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(Breitbart's "Advice for Donald Trump: Spend Money Now. ... Trump was out-spent in Wisconsin 6 to 1 by Cruz combined with anti-Trump Super PACS. Six to one. But why? Why not open your billion dollar purse strings?")
(Setback for liberals, as their own GOP favorite supports Trump. "Giuliani will vote for Trump in NY primary.")
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'''Setback for [[liberals]], as their own [[GOP]] favorite supports [[Donald Trump|Trump]]''': "[[Rudy Giuliani|Giuliani]] will vote for Trump in [[New York|NY]] primary." [http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/gop-primaries/275511-giuliani-to-vote-for-trump-in-ny-primary]
'''Breitbart's "Advice for [[Donald Trump]]: Spend Money Now. ... Trump was out-spent in [[Wisconsin]] 6 to 1 by [[Ted Cruz|Cruz]] combined with [[anti-Trump]] Super PACS.''' ''Six to one.''  But why? Why not open your billion dollar purse strings?" [http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/04/06/advice-donald-trump-spend-money-now/]
'''Breitbart's "Advice for [[Donald Trump]]: Spend Money Now. ... Trump was out-spent in [[Wisconsin]] 6 to 1 by [[Ted Cruz|Cruz]] combined with [[anti-Trump]] Super PACS.''' ''Six to one.''  But why? Why not open your billion dollar purse strings?" [http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/04/06/advice-donald-trump-spend-money-now/]

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Welcome to Conservapedia!

Setback for liberals, as their own GOP favorite supports Trump: "Giuliani will vote for Trump in NY primary." [1]

Breitbart's "Advice for Donald Trump: Spend Money Now. ... Trump was out-spent in Wisconsin 6 to 1 by Cruz combined with anti-Trump Super PACS. Six to one. But why? Why not open your billion dollar purse strings?" [2]

"As contested convention looms, Trump to hire ‘seasoned operatives’ to help." [3]

Benjamin Franklin said we had a republic, if we could keep it. Is the American republic dying? [4]

"Trump breaks 50 percent mark in New York; Cruz in third place." [5]

The polls were correct: Ted Cruz wins Wisconsin. [6] The significance is overrated and media driven.

Liberal tolerance? "NY gov bans state-funded travel to Mississippi." [7] The reason is to appease the homosexual agenda.

To defeat Islam, you must be ready to identify it, and to recognize its inherent evil. Can the leaders of Israel do this? [8]

Donald Trump: "Let me be unpresidential just for a little while longer.” [9]

Has America undergone a bloodless revolution? [10]

Before you can have wisdom, you must have courage. Politicians in Israel show us why. [11]

Ever notice that Arabs living in Israel do not vote in Israel elections in proportion to their numbers? They have so little regard for their country of residence that they do not even care to take part in its civic life. [12]

"Economic models predict GOP White House, even with Trump." [13] Will the liberal anti-Trump hysteria run out of steam?

The Establishment pulls out all its stops -- even Scott Walker -- to give Ted Cruz a 6-point lead over Trump for the upcoming Wisconsin primary. [14] Who thought Cruz would end up as a blocker against the Tea Party?

Don't just take our word on why abortion is wrong. Ask a medical ultrasound tech for the real skinny.... [15]

Obama fiddles while America burns, just as Nero fiddled while Rome burnt. So also do many other current candidates. [16]

Leftists, perhaps changing their strategy, fail to protest Trump's enthusiastic rallies in Wisconsin. "Some in the crowd seemed almost disappointed there wouldn’t be the spectacle of a demonstrator being removed." [17]

Liberal double standard: "Trump: Press holds me to a different standard." [18] Yep.

