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The damage was still visible in this 1866 photo of downtown

Atlanta is a city and metropolitan area in Georgia; the city is the state capital of Georgia and has a population of 477,000 inside the city limits in 2008; adding in the suburbs, the Atlanta metropolitan area had a population of 5,376,000 in 2008, up from 2.9 million in 1990, making it the 9th largest in the United States.

Atlanta has been growing rapidly, but has been hit hard by the national Recession of 2008, ranking behind only Phoenix in the number of job losses among the 13 largest metro areas in 2008.

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William Merritt Chase

Chase Sunny Day at Shinnecock Bay.jpg

Chase Sunny Day at Shinnecock Bay.

Great Feasting on the Ideology of Evolution!

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Conservapedia has learned that there may be an upcoming significant increase in anti-evolution material produced by Christian colleges, Christian apologists, Christian websites, and Christian bloggers. Conservapedia is certainly in favor creation science birds of prey feasting on the carcass of evolution!

Atheism Skewered Again!

One of the leading creation science ministries, Creation Ministries International, has just unveiled their flagship article against atheism which skewers atheism! The anti-atheism article is located HERE! The Creation Ministries International anti-atheism article is a very comprehensive article and is 34 pages long with 167 footnotes! Other creationists websites may follow their lead! By the way, defenders of agnosticism, agnosticism may be next! Ole! Ole!Ole!Ole!

Article of the Year: Evolution

darwin theory evolution

In 2006, the prestigious science journal Science reported concerning the United States: "The percentage of people in the country who accept the idea of evolution has declined from 45 in 1985 to 40 in 2005. Meanwhile the fraction of Americans unsure about evolution has soared from 7 per cent in 1985 to 21 per cent last year."[10]

  • "Gallup's analysis says religiosity outweighs educational level in shaping views on evolution." (USN)

Discover what Wikipedia, the public school systems, and the liberal media don't want you to know about the creation vs. evolution issue.

Conservapedia's Highlighted Article

Conservapedia's highlighted article is Richard Dawkins.

A study reported that the liberal media is biased towards pro-atheism coverage.[11] Do you want to know what the liberal media is not reporting about evolutionist and atheist Richard Dawkins? Please examine Conservapedia's Richard Dawkins article!

Watch this video of evolutionist Richard Dawkins being stumped by the question of a creationist!

Please sign the petition requesting the atheist and evolutionist Richard Dawkins to debate William Lane Craig. [12][13]

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When the priests withdrew from the Holy Place, the cloud filled the temple of the LORD.11And the priests could not perform their service because of the cloud, for the glory of the LORD filled his temple.

Kings 8:10-11 (NIV)

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A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.

Paul Cezanne


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Evolutionary Racism of Hitler and Darwin

Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf was a work which contained evolutionary racism.[1] In his work Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote of "Monstrosities halfway between man and ape" and decried Christians going to "Central Africa" to set up "Negro missions," which Hitler stated resulted in the turning of "healthy . . . human beings into a rotten brood of bastards."[2] Adolf Hitler also wrote the following evolutionary racist statement in Mein Kampf: "The stronger must dominate and not blend with the weaker, thus sacrificing his own greatness. Only the born weakling can view this as cruel, but he, after all, is only a weak and limited man; for if this law did not prevail, any conceivable higher development (Hoherentwicklung) of organic living beings would be unthinkable."[3] Charles Darwin was also an evolutionary racist.[4][5] Prominent evolutionist Richard Dawkins stated: “What’s to prevent us from saying Hitler wasn’t right? I mean, that is a genuinely difficult question."[6]

Uncharitableness and Atheists/Agnostics