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'''Mystery:  Did [[Canada]]'s [[socialism|socialized]] [[health care]] cause it to lose Missy Franklin''', the early star of the [[2012 Summer Olympics]], who swam for the [[United States]] after her parents immigrated here?'''
'''Mystery:  Did [[Canada]]'s [[socialism|socialized]] [[health care]] cause it to lose Missy Franklin''', the early star of the [[2012 Summer Olympics]], who swam for the [[United States]] after her parents immigrated here?'''
== American Christian confounds atheists ==
A Christian confounds atheists by asking them what they are going to do about the [[Decline of atheism|worldwide decline]] of atheists.[http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ag_HWXSyXGWb.vAaGkZ5KKTwDH1G;_ylv=3?qid=20120801120605AA1JC54]
So atheists, where is your plan?
== Creating a creationist majority in the USA ==
== Creating a creationist majority in the USA ==

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Mystery: Did Canada's socialized health care cause it to lose Missy Franklin, the early star of the 2012 Summer Olympics, who swam for the United States after her parents immigrated here?

Creating a creationist majority in the USA

Creating a creationist majority in the United States

How can the temple of Darwinism be brought down in America and in the world?

Evolutionists, where is your plan?

Evolutionists, where is your plan?

You definitely don't want to miss the videos of evolutionists and atheists sobbing uncontrollably. See the weird and wild world of atheism and evolutionism in all its surreal and grotesque absurdity!

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Liberal Facebook breaks up thousands of marriages, and Thursday its own "shares dip below $20 for first time. ... It has now lost almost half its value since debuting at $38 in May." [1]

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The lamestream media conceal how the early hero of the Olympics -- Missy Franklin -- attends Catholic high school -- almost none of more than a thousand news articles about her success includes that fact.

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Prominent birdbrained hokum of evolutionists exposed: Supposed ‘icon of evolution’, Archaeopteryx, was “dressed for flight” in modern, probably black, feathers. [2] Archaeopteryx was ‘dressed for flight’ because the Master Designer, the God of the Bible, dressed it.[3][4]

What's next evolutionists? Horseflies descended from horses?

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Evolutionary belief is in trouble

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The 2012 Summer Olympics has created a good opportunity to observe:

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Comprehensive resource to refute claims of evolutionists

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Question evolution! campaign - worldwide anti-evolution campaign featuring 15 questions that evolutionists cannot satisfactorily answer

The Question evolution! campaign is a worldwide anti-evolution campaign and is primarily being conducted in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa.[5] The focus of the campaign is on 15 Questions that evolutionists cannot satisfactorily answer. The 15 questions can be found HERE.

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In 2011, the results of a study was published indicating that most United States high school biology teachers are reluctant to endorse the theory of evolution in class.

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