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Insert the text of the quote here, without quotation marks.

Template: Cquote
Use on Article pages
Use for Quoting someone
Category template applies to page (none)
Template Parameters
(See using templates).
Name Purpose Required? Comment
1 Text being quoted, without quotation marks yes
2 Width of quote marks? (CSS format) no Defaults to QuoteWidth parameter
3 not used no
4 Origin no
5 Source no
QuoteWidth Width of quote marks? (CSS format) no Defaults to Width parameter
Width Width of quote marks? (CSS format) no Defaults to 20px
Size Width of quote marks? (CSS format) no


The following two examples both have this result:

Quote goes here

—origin, source

Example 1

For clarity, the following format can be used:


|1=Quote goes here

|Size=20 }}

Example 2

This can be shortened to the following form, since numbers are assumed:


|Quote goes here


NOTE 1: This is an attempt to document this template which was originally copied from Wikipedia. Parameters above appear to be correct, but please do not rely on this information yet.

NOTE 2: Please see the discussion here regarding this template.