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'''Has [[America]] adopted most of the [[Communism|communist]] ideology of [[Russia]] and [[China]]?''' [http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2014/04/04/clergy/put-godless-communists-business/]
'''[[Glenn Beck]] reacts to the resignation of Mozilla''' CEO over support of [[Proposition 8]].[http://www.teapartycrusaders.com/u-s-politics/american-nightmare-glenn-reacts-resignation-mozilla-ceo-support-prop-8/]  
'''[[Glenn Beck]] reacts to the resignation of Mozilla''' CEO over support of [[Proposition 8]].[http://www.teapartycrusaders.com/u-s-politics/american-nightmare-glenn-reacts-resignation-mozilla-ceo-support-prop-8/]  

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Welcome to Conservapedia!

Has America adopted most of the communist ideology of Russia and China? [1]

Glenn Beck reacts to the resignation of Mozilla CEO over support of Proposition 8.[2]

Billionaire Warns: Janet Yellen Economic Collapse ‘Will Be Unlike Any Other.[3]

Pat Buchanan: Vladimir Putin pushes Christianity as the West pushes decadent Hollywood values. [4]

Things Get Tense When Michelle Bachmann Grills Former CIA Deputy Director Over Benghazi Talking Points.[5]

Major Regulations 153% Higher in First Five Years Under Obama Than Bush.[6]

Are 7.1 million sign-ups (if accurate) for Obamacare really something to cheer about? [7]

Ft. Hood Gunman: New Photos, Details Emerge.[8]

Networks Snub Obama On Primetime Health Care Address.[9]

Watch Inclusive Feminist Conference Organizers Treat Woman Like Garbage For Being Conservative.[10]

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant signs religious rights bill modeled after the defeated Arizona Senate bill 1062. The gay agenda loses as Mississippi became the 19th state to pass religious protection laws. [11]

A nun with a Ph.D. reportedly told high school students in liberal Charlotte that "homosexuals cannot live normal, productive lives; and that gays can't be good parents." [12] Predictably, liberals demand censorship of her right to free speech, but her college president fully defended her and observed that her views have been well-received in other regions of the country.

Already the alleged discovery of not only primordial gravitational waves but also the big bang era of inflation has been questioned in a paper by leading cosmologists.[13] That is what happens when you build pseudoscience castles on old earth/universe sand.

We still can't find Flight 370. And are the authorities asking the right questions? [14]

Four examples of the Sergeant Schultz syndrome, in Washington, Trenton, and Cincinnati. [15]

Another possible cause of autism. Hint: it isn't mercury preservatives. They have not been used in childhood vaccines for years. [16]

Report: EPA tested deadly pollutants on humans to push Obama Administration’s agenda:[17]

A creation scientist asks a pointed question: if it is a crime to provide false assurances that an earthquake will not take place, in the face of evidence to the contrary, how much worse a crime to peddle the false narrative of evolution, the consequences of which are far more dire? [18][19]

5 public acts of Darwinist hand-wringing shows they know that Darwinism is doomed and that young earth creationism will be victorious! Also, a question for some Darwinists who engaged in premature gloating.[20]

Yet another change-of-story to explain an "extinction level event" as a consequence of global warming. A creation scientist says: not so fast! [21][22][23]

Overrated Sports Star Tiger Woods missed a 54-round cut and tied for 41st in another tourney. But it's top-of-the-news that he's skipping the Masters. [24] He hasn't won a major tourney since 2008, yet the media still over-promote him.

The tea party and social conservatism is brewing in France.[25] Professor Eric Kaufmann's prediction about a 2021 tipping point in favor of religious/social conservatism is moving closer and closer to fruition.[26][27][28]

Democrats push for new changes to ObamaCare amid midterm fears.[29]

Liberals admit their anti-Christian agenda! April Fools - liberals never admit their agendas.

