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'''[[Ken Cuccinelli]] observes that Justice [[Antonin Scalia]] is not [[conservative]] enough anymore'''. [http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/va-politics/cuccinelli-suggests-justice-scalia-isnt-conservative-enough/2013/01/29/698d4d12-6a56-11e2-af53-7b2b2a7510a8_story.html?wpisrc=emailtoafriend]  ''Cuccinelli is likely to defeat the [[liberal media]] and win the governorship of [[Virginia]], a key [[swing state]]''.
'''A [[Tea Party]] activists calls the [[Mainstream Media]] on two major reporting failures &ndash; including the [[Sandy Hook massacre]].''' Read it; it might surprise you. [http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2013/01/29/accountability/news-media/media-in-america-shameless-beyond-words/]
'''A [[Tea Party]] activists calls the [[Mainstream Media]] on two major reporting failures &ndash; including the [[Sandy Hook massacre]].''' Read it; it might surprise you. [http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2013/01/29/accountability/news-media/media-in-america-shameless-beyond-words/]

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Welcome to Conservapedia!

Ken Cuccinelli observes that Justice Antonin Scalia is not conservative enough anymore. [1] Cuccinelli is likely to defeat the liberal media and win the governorship of Virginia, a key swing state.

A Tea Party activists calls the Mainstream Media on two major reporting failures – including the Sandy Hook massacre. Read it; it might surprise you. [2]

In the battle over biblical authority there is a key position that is critical to hold against the enemy’s attack, and that position is the age of the earth. [3]

101 evidences for a young earth and universe.[4]

An analysis of Barack Hussein Obama's inauguration speech: [5]

Obama's tax increase causes consumer confidence to plummet to only 58.6, far below its value of 100 when Ronald Reagan was president. [6]

Round two: Battle of the sexes: Atheist feminism vs. atheist male chauvinism - Which will win? Jesus will be triumphant in 2013.[7]

The terrifying mindset of Hillary Rodham Clinton: [8]

The "hockey stick" hoaxter whines about the funding given to opponents of global warming. [9]

Battle of the sexes: Atheist feminism vs. "atheist male privilege" - Which will win? Does Jesus win again? [10]

Why does a butterfly have the face of a snake on its wings? Check out these examples [11] and ask yourself if it's either 1), the animals involved knew exactly what they were doing - which smacks of a higher intelligence - or 2), God created it.

Democrats in New Hampshire are siding with criminals over their victims: [12] Yes, the party of tolerance is going to make it illegal for citizens to defend themselves.

The hypocrisy of the baby killers: [13]

Liberals at their worst: the 12 "D's" of progressivism. [14]

The anti-gun, liberal Media Matters caught passing illegal guns around to protect their own. [15]

Bad news for atheists in France! The atheist Dr. Niles Barber is not going to like hearing this![16]

Vive le biblical creationism in France! Au revoir, Monsieur Charles Darwin![17]

Obama the has-been: the press is already more interested in Hillary Clinton and 2016; Obama is irritated by how quickly interest in him is fading. [18]

A student and fan of Creation Ministries International says: “I have actually found that I am acing biology (specifically evolution) because I seem to know more about it than my teachers.”[19]

Due to exponential growth of the Question evolution! campaign in 2013 and a number of Question Evolution! educational resources soon to be released, there are going to be a lot of stumped biology teachers and professors.[20]

America has an identity crisis: regarding the identity of Barack Hussein Obama. [21]

"Two flags, one God, no escape", by Bishop Bert [22]

Another liberal Senator announces he won't seek reelection, virtually ensuring that the next U.S. Senate elected in 2014 will be more conservative. [23] Few even know who Democrat Tom Harkin is, but his self-centered statement is classic liberal claptrap: "To tell you that it's easy to walk away from that kind of position and power (!!!), that would be a lie."

Greatest Conservative Sports Star Novak Djokovic wins the Australian Open, and then kneels to do the Sign of the Cross in glory to God. [24] But notice how most news stories omit that.

Finally, a housing complex for small people - the Napoleon Complex! [25] See also: Militant atheism and short man's syndrome

A young earth creationist tag team dream team of Dr. Carl Wieland, Dr. Jonathan Sarfati and Lita Cosner take on young earth doubters with grace and ease.[26]

Liberal media in action: a mere few thousand marchers on gun control on Saturday receive more lamestream media attention than 500,000 marchers against abortion on Friday. [27] Fair and balanced???

