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(Will the public continue to Unplug the NFL in the Super Bowl this year? Despite an increase in sports gambling, its audience dropped to a decade-low last year, and the ratings for this year's championship games also declined.)
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'''75 years after the [[Auschwitz]] camp fell to the Allies,''' several heads-of-state gathered there, then at [[Yad VaShem]] in [[Jerusalem]]. But what did they learn from the experience? ''And what have the [[Judaism|Jews]] learned?'' [https://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2020/01/22/editorial/guest/auschwitz-75-years-later-what-lessons/]
'''Will the public continue to [[Unplug the NFL]] in the [[Super Bowl]] this year?''' Despite an increase in sports [[gambling]], its audience dropped to a decade-low last year, and the ratings for this year's championship games also declined. [https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/nfl-tv-ratings-nfc-afc-championship-game-1203473739/]
'''Will the public continue to [[Unplug the NFL]] in the [[Super Bowl]] this year?''' Despite an increase in sports [[gambling]], its audience dropped to a decade-low last year, and the ratings for this year's championship games also declined. [https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/nfl-tv-ratings-nfc-afc-championship-game-1203473739/]

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Welcome to Conservapedia!

75 years after the Auschwitz camp fell to the Allies, several heads-of-state gathered there, then at Yad VaShem in Jerusalem. But what did they learn from the experience? And what have the Jews learned? [1]

Will the public continue to Unplug the NFL in the Super Bowl this year? Despite an increase in sports gambling, its audience dropped to a decade-low last year, and the ratings for this year's championship games also declined. [2]

Perspective on Ukrainian Airlines Flight 752 and popular reaction to the crash in Iran. That this incident would provoke such protests shows how unruly the people of Iran are now becoming — and with good reason. [3]

Massive rally of more than 20,000 gun rights advocates at the Virginia Capitol, and only one minor arrest of a young woman for refusing to take off a bandanna. [4]

The online website Quartz recently reported: "Research shows there is intense prejudice against atheists in the US."

Is atheism un-American? See: Sociology of "atheism is un-American" view

Conservapedia's articles on atheism continue to receive hundreds of thousands of views each year.

"Not One Democrat Voted to Protect Women’s Sports," in Florida legislation to protect girls against unfair competition by transgenders. [5]

Treason is serious business. Donald Trump has evidence that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both committed it. He should stand on his authority to prosecute both. [6]

Ivory-tower elitist Pete Buttigieg's twisted interpretation of the Bible plays well with liberals in Iowa. [7]

Setback for Never-Trumpers: LSU national college football champs visit the White House, honor Trump with a football jersey, and give Trump a platform to debunk impeachment. [8]

Leftism isn't just wrong, it's evil and corrupt. [9]

"Pelosi rips 'shameful' Facebook behavior, accuses it of intentionally misleading users." [10]

A message to the Jews of today: stop accepting the Diaspora as your normal state of life. Moses faced the same sort of fear, uncertainty and doubt when leading his people out of Egypt. [11]

Want witnesses for the impeachment trial? Then Hunter Biden will be one, thanks to conservative Senator Rand Paul. [12]

Fake legislation joins fake news: "Virginia Ratifies The Equal Rights Amendment, Decades After The Deadline." [13]

"Iran chess ref Shohreh Bayat fears returning home over hijab row." [14]

Donald J. Trump vs. secular leftist wiki. Donald Trump keeps winning![15]

No lack of cash among liberals, despite pretending otherwise: "DNC, Democratic candidates combine to raise $580M in 2019" - $120M more than the GOP and Trump raised. [16]

Donald Trump and Jesus is King sign.jpg

The Freedom From Atheism Foundation (FFAF) and its supporters are victorious over the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF).[17]

Atheists are experiencing a web marketing BEAT DOWN![18]

The Christian internet evangelism organization Global Media Outreach indicates that as of September 2019 over 1,900,000,000 gospel visits have occurred via their websites. On the other hand, no atheist organization has ever accomplished such a web marketing feat. Is atheism boring or are atheists bad digital marketers who have difficulty understanding search engine algorithms? Or is it both? Oh atheists, feel the sting!