Declining public schools with a $10.7M deficit in ... a town filled with professors and limousine liberals: Ann Arbor. [30]

Fresh evidence of Jewish claims to Jerusalem and Israel, in the form of recovered stolen property. Twenty-five-hundred-year-old stolen property. [31]

Girly-man Obama vs. Macho Ronald Reagan: Remember When Presidents Stood Up To Russia?[32]

Ben Carson to Pitch Obamacare Replacement to GOP.[33]

This is pathetic: the Parthian shot by liberal Brit Piers Morgan, whose show had abysmal ratings and was canceled, is to push the leftist agenda of gun control because he supposedly cares so much about Americans. [34]

Kathleen Sebelius blames Texas for ObamaCare failure — Rick Perry says look to yourself…[35]

Barack Obama’s More Miss America Contestant Than World Leader on Russia.[36] Also, Putin and Providence.[37]

Conservatives make the mistake of trying to argue logically with liberals but liberals don’t think logically; they think emotionally.[38]

What Will Unionized Athletes Mean For Colleges?[39]

Liberal claptrap is a failure in the long run: "MSNBC is in serious trouble," Politico admits.

Leading political scientist and pollster Larry Sabato: Polls Look Good For GOP to Gain Seats, Control Senate. [40][41]

Creationists are beginning the process of overtaking Darwinists on the internet.[42]

The two largest creationist websites have seen their web traffic double in the last 2 years, while the leading evolutionist/atheist website has lost web traffic.

Best of the public: passed over by 24 teams as a New Jersey high school baseball player, 22-year-old Mike Trout just signed one of the biggest contracts in sports. [43]

Who is really to blame for tyranny? Those who let it happen to them when they had the power to stop it. [44] And by the way: we also have ourselves to blame for the continued running of the Harry Reid show in the United States Senate. Here's how to cancel that show in two years, four at the outside. [45]

Exclusive: Days After U.S.Supreme Court Challenge, Hobby Lobby President Speaks Out [VIDEO].[46]

NEW REPORT: IRS Tea Party targeting leads directly TO Barack Obama.[47]

Pakistani Christian Sentenced to Death in Blasphemy Case That Sparked Muslim Riot.[48]

The word on the new Noah movie: avoid it. [49][50][51][52]

The empty promises of the establishment Republicans. Many public promises were made back in 2010 and not much was acted upon. [53]

U.N. author blows the whistle on false alarmism about global warming, and in protest leaves the team. [54] Likewise, in 2007, another author also quit in protest about exaggerated claims of global warming consequences.

Conservapedia proven right, again: 30-mile rule is upheld by the Fifth Circuit in a strong ruling that Planned Parenthood calls "terrible". [55] It is unlikely that the pro-aborts will appeal to the Supreme Court and risk losing big again.

Cal Thomas: God And Caesar (Again).[56]

Another dwarf planet, companion to Sedna, gives fresh evidence of the Great Flood and an astronomical aftermath. [57][58][59]

Franklin Graham: Some Administration Officials Are ‘Anti-Christ’.[60]

Ted Cruz: The Russians are ‘openly laughing’ at Barack Hussein Obama. [61]

The Tea Party as a referee of American politics. Surprised? Read here: [62]

The New York academic Thomas Nagel has put a bee under the bonnets of evolutionists/atheists.[63]

More liberal hypocrisy: Gun-control Democrat[64] arrested in California for trafficking guns, in addition to corruption and wire fraud[65].

Former Democrat Governor Dick Lamm on how to destroy America. This little speech was never publicized until now, and it's ten years old. Right on the money. [66]

FBI disavows Southern Poverty Law Center. The leftist name-calling SPLC had been listed as an FBI informant, but has now been dropped from the FBI web site. [67]

Those seeking to organize to guard their liberty must first decide: are they victims or victors? [68]

Give it up, pro-aborts: big loss for Planned Parenthood in the Tenth Circuit, which reinstates a Kansas law defunding it. [69] Meanwhile, Justice Anthony Kennedy stunned liberals by making a statement against abortion during the Hobby Lobby hearing Tuesday.

