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'''The insanity of liberal professors:''' Far left Professor Noel Ignatiev of [[Harvard University]] ended his teaching career by telling white males to kill themselves. [http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2013/11/progressive-professor-tells-white-males-to-commit-suicide-in-final-lecture/]
'''The gay waitress left with the "offensive" note and no tip turned out to be just another fraud.''' [http://www.bizpacreview.com/2013/11/26/story-of-waitress-stiffed-for-being-gay-a-fraud-diners-say-87905]
'''The gay waitress left with the "offensive" note and no tip turned out to be just another fraud.''' [http://www.bizpacreview.com/2013/11/26/story-of-waitress-stiffed-for-being-gay-a-fraud-diners-say-87905]

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The insanity of liberal professors: Far left Professor Noel Ignatiev of Harvard University ended his teaching career by telling white males to kill themselves. [1]

The gay waitress left with the "offensive" note and no tip turned out to be just another fraud. [2]

Abortionists are letting child rapists get away with it. In Indiana, there are lengthy gaps in reporting cases of statutory rape after an abortion is performed. [3]

Dr. Don Batten's masterful origin of life article is getting rave reviews from the creationist community. No doubt it will be Creation Ministries International's flagship article on the subject for years to come.[4]

Why is the FBI partnering with far-left extremist group the Southern Poverty Law Center? [5] "Consequently, by partnering so closely with this discredited organization, the Department of Justice significantly undermines its own credibility."

Is Senator Harry Reid that confident he can exercise the nuclear option and get away with it? A columnist warns: he might have reason. [6]

American Patriots have a little-remembered nuclear option of their own. What is it? Find out. [7]

The lamestream media use politically correct terms like "nasty weather" rather than "snowstorm" in describing this counterexample to the global warming hoax that is sweeping the southwest and Texas. [8]

Forbes: The entrepreneurship answer to high youth unemployment. [9]

A description of the military purge under the Obama administration. [10]

The global warming hoax made Al Gore many millions of dollars, but years after his prediction of catastrophic heat there is snow before Thanksgiving ... in Texas and Oklahoma. [11]

"Obama, Cyrus among GQ's least influential list." [12]

Another failure by liberal-promoted Katie Couric: "her talk show--which premiered with much hoopla in September 2012--has turned in disappointing ratings despite key time slots" and is "widely expected to be canceled in May." [13]

A reminder: no man is above the law. [14][15]

The Left censors Christian language and concepts that defined a great culture[16]

Is the new liberal mayor-elect of New York City getting his policing advice from hardened criminals? [17]

"For the first 10 years or so after Kennedy’s death, when people from Dallas traveled the country and the world they were met with anger and hostility at the mere mention of where they lived," according to the New York Times. [18]

Link between the Common Core curriculum, the Bill Gates foundation, and other big-name textbook publishers. [19]

Anything but the Bible: the latest government gimmick is to use video games to try to motivate at-risk teenagers. [20] Encouraging them to read the Bible would be far more productive, but liberal politicians won't allow that.

Obamacare delays its enrollment for those on group policies! And if you believe why the government said they did that, we can sell you a bridge. [21]

Healthcare.gov is a technical disaster. Barack Obama knew it five days before it went live. Now some in his own party tell him: shut it down. [22]

Obamacare will cancel insurance on 100 million people. And the notices will go out a scant three days before the election. What kind of miscalculation was that? [23]

In the beginning God created—or was it a quantum fluctuation?[24]

How to restore freedom: turn grassroots into gold. [25]

Another day of liberal claptrap at the White House, as Obama renders the Presidential Medal of Freedom as meaningless as the Nobel Prize by awarding one to ... Bill Clinton.

Woman touted by Obama can't afford Obamacare after all. [26]

The 30-mile rule against abortion wins 5-4 in the Supreme Court. [27] This is an historic pro-life, pro-women victory, and Planned Parenthood may never again appeal an abortion case to this High Court.

"Isaac 'bound', the Jews, the Arabs, and Jesus Christ" by Bishop Bert [28]

The Mainstream Media have betrayed their mission as the watchdogs of freedom and now protect the government instead. [29]

Barack Hussein Obama blames Republicans for his ObamaCare mess - despite the fact that not one Republican voted for Obamacare.[30] It's Bush's fault!

