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(Having abandoned the social issues, Stephen Harper and the "Conservative" Party of Canada loses in a landslide.This illustrates the folly of suggestions that the Republican Party abandon social issues in U.S.)
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'''Having abandoned the social issues, [[Stephen Harper]] and the [[Conservative Party of Canada|"Conservative" Party of Canada]] lose in a landslide'''.  ''This illustrates the folly of suggestions that the [[Republican Party]] abandon social issues in the [[U.S.]]''
'''"My ways are not your ways,"''' says [[God]]. Those calling themselves [[Christianity|Christians]] would do well to avoid the error of trying to judge the [[Judaism|Jewish]] people. [http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2015/10/20/clergy/anti-jewish-historical-error/]
'''"My ways are not your ways,"''' says [[God]]. Those calling themselves [[Christianity|Christians]] would do well to avoid the error of trying to judge the [[Judaism|Jewish]] people. [http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2015/10/20/clergy/anti-jewish-historical-error/]

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Having abandoned the social issues, Stephen Harper and the "Conservative" Party of Canada lose in a landslide. This illustrates the folly of suggestions that the Republican Party abandon social issues in the U.S.

"My ways are not your ways," says God. Those calling themselves Christians would do well to avoid the error of trying to judge the Jewish people. [1]

Author Ed Klein: Barack Obama is refusing to meet with Hillary Clinton while he and his allies are urging Vice President Joe Biden to challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.[2]

VA gets shorted 2.6 billion while Obama Administration budgets 4.5 billion on Syrian migrants.[3]

Ben Carson on Secret Service: I’m a Target.[4]

As a school choice bill comes before the New Jersey legislature, a proponent asks: why the silence? [5]

Texas Governor Greg Abbott cuts all Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood. [6] Typical liberal reaction is outrage, what will poor women do? They can still visit 13,000 women's clinics not operated by Planned Parenthood.

Donald Trump expressed agreement with changing the legal immigration system away from a family-based system and towards a merit-based system.[7]

Obama: "Much Of Our Criminal Justice System Remains Unfair".[8] So when is Hillary and IRS officials going to be indicted?

Donald Trump hits a nerve by saying that George W. Bush could have kept the 9/11 murderers out of the U.S. with a more restrictive immigration policy. [9] At least two violated the terms of their visas.

Is anything more anti-Christian than the time-to-unplug NFL? "About 1 in 4 church-going men (22 percent) say they'd skip church to watch football."[10] That is idolatry, a direct violation of the First Commandment.

"More than one-third of freshmen at Oklahoma’s public colleges and universities can’t handle the mathematics courses," yet the media do not blame the liberal claptrap that filled their time in public high school. [11]

Has nature turned on America and Iran both, whether for enmity against Israel or for deliberately turning their backs on God? [12]

Has Mahmoud Abbas incited riots in East Jerusalem, at Joseph's tomb, etc.? If so, why doesn't Benjamin Netanyahu have him arrested or deported? [13]

Palestinian Mob Burns Down Jewish Holy Site.[14]

Illegal Aliens Lose Battle in Birth Certificate Lawsuit Against Texas.[15]

Hillary Clinton: Australia gun ban "worth looking at" in the USA.[16]

How Obama Ushered in the New Age of Christian Martyrdom. [17]

Obama’s Comments on Hillary Clinton's Emails Collide With F.B.I. Inquiry.[18]

U.S. Bureau of Land Management Tells Texas Rancher His Land No Longer Belongs to Him.[19]

Senior European Union Diplomat Reportedly Believes Obama Is "Mentally Unwell", Asks About Impeachment.[20]

"Donald Trump suggests George W. Bush bears some blame for 9/11." [21] Reporters pepper Trump with questions about it, but he declines to respond.

Why do the Democrats, even a socialist like Bernie Sanders, legitimizing the crimes of Hillary Clinton? [22]

A Jewish solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict is available. Hint: see Exodus chapter 1. [23]

Conservative Ben Carson's support is surging, and he courageously declines to participate in a forum hosted by a gambling billionaire. Carson's campaign says it has "other things to do." [24] Carson's Christian faith completely rejects gambling.

What would Benjamin Netanyahu do as Mayor of New York? Plus some insight from Machiavelli. [25]

Michael Bay’s Benghazi Movie Could Hit Hillary Clinton’s Campaign.[26]

Obama again delays Afghanistan troop drawdown.[27]

27 lies that Hillary Clinton told during the Democrat debate.[28]

A whistleblower releases "The Drone Papers." [29]

The NY Times features a devastating critique of fantasy football gambling today; we were already exposing it here as part of unplug the NFL. Was it gambling's grip on the NFL that forced Tim Tebow out, despite how he out-performed other backup QBs?