Aging population among union members will erode public school indoctrination into Darwinism.[28]

A UK professor's prediction of the rise of the rise of the American pro-life movement is occuring. American creationism is seeing a lift in support also.[29]

Is the Bible anti-abortion?[30]

The increasingly irrelevant Fox News Channel continues to drift away from the conservative movement, this time by dropping Sarah Palin. [31] Hey, maybe Fox will hire Hillary Clinton to replace her???

The March for Life Friday confirmed that hundreds of thousands of teenagers will brave the bitter cold to stand up against abortion. The future is pro-life indeed. For details, including video from inside the march: [32]

Occupy Wall Street failed![33]

Sign the petition to stop Darwin Day from being officially recognized by the U.S government.[34]

The organizers of the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show ruined it this year. They banned certain types of gun from the show. Result: more than one-third of the intended exhibitors boycotted the show, forcing Reed Expositions to cancel it. Read here for full details: [35]

"What difference does it make?" asks Hillary Clinton. Here's what difference it makes. [36]

A documentary film entitled Martyred in the USSR which covers the persecution of Christians and Jews under militant atheism is being released in October of 2013.[37]

In order to cover production costs, they are seeking donations and funding.[38]

A trailor of the movie is available at: Martyred in the USSR

Apple's stock drops 10%, as its gimmickry begins to fade. [39] Turn to what never fades: the Bible.

A BBC documentary on the creationism "conspiracy" fails.[40]

Why was the film crew so hostile and afraid to interview scientists who doubt evolution?

Not even the singing of the National Anthem by Obama's performer was real at the inauguration: "She did not actually sing," confirmed U.S. Marine Band spokeswoman Kristen DuBois about Beyonce, who reportedly lip-synched her own voice. [41]

Another valuable history lesson about the Second Amendment and our right of self defense. [42]

Not a joke: liberal Joe Biden is preparing to run for president. [43] Well, at least he doesn't always read from a teleprompter!

Fraud, lies, and deceit in Doe v. Bolton, the other half of the decision that "legalized" abortion. [44]

A lawyer gives a needed lesson in Constitutional law as it applies to Barack Obama. Hint: he is not a natural born citizen. [45]

Life: an insurmountable problem for atheism. [46]

40 years of Roe v. Wade: The "pro-abortion generation of the 1970’s got it wrong. In attempting to correct gender ... they set into motion the ultimate act of discrimination – abortion. Instead of glorifying motherhood, they pitted the mother against her child, creating an endless cycle of selfishness, pain, and deceit."

How the Gospel of John tells us that Jesus is God: What it means to us, by Bishop Bert [47]

Russia gives a big NYET to homosexuality. Russia moves to enact anti-homosexuality law nationwide [48]

Why is Andrew Cuomo so outraged over guns? After all, abortion kills far many more children than gunfire ever did. [49]

This is pathetic: Tom Brady, favorite of the lamestream media, is humiliated by the Ravens and resorted to a dirty tactic as he slid in cowardice. [50] The NFL needs Tim Tebow more than ever.

Best of the public sends the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl, with adoption success story QB Colin Kaepernick having another stellar game and Gore (Frank, not Al) gaining yardage. [51]

Conservapedians look forward to hearing the pro-life truths of Alveda King, niece of the Rev. Martin Luther King. [52] Will you be attending the March for Life this year?

"I have no use for money. This is God’s work," declares Bill Gates.[53] Wait, wasn't Gates supposed to be an atheist???

MSNBC reports Creationism spreading in American schools thanks to vouchers; teacher's unions receive another big loss. Creationists are expanding outreach to young people in 2013. [54]

The lamestream media print thousands of words about the passing away Saturday of baseball great Stan Musial, yet no mention of how he was a devout Catholic.

Pop goes the Darwinism higher education indoctrination bubble evolutionist weasels! [55]

"...18% of 165 private universities and 15% of 127 public universities project a decline in net tuition revenue… Nearly half of the schools surveyed...reported enrollment declines this fall".

"Moody's downgraded its outlook for all of higher education, issuing an across-the-board negative verdict." [56] Liberal promotion of the Worst College Majors has led to inevitable decline.

