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<!-- ================= PAGE CONTENT BEGINS BELOW THIS LINE ==================== -->
<big>'''The [[Pro-Life]] movement is winning.'''</big><br/>And it's a ''[[liberal]]'' source admitting it: [http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Journalism/2014/07/04/Vox-Pro-Life-Movement-Winning]
<big>'''The [[Pro-Life]] movement is winning.'''</big><br/>And it's a ''[[liberal]]'' source admitting it: [http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Journalism/2014/07/04/Vox-Pro-Life-Movement-Winning]
'''Target just told criminals that''' law biding citizens are not allowed to carry firearms in their store.[http://www.teapartycrusaders.com/u-s-politics/target-just-something-will-infuriate-half-country/] Enter Target stores at your own risk!
'''Is [[America]] turning into a [[police]] state?''' ''Why do we hear every day, either of another episode of excessive use of force, or of another small town getting a vehicle suitable for a big-city SWAT team?'' [http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2014/07/05/accountability/executive/police-state-usa/]
'''Is [[America]] turning into a [[police]] state?''' ''Why do we hear every day, either of another episode of excessive use of force, or of another small town getting a vehicle suitable for a big-city SWAT team?'' [http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2014/07/05/accountability/executive/police-state-usa/]

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The Pro-Life movement is winning.
And it's a liberal source admitting it: [1]

Target just told criminals that law biding citizens are not allowed to carry firearms in their store.[2] Enter Target stores at your own risk!

Is America turning into a police state? Why do we hear every day, either of another episode of excessive use of force, or of another small town getting a vehicle suitable for a big-city SWAT team? [3]

Supreme Court Grants Evangelical College Plea On Contraception Rule.[4]

Congressman Calls on Americans to Unite Against Barack Obama All at Once. [5] Will Obama's approval rating go into the 30s territory again and stay there?

On the Birth of the USA…Our Founding Fathers, The Declaration of Independence, Our Constitution, May God Bless the United States of America! [6]

The IRS and immigration are not the worst problems. The real problem is: what kind of society do we want to live in? Free speech, or free lunch? [7]

"Houston, we have a problem" ... for the homosexual agenda: 50,000+ petition signatures are submitted to force a referendum against the special privileges recently granted to homosexuals by its city council. [8] The gay rights law even gives transgendered women (men) unlimited access to women's bathrooms. And speaking of which: why are four major nominally Christian denominations embracing this agenda? [9]

Feminist Leader Taken to Task Over Her Comments on Hobby Lobby Ruling.[10]

Ron Paul: Nation’s Hospitals ‘Under Siege’ in Immigration Crisis.[11]

Mexican border and illegal immigration: Dr. Jane Orient of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS)," says the U.S. is "one outbreak" away from "an overwhelming public health crisis."[12]

Senator Thad Cochran, whether he survives the legal challenges or not, has burnt too many bridges with conservatives. He should get out of the race. [13]

VA employees ordered to process Obamacare applications for illegals, at the expense of veterans. [14]

Fans and Foes React to Burger King’s New "Gay Pride Burger."[15]

Ben Carson Calls Abortion "Human Sacrifice." Liberals pushing heathen civilization. [16]

Goalie Tim Howard, whose 16 saves broke the World Cup record: "The most important thing in my life is Christ. He's more important to me than winning or losing or whether I'm playing or not. Everything else is just a bonus. All praise be to God." [17]

Global Warming Warnings: Sound science or politically motivated pseudoscience?[18]

"A Goalkeeper Galvanizes a Nation. Tim Howard’s brilliance in the United States’ loss to Belgium at the World Cup was an inspiration to Americans, some of whom took their adulation to amusing lengths." [19]

The Thad Cochran campaign tried to deny the latest allegation against them: that they bought votes with cash. But the story they told to explain certain suggestive evidence turns out to make zero sense. [20]

A new poll by the independent, prestigious Quinnipiac University polling group confirms that "Americans think President Barack Obama is the country's worst president since World War II." [21] The best? Ronald Reagan, with double the support of the nearest runner-up.

Independence Day (July 4th) has the deadliest accidents of any holiday. "Every year around this time, hundreds of Americans lose their lives because of alcohol-related car accidents, and thousands of additional road users suffer serious life altering injuries at the hands of individuals who chose to get behind the wheel after having too much to drink." [22]

Breaking: Amid allegations Senator Thad Cochran's campaign illegally bought votes, True the Vote sues the State to force it to release records of voting in the Democratic Party primary and the Republican runoff. [23]

See What A University Pays A Professor To Teach One Class.[24] "Too much of what is called 'education' is little more than an expensive isolation from reality." - Thomas Sowell

Obamacare Enrollees May Have to Switch Plans or Pay More in 2015.[25]

Hillary Clinton blasts Hobby Lobby decision: ‘I find it deeply disturbing.’[26] The more people know about Hillary; the more they will find her deeply disturbing. [27]

The United States’s World Cup dream ended on Tuesday night with a 2-1 overtime loss to Belgium in the round of 16. "And so an extraordinary journey, one that saw the team progress from the Group of Death and exhilarate the nation in the process, finally came to an end after a thrilling and emotional ride." [28]

Homosexual agenda advances as the Supreme Court denies cert in a challenge to California's pro-gay ban on conversion therapy for minors. [29] An additional 8 states (and D.C.) are considering similar bans, but 5 states have rejected such a ban and the Texas GOP has endorsed the therapy for helping teens overcome homosexuality.