Press covering Michelle Obama shoved, screamed at, blocked from events in China.[70]

Matt Drudge increases the pressure on Obama Administration about ObamaCare penalty.[71]

Thomas Sowell: Republicans and blacks.[72]

A noted travel columnist and tour operator falls for the Islamic line about modern Israel. A look at the facts and fictions. [73]

Flight 370 ditched in the Indian Ocean. That's the official word. But does that make sense, as either accident or piracy? [74]

The Hobby Lobby religious challenge to an ObamaCare mandate has its much-awaited oral argument before the U.S. Supreme Court from 10-11:30am today. [75] Questioning by Justices Antonin Scalia and Anthony Kennedy may suggest how the majority will decide.

"Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban predicts NFL implosion in 10 years." [76] As the NFL increasingly becomes a tool of the liberal media, expect more empty seats at playoff games.

Gallup poll: Most Hillary Clinton supporters want her to be president of the United States in 2016 for a frivolous reason.[77]

Iran: Evangelical Christians are a "threat to national security."[78]

"New Noah epic awash in flood of criticism for green agenda and taking liberties with Bible," in a $130M movie directed by an atheist. [79] And not even mentioning God. By the way, Who or what made the world, anyway? God, nature, or a pair of cosmic dice? [80][81][82]

Republicans are likely to win the Senate, top forecaster Nate Silver predicts. [83] A minimum of a four-seat GOP gain is nearly certain.

California lesbian couple 'starved their three children so badly they looked like concentration camp victims and kept one adopted daughter chained to the floor'.[84][85] Why are California lesbians permitted to adopt children? See: Homosexual Couples and Domestic Violence

One of the lesbians who starved the children was overweight. See: Lesbianism and obesity

Prominent Liberal Blog, “Barack Obama And Michelle Obama Are All of Our Parents Now." [86]

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Says He Won’t Cave to Atheists’ Demand to Pull Bible Verse. [87]

5 Ways America Is Creating a Generation of Wimps.[88] If more Americans were Christians like Kevin Durant, this problem would be solved.

Outspokenly Christian Kevin Durant proves he's MVP -- not Overrated Sports Star LeBron James -- as Durant racks up 51 points, 12 rebounds and 7 assists in another win for his weaker team. [89] No one has matched Durant's game since Michael Jordan in 1992.

Michelle Malkin: Get To Know the Common Core Marketing Overlords.[90]

Advocacy-editing, pay-to-edit, and other common frauds that Wikipedia ignores. Wikipediocracy continues to track the violations. [91] See also: Bias in Wikipedia.

Three nefarious programs make public education in America more like public indoctrnation. [92]

40-year low in the number of operational Planned Parenthood clinics. Thank your state GOP lawmakers for a job well done. [93]

4 Reasons Obamacare Premiums Will Rise Next Year.[94]

Ted Cruz rejects Rand Paul’s call to ‘agree to disagree’ on social issues.[95]

The gruesome reward for help in funding low-cost abortions. [96]

Conservative professor wins First Amendment lawsuit against his university. [97]

Liberal revisionist history: Common Core introduces kids to a very-distorted view of the Second Amendment. [98]

Pressure continues to build as far as offering prospective college students and parents reliable data on educational and labor market outcomes.[99] What will happen to the demand for useless evolutionary "biology" degrees?[100][101] See: Evolutionary biology careers

Upcoming financial bubbles bursting in lower and higher education and its significant impact on the future of Darwinist indoctrination.[102]

"..about a third of American colleges and universities have unhealthy financial outlooks." The future continues to look grim for Darwinist indoctrination.

Mark Twain actually urged people to work to support themselves. What would he say today? [103]

Liberal claptrap and Worst College Majors are pushing universities themselves toward insolvency; the University of California is downgraded on its $14.5 billion in debt by Moody's. [104]

"Republican Rand Paul fires up a Berkeley crowd," and the story about it reaches #1 in popularity at the liberal San Francisco Chronicle. [105] Leftists themselves get fed up with liberal censorship and turn to conservatives for a breath of fresh air.

An immodest proposal: Millennial Committees of Correspondence. [106]

Has the ‘smoking gun’ of the ‘big bang’ been found? Media headlines make people think that some astounding scientific ‘proof’ has been discovered. The reality is far less spectacular.[107]

Conservapedia proven right, again: "Article Reach on Facebook is Seeing a Huge Decline." [108] But Facebook is great for causing students to fail to win the scholarships they could have won!