Burning cities and concentration camps is what the liberal left is threatening the country with.[19]

Another Constitution Party member points out: Iran has been at war with America at least since 1979. So killing Qasem Soleimani, even summarily, was still a right act. Next question: when shall we withdraw forces from the region? [20]

CNN: "Nancy Pelosi gambled and lost on the impeachment delay." [21]

If only the Secular Web were more relevant and offered more expertise... Miss G is quite demanding in her expectations! [22]

Hollywood sinks to a new low with its 11 nominations for the Joker, which even the liberal Slate pans as "a profoundly, gloriously dumb movie that somehow has made its way into serious consideration as the best of the year." [23]

The Constitution Party raises interesting questions about whether the operation against Qasem Soleimani of Iran was constitutional. Problem: if we followed their recommendations, we might have had to arrest a lot of politicians and charge them with treason. [24]

Dem voters are easily persuaded by political ads: billionaires Mike Bloomberg and Tom Steyer rise in the Dem polls after spending more than $300 million combined on ads, reports the liberal Politico

When government behaves badly, let the people look to their own sins. An interesting side to the immigration debate. [25]

"NFL Avg. Attendance Drops To Lowest Point Since ’04," as it becomes a game for gamblers and addicts. [26]

Anti-Communists win Taiwanese elections. [27]

Anti-Trump hysteria led to the mistaken shooting down by Iran of the Ukrainian passenger jet. [28]

"Bernie Sanders Takes Lead in Iowa, Joe Biden Drops to Fourth." [29]

In some really sick-making cases, vigilantism is now appearing. Warning: the subject matter of this article might not be suitable for children. [30]

Was Afghanistan an unwinnable war? Ought the United States have taken its revenge, reclaimed its rescued missionaries, and then decamped? [31]

Did liberals' overheated criticism of Trump lead to Iran shooting down a passenger Ukrainian jet by accident, thinking it was a Trump-ordered attack??

Setback for climate change alarmists: The Australian government arrested nearly 200 people for setting fires in five states. [32] So much for the notions that climate change is responsible and that socialism is the answer.

The Equal Rights Amendment is dead, the Department of Justice mercifully observes in a legal opinion which the Archivist will follow. [33] Efforts by liberals to revive it 40 years after it died are delusional.

To the dismay of his liberal critics, President Trump defuses tensions with Iran. [34]

"Iran attacks two Iraqi bases housing US forces in revenge for Soleimani's death." [35]

Demonic NFL brings out the worst in people, as fans throw harmful garbage from the upper decks after the Saints lost in overtime, despite pleas by the announcer to stop. [36] Unplug the NFL.

Thank you, Beyoncé, for refusing to stand and applaud the Joker actor, who then gave an obscenity-laden Leftist speech after being honored for role-playing atheistic violence by white men. [37]

"AOC: 'In any other country, Joe Biden and I would not be in the same party.'" [38] She could have added that Biden would not be taken seriously as a candidate in other countries, without the media.

Trying to peel off Biden supporters, former Mayor Pete Buttigieg says the Iranian General "deserved" to die yet refuses to give President Trump any credit. [39]

Big Brother Leftism at work: "Mike Bloomberg has spent nearly $15 million to be in your Google search results." [40]

LGBTQ takes control of the 3d largest Christian denomination in the U.S.: the United Methodist Church. Conservatives would give up their rights under this tentative agreement, to be voted on in May in Minneapolis. [41]

President Trump's bold action was something George W. Bush refused to do, despite the opportunity. [42]

High marks for the Trump economy.[43] See also: Donald Trump achievements and Donald Trump's glorious victories

Private colleges are failing because they have produced alumni who can't or won't support them. Years of support for socialism and failing education policies have at last taken their toll. [44]

Liberal plots and Never-Trumpers are among the large number of Hollywood busts in 2019, which included a mega-failure for Arnold Schwarzenegger and a Terminator sequel about border patrol agents somehow being the bad guys. [45]

University-bred elitist Pete Buttigieg is despised by his party's base, admits liberal Politico.com: "the youngest and most activated voters in his party all seem to—how to put this delicately? — hate his guts." [46]

The liberal media like Pope Francis, so they do not complain as "Pope Francis smacks woman's hand to free himself from her grip." [47]

Liberal logic: Mayor Pete Buttigieg takes a swipe at Joe Biden by saying that Mayor Pete would not have wanted his son on the Ukraine board. [48] Mayor Pete has no children.

Setback to Never-Trumpers: Trump ties with Obama in the annual Gallup poll of the most-admired man. [49]

As the governor of Virginia prepares to confiscate firearms in his State, 117 communities tell him, "No." And one county explicitly revived the Militia as a real working force. [50]

President Donald Trump highlights article naming alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella.[51]

"Thank the Second Amendment: Texas church shooting stopped in its tracks by armed" worshiper. [52] Thank God too, and a prayer for those killed before the complete massacre was averted.