Helping to collapse Darwinism with Germanic efficiency means never having to say you're sorry. [57]

Little interest in Obama's inauguration: "organizers were still trying to get at least two restaurants ... on the inaugural parade route to be rented out," and many do not want to donate. [58]

"ACLU drops challenge to Kansas abortion law," after a court had issued a key ruling against the attempt to overturn the good law. [59]

"Where is Larry McDonald: the credible reports until 1995" by Bishop Bert [60]

Governor Chris Christie says the NRA was "reprehensible" in their advertising??? He doesn't seem to know the meaning of the word. [61]

The New York Times "wrote about the Fighting Irish linebacker Manti Te’o’s girlfriend at least five times in recent months." [62] How many other hoaxes does the Times write about??

No surprise here: Lance Armstrong "didn't seem contrite. ... Armstrong didn't so much engage in the interview as endure it." [63] When someone doesn't believe in God, then it's very one-dimensional indeed.

When will American and European Darwinism collapse? How fast will they collapse?[64]

The benefits of a worldwide coalition of creationist organizations and creationists will be seen in 2013. [65]

This is pathetic: Obama cannot even persuade enough Senate Democrats to support his demands for gun control. [66] Maybe Obama can find support in communist countries???

Religious researchers say there will be approximately 4,000,000 less atheists in the world and about 352,969,000 more Christians in the world by 2025.[67]

Also, the New Atheism movement is in decline. [68]

Is the United Nations UN-American? A Tea Party activist shows why. [69]

Liberal claptrap of global warming has consequences: "Britain is braced for 40 hours of snow with icy winds as gas companies warn that tens of thousands of people will see their heating fail." [70] What, wind turbines won't be enough???

"As many as 100 hostages are being held" and "there may be seven or eight Americans among them" in Algeria. [71] Some hostages have been freed.

A desperate Facebook evolutionist engages in denialism. Unable to refute the clear evidence for creation and adequately address the 15 questions for evolutionists. [72]


A creation vs. evolution debate challenge gauntlet is thrown down!

An aside: Why are many young people obsessed with Facebook doing poorer in school?[73]

Robert S., who is a grassroots supporter of the Question evolution! campaign. wants a "coordinated Question Evolution! Day." Question Evolution! Day will be held on February 12. 2013.[74]

Watch this video: Question Evolution! Day - February 12, 2013.

Bad news for the future of liberal claptrap about global warming: "Satellite-based temperature readings more accurate" than surface thermometers, and temperatures in 2012 in "Europe, Asia and Australia ... were cooler than average." [75]

A learned man lays out the history of the decline of America under Progressivism and Progressive Presidents, from Wilson to Obama. He then suggests that Israel might redeem America at the end. [76]

Second GOP congressman suggests impeachment over executive action for gun control. [77]

Obama issues 23 executive orders to impose gun control, "in an effort to go around Congress wherever possible." [78]

"A. Lincoln, few words/E. Everett, many words. E. Everett who?" by Bishop Bert [79]

In 2013, Germanic efficiency will be employed to advance anti-Darwinism and young earth creationism.[80]

Evolutionists, have you ever seen a BMW on the autobahn? Get out of the way! Young earth creationism will stop for no man!

Will God-denier Lance Armstrong apologize to those he sought to destroy "for the simple fact that they told the truth about him"? [81] Less liberal denial by the lamestream media would also be welcome.

A germ with seven motors in one! Over the last two decades, scientists have uncovered some of the amazing machinery in microscopic living cells.[82]

An activist calls on county sheriffs to do their Constitutional duty. [83]

"Love those smoothies now, liberals? " [84]

What? Liberal journalists who are proudly anti-gun don't want signs on their property advertizing that? [85]

Conservapedia proven right, again: God-denier Lance Armstrong, overpromoted by liberals but recognized as an Overrated Sports Star here, finally admits what he denied for years about doping. [86]

Colin Powell stripped off his mask before the Mainstream Media last Sunday. The results were ugly as sin. [87]

Another Christian YouTube creationist (Hugenex2000) and creationist blogger joins the Question evolution! campaign.[88]

He is an American creationist personally referred to the campaign by the prominent Canadian creationist Ian Juby! Worldwide cooperation among creationists is building just like Ian Juby predicted![89]

Launching and managing the world's largest grassroots campaign against the weak ideology of Darwinism. [90]

Members of the discovery engine StumbleUpon have recommended Conservapedia's abortion article.[91]

How many people will be made aware of Conservapedia's abortion article due to the expansion of Conservapedia Pro-life Project in 2013?

