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(Conservapedia proven right, again: Charles Barkley confirms that Overrated Sports Star LeBron James does not even rank in Barkley's top five.)
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'''[[Conservapedia proven right]], again''': [[Charles Barkley]] confirms that [[Overrated Sports Star]] [[LeBron James]] does not even rank in Barkley's top five. [http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/nba/news/20131028/charles-barkley-on-lebron-james-kobe-bryant-jason-collins/]
'''Reminder''': clocks are set back one hour early Sunday (except in a few locations).
'''Reminder''': clocks are set back one hour early Sunday (except in a few locations).

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Conservapedia proven right, again: Charles Barkley confirms that Overrated Sports Star LeBron James does not even rank in Barkley's top five. [1]

Reminder: clocks are set back one hour early Sunday (except in a few locations).

It's not all bad news about liberals. In fact, one of them - Kathleen Sebelius - gets the perfect gift: [2]

Nine abortion clinics close in Texas as the 30-mile rule takes effect there. [3] The tide has turned against the pro-aborts.

More re-evaluation of Chris Christie of New Jersey, on housing, gun control, and wasteful environmental demo projects. [4]

The Mainstream Media and its "useful idiots," as Vladimir Lenin called them. [5]

A 23-year-old goes on a shooting spree at Los Angeles airport, killing one and injuring many others. [6] Was this tragic rampage inspired by violent video games too?

How Chris Christie broke his campaign promises in New Jersey about education. [7]

The libertarian candidate running for governor in Virginia is not a libertarian but a social liberal. There is a reason that Rand Paul and Ron Paul have endorsed conservative Ken Cuccinelli. Robert Sarvis is a big government candidate that won't seek a tax cut, he is for the vehicle-miles-driven-tax, he's a pro-abort and is for expanding Medicare. [8]

Only 6 People Signed Up for Obamacare on First Day.[9][10] The web security of the ObamaCare website suffers from a lack of rigorous testing and poses an unacceptably high level of risk to consumers.[11]

If you want to hand over your private information to Russian mobster cybercriminals, sign up for ObamaCare.

Give it up, pro-aborts: the Fifth Circuit reinstates the key 30-mile rule in the Texas pro-life bill passed amid national attention in July. [12] "We have little difficulty in concluding" that the 30-mile rule passes rational-basis review, the Court ruled.
Will Planned Parenthood appeal immediately to the U.S. Supreme Court, with the risk that it will lose there also?

A Tea Party activists denounces Progressive Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey and endorses an independent candidate. [13]

"Obama approval at all-time low." [14]

Do religion and politics mix? Actually, they do, as the Bible shows, by many examples. [15]

Bad news for liberals: the Virginia gubernatorial race has tightened a week before the election, with conservative Ken Cuccinelli pulling close despite all the liberal media and big money support for the Clinton-backed Dem. [16]

First Amendment violation: Armed agents seize records of a Washington Times reporter in an unrelated investigation. [17]

The White House knew Obamacare would destroy insurance policies. And they knew it three years ago. [18]
Two million already forced out of their health plans because of Obamacare: [19][20]

Common sense is out the window: The Obama Administration is going to spend twice as much money to support the global warming hoax then they are to defend and protect the United States' southern border. [21]

Free speech restrictions? In Defiance, Ohio, a little kid can do anything with chalk on a sidewalk; an adult can't, especially when it comes to political speech: [22]

Health Agency chief refuses to disclose Obamacare numbers to Congress. [23] Perhaps because the numbers are much, much, lower than what they expected?

An explanation of quantitative easing and the monumental deceit it represents. [24]

RINO Mitch McConnell promises big donors that there won't be any more government shutdowns (which might decrease their wealth a little bit). [25]

ObamaCare website stops providing insurance enrollments HHS Sec'y Sibelius blames Verizon for outage. [26]

47 million American food stamp recipients are about to have their benefits cut on November 1, 2013. Will repeated austerity cutbacks happen to the poor like in Europe which caused rioting.[27]

Endeavor not to depend on the government.[28]

"Storming the Gates of Hell: Christ's assault and ours," by Bishop Bert [29]

Barack Obama reportedly approved tapping Germany's conservative leader 3 years ago. [30] Has Obama been using the NSA to export his liberal agenda?

"Why Is Facebook Putting Teens at Risk?" [31] Widespread criticism of Facebook results from its announced expansion for young teenagers.

Liberal logic: Antarctic sea ice hits a record high, and overall the world's temperature has remained the same for 17 years, but liberals waste $1 billion per day based on the hoax of global warming. [32] $1 billion per day could help people a great deal, if only liberals would allow it.

Kirsten Powers, columnist for the liberal Daily Beast, hits her head on the brick wall of reality: she admits Obamacare isn't "quite the way they sold it." (video) [33]

Meet Representative Keith Ellison, D-Minn. – both Muslim and pro-homosexual. At least, so he says. What's his real game? [34]

MIT Technology Review - Decline of Wikipedia started in 2007. More proof and evidence that global atheism and global Darwinism is on the decline.[35]

Also, mark Saturday, October 26, 2013 on your calendars evolutionists and atheists. It is going to be a TERRIBLE day for Darwinism.

