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'''The [[Conservative Dictionary Project]] continues to grow - your insights are welcome!'''
'''The [[Conservative Dictionary Project]] continues to grow - your insights are welcome!'''
== Featured article ==
== Featured article: [[Britain and morality]] ==
[[Britain and morality]]
[[Britain and morality]]

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The Conservative Dictionary Project continues to grow - your insights are welcome!

Featured article: Britain and morality

Britain and morality

Evolutionists strike out at evidence plate again

Poorly conceived responses from evolutionists have been pouring in to Creation Ministries International concerning their Question evolution! campaign and of course all of them are easily refuted by their creation scientists and Christian apologetics staff. [1]

Come on evolutionists and atheists! Cat got your tongue when it comes to providing real answers to the 15 questions that evolutionists cannot satisfactorily answer? Jesus gave excellent responses to his critics. Why can't you? It's the lack of good evidence for evolution, isn't it?

Question Evolution! Campaign

Question evolution! campaign - worldwide anti-evolution campaign

The Question evolution! campaign is a worldwide anti-evolution campaign and is primarily being conducted in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa.[2] The Question evolution! campaign team which is focusing the bulk of its efforts in the state of Texas is quickly approaching 1,000 pledged man-hours a year and just added another volunteer.[3]


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Oriental Warrior.

by Nikolaos Gyzis

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In 2011, the results of a study was published indicating that most United States high school biology teachers are reluctant to endorse the theory of evolution in class.

Discover what Wikipedia and the liberal media don't want you to know about the creation vs. evolution issue.

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