Donald Trump: "Very Possible" Democratic Party Dictated Terms of Debate to CNN.[30]

Ben Carson: All Lives Matter, and ‘All Lives’ Includes Black Lives.[31]

Why the Syrian "refugee" problem is more serious than you might think – and not for humanitarian reasons. [32]

Has Barack Obama really made a series of colossal missteps? Or did certain people groom him for treason from the get-go? [33]

Conservative humor: Dan Joseph Interviews Bernie Sanders. [34]

10 million fewer viewers for the Dem debate than the GOP one, and the liberal claptrap by Obama at the beginning was a failure too.

Dems circled their wagons and defended Hillary Clinton at their "debate", which lacked the energy and lively remarks of the GOP debates. [35]

The NFL takes "about $1 billion annually in taxpayers' money" while "encouraging average people to gamble even more — that is, to lose even more." [36] The NFL takes more taxpayer funding than even Planned Parenthood.

Barack Obama experienced a big surprise when he arrived in Roseburg in the aftermath of the school shooting.[37]

Remembering Christopher Columbus – and a little-known fact about him that will shock everyone. [38]

Liberal claptrap is a ratings failure: "CNN expects ‘significantly smaller’ ratings for Dem debate." [39] It is not interesting to listen to Dems engage in liberal denial.

Donald Trump is Under FBI Protection.[40] Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton continues to be investigated by the FBI for her actions!

Riding high in the polls, above 30 percent, Donald Trump storms the American south to overflow crowds in Georgia.[41]

Liberal "Steve Jobs" star Seth Rogen hate tweets Ben Carson.[42]

Why do so many liberals hate black conservatives and feel that they own black people and believe that all blacks should think like they do? Didn't the Republican Abraham Lincoln free the slaves?

Truth requires two to speak: one to say it, and one to hear it. – Robert Louis Stevenson [43]

Greatest Conservative Sports Star Jim Jordan takes down the liberal media by saying that Paul Ryan is not acceptable yet as Speaker. [44] And if any liberal doesn't like that, then the NCAA wrestling champ will be happy to step outside to settle any differences!

Young men are unplugging television in record numbers, "despite tens of millions of dollars in ad campaigns and big draws such as NFL." [45] While old men are still addicted to NFL games, perhaps our "unplug the NFL" entry is turning young men to the Bible instead.

Liberal claptrap fails again: college closures, already at 5 per year, are expected to triple in just two years, and colleges took on nearly twice as much debt in the first nine months of this year than in all of last year. [46] Worst College Majors are not worth it.

Ever notice those who scream the loudest for gun control either "carry" themselves or surround themselves with armed bodyguards? [47]

Donald Trump says he's just fine with Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House, even though Ryan voted for special rights for homosexuals (ENDA), voted to fund amnesty, voted to bail out Wall Street (TARP), and was part of the attempt to punish conservatives.

Why one should never negotiate with Muslims: a detailed analysis, from Islam's own foundational documents to medieval and recent history. [48]

Watch Candi Carson Show Michelle Obama “How To Be A First Lady”.[49]

Donald Trump explains the difference between Putin and Obama.[50]

Why liberals want gun control so badly. [51]

BREAKING NEWS: Kevin McCarthy, the Establishment favorite for House Speaker, drops out of the race due to lack of support by conservatives!

Ted Cruz Repeatedly Grills Sierra Club President With One Simple Question — Watch the Answer He Gets.[52]

Another embarrassment for Obama: "Hillary Clinton comes out against TPP trade deal." [53] Looks like the presidential candidates in both parties will be criticizing Obama.

Is Bible prophecy working itself out with the spate of terrorism in the Middle East and elsewhere? [54]

Gun control lacks bipartisan support, and for good reason: violent crime has dropped to nearly half of what it was two decades ago, as more people carry guns. [55]

All about Arab culture and Israeli leaders. [56]

Donald Trump declares war on Obamatrade.[57]

Hillary Clinton Pushes change allowing shooting victims to sue gun makers in wake of Oregon attack.[58]

"God Will Judge Our Country for This": Evangelist Franklin Graham Goes After Obama for "Celebrating Sin." [59]

Jeb Bush praises Donald Trump. [60] To avoid becoming a loser, will Trump pull out and endorse Bush?

Are the people of Israel really confused about the Oslo Accords? Or are their politicians, and the media, playing them and the rest of the world for fools? [61]

Donald Trump meets with 40 evangelical leaders.[62]

Mother Russia sending 150,000 troops to wipeout the demonic ISIS. [63] Putin the savior of innocent Christians?

