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(Obama's "credibility 'in tatters' over Egypt crisis," but the lamestream media will never admit it.)
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'''A [[Tea Party]] activist challenges three of the most prominent [[conservative]]s in the [[media]] to come to grips with whether [[Barack Hussein Obama]] is, or is not, a [[natural born citizen]] of the [[United States]].''' [http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2013/08/16/constitution/constitution-and-citizenship-challenge/]
'''[[Obama]]'s "credibility 'in tatters' over [[Egypt]] crisis,"''' but the [[lamestream media]] will never admit it. [http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-23721918]
'''A [[Tea Party]] activist challenges three of the most prominent [[conservative]]s in the [[media]]''' to come to grips with whether [[Barack Hussein Obama]] is, or is not, a [[natural born citizen]] of the [[United States]].[http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2013/08/16/constitution/constitution-and-citizenship-challenge/]
'''Are [[Mark Levin]]'s proposed [[Liberty]] Amendments to the [[Constitution of the United States]] worth risking an Article V convention to put into force?''' Herewith a decision analysis. [http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2013/08/16/constitution/liberty-amendments-a-decision-analysis/]
'''Are [[Mark Levin]]'s proposed [[Liberty]] Amendments to the [[Constitution of the United States]] worth risking an Article V convention to put into force?''' Herewith a decision analysis. [http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2013/08/16/constitution/liberty-amendments-a-decision-analysis/]

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Obama's "credibility 'in tatters' over Egypt crisis," but the lamestream media will never admit it. [1]

A Tea Party activist challenges three of the most prominent conservatives in the media to come to grips with whether Barack Hussein Obama is, or is not, a natural born citizen of the United States.[2]

Are Mark Levin's proposed Liberty Amendments to the Constitution of the United States worth risking an Article V convention to put into force? Herewith a decision analysis. [3]

The Obama Administration broke privacy rules thousands of times each year, and even violated a court order. [4]

Obama supported overthrowing Egypt's stable government in 2011, and the result is a bloody civil war with 638 fatalities so far. [5] Secretary of State John Kerry was secretly vacationing off Nantucket as this tragedy began 7 weeks ago.

Facebook Failure: The number one social networking site is strongly associated with declines in well-being. [6]

Your liberal Michigan Teachers Union: rape the kid, victimize the parents. Outrage is the word, as parents who wanted justice against a pedophile in the classroom are themselves attacked by his supporters. [7][8]

92% of American federal government workers don't want ObamaCare.[9]

"Obama Zombies: Stuck on Stupid" [10]

"Bring them Home 2013" Are some of the passengers of KAL-007 still alive? [11]

Norway is making a poltically right turn.[12]

English settlement – a history. [13]

The writing is on the wall: Godless progressivism will not be dominant in the USA's future.[14] Also, the data is in, Señor PZ Myers lacks machismo!

A Danish newspaper quoted Irish solar expert Ian Elliott predicting that lower levels of sunspot activity over the next few years “indicates that we may be on the path to a new little ice age.”[15]

"The hypocrisy of liberal clowns" [16]

53% of people in Georgia believe in creationism over Darwinism. Also, the pre-editing for the Question evolution! campaign book for middle school students is drawing to a close.[17]

Has Barack H. Obama taken to imitating Herod Agrippa I? A little boy speaks of him as if he were God. How dangerous is that? [18]

The failure of Obamacare leads to conservative gains in the U.S. Senate: Republican Tom Cotton moves ahead of Dem Mark Pryor in Arkansas. [19]

"Cherry-picking adultery" [20]

"Gay couple seeks spousal privilege protection in Kentucky murder trial." [21] Maybe gay marriage isn't a great idea after all.

Texas takes up textbooks – and talks up Intelligent Design. And the evolutionists hate it. What's the real issue in that debate? [22]

The Bible vs. secular Egyptian chronology. The Bible wins hands down.[23]

The atheist "chaplain" oxymoron: [24] Includes a very interesting video.

Failed, empty public schools create crime hazard for Chicago neighborhoods. [25]

Liberal denial about the failure of ObamaCare: "people are actually enthusiastically embracing the law," an Obama Administration official claims. [26]

The cold summer is hurting business in the United States, but it is a welcome reprieve for Iraqis used to summers that are much hotter. [27]

Obama administration asserts broad surveillance powers. The Obama administration on Friday asserted a bold and broad power to collect the phone records of millions of Americans in order to search for a nugget of information that might thwart a terrorist attack. In a 22-page “white paper,” the Justice Department for the first time detailed its legal rationale for a massive National Security Agency data collection program that it claimed is both constitutional and subject to federal oversight. [28]

The unconventional activist Bradlee Dean warns of the parallels between America today, Nazi Germany, and Communist Russia. [29]

Middle East Christians still under attack by radical Muslims.[30]

The Sacramento Bee reports that the direct pay model is a growing trend among physicians. Doctors report slashing their bills in half while improving patient care. [31]

Dr. Jane Orient of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons says ObamaCare will help fuel "assembly line medicine" where patients are quickly ushered out of their medical office visits.[32]