Does the recent discovery of gravitational waves confirm the Big Bang? Or does Creation make more sense now? [109][110][111]

"Wyoming first state to block new science standards" that promote the liberal falsehoods of global warming and evolution. [112]

Environmentalists lose in a landslide in a referendum on fracking in southern Illinois Tuesday. [113]

Is Bill Gates moving towards faith? "I think it makes sense to believe in God," he now admits. [114] But his logic is still deficient, as he nonsensically adds: "exactly what decision in your life you make differently because of it, I don't know."

Another creationist classic has been created by Dr. Don Batten: Arguments evolutionists should not use.[115]

A fan of the article calls it a "Thrilling article!" in the article comments.

Make Democrats politically pay for ObamaCare and Obamunism.[116]

Global Warming Alarmists Suffer Crushing Political Defeats.[117] 42% of Americans say global warming claims are exaggerated.[118]

Professor values: You don't believe in global warming, and describe it as a hoax? Then you may be among those whom an assistant professor wants prosecuted, convicted, and perhaps even jailed. [119]

Putin ignores the teleprompter-reading Obama, and officially recognizes the independence of Crimea. [120] Putin has made liberals look awfully foolish.

A sobering review of the current state of the world – and the many lies that Barack Hussein Obama has told. [121]

Saint Patrick's Day parade has begun in Manhattan amid a million spectators, but all that the liberal media want to do is push the homosexual agenda by complaining about reasonable limits on pro-gay signs. [122] Catholic League’s Bill Donohue observed, "We have a new fascistic movement on the left trying to shove the gay agenda down our throats."

The very successful teavangelical state governor that the media has forgotten about.[123] Fiscal consersativism and social conservatism go together like a horse and carriage and he has both.

Ninety-three abortion clinics closed in 2013 alone, bringing the total number down to 759 from a high in 1991 of 2,176. According to Operation Rescue, an additional eight abortion clinics in four states have announced they are closing thus far in 2014.[124]

Landslide vote in Crimea rejects the pro-homosexual agenda EU likely in a new Ukraine, and instead votes to join pro-Christian Russia. [125] The Obama Administration and other Leftists pushing the homosexual agenda are furious.

The level of public interest in atheism and Richard Dawkins continues to be disheartening for militant atheists in 2014.[126]

Dr. James M. Tour, a synthetic chemist at Rice University, says "I don’t understand evolution...if anybody should be able to understand evolution, it is me, because I make molecules for a living..".[127] Once Dr. Tour is honest and bold enough to admit that evolution is a religion, then it will be easy for him to understand the mumbo jumbo of evolutionists.[128]

Texas May Suspend Licenses of More Abortionists Breaking New State Law.[129]

Bellwether political victory in Florida happened with the help of right to life activism.[130]

Republican lawmakers in Georgia and South Carolina look to abolish state taxes. Economic growth is all but assured if these anti-liberal economic measures go into law. [131]

RINO Backer Karl Rove, funded mostly by social liberals, tries to impose Scott Brown on the more conservative Republican Party of New Hampshire, and the locals are not impressed. [132]

Ron Paul slams US on Crimea crisis and says Russia sanctions are 'an act of war' Paul tells The Guardian, change in Ukraine is US-backed coup. [133]

Liberals, emotionalism and critiques of Barack Obama.[134]

Should Christians be "nice" in dealing with nasty atheists?[135]

The latest polls indicate a weak economy continues to drag down Barack Hussein Obama’s job approval rating, but those hardly guarantee any big changes in Washington.[136] The Gallup Organization puts Obama's approval rating at 40%.[137]

A new poll finds that while President Barack Obama’s favorability numbers are higher among Americans than Russian President Vladimir Putin’s, Americans are more likely to view Putin as a strong leader.[138]

Beer companies push the homosexual agenda by dropping out of Saint Patrick's Day parades that do not allow signs displaying homosexuality, even though the parades do allow gay groups to participate. [139]

Bradlee Dean makes the case: Barack Obama is guilty of treason. [140]

Don't believe the hype about a "secret reservoir of water in the mantle of the Earth." The much-ballyhooed finding of a diamond with a hydroxyl-rich mineral in it could also be a leftover from the Great Flood. [141][142][143]

"I certainly agree that modern women today do want marriage and motherhood. The problem is they're afraid to say so because of the vitriol, because of this antagonist feminist doctrine that would have them believe that marriage and motherhood is somehow not cool," says a feminist on CNN who now advises women to spend 75% of their time in college looking for a husband. [144] Conservatives proven right, again?