The Constitution actually makes Congress, not the President and especially not the Supreme Court, the most powerful branch of government. [19]

Anti-Trump forces are outspending him by more than 4:1 in Wisconsin, and overall he's being swamped by a nearly 10:1 disadvantage when his rivals' spending is included. [20]

A reminder: resistance to tyrants is obedience to God. [21]

Jonathan Netanyahu, the fallen hero of Operation Entebbe,' knew even then what ailed Israel and what ails it still. [22]

The Establishment is stopping Trump in Wisconsin by pretending to back Ted Cruz, and some conservatives are falling for the liberal game-plan that will nominate Paul Ryan or another insider at the convention. [23]

The real motive behind the Global warming hysteria push: “We redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy,” says UN official. [24]

Ever notice that Christian Zionists are often more Zionistic, and almost more Jewish, than actual Jews, even those living in Israel? Did Israel stray from her Jewish roots even at her founding, nearly 70 years ago? [25]

Trump separates the wheat from the chaff in the pro-life movement by calling for "some form of punishment" of women who insist on having illegal abortions -- a position consistent with Catholic excommunication. [26] Some organizations claiming to be pro-life show their true colors by criticizing this.

Muslims embrace Ishmael, don't they? Take a closer look at Ishmael and see what that means. [27]

Liberal double standard, again: "Anti-Trump Protester Punches Donald Trump Supporter in the Face," and yet the liberal media ignore it despite giving massive publicity to the converse. [28]

"Professing to be wise, they become fools." That applies equally in politics as at a university. [29]

Sun Tzu and Carl von Clausewitz could teach Israeli politicians, and even generals, a thing or two about war. [30]

Don't you wish you had unplugged the NFL, as Conservapedia advocated? "Georgia Governor Bows to Pressure From NFL to Veto Religious Freedom Bill." [31] The off-season is a great time to develop good habits free of NFL addiction.

Our chance to take down the Establishment is now. Conservative Richard Viguerie says the way to do it is a Trump-Cruz alliance. [32]

Liberal denial #19 reaches a new low: "Obama did not meet with Fidel Castro during his three-day visit, nor mention him in any of his public appearances." [33] Yet the liberal media pretend that Fidel is thriving at 89 despite disappearing while severely ill in a Cuban hospital a decade ago.

An Israeli soldier kills a Muslim terrorist allegedly while said terrorist is incapacitated. He will likely stand trial by court-martial. But maybe the IDF needs to change its rules of engagement. [34]

Priorities: Barack Hussein Obama to visit the grand opening of America's largest mosque next week. [35] Expect many kind words about Obama's religion.

Poor Clares nun Mother Mary Angelica has died on Resurrection Sunday at age 92. She founded Eternal Word Television Network, the largest Catholic media company in the world. [36]

Online petition gains 35,000 signatures to oppose the plan for gun control at the Republican National Convention. [37]

Bernie Sanders swept 3 western primaries Saturday against Hillary, winning a landslide of more than 70% of the vote in each. [38] But the Democrat Party does not really believe in democracy.

If Ted Cruz were eligible to the office of President of the United States, would a terrorist's son also be? Something to think about. The Framers thought of it, too. [39]

The dozen Anti-Trump Republicans that will vote Hillary Clinton for President. [40]

Imagine how many people would have literal earmarks if America still practiced some of the original punishments of Colonial Williamsburg. [41]

College of Pediatricians: The professional association of pediatricians says transgender kids is child abuse. [42]

“'Remember that when people tell you Trump is 8 points behind Hillary or something, Reagan was 25 points behind [Jimmy] Carter in March of 1980,' former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told Bloomberg Politics. Reagan closed the gap and won the popular vote by 10 points in a 44-state landslide.” [43]

Is Obama deliberately importing a revolutionary army through unrestricted immigration? [44]

Obama takes offense at Ted Cruz's proposal to monitor Muslims. [45] Is the special umbrage due to Obama's Religion?

A prize example of professor values and apparent professorial witlessness, on Israel and Islam. [46]

Is Donald Trump leading a Republican revolution? [47]

The Establishment ramps up its anti-Trump efforts, as Jeb Bush and Club for Growth (now run by an ex-congressman) endorse Ted Cruz. [48] Is Bush really trying to force a brokered convention that might pick himself?