Under the Constitution of the United States, taxes are supposed to be uniform. That means they must apply to everyone. So why do they not apply to Members of Congress and their employees? [33]

Barack Hussein Obama plans taxpayer funded elitist vacation in a upscale community amidst many Americans being out of work.[34] See: Barack Obama and liberal elitism and Barack Obama and uncharitableness

Stopping big government's destruction of America. No matter what the issue, politicians grab it, dividing the populace and chipping off yet another little piece of our freedom to determine our lives. This is correlated to democracy, and democracy certainly reinforces it; but democracy is only the easiest and stealthiest path to tyranny; it isn’t the only path. [35]

In Russia, "the number of people who consider homosexuality either 'licentiousness' or 'a sickness or result of some psychological trauma' rose from 68 percent in 1998 to 78 percent in 2013."[36]

Liberals' war on energy is massacring bald eagles with the inefficient wind farms. [37]

Ray Comfort has unleashed his Evolution vs. God video on YouTube.[38] Will Comfort's anti-Darwinism video go over the 4 million mark like his anti-abortion video the 180 video?[39]

Your Facebook Follies. While Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is speaking out on the "right" of more and more illegals to break into this country[40], a Florida man murders his wife and posts his crime - with photos - on Zuckerberg's creation: [41]

"The Devil's Little Details" [42]

The homosexual agenda controls Obama so much that he said gays should not be discriminated against in the "track," "swimming pool," and "balance beam" events at the upcoming Winter Olympics in Russia. [43] It's a mistake for Obama to speak without reading from a teleprompter.

A Detailed List of Curious Coincidences in President Obama’s Life. [44] "Coincidences Seem To Go Only One Way For Obama."

How does one define terrorism? Can a government be guilty of it? [45]

"Say it's not so - the leaves are changing color"! [46] The global warming hoax is again disproved by nature.

The spotlight is on New Jersey for a special United States Senate race. [47]

This is pathetic: a liberal senator harasses 300 companies by sending letters to them demanding their position on "stand your ground" laws. [48]

The Benghazi coverup continues. What were dozens of CIA agents doing there? [49]

"The Internal Server Error: Evidence of Liberal Failure" [50]

As an American, I question the US travel alerts and embassy closures. We've seen this before where US presidents cite terrorism concerns in an effort to win back public opinion. [51]

Astronomy gives a range of dates for the Global Flood. Details on how it was done. [52][53][54]

Billionaire environmentalist tries to elect a liberal as governor of Virginia. [55]

"And God Created Cactus" [56]

"Poor attendance at Obamacare event in Virginia." [57]

Conservatives Rand Paul and Ted Cruz outpace Paul Ryan in their calls to defund the failed ObamaCare. [58]

July 2013, yet another thorn in the side of Global Warming propaganda. "The Arctic this year experienced its shortest summer on record." [59]

Must America start sending missionaries to her own cities? A Tea Party activist says yes. [60]

"Jesus not only saves; it turns out he also sells," admits the Los Angeles Times in its review of a controversial new book about Jesus that is the #1 Amazon bestseller. [61]

For more than 237 years of history, men have had the courage to die for their country. Today, how many have the courage to live for it? [62]

Conservative Rand Paul blames older RINOs for their unpopularity with young people; Paul says Republican gains are possible by supporting support internet freedom and fairness in the criminal justice system. [63]

Despite the efforts of Russian police and prosecutors, Protestantism keeps growing in Russia.[64] In Siberia, there are believed to be more Protestants in church on Sunday mornings than Russian Orthodox.

Russia, fed up with how Obama pushes the homosexual agenda against it, thumbs its nose back by granting temporary asylum to Obama's nemesis. [65]

What makes the new atheists of today any different from the atheists of the former USSR? Rick Schenker, president of Ratio Christi, writing on Martyred in the USSR: Militant Atheism in the former Soviet Union, explains that the two are separated only on the basis of political power.[66]

Theistic evolutionists who claim Christianity and evolution are compatible: Creation Ministries International wants your help. Can you show them anywhere in Scripture where they can read the term millions or billions of years?[67]

What does the phrase enemy of the state conjure up? Re-read the Declaration of Independence and apply the "He has..." clauses to Barack Hussein Obama. The comparison might surprise you. [68]

"The Greatest Phoney America's Ever Known," by Ted Nugent: [69]

A study of the Conquistadors of Latin America – and the first missionaries to America. [70]

Why is self-defense a surprise to some? "George Zimmerman armed when stopped for speeding in Texas, report says." [71]

Have Republican Party leaders become a "Trojan elephant" in the fortress of conservatism? [72]

"Life in Otisburg" [73]

"Teens Lose Out on Important Summer Jobs as Older Workers Fill Their Spots." [74]

Who has really ruined race relations in America? [75]

Liberal media make much ado about nothing (again), and even CNN admits that the Pope's remarks about homosexuality are not different from the Church's teachings against it. [76]

More Doctors Steer Clear of Medicare. Dr. Madrigal-Dersch, president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, points out the inflexibility of Medicare. [77]

New York Times economic columnist Paul Krugman, one of Barack Hussein Obama’s earliest supporters, recently wrote, “We’re still very much living through … a low-grade depression.”[78]

International surveys are now showing America's international image is slipping.[79] Also, Forbes declares: "With Its Foreign Policy, The Obama Administration Is Turning Hypocrisy Into An Art Form."[80]

President Barack Hussein Obama's "job performance rating has plummeted 10 points in solidly blue California since February, an across-the-board decline that is steepest among his most fervent backers, according to the latest survey by the Field Poll."[81] Et tu, Californians?

The Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences journal recently published a study linking abortion with depression and anxiety disorders including post-traumatic stress disorder. [82]

The future: more than 3 million, mostly teenagers, attend the Pope's Mass in Brazil. [83] Compare that with the paltry number who attend atheism events!

The top 20 universities in the latest U.S. News & World Report rankings are all private institutions. [84] Once again, capitalism triumphs over socialism.

"Let's starve a giraffe for science!" [85]

Researchers at Bowling Green State University found that excess weight negatively affects one's ability to be accepted into graduate schools.[86] See also: Atheism and obesity and Atheism and education and Obese atheists and academia

A Tea Party activist writes a heartfelt open letter to Boards of Education everywhere in the country: stop Common Core! [87]

From communism to free market prosperity: Cuban pitcher Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez signs a $60 million contract with the Philadelphia Phillies. [88] He defected from Cuba where everyone makes only $20 per month and the government lies by claiming that Fidel Castro is still alive, despite not being seen leaving a hospital with a fatal condition seven years ago.

Liberal pressure builds for Obama to pull the U.S. out of the upcoming Winter Olympics in Russia. Not because of Edward J. Snowden, but because of a far higher priority for liberals: Russia passed legislation against the homosexual agenda. [89]

On the education front: an activist cites the Tenth Amendment to tell the federal government: get out of education! [90]

Say WHAT? The government asking for user passwords from private Internet companies? No joke. [91]

After years of voting for more government spending, RINO Mitch McConnell has a conservative primary opponent who could defeat the liberal Republican. [92]

5 questions for evolutionists about bigger and more frequent Christian attacks on Darwinism. Also, atheism expected to shrink to 1.8% of world population by 2020. Agnosticism expected to shrink to 8.9% of the global population by 2020.[93]

A recent study of moon rocks calls into question the present lunar formation theory.[94]

Report: Eric Snowden planning to stay in Russia, given documents to leave airport. [95]

Good news for Worst College Majors students: Dem-controlled Senate caps interest rates on crushing college debt at 8.25% for undergrads and 9.5% for grad students! [96]

Did pride get the better of Christopher Columbus in the New World? [97]

"Obama Judicial Nominee Calls Abstinence Education ‘Unconstitutional.’" [98]

90% of the world is expected to be religious by 2020. Renewalist Christianity is expected to grow almost twice as fast as global Christianity. Also, American agnosticism will fold like an accordion.[99]

More Americans View Blacks As Racist Than Whites or Hispanics.[100] Also, Barack Obama's Impact on Race Relations in America.[101]

Dinosaur skin discoveries befuddle evolutionists.[102] Why are they so surprised? The earth is only about 6,000 years old.[103]

ObamaCare and the 2016 election.VIDEO

George Zimmerman helps rescue a family from a vehicle wreck.[104][105] Meanwhile, liberals launch an enormous amount of death threats to both George Zimmerman and his attorney.[106]

Christian Post - Study: World is turning more religious; atheism declining. Also, the battle of the sexes will continue within the atheist community. [107]

"Making Thugs Safe from "Stand-Your-Ground" Laws" [108] And deliberately dividing the country in the process. [109]

Dr. Jane Orient, a spokeswoman for the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons discusses a survey which indicates that doctors plan to retire earlier due to ObamaCare. [110]

Buckeye Firearms Association is raising funds to buy George Zimmerman a new gun.[111][112]

Trayvon Martin had a history of drugs, truancy, graffiti and carrying a burglary tool along with a bag of women's jewelry. Shortly before he attacked George Zimmerman, he referred to Mr. Zimmerman using the racist epithet "creepy a** cracker".[113]

Since 1940, there is a lot of stability in America as far as church attendance and belief in the existence of God.[114]

Conservative Ken Cuccinelli mops the floor with his liberal opponent in the big debate Saturday for governor of Virginia: "'So run for governor in Mississippi,' Cuccinelli cracked, to laughs." [115]

The 15 Most Annoying Things About American Culture. [116] To be a great nation once again, we must rid ourselves of these destructive subcultures.

Reddit shoves its atheism sub-reddit in the closet where it belongs. Says it was not "up to snuff".[117]

Atheist Hemant Mehta says this will hamper internet atheism.

How deep does support for the Obama administration really run? Maybe not very deep at all. Mostly Mainstream Media organs, atheists, and the rest of the liberal rogues' gallery. [118]

More self-centered liberal claptrap: rather than saying something meaningful, Obama declares that "Trayvon Martin could have been me!" Does that mean George Zimmerman could have been, for example, Marco Rubio???

Liberal Detroit files for bankruptcy, which no major American city has ever done before. [119]

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