All the modelers seem to agree that the Democrats’ Senate majority is in real trouble, and that they may even be underdogs in their quest to keep it.[145] Will ObamaCare prove to be Barack Hussein Obama's Waterloo?

Even liberal gasbag Chris Matthews admits: Dems are "going to lose the Senate." [146] It is inevitable that Leftists run out of gimmicks for fooling voters.

Was Flight 370 sending telemetry four hours and thirty-five minutes after its transponder quit? And if so, what exactly does that mean? [147]

28 quotes may completely change your perspective on economics.[148] Information theory continues to be useful in economics and in origins debates.[149]

Study: Income Inequality Greater, Growing Faster in Blue States of the United States.[150]

The real reason Alex Sink lost the special House race: check out what she said about why we need to take in more immigrants. [151]

New Cosmos TV show is anti-religion propaganda. Instead of real science, the first episode of the Carl Sagan remake emphasizes the obscure medieval monk Bruno, claims that he was persecuted for believing in an infinity worlds just like Earth, and argues that he was proved right by the multiverse. [152]

Instead of a former political party structure, why not a team of direct contributors and foot soldiers that can turn on a dime to support individual candidates, not platforms? Here's how it would work. [153]

British woman married her dog. [154]
Conservatives have warned for years not to mess with the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman. Now it's a new world where any depravity is acceptable.

As Muslim immigration and conversion proceed in Western countries, crime goes up, too. Specifically: rape. Is this a fundamental holding of Islam, or the inevitable side effect of all the burdens that Shari'a law places on men and women both? [155]

Michelle Malkin: My Family and Obamacare.[156]

Dick Morris: In praise of the Tea Party.[157]

John Stossel: Liberals, men and women are different. Deal with it![158]

MAN UP, CHURCH: A Biblical Defense for Giving Offense.[159]

More bad news for liberals: "Republican Jolly wins crucial Florida bellwether special election," proving that Dems have no chance of winning the House in the fall election. [160]

Another case of academic fraud highlights cheating in the sciences.[161] With cases of scientific fraud on the increase, global warming skepticism rising and with global atheism shrinking in influence, the future of liberal pseudoscience looks bleak long term.

Mother Jones is wringing its hands because global warming skepticism recently hit a 6 year high.[162]

Was Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 hijacked? Today the Malaysian military used that word for the first time as the evidence took a new and chilling direction. [163]

Take science done in secret, mix in some Feds, and add a pair of chickens, and we may get a halt to the western energy boom. [164]

Cadillac ad that libs don't like due to its anti-socialism message draws a whopping 72 signatures during the past month in a failed attempt to get GM to remove it. [165]

Another player who fled communism joins Major League Baseball, but the lamestream media conceal that fact. [166] Aledmys Diaz is one of more than 50 players who have defected from Cuba, the land impoverished by atheistic communism.

Top reporter at CBS News quits amid her frustration at its liberal bias: "It's no secret that Sharyl has been unhappy about CBS's lack of interest in investigative reporting, especially when it comes to stories about the Obama administration." [167] Sharyl Attkisson is a 5-time Emmy winner for her reporting.

The draconian, leftist gun laws in Connecticut have been check-mated. 250 state police officers have declared they will not enforce them. [168]

Atheists force grieving mother to remove cross honoring dead son.h[169]

Ray Comfort's Evolution vs. God video goes over 1,300,000 YouTube views.[170]

Ted Cruz may become another Mitt Romney in favoring unpopular wars, as Cruz criticizes Rand Paul with this: "I don't agree with him on foreign policy." [171]

The silence of the tax lamb.[172]

Worst college majors have harsh consequences: "Montana colleges see sharp increase in student loan defaults." [173] Liberal claptrap by professors amounts to "garbage in, garbage out."