"AP: California Has Most ‘Mass Slayings’ in 2019 Despite Stringent Gun Control." [53]

"Biden Says He Would Defy Impeachment Subpoena — Then Tries to ‘Clarify.’ WILL HE OR WON'T HE?" shouts the Leftist Daily Beast.

Just 3 more days left according to liberals! "Report Hyped by Climate Alarmists Warned of Million of Deaths, Nuclear War, Sunken Major Cities by 2020." [54]

AOC draws large crowds to Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign, so why not this: "AOC for president? The buzz has begun." writes liberal Politico. She has a larger voter base than Mayor Pete.

Liberal media is worried: Trump ditched his liberal church for an evangelical one on Christmas. [55]

Atheist controlled, communist China is building more coal-fired plant capacity than the rest of the world combined.[56] Secular leftists, where is your outcry? Don't you believe global warming is a dire emergency?

Phys.org reports that climate change fears propel scientists out of the lab and into the streets. Real scientists don't waste their time waving signs in the streets because they are too busy making important contributions to science!

Setback for secularists: 46% of voters think there is too little focus on Christianity in Christmas. [57]

The top congressional leadership positions are filled by politicians from liberal California and New York except one: Mitch McConnell, who points that out as he runs for reelection in Kentucky. [58]

Christianity in the USA Is Not Shrinking, But Growing Stronger.[59][60] See also: Baylor University researchers on American Christianity

Conservapedia's articles on atheism, which provide information on the various problems associated with the atheist worldview, continue to receive hundreds of thousands of views per year.

"Hunter Biden owns massive home in swanky Hollywood Hills, court docs reveal." [61]

"The heavy price of Trump hatred": “we spend 80% of our time worrying about Trump,” some liberals admit in a Charlotte Observer article. [62]

This is pathetic: a Politico poll says that Joe Biden won the last Dem debate, by a wide margin! [63]

The Saudi Arabia regime that Obama bowed to clears its top officials and orders the execution of 5 as scapegoats, for the apparently commanded killing and dismembering of the reporter Khashoggi.

President Donald Trump welcomes Eddie Gallagher and his lovely wife to Mar-a-Lago, in a rebuke to liberals who want a namby-pamby military. [64]

Wall Street pours in millions in donations to their favorite Pete Buttigieg, the mayor who also had the lavish fundraiser at a wine cave in Napa Valley. [65]

Pushing the agenda of Leftists, "Christianity Today Backed Amnesty for Illegal Aliens in 2015," even though the Bible does not support illegal immigration. [66]

Calling out judges and politicians who would grant drivers' licenses to illegal aliens. Dare we call it treason? [67]

Three states sue to stop the Equal Rights Amendment. [68] Liberals will do anything to impose their cultural Marxist agenda on society.

Setback to liberal narrative of "toxic masculinity": the missing Austin mom is found dead, and her missing 3-week-old baby is found at the home of another woman, who has been arrested. [69] Notice how distorted the liberal media reports are about this.

Christianity Today ignores President Trump's strongly pro-life and pro-religious freedom policies to irrationally call for his removal from office. [70] Not only is the magazine unrepresentative of evangelicals, but Billy Graham voted for Trump in 2016. [71]

New twist: Nancy Pelosi and Dems are withholding their ridiculous articles of impeachment from the U.S. Senate, contrary to the constitutional procedures.

Dem presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard withstands liberal pressure to vote for impeachment, and instead votes "present"; three other Dems voted "no" against one or more articles of impeachment. [72]

President Trump Hosts "Merry Christmas" Rally In Battle Creek, Michigan" [73], as Dems in Congress make historic fools of themselves with impeachment.

The top 5 Democratic presidential primary candidates, which are the only ones who have at least 5% of likely voters in polling picking them, are all white. [74] Don't liberals/leftists believe in equality of outcome? And why is their leading candidate in polling a white, male?

First we found out that merely 8.5% to 16% of Wikipedia editors are female and now this!

How corrupt American democrats plundered Ukraine[75]

The Ground Zero Mosque Project Is Back.[76]

The very anti-Donald Trump Washington Post just published an opinion piece entitled Spoiler alert: Trump is probably going to win in 2020.

The BBC publishes an article entitled General election 2019: Does UK hold clues to Trump’s fortunes?[77]

Marist Poll Shows Approval for Trump Among Non-White Voters higher than those for George W. Bush.[78]

Trumpslide 2020!