What's that? Did Kathleen Sebelius really say she does not work for all the American people? [36]

Liberal retribution: Obamacare call screener is fired after taking a call from Sean Hannity [37]

Firms will clean up your Wikipedia page for a fee [38]

Public school values: a 14-year-old is accused of murdering a teacher with a box cutter, dumping her body in the woods, and then going to see a movie. [39]

A Tea Party activist calls out New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for withdrawing a complaint against gay marriage in his State. [40]

Fire U.S. Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius! [41]

Liberals pretend to be masters of science and technology. So the failure of the ObamaCare website is extremely embarrassing.[42]

Another day, another alleged murder of a teacher by a boy (14-years-old) in public school. [43] How long before liberals admit there is a problem with public schools?

Another comparison between the rise of Obama and the rise of the Nazi Party. [44]

Representative Tom McClintock (R-Calif.) warns the public: don't expect the House to protect you. Rise up and defend your Constitution![45]

The Obamacare web site still does not work. And the government knew it would not work when they ordered its launch. [46]

Liberal denial kicks in as reporters fail to ask if the 12-year-old murderer in a Nevada public school was incited by violent video games. [47] UPDATE: an "anti-bullying" movie was shown to the young class, reportedly with a bizarre scene eerily similar to what the murderer then did the next school day. [48]

After Grover Norquist and Jeb Bush ask conservatives in the Senate to apologize, a Tea Party activist reiterates: war has been declared. [49]

It is snowing in Iowa this early Tuesday in mid-October, disproving (again) the liberal hoax of global warming. [50]

After three weeks of the ObamaCare website failures, Obama finally admits it. [51] But he still acts like it is not his fault, in typical liberal denial. And what do you call that speech of his yesterday? An infomercial? Definitely a web of deceit. [52]

More evidence of newspapers' increasingly liberal irrelevancy: "Richmond Times-Dispatch refuses to endorse for Virginia governor," even though it endorsed Mitt Romney a year ago. [53]

Gotta love it when liberals control public education. Moonbeam, California's favorite liberal, vetoes a bill aimed at removing violent, predatory teachers. [54]

North Carolina official says homeschool parents can reject unwarranted searches of their homes. [55]

"Israel's War against Iran: the covert and natural and the overt and spiritual" by Bishop Bert [56]

Thank you, atheists who destroyed public schools: U.S. adults rank 21st out of 23 developed nations in math skills. [57]

Another big earthquake: "6.8 earthquake hits Gulf of California." [58] Can't liberals link this to global warming somehow??

Taking the mask off the enemy within. [59]

A New Jersey Tea Party activist lays it on the line: he will not support Governor Chris Christie for re-election. He also speaks to the wider RINO problem in his State and across the country. [60]

The true face of liberalism: MSNBC's Ed Schultz goes nuts on the air, and shows off his hostility for anyone he disagrees with, and his contempt for the United States military (video): [61]

Tea Partyers Better At Science A recent study shows that Tea Party adherents are significantly more knowledgeable in scientific subjects than the average American adult. [62]

Stock market (S&P 500) reaches a new record high as Washington politicians continue to loot the American public. [63] Lower business earnings were announced, but the federal gravy train keeps chuggin' along.

Mitch McConnell and John Boehner cave in to the Dems and allow them to increase the debt ceiling, thereby pandering to Wall Street and worsening government handouts. [64] Most House Republicans voted against it. And: Democrats own it all. [65]

Someone wanted her aborted; instead, she's now grown up, and Auburn University's homecoming queen! [66]

The big list of Obama shutdown outrages: [67]

"Working-class stiffs" see through egghead Obama. [68]

Obamacare and the Edsel: A Tale of Two Lemons: [69]

The ACORN clowns are at it again, this time "helping" out Obamacare: [70]

Clueless liberals still hope conservatives will cave, as Obama rejects latest House offer to end the shutdown. [71] Meanwhile, Obama does a photo-op at a homeless shelter. And Senator Barbara Boxer lives up to her reputation for pettiness. [72]

Conservapedia proven right, again: "7.2 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks The Philippines." [73] Liberal denial refuses to admit that big earthquakes are increasing, and it's not caused by global warming.

Why are federal politicians pandering to Wall Street again? The stock market has increased or decreased based on the likelihood of politicians cutting a deal. [74]

A blogger at Freethoughtblogs asks the question: "Is the Skeptic Empire dying?"[75] See: Decline of global atheism

In the blog comments an atheist admits that the atheist community is full of unsavory characters: "There’s just no way you could deconvert all those Christian women and invite them to mix with the kind of people that are in this movement." See: Atheism and morality and Atheism and women

Has Obama declared war against American military veterans?
Sarah Palin was met by a SWAT team at the Lincoln Memorial: [76]

CNN mocks veterans at the WWII Memorial as Tea Party "crazies": [77]

Police and vets clash outside the White House (video) [78]

Thousands tear down the Democrats' barricades that have been blocking access to the D.C. World War II Memorial during the shutdown. [79] The veterans chanted, along with Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin, "Tear down these walls!" [80]

"Arab Christian allies of Israel: there is a 'context' for following the Lord. Go find it!" by Bishop Bert [81]

Why are liberals petrified about a government default in a few days? [82] It would be a perfect antidote to liberal spending.