Reminder: turn your clocks forward one hour in most places.

Conservative Rand Paul wins the CPAC straw poll by a landslide, garnering nearly three times as many votes as runner-up Ted Cruz. [174] But CPAC downplays the social issues, enabling Mitt Romney to win this same straw poll four times.

Liberal double standard, again: Obama misspells "respect" during a tribute to Aretha Franklin, and the liberal media downplay the gaffe; but when conservative Dan Quayle misspelled "potato", it was national news for weeks. [175]

Obama is no friend of youth. His policies have done the opposite of what he promised them. And there's worse to come. [176]

Why won't the courts look at the abundant evidence of fraud regarding Barack Obama's identity? A list of all the evidence in one place takes one's breath away. [177]

Tea Party superstar Ted Cruz remakes the Texas primaries in his constitutional image. While he wasn't on the ballot, four of his endorsed candidates won and the fifth is in a runoff. [178] At CPAC, Cruz repeated that "We need to repeal every single word of ObamaCare." [179]

British academics are up in arms about Islamacists wanting to segregate the sexes in UK educational institutions.[180] British Darwinists attempt to suppress the growth of biblical Christianity, a population with a high birth rate, and then get upset when the Muslims they bring into their country act like Muslims.

The countries that have the death penalty in Africa for engaging in homosexuality have large Muslim populations.[181] Liberals, you celebrate diversity and multiculturism - especially when it is not Christian. You have quite the dilemma in this case, don't you? Feeling Islamophobic?

The definitive book on dinosaurs has just been released.[182]

Two asteroids in as many days made close passes at the Earth. That's hardly consistent with conventional theories that have them forming 2.8 times as far away from the sun as the earth. [183][184][185]

Pushing the Ukraine into the pro-gay EU is part of the homosexual agenda, and liberals are offering billions of taxpayer dollars to make that happen. The EU declares a referendum on secession by Crimea to somehow be illegal. [186] Aren't liberals supposed to be pro-democracy??

The website of Creation Ministries International, Creation.com, reaches over 321,000 unique monthly visitors for the very first time.[187]

Vladimir Putin has neither the economy nor the demographics to sustain his ambitions.[188] 70 years of atheistic communism weakened Russia.

Homosexual "Marriage" — a big stick to beat the church with.[189]

The popular Christian YouTube video maker Shockofgod unveils an atheist IQ test.[190] See also: Atheism and intelligence

Conservativism is divided between the "let's get tough on Russia" and "let's cut Russia some slack" camps.[191][192]

Ukraine: A mistake that Russia will regret.[193]

ObamaCare: The Real Story Behind What Harry Reid Calls ‘Lies".[194]

Pro-abort Wendy Davis lost big among Democratic Hispanics on Tuesday, which makes it likely she will lose in a landslide to pro-life Greg Abbott for governor of Texas. [195] Too bad for liberals who sent her campaign millions of dollars.

Another clueless liberal comment: "Hillary Clinton likens Russia to Nazi Germany." [196] Is it any wonder that Russia doesn't take Hillary or Obama seriously?

A pioneer in Christian education warns: parental rights are under attack as never before. She cites the case of Justina Pelletier as but one example. [197]

Lent begins today for more than a billion Christians, in preparation for the commemoration of the Resurrection on Easter. Fasting, good for the body and soul, is being widely observed today.

Illegal aliens enrolled in ObamaCare despite the law forbidding it.[198]

John Stossel: Barack Hussein Obama budget baloney.[199]

Conservative firebrand Dan Patrick stuns the Establishment in Texas by taking a large election-night lead over the incumbent Lieutenant Governor, which is the most powerful Texas office because it runs the state Senate. [200]

Native Britons have half the rate of entrepreneurship as immigrants to the UK.[201] Why aren't Britons born in the fountainhead of Darwinism as entrepreneurial? Less vision? Less determination? Less courage? Less personable?

