESV to the version parameter.

NOTE B1:: If any of seven deuterocanonical books (Tobit, Judith, 1 or 2 Maccabees, Wisdom, Sirach, or Baruch, aka the classic "Apocrypha") are specified, then the version used will be the Douay-Rheims 1899 American edition, the only version at BibleGateway that contains these books. "Douay-Rheims" will appear in parentheses next to the reference.

NOTE C: This template does not "substitute" well. It tends to leave the "if" statements in place.

NOTE D: If both un-named (numbered) parameters and equivalent named parameters are used, the named parameter will take precedence over the un-named parameter.


For framed quotes, use {{Bible quote}}.