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(Mitt Romney leads in Virginia. Florida is too close to call.)
(Is this the end of RINO credibility at the top of the Republican Party?)
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'''Is this the end of [[RINO]] credibility at the top of the [[Republican Party]]?''' In voting for [[Democrat]]s, [[Wisconsin]] and [[Ohio]] appear to reject the avoid-the-social-issues approach of [[Karl Rove]] and other [[liberal]] [[Republicans]].
'''[[Mitt Romney]] leads in [[Virginia]]'''; [[Florida]] is too close to call.
'''[[Mitt Romney]] leads in [[Virginia]]'''; [[Florida]] is too close to call.

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Is this the end of RINO credibility at the top of the Republican Party? In voting for Democrats, Wisconsin and Ohio appear to reject the avoid-the-social-issues approach of Karl Rove and other liberal Republicans.

Mitt Romney leads in Virginia; Florida is too close to call.

Fraud, intimidation, dirty tricks, assault...all being committed by Democrats to keep Republicans from the polls: [1] They know they're going to lose, and they're desperate!

Looks like one voter intimidation trick used by liberals in 2008 isn't working now. Black Panthers intimidating voters? How about retired military special forces - including Navy SEALS and Green Berets - intimidating the Panthers: [2] The wager is the Panthers will lose.

By 8:15pm ET it may be possible to project the winner of the presidential election 2012, which is shortly after the polls close in the swing states of Ohio, Virginia and Florida, and also the big state of Pennsylvania.
The outcome in other key races and referenda will not be known until later.

"Voter Turnout Steady in Ohio and Pennsylvania" today -- Mitt Romney can win by taking either state. [3]

The grinding down of American Darwinism by the Question evolution! campaign continues to move faster - third party verification.[4]

How much faster will American evolutionism be ground down when 200+ pro-creation organizations work in concert to accelerate Darwinism's global decline?[5] See: Project 200+

By Tuesday night, most American voters will have cast their ballots against Barack Obama. Not even the lamestream media could persuade most voters to support him.

5 reasons why Project 200+ will create the world's fastest growing coalition of creationists.[6]

Might New Jersey swing to Mitt Romney? Or even New York State? See how Hurricane Sandy could make that happen. [7]

"It's a tie: 48%-48%" in the final swing states poll of likely voters for the presidential election 2012. [8]

ABC’s Catalyst program reports Kimberley dinosaur footprints. There were huge dinosaurs fleeing the rising waters of Noah’s Flood in Australia.[9] Dinosaurs and man coexisted.[10]

Creationist viewer of the program said: "I have to admit I just thought of dinos running from flood waters when I saw it."

Silly evolutionist quibbles with Creation Ministries International in a feeble attempt to slow down the Question evolution! campaign freight train.[11]

The Question evolution! campaign in the American southland. An advocate of the Question evolution campaign has "friends and kinfolk" in the American south and is working on spreading the campaign in Dixie.[12]

Dr. Joseph Thomas Kennedy from Alabama is going to get y'all evolutionists as mad as wet hens![13]

Project 200+ was officially launched on November 4, 2012 by a Question evolution! campaign group. [14]

The closest thing atheists have to Project 200+ is the anemic Atheist Alliance International.[15] It is very hard to herd a bunch of quarrelsome, socially challenged, militant atheist cats!

"New PA poll shows dead heat; Romney up in new MI poll." [16]

Hurricane Sandy, up close and personal, and what she teaches us about what we should rely on. [17]

Mitt Romney and Barack Hussein Obama still tied nationally and in Ohio: Rasmussen poll for Sunday.

During Election 2008, Rasmussen Reports projected that Barack Obama would defeat John McCain by a 52% to 46% margin. Obama was 53% to 46%.[18]

"Obama and Romney Deadlocked" in a poll that has typically favored Obama. Final polls in many of [the swing] states, from Virginia and Ohio to New Hampshire, Colorado and Wisconsin, also find the race too close to call." [19]

Liberal politicians in New York announce "free gas" - the exact opposite of what they should be doing economically -- and the result is massive lines that will prevent those who really need gas from getting it. [20]

Limousine liberal "Michael Bloomberg drops millions on House races" spending "up to $15 million of his own money." [21] This is the guy who insisted for days on holding the New York City marathon while many middle-class families suffered without power on Staten Island.