What must Canada think of American dallying with Vladimir Putin? An angry Canadian gives his forthright opinion. [202]

Article about the death toll of militant atheism, as well as the proselytizing tendencies of the New Atheism in The Huffington Post today - includes a link to Conservapedia in it! [203]

The leftist sucker punch on the big screen. Non-Stop, the Hollywood action thriller starring Liam Neeson, makes bad guys out of 9/11 family members and the U.S. military. [204]

Overrated Sports Star Peyton Manning will cost the Broncos $20 million to play another season, at age 38 with a vulnerable neck, and the media still pretends he's Superman despite the Super Bowl bust. [205]

"Is Mob Rule in Ukraine in America’s Interest? How would the EU react if Putin were to hail the United Kingdom Independence Party, which wants out of the EU, or the Scottish National Party, which wants to secede from Great Britain?" [206]

"First off I want to thank God," declared the winner of the Oscar for Best Actor, and then some viewers tweeted their angry objection to God being mentioned. [207]

Bill Nye's complaint against carnivores being vegetarians before the fall of man is debunked again by a shark that decides to turn into a vegetarian.[208] Previously, a lion chose to become a vegetarian.[209]

The Ukraine crisis is "a power grab by one clan from another," and as Russia intervenes to restore order it scoffs at the clueless rhetoric of Obama and John Kerry. [210] Obama is too busy pushing the homosexual agenda to understand what is really happening in the Ukraine.

What would you do in the event of a State-wide or nationwide disaster, that could take down radio, television, and all communications, and all law and order? Find out what solid, concrete steps these people took. [211]

"Record winter just won't quit" and neither does liberal denial about the lack of global warming. "The Twin Cities haven't had this much snow during a winter season since record keeping started in 1893 — and we're about to get more." [212]

Republicans outnumber Dems in early Texas primary voting by more than 150%. [213] Pro-abort Dems are not so popular after all.

Reuters: The Swiss economy seen building momentum in the next 6 months.[214] The Swiss reject evolution in higher numbers than the Brits do, and the Swiss produce about twice as much gross domestic product as Darwinism-dominated UK.[215]

Gun control kills 28, injures another 113 as knife-wielding assailants go amok in a Chinese railway station.[216] That never happens where the Second Amendment protects the right to have guns.

If Barack Hussein Obama "really believed in global warming, you would think he would do his part to reduce his carbon footprint with a bit less traveling on Air Force One and his gas-guzzling motorcade."[217]

The Ark Encounter project, to build a life-sized replica of Noah's Ark, got a new lease on life. Thanks almost entirely to the Bill Nye v. Ken Ham debate, Ark Encounter raised enough donations to break ground. Naturally, liberal Bill Nye is chagrined, and even anguished. [218][219][220]

Could Some Internet ‘Trolls’ Actually Be Government Operatives?[221] Maybe if the Brits took Charles Darwin of their currency, there would be less Darwinist trolls on the internet and less UK government workers engaged in trolling.[222]

You either love the Constitution or you don't! Why do so many in Congress ignore clear Constitutional mandates when it suits them? [223]

Poll: less than half of Democrats actually know the earth revolves around the sun.[224]

Dems return to their gimmick of early voting to try to boost their chances. [225] Ohio has slightly trimmed a massive 5-week early voting period, and Dems don't like that.

Why the three Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam do not mix. What happens when three clerics, one from each, try to mix them? [226]

The backlash to the aggressive promotion of the homosexual agenda and its attendant encroachment on religious freedom is spreading in the USA and worldwide.[227][228]

Woman convicted of terrorism in Israel worked as an Obamacare navigator [229]

Rand Paul: Democrats should be embarrassed to be seen with Bill Clinton.[230]

The Arizona governor caved into the homosexual agenda and vetoed the religious freedom bill, as virtually everyone knew she would. [231] The issue demonstrated that the NFL is pushing the homosexual agenda too.

"Planned Parenthood reveals big 2014 game plan ... targeting more than a dozen states and some of the cycle’s top Senate and gubernatorial races" to elect more pro-abortion politicians. [232] Too bad for the pro-aborts that people are increasingly pro-life.

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