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<!-- ================= PAGE CONTENT BEGINS BELOW THIS LINE ==================== -->
'''Are there links between the Kenyan mall attack and [[Barack Obama]]?''' [http://www.exposeobama.com/2013/09/25/video-must-see-obamas-link-to-kenyan-mall-massacre-and-al-qaeda-revealed/]
'''"The Truth and Beauty of the [[Bible]]"''' by Bishop Bert [http://bertschlossberg.blogspot.com/]
'''"The Truth and Beauty of the [[Bible]]"''' by Bishop Bert [http://bertschlossberg.blogspot.com/]

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Are there links between the Kenyan mall attack and Barack Obama? [1]

"The Truth and Beauty of the Bible" by Bishop Bert [2]

The adverse impact of political correctness on American culture cannot be overstated. [3]

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Calls on House to Stand Firm on Defunding ObamaCare.[4]

ObamaCare has gone from bad to worse, and liberal denial about the failure is becoming impossible. [5]

Americans indicate Obama could meet Iran's Rohani at UN. After State Department confirms Kerry will meet Iranian counterpart, presidential advisor says doesn't rule out meeting between countries' leaders: 'Always open to diplomacy,' he says. By Yitzhak Benhorin; Israel News. [6]

Conservapedia proven right, again: "After some alarming side effects were reported abroad," Israeli officials rethink whether it makes sense to give schoolgirls the HPV vaccine. [7]

More evidence: the Common Core curriculum is a Trojan Horse against America. [8]

Facebook blocks founders of patriot trucker group from saying "God Bless America." [9]

Baby Chloe. Shattering the liberal myth that abortion is the best choice for an unwanted child. [10]

Nancy Pelosi cries, "The cupboard is bare!" "Anarchists!" cries Harry Reid. What's the truth? What is government for, anyway? [11]

Conservatives crush leftists by a landslide in the German national election. [12] Hillary Clinton needs to try to appear conservative to have a chance in 2016.

A Christian's response to the coming War on Christmas. [13]

The recent Navy Yard mass murderer "spent long hours hypnotized by violent video games," just as young mass murderers did. [14] Yet many media stories continue with liberal denial about the harm of these games.

A scholar in international law gives a long, but valuable treatise on why the Republic of Israel rightfully owns Judea and Samaria. [15] And also how "Palestinians" really stand under international law. [16] He sums up: the land belongs to the Jews [17]

Bradlee Dean responds directly to the George Soros front group trying to shut him out of the Minnesota State Fair. [18]

The House defunds Obamacare with support from 2 Dems, and continues funding for the rest of government only if Obamacare is not funded. [19] Many would welcome a government shutdown if Obama and the Senate prevent this bill from passing.

Frustrated atheist woman admits that evolutionary scientists, including the atheist PZ Myers, looked like idiots in Ray Comfort's Evolution vs. God video. Comfort's video now has over 758,000 views at YouTube.[20]

"It's about time we put our foot down!" by Bishop Bert [21]

Barack Hussein Obama is like a spendthrift wife who says that raising the credit limit of the family's credit cards won't increase the family debt.[22] Obama wants to put an ever increasing debt load on the backs of American taxpayers.

A Tea Party activist tells of talking to one who thought he was a liberal, until he realized he'd been lied to. [23]

India, one of Darwinism's biggest strongholds, is seeing a rapid growth of creationism and biblical Christianity. Hindus are becoming alarmed.[24]

A liberal college demonstrates just how much they hate freedom of speech and the paper it's printed on...literally. Modesto Junior College stops a student from handing out copies of the United States Constitution: [25]

"The Left's little war problem" [26]

A George Soros front group tries to have a man with a good Christian youth ministry shut out of the Minnesota State Fair. [27]

The IRS continued to spy on Tea Party groups, even after granting tax-exempt status: [28]

What the libs won't say about the Washington Navy Yard shooting: He was a full-on Obama supporter who took Joe Biden's advice about the shotgun, and had more red flags raised on his mental instability than you'd see in a Soviet May Day parade. [29]

The liberal witch hunt is over: Former U.S. House Speaker Tom DeLay is acquitted of conspiracy and money laundering charges. Prosecutors "failed in its burden to prove that the funds that were delivered to the seven candidates were ever tainted." [30]

A Member of Congress now talks seriously of impeachment against Barack Obama. The subject is gun control, but Obama has done many more things that deserve impeachment. [31]

Another senseless third-party libertarian candidacy, drawing support away from a conservative, may enable a liberal to win in Virginia with less than 50% of the vote. [32]

Ronald Reagan told everyone what the trouble with liberals was..., back in 1964. His words are as true today as when he spoke them. [33]

The Wikipedia Foundation throws in the towel. It has no plans to ban pornography from its websites. "Current Wikipedia administrators tend to be young males who don't write any content for it and love to fight amongst themselves...to them, Wikipedia is a giant video game, not an ‘encyclopedia.’"[34]

William Lane Craig is taken to task by Creation Ministries International for his unwarranted attack on biblical creationists.[35]

How's that gun free zone thing working out for you? [36]

Reproduction of painting of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and others signing the U.S. Constitution in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by Henry Hintermeister.