Paul Kurtz, the father of secular humanism, is shown a lack of respect by the Secular Web. Paul Kurtz: Another atheist without a legacy.[22]

Atheist Jeffery Jay Lowder posted a one word blog post about Paul Kurtz's death. A Conservapedian posted more words announcing the death of Ted "Chappaquiddick" Kennedy!

Fewer and fewer people care about atheism in 2012. We told you so![23]

Atheists, are you ready for November 4, 2012? [24] Don't forget to mark it on your calendars!

Liberal hypocrisy in action: Lets see...they want tobacco killed off because of the dangers of smoking, but they have no problem with smoking marijuana; these same libs claim to protect the environment, but have no problem trashing the environment when it comes to getting that crop of pot harvested! [25]

Nancy Pelosi held a secret fundraiser with Islamists, Hamas-linked groups: [26] Why, and for what purpose? Is Pelosi selling-out Israel or America?

A record number of 16 U.S. Senate seats are in play this election, without much "coattails" from the presidential race to influence them.

Mark November 4, 2012 on your calendars. The plot is thickening and November 4, 2012 is going to be a glorious day for the Question Evolution! Campaign![27]

Evolutionists, you were told it was coming.[28] Is an all-out assault on evolutionary belief drawing near?[29]

Interpreting the early chapters of Book of Genesis.[30]

The middle class Staten Island residents are angry that government response to their plight has been disgraceful compared to how wealthy Manhattan residents are being treated. [31][32]

Double standard on how the media is covering Hurricane Sandy?[33]

"Backlash erupts as New York City prepares for marathon." [34] Obama-supporter Michael Bloomberg insisted on holding the marathon despite the suffering of many without power.

Gasoline shortages cause a crisis in New Jersey, as a lack of free enterprise in promptly restoring power has left 60% of the service stations still closed days after Hurricane Sandy. [35] Democrats refuse to allow non-union workers to help, despite the widespread suffering. [36]

If Ohio is the margin of victory in this presidential election 2012, then the Nation may need "to wait 10 days after the election to find out who will be the next president of the United States," because of the rules there about counting an unusually large number of provisional ballots. [37]

Upcoming end of Chinese one child policy will be a big boost to global Christianity and creationism and another major blow to atheism and Darwinism.[38]

Christianity is rapidly growing in China.[39]

Since China arguably has the largest atheist popoulation and atheists have sub-replacement levels of births, this is yet another major blow to world atheism as the balance of demographic power will shift further towards Christian creationism in China.[40]

GOP returns to support pro-life Todd Akin. [41] All roads to success lead back to the life issue.

PPsimmons and Pastor Carl Gallups said the atheist Christopher Hitchens lived a "wasted life". The circus of pointless Darwinism is drawing to a close. Global creationism is on the rise and it will grow faster. At best, Hitchens was another wicked, atheist clown. [42]

Evolutionist clowns, more and more people around the world are becoming aware that you should not be taken seriously and the rate of expansion of creationism will further accelerate. [43]

The pathologically narcissistic Barack Hussein Obama actually thought he had won the first presidential debate with Mitt Romney until his aides told him otherwise. [44] His oversized ego and laziness prevented him from rigorously preparing for the debate.[45]

The lazy golf playing Obama isn't even a good golfer and the press does not know his scores.[46] Apparently, the egotistical Obama doesn't want a golf coach or caddy telling him where is doing things wrong and could make improvements.

Obama has a big problem with narcissism.[47][48] Did pride come before the fall? Will Obama be re-elected?