Political correctness will enable Islam to kill us all, if we do not abandon it at once. [49]

A blowout landslide for Donald Trump in the big state of Arizona, and he grabs all 58 delegates as the prize. [50]

Donald J. Trump: the newest version of the American patriot. [51]

Liberal denial #19 continues: "to some it appears strange" that Obama is not meeting Fidel Castro while Obama visits Cuba, declares the British press, but it is not strange at all to anyone aware of communist hoaxes.

The prime minister of Venezuela supposedly met with Fidel Castro recently, with photos of a heavily clothed, sitting man to "prove" it, and yet the liberal media fail to explain why Obama is not meeting with "Fidel". [52] "Fidel Castro remains alive," declares the New York Times blog, and gullible liberals believe it. [53]

Even Alexis de Tocqueville knew Islam is at war with Western civilization. Why do so few politicians and commentators grasp this? [54]

Is Barack Obama a Muslim, and a follower of Muhammad? And what exactly does that mean? [55]

Another reason to Unplug the NFL: League threatens Georgia's Governor not to sign religious liberty bill. [56] Liberal bullies hate Christians

Conservapedia proven right, again: "President Obama Won’t Meet with Fidel Castro." [57] Communists have had a "Fidel" meet every foreign dignitary except Obama, who would be humiliated once the hoax is pointed out by historians.

A reminder of how a Hillary Clinton Presidency would destroy American sovereignty and liberty. [58]

Hate Is The Essence Of Socialism [59]

"Protesters block road outside Trump Arizona event." [60] Why aren't Hillary Clinton and Obama denouncing this unlawfulness by Leftists?

Nine different reasons why anyone would fear Donald J. Trump – and a fresh look at what he actually proposes. Hint: Trump can't please everyone. [61]

Did Hillary Clinton really beat Bernie Sanders in five States? Or did Hillary's machine have someone hack the voting machines? Included: a link to testimony from such a hacker. [62]

Support for a right to infanticide, from a liberal professor in his own words. [63]. And the left is saying this doesn't happen!

"Newt Gingrich on ‘Anti-TrumpRepublicans: Should Form ‘Lost Republicans for Hillary.’" [64]

This is pathetic: in a sign of desperation, Obama misuses and degrades his office by campaigning against the leading Republicans for president. [65]

Do the 2016 Presidential Election debates show a weakness in democracy itself? [66]

"Donald Trump's new ad treats a barking Hillary Clinton like a punchline." [67] Meanwhile, Obama gets involved in the presidential race, perhaps realizing that Trump will destroy whatever is left of his reputation, too.

"Trump risks falling short of delegate count for nomination." [68]

The government of Israel has institutional problems conforming to the rule of law. The United States government shares some of those problems, in fact if not in name. [69]

Democrats working with Republicans conspire to stop Donald Trump. John Kasich missed the deadline to appear on the Pennsylvania ballot. All of a sudden, he's eligible. [70]

Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama both practice moral relativism, the former out of a misguided sense of necessity, the latter by deliberate choice. [71]

Time to discuss another needed reform, this one a tax and civil-liberty reform. Repeal the Johnson Amendment that keeps the church out of politics. [72]

Donald Trump takes Missouri too, extending his historic victory to 5 out of 6 on Tuesday and ending insider control of the Republican Party. [73]

On the Democratic side: is Hillary Clinton OK? With some of the more outrageous statements she has lately made, like "We didn't lose a single person" in Benghazi, one must wonder...! [74]

Neocons and the Fox News Channel lost in a wipe-out, and it is time for some high-level resignations in order to restore credibility.

"Turnout reported high in Missouri, Ohio, Chicago suburbs,"[75] as Donald Trump attracts many to the Republican Party.

University values in action, regarding the Middle East: a professor has the courage to call Muslim terrorism what it is, and students hound him off the campus. [76]

"Super Tuesday sequel could set stage for long Clinton-Sanders duel," admits USA Today.

