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<!-- ================ PAGE CONTENT BEGINS BELOW THIS LINE ==================== -->
<!-- ================ PAGE CONTENT BEGINS BELOW THIS LINE ==================== -->
'''''[[Conservapedia]]''': Over <big>'''450 million'''</big> Views & <!--as of 08/11/11-->'''970,000''' Edits.
'''''[[Conservapedia]]''': Over <big>'''450 million'''</big> Views & <!--as of 08/11/11-->'''970,000''' Edits.
== NASA vs. the private sector ==
Billions are expected to be made in space tourism through private entrepreneurship.[http://www.edmontonjournal.com/travel/Billions+made+space+tourism/7051219/story.html]
[[Neil Armstrong]] had little confidence in privatized space travel despite the fact that at its peak NASA consumed fully 5% of the U.S. federal budget and pulled money out of the private sector.[http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2012/08/26/neil-armstrong-had-little-confidence-in-privatized-space-travel/] 
Given America is 15 trillion dollars in federal debt, doesn't the evolution loving, [[extraterrestrial life]] speculating and old earth paradigm spouting [[NASA]] deserve to receive a mighty blow of the budget axe? What about the [[opportunity cost]]? Are there not better private sector investments?
== Unreasonableness of young earth deniers ==
== Unreasonableness of young earth deniers ==

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Unreasonableness of young earth deniers

Unreasonableness of young earth deniers

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