Evolutionists are now trying to use a grandmother to give their much disputed old wives tale credibility.[49]

Evolutionists, you have had 150+ years to convince the public and your old wives tale is still doubted by much of the public - even in the UK where your Darwinist bunkum was first promoted.[50][51]

"Iowa is second state to forbid international observers at elections." [52] This dispute could help Mitt Romney win the key state.

RINO Chris Christie plays the role of a useful idiot in praising Obama for visiting the Jersey Shore today and accomplishing nothing together. [53]

The slow clean-up after Hurricane Sandy is controlled by Democrat unions and government, and many voters must be wondering: wouldn't free enterprise restore power more quickly?

"Disarray, millions without power in Sandy's wake; death toll at 55." [54]

How's that stimulus working for you? A123 Systems got a quarter-billion dollars from Mr. Transparency and boasted of creating thousands of jobs; only 400 people got checks of any kind before the company filed for bankruptcy. [55]

Who gave the order to stand down in Benghazi? [56]

The early-vote advantage Obama had in 2008 dropped 22% today: [57]

Democrat Party values in action: They accuse conservatives of wanting to shove grandma off a cliff, but why don't they say anything when one of their own steals from an old lady in a wheel chair, and is going to prison for it? [58]

"Claiming momentum, Romney launches ad in Pennsylvania." [59] Pennsylvania has little early voting; Romney could win the State.

Conservapedia said that Minnesota was becoming a toss-up state, and today Bill Clinton rushes there to try to stop Obama's slide in the polls. [60] Compare that with Obama's 10-point margin there in 2008; is this liberal progress?

Obama NapoleonBellyHandCrM.jpg

Liberal-leaning Pew pollster says Obama's support is only 47% nationwide among likely voters, tied with Mitt Romney. [61] 47% support is not enough historically for an incumbent to win, as undecideds tend to vote for the challenger.

Barack Obama's surrogates beg for money and try to drum up volunteers to travel to battleground States. Hello! We're in the middle of a hurricane! Meanwhile, Mitt Romney tells people to cooperate with their local Red Cross, and even take in campaign yard signs so they won't turn into wind-driven missiles. Who is the better leader? [62]

Make your own atheist Halloween costume that doubles as an evolutionist Halloween costume.[63]

"Democrats Ground Game Hasn’t Closed Enthusiasm Gap" - Mitt Romney has a 9-point edge among voters "extremely likely" to vote in the swing states. [64]

"Madonna booed after touting Obama in La. Concert." [65]

Obama slips to only 47% support in Minnesota, where Dems traditionally won big. [66]

A conservative Mexican's view of Barack Hussein Obama's presidency.[67]

Is voter fraud being committed in Ohio? Apparently, Democrats are busing Somalis - who may not even be citizens - to polling places where they are directed where to vote, how to vote, and especially who to vote for. [68]

CBS News says Hurricane Sandy may hurt Barack Hussein Obama's re-election campaign due to Democrats having greater difficulty getting their supporters to the polls.[69]

This may be America's future if Obama is reelected: Spain's unemployment rate hits 25%. [70]

Obama is at only 47.8% in Colorado, and thereby appears likely to lose that swing state. [71]

"Thousands more campaign ads coming to your TV" in the swing states. [72] And Mitt Romney's campaign has saved more money for this final week than Obama has.

We now know that Obama refused all help during the Benghazi attack, though he could watch it happening. He even told CIA operatives to stand down. Which they didn't. Four men died, but it could have been thirty-four. [73]

Obama resorts to early voting to try to win Ohio: "Ohio you can vote now, you don't have to vote later." Early voters are herded like sheep and expected to vote a certain way, either by mail or at special polling booths. "Among those who have voted early or plan to vote before Election Day, Obama holds a 59%-38% lead, with Romney up 51%-44% among those who say they'll vote on Election Day." [74]

Why do some Christians want to defend evolution?[75]

Hint: Logic and compelling evidence are not among the reasons.

5 reasons why the Atheism+ movement will fail.[76]

How many facelifts does atheism need? What is next? The New, New, New Atheism? The new and improved atheism? Mint flavored atheism?