Hobby Lobby Releases Video Attacking Obamacare.[30]

Military Bans Gideon Bible group From Bases But Forces Soldiers To Adhere To Islamic Practices During Ramadan.[31]

The editorial board of The Daily Iowan makes a bad choice of "victims" to "stick up" for. [32]

Vanden Heuvel tells neoconservative Bill Kristol to enlist in Iraq army “if you feel so strongly.” [33]

Texan pig farmer vs. his Muslim association neighbors - Who wins? [34]

Biden Says Protecting Gay Rights More Important than Christian Values.[35] There have been many great Christian civilizations. How many great homosexual civilizations have there been? Zero?

US becoming fan favorite of other World Cup team nations Lost amid all the talk about the World Cup making soccer grow in popularity within the United States is one very real and unexpected development taking place right here in Brazil. [36]

Hobby Lobby wins its case for religious freedom, and public sector unions lose theirs for mandatory dues, as the Supreme Court issues its final two decisions of its Term. [37] This is a double defeat for liberals. And more than that: it recalls the stunning Divine rebuke of Nebuchadnezzar II. [38]

"Talk About Incompetence!" [39]

Typical liberal bias by the lamestream media: a USA Today headline screams, "Cops: Woman shot during Pa. gun show demo." [40] The truth is that a gun discharged accidentally, causing a minor flesh wound which was then treated and the victim released from the hospital. This is national news??

"What's The Matter With Wendy Davis?" [41] The pro-abort media gave her enormous positive publicity, and liberals donated tens of millions of dollars to her campaign for governor of Texas. One little problem: Texas voters are pro-life, and she's on track to lose the election in a landslide.

Soccer: U.S.'s big challenge against Belgium: Tame the 'Beast' called Axel Witsel. Tue. 4:00 PM EDT [42] Klinsmann: United States can beat Belgium. [43]

Chris McDaniel, candidate for the United States Senate, has reason to fight on. [44]

ISIS attack on Turkey could force U.S. response.[45] Turkey is a part of NATO.

50,000 Christians flee Iraqi City Ahead of ISIL (ISIL is an al-Qaeda splinter group).[46]

Al Qaeda Parades American Humvees, Tanks; Seize $429m from City’s Central Bank to Make It World’s Richest Terror Force.[47] Meanwhile, Barack Obama entertains President's Cup golfers.[48]

VA Settled ‘Wrongful Death’ Cases With Families of 1,000 Veterans.[49]

Barack Obama blasts House Republicans over lawsuit threat.[50] It was a small blast, however, due to Obama being a political weakling with a 43% approval rating.[51]

The high cost of liberal claptrap: "Students at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas are frustrated with their recently increased tuition and the $225,000 that Hillary Clinton is set to be paid as a speaking fee for her upcoming appearance." [52] If students simply opened a free Bible, as Isaac Newton did to gain his insights, they would be much better off.

Obama's strategy on Global Warming was conceived by federal inmate number 33005-016. [53]

The history of many nations has run in cycles of freedom and tyranny. Is it our turn? [54]

IRS scandal grows bigger and bigger. Lois Lerner sought IRS audit of sitting GOP senator, emails show.[55]

Most of those who promote the global warming narrative, have an agenda for controlling the people, and are hypocritical besides. But suppose it is real after all? And its cause is not what everyone says it is, but goes back to the Great Flood? [56]

John Boehner Says His Plan To Sue Obama Is ‘Not About Impeachment’.[57]

Future U.S. presidents will use Obama's lawlessness as a precedent if something it is not done about it.[58]

It's spreading: EPA Claims Hard Drive Crash Preventing Cooperation With Congressional Investigation.[59]

The Presbyterian "Church" in America votes ‘NO’ on protecting babies born alive during botched abortions.[60] See also: Liberal Christianity and marital infidelity

Rush Limbaugh Explodes About ‘Corrupt’ GOP establishment for Employing ‘Reprehensible’ Tactic Against Tea Party.[61]

7 Times Barack Obama Ignored the Law to Impose His Executive Will.[62]

Soccer: Ghana Helped The US Advance At The World Cup With 2 Devastating Mistakes The U.S. national team lost to Germany in their final group stage match at the World Cup. [63]

A shocking look at erotic reading lists and other sexualizing elements of the Common Core curriculum. [64] By the way: if you try to find the SIECUS guidelines for child sexuality on their own site, you wind up with 404 errors. Did SIECUS, and the United Nations, catch the same hard drive flu that struck the Internal Revenue Service?

Supreme Court rules against abortion clinics and in favor of free speech in most public areas outside them, by striking down a pro-abort Massachusetts law that censored pro-life speech. [65] In addition, it is predicted that public sector unions will lose big on Monday, when Harris v. Quinn is announced.

In today's ruling against abortion clinics, the Court established that laws creating buffer zones to censor pro-life speech in public areas around abortion clinics are presumptively invalid. The Court implicitly overrules Hill v. Colorado (2000), without the majority opinion mentioning it.

BREAKING NEWS: Supreme Court rules that Obama violated the Constitution with his recess appointments. [66]

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