The Mainstream Media have just stepped in it. The first burglary has already happened to someone on an interactive map of all gun permit holders in his county. What will the liberal lions have to say about this? [92]

In the Aaron Swartz tragedy, "the government took the position that any guilty plea by Swartz must include guilty pleas for all 13 charges and the possibility of jail time .... Otherwise the government would take the case to trial and seek a sentence of at least seven years." [93]
So why aren't Democrats criticizing the Obama Administration more about this overzealous prosecution, rather than focusing on MIT??

Best of the public quarterback Colin Kaepernick -- an adoption success story -- breaks records in leading the 49ers to a huge victory. [94]

Our prayers are for the family and friends of Aaron Swartz, who was reportedly being victimized by a "disproportionately aggressive and punitive" federal prosecution that sought an imprisonment of decades and a $1 million fine for making scholarly journal articles available to the public. [95]

Which law officer stands between "King" Obama and his goal of dictatorship? The sheriff. An activist calls on citizens to vote for "Constitutional" sheriffs. [96]

Conservapedia proven right in predicting that Tim Tebow's replacement by Overrated Sports Star Peyton Manning was a mistake. Manning threw two interceptions to enable a weaker opponent to win, in a game Tebow won last year against a stronger team. [97]

"Possible NYT layoffs rattle media." [98] People aren't buying liberal claptrap as much anymore.

Setback for liberal denial: Lance Armstrong, promoted by God-deniers, will reportedly finally tell the truth. [99]

Largest pro-evolution website gives key information on defeating Eastern European Darwinism.[100]

Christian creationism vs. Islamic creationism - Christian creationism will win! [101]

Jesus and Creation Ministries International vs. Allah and Adnan Oktar - Jesus and Creation Ministries International wins!


London Darwinism is falling down, falling down, falling down. My fair lady! [102]

Remember atheists, staunch UK atheists converted to Christianity in 2012.[103] Atheism is weak. There is really no match between biblical Christianity and atheism.

Cut your risk of catching the flu this flu season by about 50%.[104]

Is it becoming impossible for a conservative to get a fair chance in the increasingly liberal NFL? Reports emerge that the New York Jets never gave Tim Tebow a real chance in practice, and now his hometown Jacksonville team makes an unusual announcement indicating they won't give him a chance either. [105]

The gun control battle got a little hotter this week. See how hot: [106]

Why the fiscal cliff deal solved nothing, and the true goal of the Obama administration. [107]

Dr. John Lennox pummuled the agnostic Richard Dawkins in a debate. A review of his new book.[108]

Lennox vs. Dawkins debate.[109]

Liberal double standard: After campaigning for months pretending there is a "War on Women," Obama appoints only white men to top Cabinet positions. [110] If Mitt Romney had done that, the liberal media would be howling in protest.

BBC forced to admit global warming "static": [111]

Mark Twain once said that there are lies, d____d lies, and statistics. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the gun control debate. [112]

Conservapedia proven right, again: The fifth straight loss by the 15-20 L.A. Lakers -- who feature two Overrated Sports Stars -- virtually ensures they will not even make the playoffs. [113] Maybe the Obama Administration can appoint the liberal has-beens to posts?

The YouTube Christian Djw0071 asks evolutionists: "Can evolution explain mind?"[114]

Judging from the mindlessness claptrap of evolutionists, it doesn't appear as if it can!

Three days of hearings about Young Mass Murderer James Holmes, yet not a word about "why": [115]. The public should learn how much time he was spending playing video games.

A Question evolution! campaign blog has now received over 300,000 page views. Why is belief in biblical creationism poised for tremendous growth? [116]

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. A parental rights activists warns of a double threat: from the United States government and the United Nations. [117]

Values do matter ... even to some members of the media (baseball writers): Steroids-era baseball stars denied election to the Hall of Fame. [118] You won't find any of them on our list of Greatest Conservative Sports Stars, either.