You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

Meat Loaf -- the great, intelligent rock star -- "endorses Mitt Romney at boisterous Ohio rally." [77]

Obama approves a tasteless, patronizing message that will turn off women. A woman speaks out about it. [78]

Republicans outflank Dems by shifting focus to Wisconsin, which is free of the scourge of early voting being exploited by Dems in Ohio. Mitt Romney visits Wisconsin on Monday, and if he wins there then he does not need to win Ohio. [79]

The Libya scandal gets worse for Obama: CIA operators were denied request for help during Benghazi attack, not once, but three times. [80]

"Democrats have gone all in for abortion rights, with none of the hedging or defensiveness they’ve shown in recent years — a subtle but striking repositioning with political consequences that extend far beyond Nov. 6." [81]

Irish atheist Michael Nugent claims Richard Dawkins is "a sensitive, caring man." [82]

See: Richard Dawkins' commentary on Adolf Hitler and Women's views of Richard Dawkins and Abrasiveness of Richard Dawkins

Another part of the natural world that the evolutionist and agnostic Richard Dawkins fails to understand.[83]

There are five plausible swing state results whereby Mitt Romney and Obama would tie at 269 Electoral College votes apiece, which would then cause the newly elected House of Representatives to select the next president. [84]

Voter fraud is rampant in several States. Three kinds of cases have turned up. Will they decide the 2012 Presidential election? [85]

The overweight atheist and evolutionist Kim-Jong-un is executing his opponents by mortar round and persecuting tens of thousands of North Korean Christians in concentration camps.[86]

Christians are helping North Koreans flee to China.

Atheistic and evolution promoting North Korea has been described as "the weirdest place on earth".[87]

"Texas attorney general warns UN poll watchers to keep their distance," reminding them that they do not have any authority in the State. [88]

The "Inflationary Universe" was not a Big Bang but a Big Stretch. Exactly as the Bible says. [89]

Aggressively growing the market share of American biblical creation belief at the expense of Darwinism.[90]

What is the new goal of an aggressive biblical creationist group? Are they going to rob Peter to pay Paul or take away followers from Mr. Darwin?

Pro-life U.S. Senate candidate Richard Mourdock stands on principle, and refuses to cave in to the liberal media pressure to recant his statement that pregnancy after rape is still a gift from God. [91] Mitt Romney and other Republicans also refuse to cave in to the pro-aborts.

Record-breaking political ad spending in the swing states: Ohio: $177M, Florida: $174M, Virginia: $136M, and Colorado, $76M. [92] Meanwhile, Mitt Romney is personally campaigning in Nevada, another key state.

Within mere hours of Benghazi, Obama and Company knew who the real attackers were, and the emails prove it: [93]

Voter fraud, the means and ways of how to do it caught on video. [94]

Radicals at the White House get the red carpet: [95]

We now know that Barack Hussein Obama knew, or should have known, within two hours that the Benghazi attack was an act of terror. So why didn't he act? Might he have tried to set up a prisoner exchange? [96]

As Conservapedia predicted, the Obama campaign is trying to exploit an abortion-rape comment by Richard Mourdock, but the public is tiring of the Leftist demagoguery. [97]

How would Abraham Lincoln vote in the 2012 Presidential election? A side-by-side of his record with that of Barack Hussein Obama makes the answer obvious. [98]

Liberals in Seattle are doing their worst for voter fraud in Florida. Some people who voted Republican are getting bogus "official" letters threatening them with jail if they return to the voting booth: [99]

In tonight's Senate debate in Indiana, pro-life Richard Mourdock defends his opposition to abortion in cases of rape, saying that if there is a pregnancy (which is rare), then it must be something "God intended." [100] Will the Obama campaign, Karl Rove and RINO Backers try to exploit this issue, again?

The "King of Latin American creation evangelism" loves the Question evolution! campaign and is eager to get involved. [101]

Wait until millions of Latin Americans find out that Señor Charles Darwin was a gringo who was muy loco! See: Charles Darwin's illness. Olé! Olé! Olé!