Setback for vaccine police and Big Pharma: New Jersey Dems fell one vote short of abolishing the religious exemption for vaccination, which is used by 14,000 children in NJ. [79]

On the anniversary of the desecration of a Jewish cemetery in southern France, a reminder of where the Jew hate in the Western world comes from. [80]

When parents pull children out of school to protest the Homosexual Agenda, you expect that to be in America, right? Wrong! See it happen in England! [81]

Untold reason why working class voters left the British Labour Party: it pushed hard for expanding abortion laws, and churches pushed back. [82]

Leftist Politico laments: "Trump tightens grips on judges as McConnell wins 50th Circuit pick," doing in 3 years what it took Obama 8 years to do. [83]

Money can't buy him love: pro-gun control, pro-abort billionaire Michael Bloomberg's tens of millions of dollars in ads boosts him to ... only 4% in the lastest poll for Super Tuesday on March 3. [84]

Impeachment charade by Dems causes one of its congressmen to switch to the GOP! [85]

"Hong Kong’s long fight for freedom and democracy": “Five demands — not one less,” the 800,000-strong crowd chanted. [86]

Liberal double standard: Dems were just fine with Bill Clinton's last minute pardons in 2001, but outgoing conservative Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin's pardons are somehow an outrage. [87] Turns out that liberals themselves were calling for some of Bevin's pardons.

The end of globalism, but the liberal media are slow to admit it despite the biggest landslide by the Conservative Party in more than 30 years in Britain.

Leftists lose by a landslide in Great Britain.

The global warming alarmists now have a new category of people they are targeting - pet owners![88] 67 percent of U.S. households, or about 85 million families, own a pet.[89] Are the global warming alarmists committing political suicide?

First they persecuted the goldfish owners and I did not speak out. Then they persecuted the cat owners and I did not speak out. And then they broke down our door in the middle of the night and confiscated our pet dog!

So refreshing: Trump said "we don't want to be politically correct," and criticized how long it took an officer to remove a woman who was disrupting the event. [90]

In atheist controlled mainland China, pollution is ten times worse than London.[91] See: Atheism and the environment

If they believe in global warming so much, why aren't London secular leftist flying baby Xi Jinping balloons in protest against the new Chinese coal plants? See: Atheist hypocrisy

Atheism has not grown in the United States for about the last 4 years. Señor Atheist, the future of atheism in America is bleak. Olé! Olé! Olé![92]

President Trump attracts an overflow crowd of supporters tonight in Pennsylvania, a must-win state for Dems. [93]

As the impeachment process heats up in Washington, Donald Trump is seeing a boost in support in crucial swing states.[94]

Setback to pro-aborts: "Supreme Court leaves in place Kentucky abortion restriction." [95]

Breaking: All four FISA applications authorized by Obama, Comey, and McCabe to spy on Team Trump and hoax the FISA court were bogus. [96]

MAGAnomics: The U.S. economy surpassed all expectations in November with 266,000 new jobs and a 3.5% unemployment rate. [97] (see Donald Trump achievements: Economic policy and labor)

Study: far-left climate policies could reduce companies' value up to $2.3 trillion. [98]

"How the Cool Kids of the Left Turned on Elizabeth Warren": Jacobin magazine, the socialist favorite of youth, first hyped Warren but now disparages her like Joe Biden. [99]

Liberal double standard: Dem's next presidential debate stage may be all-white, and somehow that's OK. [100]

Pensacola naval base shooter, a Saudi national, left a manifesto calling the United States "a nation of evil." [101]

Setback for conspiracy deniers: "Naval Base Shooter Hosted Dinner Party To Watch Mass Shooting Videos Night Before Attack," and one of them filmed the shooting. [102] But will liberals stick with their lone gunman theory???

Socialist Bernie Sanders stuns his rivals by taking the lead in the California primary, which is the biggest prize for the Dem nomination process. [103]

Apparent terrorist attack by a Saudi Arabian student at a Navy military base in Pensacola, Florida kills three. [104] Our prayers are with the victims.

Worldwide Google searches for atheism/agnosticism searches are greatly down from 10 years ago.[105] See: Google trends - Global searches for atheism and agnosticism terms

Wikipedia still fails to live up to its liberal values. In 2018, Wikimedia disclosed that only 17.67% of over 1.5 million biographies on the site are about women. Of the over 135,000 active editors on Wikipedia, surveys indicate that only 8.5% to 16% are female.[106] See: Examples of Bias in Wikipedia

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