As the Federal Gun Control Task Force ramps up its bully pulpit activities, it's worth remembering how gun control got started, and why the Constitution still forbids it. [119]

Conservatives run negative ads against RINO Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell due to his fiscal cliff deal. [120] McConnell is up for reelection in 2014.

Why is young earth creationism so exciting and atheism so boring? Why is the young earth creationist Rachel McDonald so excited?[121]

The web traffic of Creation.com is being ramped up before the release of the much anticipated Question Evolution! Campaign book for middle school students. [122]

Will the all-out-assault on evolutionary belief occur in 2013?[123]

How fast is the world’s population growing? [124]

When you do the figures, it confirms the biblical truth that everyone on Earth today is a descendant of Noah’s sons and daughters-in-law.[125]

Dr. Jonathan Sarfati: Firefly lanterns inspire LED lenses. [126]

The liberal media go along with the communist cover-up about Hugo Chavez, despite how he likely died in a Cuban hospital in December. [127]

The Second Amendment does let private citizens arm themselves as well as the government. And for good, solid historical reasons. [128]

Sports commentator who questioned RG3's "blackness" is not being renewed by ESPN. RG3, a phenomenal black quarterback, is rumored to be a Republican -- but does that detract from his "blackness"??? [129]

"The Courage of sticking to it: On the March with the IDF" [130]

"The equine name for liberal stupidity" [131]

You guys voted for it!
Obama supporters are in a state of shock: their paychecks just got smaller. [132] They shouldn't be so angry. After all, they wanted it this way.

The "cleansing" of Elizabeth Warren's Wikipedia page: [133] "The net result of this effort is that there no longer is a Cherokee Controversy subsection, and the entire discussion of Elizabeth Warren’s claim to be Cherokee are three sentences meant to present Warren in the most favorable light possible"

RG3, the star rookie quarterback who publicly thanks God during NFL games, was done a disservice by his own coach. [134]

Fox News pundits try to push the Republican Party further away from social conservatism, by overhyping Chuck Hagel and foreign policy. [135]

Democrats seek to hike taxes by $1 trillion this year. [136]

Inefficient government regulations and "tree huggers" are causing an explosion of the deer population in Mississippi. There is now one deer for everyone one-and-a-half people in Mississippi and the deer are moving into populated areas.[137]

On a related note, the recognized degradation of the deer genome is in the opposite direction (i.e. downhill) to what’s needed for primordial sludge to have supposedly turned into a series of other organisms which turned into deer.[138]

NCAA champion wrestler Congressman Jim Jordan -- one of the Greatest Conservative Sports Stars -- criticizes the irresponsible fiscal cliff deal: "This is crazy. It's about time we cut up the credit card." [139]

In addition to Roman parallels, Communist parallels, especially to their utopian promises, are useful to remember. [140]

Obama's Religion shines in his pick of Chuck Hagel to be the next Secretary of Defense, to the ire of Democrats, neocons, and homosexual agenda backers. [141] Hagel voted against the Iraq War and has criticized homosexuality.

Liberal claptrap: the lamestream media use the upcoming Notre Dame-Alabama championship game as an opportunity to publish criticism of conservative social values held by the Catholic Church. [142]

Conservapedia proven right, tragically: "Connecticut town to burn violent video games as Sandy Hook returns to school." [143] Yet liberal denial about the harm of video games continues.

Chinese atheists/Darwinist leaders are getting even more desperate. Arrests and detentions of Christians was up 130% in 2012.[144]

China's communist leader Chairman Mao Zedong is known to have regarded Charles Darwin and his disciple Thomas Huxley as his two favorite authors.[145]

Complacent, egotistical and unrealistic evolutionists vs. hardworking, humble and realistic creationists - biblical creationism will continue to prevail in the world.[146]

"Equine Assisted Psychotherapy": Christendom needs to stop horsing around with homosexuality and rip out pro-homosexuality ideology at its roots.[147]

But there is one thing for certain partner, John Wayne was not gay!