"Report: Donald Trump to Reach GOP Convention Only 74 Delegates Short of Majority." [77] The Establishment may still try to take the nomination away from him.

Angela Merkel, who caved into the liberal media by opening Germany to 1 million Muslim migrants, is thrashed by voters in the election. [78] Why isn't she resigning now?

The anti-Trump Establishment echoes the anti-Andrew Jackson elite, and efforts to stop him "Backfired Big-time," admits left-leaning Politico No question: Donald Trump is making revolution, and the current aristocracy-of-pull don't like it. [79]

Does a worldwide elite now control the finances of all the Western world? Read and decide for yourselves. [80]

A 22-year-old protester jumped a railing and broke through two security guards to rush at Donald Trump at his rally in Dayton today, wrestled down merely a few feet from Trump. “I was ready for him, but it’s much easier if the cops do it, don’t we agree?” Trump declared to a roaring crowd. Notice photo of attacker standing on the American flag

Google's AlphaGo supercomputer has successfully beat the world's best Go player, Lee Se-dol, in a best of five face-off. -- (UPI)

The computer, developed by Google's DeepMind, outplayed its human opponent Saturday with over eight minutes left on the clock.

Those so-called protestors are hired. And at least half of them don't even know why they come. We saw this once before, in Ferguson, Missouri. [81]

Rivals to Donald Trump, including Ted Cruz, wrongly blame Trump for the violent protesters who are censoring Trump's freedom of speech. Fox News even tries to use the protests to stop Trump's momentum. [82]

Another ringing reminder of what a natural born citizen is, and is not. And why John Jay thought it important enough to urge the Framers to use that phrase. [83]

Will governments world-wide abolish cash? If banks want to assess the proportional service charge they call "negative interest," they will. [84]

Hollywood values: Big shots attending the Oscars pledged over $65,000 to Californian Girl Scouts. After all the liberal bragging was over, the girls get just $1,000. [85]

Have those who called themselves the grown-ups ruined everything in America? [86]

Donald Trump cancels an event in the liberal stronghold of the University of Illinois tonight, as police are unable to control the protests. Liberals have been suppressing freedom of speech at college for a long time.

Neocons are on the verge of losing face in Florida, where their hand-picked candidate Marco Rubio heads to a big defeat in his home state, according to fivethirtyeight.

Humility is under-valued in the Western world, as the current Presidential debates seem to show. A critique of Baruch Spinoza from a Jewish perspective. [87]

Financialization – forcing people to go to a bank for more and more activities of living – represents another threat to liberty. [88]

Candidates pulled their punches against Donald Trump in the debate, in a new strategy that may have caused Trump to look weaker.

Debate update: Marco Rubio lights up the night with his passionate criticism of Obama's deal for communist Cuba, and Ted Cruz scores points in his criticisms of Donald Trump.

Instead of confirming scientists' widely-held beliefs, DNA sequences are proving Evolution to be flawed. [89]

Have you heard of Tony Senecal? He was a butler to Donald Trump for 20 years. He knows a thing or two about the man running for President. [90]

Depopulation – the deliberate goal of those who have supplanted our culture. Abortion on demand, homosexuality, transsexuality – they all fit. [91]

Two retired Yankees baseball stars endorse Donald Trump for president, and the liberal media react with fury against them. [92]

Obama refused to attend Justice Scalia's funeral, and now Obama skips Nancy Reagan's funeral, too. [93] Is this because of Obama's Religion?