Computer security experts unanimously agree and tell the U.S. Congress: Shut Down The Obamacare Website Until It's Secure. [31] Barack Hussein Obama wants you to type in your social security number into an unsecure website!

Why Obamacare Was Doomed to Fail from the Outset.[32]

Obamacare's Problems Could Haunt Democrats for Years.[33]

NASA's latest mission to Mars, called MAVEN, reflects an inconvenient truth: Mars shows sign of bombardment by water that came from Earth and they don't want to admit it. [34][35][36]

Throwing the charge of racism into liberal faces: how would a denunciation of Barack Obama sound, coming from a black person? But wait! Such voices have arisen! [37]

Latest report of Barack Obama corruption's reach: the United States Census Bureau. [38]

Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats knew they were lying when they promised that health-care plans would stay in effect. Maybe now people know why some of us wanted to recall a certain United States Senator. [39]

Secret fat cats fund the left wing of the Republican Party and Karl Rove-founded groups, including massive checks as big as $22.5 million. [40] How much of the secret funding of Crossroads GPS is from pro-aborts?

A Christian North Korean missionary group dropped 50,000 balloons carrying Bibles and religious tracts into the militant atheism state of North Korea last year.[41] See also: Religion and Atheism in North Korea

Christian organizations, including the Tim Tebow Foundation, respond the typhoon damage in the Philippines.[42][43]

4 Things We Wouldn't Know If Jesus Hadn't Come.[44]

CBS News: Obamacare's Entire Financial Model is In Danger of Collapsing.[45]

When the liberal Jon Stewart, who appeals to young liberals, is mocking ObamaCare, then ObamaCare may be headed towards an unsustainable demographic/financial death spiral.[46]

Is ObamaCare in a death spiral? A political moderate in Montana thinks it is too early to tell, but he said things don't look good for ObamaCare.[47] Conservatives are advising people how to hasten the death of ObamaCare and set back liberalism for decades.[48]

Nigeria's Upcoming 3½ Sq. Mile Worship Pavilion Helps Demonstrate the Rapid Growth of Evangelical Christianity in Africa.[49] Liberal homosexuality apologists are getting angry about the growth of evangelical Christianity in Africa.[50]

A religious survey in India in 2001 reported that 2.3% of Indians were Christians, but Christian organizations say that there has been a dramatic rise in Christians in India since then and Christians are now 4.8 - 5.8% of the Indian population. [51][52]

Flag of India svg.png

Christianity is now growing across the entire spectrum of India's society and not merely the lower classes and marginalized communities. India now has the 8th largest Christian population in the world.[53][54]

Seth Chandler, a law professor at the University of Houston Law Center, says we don't know if an ObamaCare death spiral has commenced yet due to young and healthy people staying away from ObamaCare.[55] An ObamaCare death spiral blog has been launched by Chandler.[56]

A high school senior takes down Common Core: [57]

Young people aren't signing up for ObamaCare. [58]

Meet the Herndon Alliance, a little-known group dedicated to Saul Alinsky's radical teachings; linked to MoveOn, La Raza, George Soros, Hugo Chavez, and they are the guys who "marketed" the health-care disaster called Obamacare to the American public. [59]

America is under attack from within. But her monuments remind us of her heritage. [60]

As Chris Christie gathers funds to run for President in 2016, a New Jersey Tea Party activist is determined to fight him. [61][62]

Rats flee the sinking ship of ObamaCare: 39 Dems voted against Obama by supporting the Republican bill. [63] The tally is a 261-157 landslide against Obama.

The medical profession is starting to get aggressive about urging their overweight patients to lose weight.[64]

Conservapedia has been at the forefront of aggressively urging godless liberals to lose weight. See: Atheism and obesity and Lesbianism and obesity and Homosexuality and obesity

Barack Obama's speech Thursday: full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. And there might be even more to his culpability than lying about "you can keep your plan." How about the kind of bargain he tempted the insurance companies with? [65][66]

39% is the new record low for Obama's approval rating. [67] And this time he can't release a phony birth certificate to halt the decline.