Today (September 17, 2013) is Constitution Day in America. And on this day, the head of the Constitution Party of Washington State lists eight ways the government breaks the Constitution. [37]

Obama blusters against Republicans on budget, debt ceiling [38], but Ann Coulter wins the debate [39]

There's more to being a carpetbagger than moving in from out-of-State and running for election. The real sin of the carpetbaggers was playing to the despair of those they say they want to help, to grab money, power, or both. [40]

The lamestream media downplay how the mass murderer who killed 12 on Monday had apparently rejected Christianity. A high percentage of young mass murderers have been people who oppose or leave Christianity.

13 are dead, including the shooter, in an attack at the Navy Yard in D.C., and an additional suspects have not yet been captured. [41] The alleged shooter is from Brooklyn [42]

A former United States Senate candidate, and Jordanian immigrant, talks to a Syrian immigrant about what's really going on in Syria and the Arab world. A must read! [43]

Richard Lindzen of MIT - writing in The Journal of Association of American Physicians and Surgeons - compares politically driven global warming alarmism to Lysenkoism in the Soviet Union and the eugenics movement.[44]

  • "The scientific community is clearly becoming less ambiguous in separating views on warming from totally unreasonable fears for both the planet and mankind. Environmental advocates are responding by making increasingly extreme claims. Politicians are recognizing that these claims are implausible, and are backing away from both the issue and support for climate science."

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) is asking physicians and patients to sign petitions to Congress to defund ObamaCare. [45]

The successful recall of two anti-gun Democrats from the Colorado Senate is making gun grabbing politicians nervous. [46]

Liberal denial about differences between men and women in math aptitude causes Larry Summers, who once suggested there might be a difference, to be forced out as the next Fed chief. Dems in power don't like honest comments.

Biblical scientific foreknowledge is proven right, again: despite trillions spent to increase lifespan, no man has ever reached the post diluvian limit mentioned in the Bible (120 years). R.I.P. to the 112-year-old who just passed away. [47]

Where is the "Church Militant" in the world, and especially in America, today? [48]

Barack Obama's 'Hope And Change' economic policies hurt his biggest supporters the most. Incomes for young people, single moms and racial minorities are lower after Obama has been president.[49]

A Tea Party activist reviews all the unlikely procedural victories Barack Obama has won – and wonders whether the answer might be absurdly, and chillingly, simple. [50]

Atheists Lose Battle To Have 'In God We Trust' Removed From U.S. Currency.[51] America has a higher GDP per capita than the UK which has Charles Darwin on its currency.[52]

"Consumer sentiment plunges in September." [53] End of the economic "recovery" under Obama?

The case for war on Syria touted by John McCain and John Kerry is based on a paper written by an intern who lied about having a PhD, and supported Muslim rebels who depicted the U.S. capitol on fire. [54]

U.S. House Republicans introduce legislation that defunds Obamacare and keeps the government running. Harry Reid has already signaled that the liberal propaganda strategy is to convince America any shut down will be the GOP's fault. [55]

The Guardian asks Richard Dawkins if atheists are winning the war against religion and Dawkins winds up with egg on his face. Also, an update on the upcoming Question evolution! campaign book for middle school students.[56]

It was an ordinary plumber behind the defeat of a Dem incumbent heavily supported by limousine liberal Mike Bloomberg, in the 56-44% landslide recall in Colorado. [57]

A sobering history lesson of the birth, in one year (1619), of representative government – and slavery. [58]

Bikers roar in Washington. [59]

Barack Obama asked Congress to postpone a vote he knew he'd lose. So why do we hear of soldiers having deployment orders to Syria? [60]

Blue-collar workers rebel against the embrace of progressives by the AFL-CIO. [61]

Typical liberal display when losing in anything. Scandal-ridden Anthony Weiner, dead-last in the NYC mayoral race, has to cap his loss with an obscene gesture: [62][63]

Liberals ousted from office in an "historic vote" in Colorado! The Dem president of the state senate, and another who had a Dem district, are kicked out by voters despite how liberals spent a fortune trying to hold the seats. [64]

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