The stock market plummets at a bad time for Obama: "Dow Skids Over 200, Led by DD; Apple Falls 3%." [102]

5-7 point lead for Mitt Romney, according to the latest polling by Gallup and Rasmussen. [103]

Two pillars of evolutionary belief and atheism are rickety and cracking severely.[104]

Evolutionists and atheists, are you ready for an axe to relentless hack away at the pillars of evolutionism and atheism in 2012 and 2013? [105] The axeman cometh!

Even the New York Times is flabbergasted by the glaring omissions in the final presidential debate: "NATO was not uttered ... and the euro and its crisis were not mentioned at all." [106]

PZ Myers proves Paul Kurtz, the father of secular humanism, was another atheist failure without a legacy.[107]

Success has many fathers, failure is an orphan. Kurtz died without leaving a legacy.

Book of Genesis liberates women in the Binumarien tribe of New Guinea.[108] Moses wrote the book of Genesis.[109]

God given liberty, Christianity and the rule of law are wonderful.[110] Atheism enslaves: Atheism and communism and Atheism and slavery

The real loser in the final presidential debate: the lamestream media. The moderator asked inane questions, referred to "Obama Bin Laden," and asked Mitt Romney a question about drones for which the candidates predictably had no disagreement. [111]

Mitt Romney wins big on substance and style in the final debate against Obama: for much of this debate Obama either stares, grim-faced, at Romney, or speaks in simplistic and repetitive ways.

The Mainstream Media now turns to panspermia as a theory of the origin of life. Really? When even the conventional scientists can't figure that out? A creationist explains why meteoroids that contain organic matter actually came from Earth to start with. [112]

The phony Senator Bob Casey, who insists on funding Planned Parenthood while falsely pretending not to be pro-abortion, faces an upset defeat by the pro-life Tom Smith in Pennsylvania, which could also cost Obama the national election. [113]

Liberal style: Obama wins 'interruption debate.' ... Obama cut off Romney in mid-sentence 36 times, while Romney cut off Obama 28 times. Moderator Candy Crowley, meanwhile, cut off Romney 23 times, compared to the 15 times she cut off Obama." [114]

A creation activist from Australia reminds us sharply: we cannot win the Pro-Life battle if we do not embrace children in our own lives. [115]

The swing state of Ohio maybe closer than you think for Mitt Romney in the U.S. presidential election. [116]

Mitt Romney has the momentum in the United States presidential election.[117][118]

The Barack Hussein Obama team is resorting to desperate measures.[119] If Obama is not re-elected, he will blame it on George W. Bush!

While ignoring the real War on Women, liberals forget that abortion goes against not only the Bible but also against reason and science. [120]

A new poll shows Republican Mitt Romney leading the U.S Presidential race in Pennsylvania, a state that Republicans had all but written off just weeks ago but which is now listed as a toss up by the Real Clear Politics website.[121]

Democratic strategist Bob Beckel says it is over for Barack Hussein Obama if Gallup's new national poll is correct. [122]

A Constitution Party official asks: what is America doing in the Middle East? More harm than good, maybe, for the people living there as well as ourselves? [123]

Liberal values: Drunk driving by teenagers is an enormous epidemic. The leading cause of death for those aged 16-19, fatal car crashes are often the result of teenage drinking. [124]

Another setback for liberal claptrap: after 79-years, Newsweek will end its print edition. Liberal spin loses popularity as Americans realize how biased the lamestream media has become.

How well supported is the Trinity in the Bible? Where can it be found? [125]

Promises made to a woman to encourage her to have an abortion are not enforceable: "there is no cause of action for terminating one's pregnancy and then regretting the decision due to subsequent events," a court ruled. [126]

Liberal Barack Obama: more talk in the debate than Mitt Romney, again, but less substance, again.[127]

Hillary Clinton, who won't begin running for president until next year, takes responsibility for the Libya scandal. [128] But will this liberal shell game rescue Obama's declining chances to be reelected now?

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