The "face" of the Obamacare website: Not an American citizen, hasn't signed up for it, and the government didn't pay her for the use of her image. [68]

Introducing a new summer program for children, to educate them on the foundations of freedom. [69]

Why Barack Hussein Obama’s sinking job approval numbers matter - a lot.[70]

What is socialism, and what is wrong with it? [71]

Less than 1 in 1000 signed up for ObamaCare. [72] For comparison, more than 1 in 1000 Americans attend the March for Life in D.C., and more than 1 in 30 students choose homeschooling rather than public schools.

2013 continues to be the WORST year in the history of global Darwinism/atheism - just like young earth creationists predicted! Another record breaking creationist milestone was reached today![73]

The latest Obamacare ads openly teach young people to do foolish things, because their insurance covers them. Nobody ever sold insurance that way before. [74]

Memo detailing 'limitless' privacy risks on Obamacare's website was not delivered to key Obamacare IT official. [75]

Actuaries say delays to ObamaCare's implementation will be costly. Website may not be working until January/February of 2014. Dominoes of difficulties are falling for ObamaCare setting up a chain reaction of failure.[76]

Will ObamaCare be Barack Hussein Obama's Waterloo?

The Obamacare collapse continues, with low enrollment, teaching clients to lie (see below), and fresh calls for repeal. [77]

Liberals love to lie. As with ACORN and abortion, there's going to be a liberal telling an applicant how to lie to get the best results at taxpayer expense, and one was caught doing just that for Obamacare. [78]

Rick Perry tells Chris Christie that there will be a "discussion" of whether Christie is actually conservative or not. [79] The answers may not be pretty.

Surge in anti-Semitism in Europe.[80]

"If the Jackboot Fits, Wear It!" [81]

The real problem with Obamacare is how glibly Barack Obama could lie about it. [82]

"Youth Unemployment: 22.2%." [83] Liberal politicians aren't so great, after all.

A look back on the anniversary of Kristallnacht and how it got started. [84]

Obama's approval rating drops to 41%, despite the liberal media's promotion of him. Reagan's approval rating was 62% at this time in his second term. [85]

A hint of a storm about to break over Barack Obama: fresh evidence not only that he forged his birth certificate, but more to the point: why. [86]

"Why most Christians do not keep the law (That is, the Law of Moses!)" by Bishop Bert [87]

Middle-class? Get ready for a whopper of a tax increase as early as next year, courtesy of Obamacare. [88]

Are Black Christians getting buyer's remorse over Obama? [89]

Detroit's mayoral election is all about keeping the Democrats in power, continuing the destructive policies that party made during the past 50 years. [90]

The Mainstream Media complains about "hipsters" who make fundamentalism look cool. One of those "hipsters" speaks out. [91]

Sorry, Mr. de facto President, but 'sorry' doesn't cut it. Not after all the failures of Obamacare. [92]

Liberals lose the youth, as young voters supported conservative Ken Cuccinelli by a wide 45-39% margin. [93]

A Jordanian-American citizen warns the church on how to guard against a gay marriage lawsuit: restrict marriage in the church to members only. [94]

The lengths the establishment GOP went to support Terry McAuliffe over Ken Cuccinelli. [95] "When Governor McAuliffe hands Hillary Clinton Virginia’s 13 electoral votes three years from now, my friends in the establishment need not ask why."

Hasta luego, American godless progressivism! Worship service attendance is up in New York City, amigos! Hispanic evangelicals are a growing force in America. The Washington Post writes, "despite all the talk about secularizing America, church participation has remained remarkably unchanged nationally for most of 80 years.”[96]

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons sues over Obamacare seeking to have the federal health care law declared unconstitutional, arguing that the government postponed its so-called employer mandate without the necessary congressional approval.[97]

Small businesses and their employees may have an escape hatch from many of Obamacare's worst features — but the Obama administration and its left-wing allies are trying to close the door.[98]

DC Court of Appeals Rules Obamacare Birth Control Mandate Unconstitutional.[99]

Felons could have been hired as ObamaCare 'navigators,' Sebelius tells Senate panel.[100] There is no federal requirement for "navigators" to have background checks - despite the fact that they are asking people for their social security numbers and other private information.

Was NFL offensive lineman Richie Incognito behind those offensive texts? The liberal media forces the NFL to appoint a special counsel to investigate this very serious matter, and God's sense of humor is on full display. [101]

We can learn much from William Shakespeare about "lilies that fester," or politicians who hang on so long they grow corrupt. [102]

Sticker shock for potheads: Colorado voters slap a 25% sales tax on marijuana, by a landslide vote. [103] Liberals end up hurting themselves.

