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St. Denis Preaching in Gaul by Joseph Marie Vien.

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Current logo of the ACLU.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is a leftist, secular-progressive organization. It was run for its first 30 years by an American named Roger Baldwin, who helped found it in 1920. Baldwin supported communism, but later denounced it in his book, A New Slavery, which condemned "the inhuman communist police state tyranny". This organization pursues a leftist agenda that includes censoring prayer and recognition of God in public institutions, such as public schools. Currently, Anthony Romero is the first openly gay CEO to run the organization.

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Article of the Year: Evolution

darwin theory evolution

In 2006, the prestigious science journal Science reported concerning the United States: "The percentage of people in the country who accept the idea of evolution has declined from 45 in 1985 to 40 in 2005. Meanwhile the fraction of Americans unsure about evolution has soared from 7 per cent in 1985 to 21 per cent last year."[4]

  • "Gallup's analysis says religiosity outweighs educational level in shaping views on evolution." (USN)

Discover what Wikipedia, the public school systems, and the liberal media don't want you to know about the creation vs. evolution issue.

Conservapedia's Highlighted Article

Conservapedia's highlighted article is Richard Dawkins.

A study reported that the liberal media is biased towards pro-atheism coverage.[5] Do you want to know what the liberal media is not reporting about evolutionist and atheist Richard Dawkins? Please examine Conservapedia's Richard Dawkins article!

Watch this video of evolutionist Richard Dawkins being stumped by the question of a creationist!

Please sign the petition requesting the atheist and evolutionist Richard Dawkins to debate William Lane Craig. [6][7]

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For it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for him.

Philippians 1:29

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"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is to try to please everyone."

Bill Cosby


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Intelligent design

Intelligent design theorists have provided abundant evidence that the core features of life consists of information processing systems that cannot be fully explained as being the result of unintelligent causes alone. Scientists who reject the intelligent design of the natural world do so on merely philosophical and illogical grounds and not due to the actual physical evidence.

Uncharitableness and Atheists/Agnostics