Nomination by endorsement: "Nation's largest teachers union endorses Clinton for president." [64] Can Bernie Sanders overcome that?

The President of Argentina alleges Barack Obama tried to persuade the Argentines to give Iran nuclear fuel. Dare we type the word treason?[65]

The race tightens for the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary, but Donald Trump still leads and Jeb Bush is still far behind. [66]

The Parliament of Iceland voted against a nationwide policy to boycott Israel. But that still leaves one or two Icelandic cities throwing in with terrorists. [67]

"Teen Bible study leader says he was asked not to return to" a particular Panera Bread location, because supposedly "it could make other people in the restaurant uncomfortable to hear you guys talking about religion." [68] Corporate headquarters said later that faith-based groups are welcome.

Gun control makes about as much sense as forbidding people to defend against rattlesnakes. [69]

Has Fox News betrayed the trust of its viewers? Maybe they have, and maybe the money trail will show you why. [70]

Chris Harper-Mercer: Shooter who killed 10 was an IRA-supporting Nazi fanatic. He shot people in the head if they were Christians and shot people in the legs if they were non-Christians.[71][72]

It certainly doesn't appear like he was a Bible-believing creationist. The Nazis were hate-filled evolutionists.

Early reports indicate that Umpqua Mass Shooter Identified as "Chris Harper Mercer" was: "not religious", he "disliked organized religion" and that he demanded to know the religion of his victims before he shot them.[73] The killer also appeared to be anti-Christian.

The shooting happened in a 'gun-free zone".

The Fox News vs. Donald Trump battle is much more than ego-driven. It's an ideological war. [74]

Kim Davis met the Pope personally while he was in the U.S., and he told her to "stay strong." [75] The liberal media is in hysteria over this!!!

Is America dying? If so, lies like evolution and New Age will kill it. But it's not too late to roll that back. [76]

Congressman Jim Jordan, one of the Greatest Conservative Sports Stars, reportedly shouts questions at the president of Planned Parenthood in response to her inane answers. [77]

The House of Representatives passed a born-alive law. And 177 Democrats voted against it. Has murder become a partisan issue? [78]

Barack Obama's hidden agenda comes out with his latest ambiguous statements: one world, one humanity, and no more America. [79]

CNN Interviewer Tries To Trap Ben Carson, Then His Campaign Manager Decides He’s Had Enough.[80]

"Pope: Govt workers should be able to refuse gay marriage licenses." [81] Uh oh, the liberal media was not expecting him to say that!

Outgoing Speaker John "Judas" Boehner slams Republican "false prophets".[82]

Our Kids Should Always Be Able To Pray In School.[83]

New York City is Post Secular and Highly Religious.[84] 2015 continues to be the worst year in the history of atheism.

"No Republican 2016 candidate is less liked by his or her party than Jeb Bush," yet he's on track to win the nomination by endorsement as the Establishment works overtime behind the scenes. [85]

Marco Rubio And Donald Trump Clash On U.S. National Security.[86]

A Rasmussen poll shows that a majority of likely U.S. voters would not support a Muslim for President of the United States.[87]

Classic Liberal Style - deny accountability: "Bill Clinton blames GOP and media for wife's email woes." [88]

Setback for globalists: first Scotland attempted to secede from the U.K., and now a portion of Spain wants to break away. "Exit poll shows separatists winning majority in Catalan assembly." [89]

Miami priest to Pope: Why condemn capitalism so strongly, but not communism.[90]

Ted Cruz Is Furious Over Something John Boehner Allegedly Did Just Before Announcing Resignation.[91]

"Jeb Bush got only seven votes — just two more votes than Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders received" at the Voters Value Summit. [92] Yet Jeb hopes win the nomination based on endorsements by other insiders.

"Huckabee upstages Trump at Values Voter Summit," reports The Hill.

Ben Carson speaks against the theory of evolution, and observes that "there are a significant number of scientists who do not believe it but they’re afraid to say anything." [93]

Thank you Representative Mark Meadows: John Boehner decides to retire from Congress. [94]

Jeb Bush "ranks sixth out of 15 candidates in Iowa with 5.3 percent and fifth in New Hampshire with 7.4 percent voter support," but declares his confidence that he will win the South Carolina primary. [95] Expect Lindsey Graham to pull out to endorse Jeb.

A Detroit judge has awarded over $100,000 in attorney’s fees in the case of a Christian, George Saieg, who was attacked by Muslims and then arrested at a Dearborn, Michigan festival.[96]

He was preaching and then unlawfully arrested for "disturbing the peace".