Over 10,000 Texans a month go to creation.com. Expect the number to rise![104]

Pro-life Chris Christie wins 61-38% against the pro-choice Dem, and Christie also won 55% of the women's vote. So why does liberal denial pretend that pro-life is a losing position?

Despite spending more than $25 million, liberals defeat conservative Ken Cuccinelli by only 2 points in Virginia. Dems are not going to waste $25 million like this again in most future elections.

God does have a sense of humor. Offensive linemen toil in obscurity from the media, but the headlines today are about a lineman named "Richie Incognito." [105] Reportedly Mr. Incognito has been a bully.

Conservapedia proven right, again: we explained the significance of the 30-mile rule beginning Feb. 1, 2007, yet just now the pro-aborts are waking up to it as they beg the U.S. Supreme Court to save them from it.

See how in Virginia the Democrats try to paint sanity as extremism. [106]

Planned Parenthood files an emergency appeal to Justice Antonin Scalia of the U.S. Supreme Court to seek a court order to halt the 30-mile rule in Texas. [107] Why are abortion clinics so determined to use doctors who lack hospital privileges?
UPDATE: Justice Scalia declines to halt the 30-mile rule, and gives Texas 8 days to respond to the abortion clinics' claims of an emergency.

Jonah and the great sea creature and Moses parting the Red Sea - natural or miraculous events?[108]

As New Jersey's off-year election approaches, a Tea Party activist reminds us of thirty not-conservative things Governor Chris Christie did in his first term. His message: some things never change unless you make them change. [109]

Atheist admits that he is powerless to hold onto his atheism when he listens to the sublime music of Johann Sebastian Bach.[110]

Christianity has inspired a vast amount of great musical works, but atheism has not. See: Great and inspiring music by atheists on atheism and Great and inspiring art by atheists on atheism

Still clueless Mitt Romney wants Chris Christie to become the Republican Party presidential nominee, rather than a more conservative candidate like Rick Perry, Rand Paul, Scott Walker or Ted Cruz. [111]

Conservapedia proven right, again: Charles Barkley confirms that Overrated Sports Star LeBron James does not even rank in Barkley's all-time top five. [112]

Reminder: clocks are set back one hour early Sunday (except in a few locations).

It's not all bad news about liberals. In fact, one of them - Kathleen Sebelius - gets the perfect gift: [113]

Nine abortion clinics close in Texas as the 30-mile rule takes effect there. [114] The tide has turned against the pro-aborts.

A 23-year-old goes on a shooting spree at Los Angeles airport, killing one and injuring many others. [115] Was this tragic rampage inspired by violent video games too?

How Chris Christie broke his campaign promises in New Jersey about education. [116]

The libertarian candidate running for governor in Virginia is not a libertarian but a social liberal. There is a reason that Rand Paul and Ron Paul have endorsed conservative Ken Cuccinelli. Robert Sarvis is a big government candidate that won't seek a tax cut, he is for the vehicle-miles-driven-tax, he's a pro-abort and is for expanding Medicare. [117]

Only 6 People Signed Up for Obamacare on First Day.[118][119] The web security of the ObamaCare website suffers from a lack of rigorous testing and poses an unacceptably high level of risk to consumers.[120]

If you want to hand over your private information to Russian mobster cybercriminals, sign up for ObamaCare.

Give it up, pro-aborts: the Fifth Circuit reinstates the key 30-mile rule in the Texas pro-life bill passed amid national attention in July. [121] "We have little difficulty in concluding" that the 30-mile rule passes rational-basis review, the Court ruled.
Will Planned Parenthood appeal immediately to the U.S. Supreme Court, with the risk that it will lose there also?

A Tea Party activists denounces Progressive Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey and endorses an independent candidate. [122]

"Obama approval at all-time low." [123]

Do religion and politics mix? Actually, they do, as the Bible shows, by many examples. [124]

First Amendment violation: Armed agents seize records of a Washington Times reporter in an unrelated investigation. [125]

The White House knew Obamacare would destroy insurance policies. And they knew it three years ago. [126]
Two million already forced out of their health plans because of Obamacare: [127][128]

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