A chilling side-by-side of factors at work in ancient Rome before its fall, and America today. [148]

Leave it to a liberal Democrat to spout off on the need for everyone else to pay higher taxes, while avoiding them himself. [149]

Gun control in Obama's back yard means a sky-rocketing homicide rate, including five murders this year alone. And it's only January 4th! [150]

"Note to Conservatives: Never Stop Fighting for Individual Liberty." [151]


A Question evolution! campaign online forum is now fully up and will be filled to the brim with people committed to defeating Darwinism.[152]

Pulling out all the stops in the Question evolution! campaign in 2013 and helping Creation.com break the Alexa 40,000 barrier by January 1, 2014.[153]

Evolutionists, mark down the date of January 1, 2014 on your calendars!

Why has suicide increased exponentially throughout the world? [154]

One thing for certain - biblical Christianity, young earth creationism and conservatism are not causing the increase! Excellent graph showing church involvement rates and suicide rates.

"So easy, a caveman did it!" [155]

Communist Hugo Chavez may be "kept alive by life support machines" and might be "in an induced coma in Cuba." [156] Or, similar to the liberal denial about Fidel Castro, Chavez may have died last month and leftists are lying in saying he's alive.

"The Russian ramming attempt and three brave sailors: The hunt for KAL 007" by Bishop Bert [157]

The gun control battle is joined. Those who disdain the Second Amendment throw civility to the four winds, while the people arm themselves. [158]

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey and Representative Peter King of New York shouldn't be so outraged over the Hurricane Sandy funding bill. It was indeed loaded with pork, the relief money would never have flowed right away, and besides, each man could have done more about the situation, but hasn't. [159]

Compromise often produces tragic results, and will again this time. So says this Tea Party activist. [160]

Are communists resorting again to liberal denial, as they have about Fidel Castro? Hugo Chavez "has not been seen or heard from since a Dec. 11 surgery for an undisclosed type of cancer." [161]

2013 is starting off to be a BAD year for Darwinism. Study shows that the world's biggest pro-evolution website is driving away newcomer editors. Also, a video shows that the evolutionists at Wikipedia are clowns! [162]

A liberal columnist is so full of hate for supporters of the Second Amendment that he proposes killing them. [163]

About 77% of American households will face higher federal taxes in 2013 under the agreement negotiated between President Obama and Senate Republicans, estimates the Tax Policy Center, a nonpartisan Washington research group. [164]

Using your God-given talents in 2013. [165]

"CBO: 'Fiscal cliff' deal carries $4 trillion price tag over next decade." [166] Government spending will actually increase under the deal, which also increases taxes.

The final installment in the "Obamacare Dead on Arrival" series. [167]

Homosexuality is reportedly on the increase in Kabwe, Zambia and residents have called on police to curb the vice. Night club owners are being asked to bar a group of known sodomites from entering their premises before people’s morals are compromised.[168]

Eight questions to any person who advocates gun control as a way to keep society "safe." [169]

"Fiscal cliff deal meets resistance in GOP House"; Rand Paul voted against it in the U.S. Senate. [170]

A lawyer sets out a documented case: Barack Hussein Obama is not a natural born citizen. Nor can Congress arbitrarily make him one. [171]

As the NFL demands more political correctness – refusing to play Tim Tebow and having "moments of silence" rather than prayer – its television ratings decline. [172] Why bother watching its liberal style playoffs?

"Becoming anti-abortion: a personal odyssey" by Bishop Bert [173]

A reply to the gun control agenda. [174]

Pro-life movement continues to advance: Texas court rejects attempt to block Texas law defunding Planned Parenthood. [175]

A troubling disdain for success: "The left in this country — aided by the old-guard press — is peddling the fallacy that all our economic woes are the result of the wealthy not paying their fair share of taxes. Financially successful people are vilified as the new enemy of the middle class. We were a happier people when as a nation we admired success and emulated the successful. Striving for something better was an equal-opportunity aspiration. The political right can’t seem to overcome its crippling public relations deficiency and rekindle our national ethos. Merely surviving is not a way to live and certainly not the American way of life." [176]

A family-owned American company takes the same stand that Saint Peter, and Saint Paul after him, had to take. [177] While a Tea Party activist writes a legal analysis that the lawyers for this company might use. [178]

Time, eternity and the beginning of the universe. [179]

As the fiscal cliff negotiations stall, "Obama governs 'like a visitor from a morally superior civilization,'" observes the New York Times columnist David Brooks. [180]

The Obama-supported change in Egypt has resulted in a collapse of the value of its currency: "Egypt pound hits record low under new currency regime." [181]

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