The Establishment looks stronger after causing Scott Walker to quit early and even urge others to quit. But the latest poll shows that 54% of GOP voters support a candidate outside of the Establishment. [97]

Israelis are not satisfied with Benjamin Netanyahu's leadership. But they won't search diligently for an alternative. [98]

Hollywood values destroys another innocent children's television show. The Muppets, now scripted with adult jokes and the depraved liberal worldview. [99]

Pope Francis addresses a joint session of Congress and exhorts America to "protect and defend human life at every stage of its development," to an overwhelming applause.

Hillary Clinton Email Company Was Hacked By Foreign Attackers.[100]

Marco Rubio promotes welfare and citizenship for illegal immigrants in the middle of America's immigration crisis.[101]

Donald Trump: Let Russia Take Care of ISIS in Syria.[102]

Get lost, Fox News Channel, is the message from Donald Trump as he "won't be doing any more Fox shows for the foreseeable future." [103] Fox News pushes Jeb Bush and the homosexual agenda.

Liberal logic: In photos the Pope stands about 5'8", roughly 5 inches shorter than Obama. Yet an even shorter "Fidel Castro," whose real height was 6'3", was pictured with the Pope in Cuba. [104] Notice how the liberal media do not observe that Obama has never spoken with Fidel Castro.

Richard Dawkins Says "We Were All Fooled" by Muslim Texas Teen Who Was Arrested for Bringing Homemade Clock to School.[105] Were we all fooled?

Dr. Ben Carson: The U.S. president should be sworn in on a stack of Bibles, not a Koran.[106] Which Islamic country would you like to live in?

Donald Trump: Concealed carry of guns a right, not a privilege.[107]

Mike Huckabee criticizes how the White House exploits the Pope's visit in "an insult to millions of Catholics.” The guest list includes "the first openly gay Episcopal bishop, a leader for transgender rights, a gay Catholic blogger and a prominent nun-lobbyist who bucked the bishops on" ObamaCare, says WaPost

Top ranking DEA offical signals support for Donald Trump's proposed border wall.[108]

BREAKING: "Scott Walker Set to Exit GOP Presidential Race." [109] He ran away from the all-important marriage issue, and his potential grassroots support collapsed. See Expected to endorse Jeb.

Liberal claptrap comes up short: "The Los Angeles Times is in huge trouble." [110]

Support has shifted from Donald Trump and Ben Carson to Carly Fiorina after the latest 2016 presidential debate. [111] Total Maverick Republican support -- Trump, Carson, Fiorina, and Paul -- stands at a record 65%.

Barack Hussein Obama couldn't have made a worse deal with Iran if he shared Iran's desire to wipe Israel off the map. And maybe he does. [112]

Barack Hussein Obama to nominate a homosexual for U.S. Army Secretary.[113] Will the color of U.S. Army uniforms be changed to lavender or powder blue?

House OKs bill blocking Planned Parenthood funds, amid shutdown worries.[114]

Donald Trump exposes the media's double standard in criticizing him for not rebuking a questioner's statement about Obama's Religion: Trump said, "If someone made a nasty or controversial statement about me to the president, do you really think he would come to my rescue? No chance!" [115]

Obama and liberal Christianity freak show vs. Roman Catholic conservatism.[116]

Trump hits back against the biased media: Barack Hussein Obama's bigger problem is not the rebuking if he is a Muslim, but the attacks on Christians in America. [117]

Ever notice the open promotion of Islam in American public schools? [118]

Popular rapper slams Hollywood values, criticizes culture for pushing transexuals. “You are who you are when God made you, not who you became after he did.” [119]

California Governor Jerry Brown sent the UN report on Global Warming to Doctor Ben Carson. Carson dismissed the move saying “It doesn’t change my opinion." [120]

The bruised ego of Barack Hussein Obama felt the need to counter Donald Trump. He would rant before the presidential debates that "Amer­ica is great right now. Amer­ica is win­ning right now.” [121]

The second GOP presidential debate "Draws Nearly 23 Million Viewers" -- almost three times the audience of a Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama debate. [122]

American exceptionalism has its source in the Declaration of Independence: equality before the law. This still allows for an aristocracy of merit. [123]

Rick Santorum denounces judicial supremacy in the first debate, while George Pataki embraces it. Comment at Talk:2016 presidential debates.

Glenn Beck has gone off the deep end. A review of his past and present performance shows it in more ways than the obvious recent one. [124]

What is citizenship? And why does it assume vital importance to the choice of leaders in a republic? [125]

The world caught Planned Parenthood out red-handed selling the remains of the victims of abortion. And they respond with jaw-dropping hypocrisy. [126]

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