Obama and liberals are still unable to steamroll conservatives in Congress, as the House stands up against their pressure. [83]

Has modern entertainment, including sports, become the equivalent of bread and circuses in ancient Rome? [84]

As truckers roll toward Washington, DC, an activist warns of what could happen if a confrontation turns ugly. [85]

Conservative Ted Cruz rebukes liberal protesters who interrupted his speech: "It seems President Obama's paid political operatives are out in force today." [86]

No deal yet, as Republicans stand up to Obama and the liberal media in talks about the debt ceiling and government shutdown. [87]

There's a price to pay for violating the First Amendment. Liberal college which tried to stop students from handing out copies of the Constitution is now getting sued. [88]

Americans agree: The country is going to hell in a handbasket. The number of American voters who think the country is headed in the right direction fell by 11 percentage points over the past week, placing it at its lowest level in two years, according to a new Rasmussen Reports survey. [89]

And who says personal medical information won't be shared with law enforcement? With Obamacare, it's very possible: [90]

"My country first!" Actor James Woods admitted he doesn't expect to work after his online criticism of Obama. [91]

Why won't Obama negotiate on the shutdown or the debt limit? Because he wanted this outcome anyway. [92]

Dem Senators and Obama, who refuse to enact the House bill that would continue benefits for soldier fatalities during the shutdown, are bailed out by a private charity that agrees to pay the benefits (and be reimbursed after the shutdown ends). [93]

The truth of Obamacare: neither free nor affordable, and an absolute nightmare. [94]

Reprinted from 2010: a survivor of the Anschluss tells how it really went down. Hint: Adolf Hitler came in virtually unopposed. [95]

The liberal California legislature is too much for even Jerry Brown: he vetoes a bill that would have put non-citizens on court juries. [96]

"The Abortion rip-off: a personal odyssey" by Bishop Bert [97]

Liberal logic: Obama calls Boehner ... to say that Obama will not negotiate. [98] That is how petty dictators act.

A Question evolution! campaign blog just passed the 500,000 page view mark. Also, Darwinists mark October 7, 2013 on your calendars as a very dark day for Darwinism.[99]

Joseph Curl calls Obama "a thin-skinned crybaby, bristling at the slightest criticism." A far cry from Teddy Roosevelt, who said, "To announce that there must be no criticism of the president … is morally treasonable to the American public." [100]

Barack Hussein Obama's approval rating is 37% among business owners according to a recent Gallup poll.[101]

If Barack "motor mouth" Obama was as effective as the conservative U.S. president "silent Calvin Coolidge" his approval would be much higher. Less talk Obama and more productive actions!

The Supreme Court opens Monday to the first arguments of a Term that is expected to issue several conservative decisions on key issues. [102] Logic is conservative, and liberal denial loses ground each year.

Why did the Obama Administration put up barricades to deny public access to open-air memorials, and blame the government shutdown? [103]

Outrage continues at the abuse of power by officials in heaping gunfire on an unarmed woman with an infant in her car; government withholds answers to basic questions about the incident. [104]

"Maryland’s health insurance Web site stumbles badly in first days." [105] Despite liberal hype, fewer than 100 have enrolled.

Henry Waxman on 10,535 Pages of Obamacare Regs: "Is It Important That I Read It?" [106]

Obama unhinged. "Everybody here just does their job, right? If you're working here and in the middle of the day you just stopped and said 'you know what, I want to get something, but I don't know exactly what I'm gonna get. I'm just going to stop working till I get something - I'm just going to shut down the whole plant until I get something' - You'd get fired, right?"[107]

Not all of government is shut down: Capitol police chase, and then kill, an unarmed mother with an infant in her car.

Obamacare is the last of five phases of tyranny, says Tea Party activist. [108]

Obama's ploy backfires. It's paid union thugs pretending to be furloughed Federal workers who are protesting World War II veterans at a memorial in Washington D.C. [109]

In light of the latest weakness that Barack Hussein Obama shows toward Iran, an activist asks: how can one well-placed Muslim change a country? And what has Obama been doing? [110]

Liberal lament: "With government shutdown unresolved, Congress stuck in neutral." [111] Tragic, isn't it??

"Darwin on the ropes: a surprise beating!" by Bishop Bert [112]

"Capitol a ghost town as reality of government shutdown sets in." [113] Outside the Beltway, millions are enjoying the shutdown.

Exit Interview: a lifelong Republican activist and officeholder tells the Republican national chairman why he will support candidates directly, not through the Republican National Committee. [114]

Stock market rises due to the government shutdown, disproving liberal denial about how less government is good. [115]

A 12 year old gives the Question evolution! campaign book for middle school students final draft a perfect 10 out of 10 rating! [116]

VICTORY: the federal government has shut down.

"What if the government shuts down and nobody notices?" [117]

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