Are globalists offering the American electorate a false choice? An analysis of current geopolitical trends, and a name Donald Trump dropped in his last debate. [94]

"Turnout in presidential primary breaks 1972 record" in Michigan, by 25%, as 2.4 million people voted and some precincts ran out of ballots. [95]

A different view on Donald Trump and whether the Republican Party debates should continue, or stop. [96]

Why common law protects life, liberty and property while statutory law threatens it. [97]

Donald Trump romps to landslide victories in Michigan & Mississippi, and mocks his rivals' futile attempts to defeat him. [98]

Attacks by RINO loser Mitt Romney against Donald Trump have actually helped Trump, the USA Today concludes based on polling. [99]

Barack Obama shows no respect for the rule of law when he continues to press for gun control. [100]

"Trump and the movement to derail him face new tests Tuesday," as Michigan votes and awards its delegates on a proportional basis. The Establishment is ramping up its efforts to defeat him. [101]

Donald Trump had good reason not to attend this year's CPAC conference. Maybe he should stop showing up for debates that turn into open season on him. [102]

"Dems fret about Trump's appeal. ... Trump's unorthodox message and populist appeal, the Democrats warn, could erode their hold on working-class support and jeopardize their chances in a year when voter disenchantment with Washington is being felt nationwide." TheHill

The turnout at the Republican caucuses in Kansas was more than 2.5 times the turnout in 2012: 81,000 yesterday compared with 30,000 four years ago. [103]

In 2013, the liberal publication The Beast was forced to admit that it was a "terrible year for evolution."

The Beast now heralds an expected creationist triumph. Anti-homosexuality, pro-creationism woman could change America's textbooks: "Mary Lou Bruner is one runoff election away from changing the curriculum for Texas schools — and perhaps the nation—thanks to the state’s outsized influence on publishers. ...her eventual victory looks all but assured."[104]

Nancy Reagan, R.I.P. [105]

The upcoming Florida primary was made winner-take-all to help Establishment candidate Jeb Bush.[106] But now it favors Donald Trump.

Donald Trump wins the Louisiana primary and Kentucky caucuses; Ted Cruz wins the caucuses in Kansas and Maine, which Trump quipped makes sense because it is close to Canada! Trump calls for Marco Rubio to drop out.

Neocons appear to have taken over CPAC, voting heavily against Donald Trump in today's straw poll and picking as their top choice for V.P. Nikki Haley, who wasted her response to Obama's State of the Union address by criticizing Trump's positions. CPAC did not even have Ann Coulter speak.

A ringing reminder: no such people as Palestinian exists or existed. Moses himself predicted this sort of deceit in his valedictory. [107]

Three caucuses today -- particularly in Kansas and Kentucky -- test the momentum of Donald Trump against a strong challenge by Ted Cruz. But Trump will roll to victory in today in evangelical Louisiana, because it is a primary and not a caucus.

Are the Republican National committee and the Mainstream Media conspiring together to hand the election to Hillary Clinton? [108]

Governor Mike Huckabee (R-Ark.) called the Donald Trump phenomenon "an overthrow of the government" and "a bloodless coup." It surely is an overthrow of the Mainstream Media. And they needed overthrowing. [109]

CPAC loses relevancy as Donald Trump cancels his appearance there, deciding to campaign in Kansas instead. [110] CPAC, perhaps not as conservative as it once was, would have seen an organized walk-out on Trump.

Post-debate, Donald Trump reversed his surprising statement in support of H-1B Visas, and reiterated his opposition to them because they are "for the explicit purpose of substituting for American workers at lower pay." [111]

Mitt Romney, the RINO loser who won't go away, ranted against Donald Trump today with silly criticisms like saying that some of Trump's businesses failed. Romney's smear set up Fox News Channel to repeat the cheap shots at the opening of tonight's big debate. [112]

Crack dealer kills a woman and her two kids The suspect was recently set free thanks to Barack Hussein Obama's mass release of federal inmates. [113]

Godless Britain is building 10 special new "healthy towns," comprising of 76,000+ homes, in a desperate attempt to tackle its sloth and gluttony caused obesity crisis.[114] See: United Kingdom and obesity and Atheism and obesity

Imagine how big Britain's obesity problem would be if the mass immigration of slim, religious immigrants hadn't occurred in recent years! See also: Godless Britain is the fat man of Europe

Why closing the Guantanamo terrorist prison would be a very dangerous policy. [115]

"Neocons declare war on Trump." Politico story

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