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<!-- ================ PAGE CONTENT BEGINS BELOW THIS LINE ==================== -->
'''A new legal thriller skewers the [[Black Lives Matter]] movement and the [[Mainstream Media]].''' ''All resemblances to actual [[public figure]]s, living and dead, are fully intended and richly deserved.'' [http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2017/08/15/editorial/reviews/without-fear-favor-easy-say/]
'''[[Discrimination]] is never acceptable with the exception of [[liberal]]s punishing [[conservative]] speech.''' Time to demand [[Silicon Valley]] tech company policies are met with [[government]] [[regulation]]s. [http://www.lifezette.com/polizette/silicon-valley-tightens-its-grip-on-free-speech/]
'''A new legal thriller skewers the [[Black lives matter]] movement and the [[Mainstream Media]].''' ''All resemblances to actual [[public]] figures, living and dead, are fully intended and richly deserved.'' [http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2017/08/15/editorial/reviews/without-fear-favor-easy-say/]
'''[[Trump]] wins again,''' as the [[communist]] dictatorship of [[North Korea]] backs down. [http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/north-korea-backs-off-its-threat-to-strike-guam/article/2631521]
'''[[Trump]] wins again,''' as the [[communist]] dictatorship of [[North Korea]] backs down. [http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/north-korea-backs-off-its-threat-to-strike-guam/article/2631521]

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Welcome to Conservapedia!

Discrimination is never acceptable with the exception of liberals punishing conservative speech. Time to demand Silicon Valley tech company policies are met with government regulations. [1]

A new legal thriller skewers the Black lives matter movement and the Mainstream Media. All resemblances to actual public figures, living and dead, are fully intended and richly deserved. [2]

Trump wins again, as the communist dictatorship of North Korea backs down. [3]

Sixty more accomplishments by Donald Trump in his Second Hundred Days. [4]

The Mainstream Media thought they could "spike" the IT scandal of the Democrat Party. But here are the lowlights, and the evidence. [5]

Trump declares that he is “seriously considering a pardon for Sheriff Arpaio,” a leader in the fight against illegal immigration. [6]

North Korea has a long-standing connection with the enemies of Israel. Also: a call to re-examine the notion that living in Israel is somehow too dangerous. [7]

"Government schools Intentionally Making Kids Dumber?" [8]

Classic liberal denial: the mayor of Charlottesville blames the violence in his own city on Trump, but then candidly added, "But to be honest, this is not about Donald Trump." [9]

Setback for liberal Republicans: "Mueller wants to interview Priebus in Russia probe." [10]

When will Donald Trump investigate Hillary Clinton, as he said he would during the campaign? [11]

"Fired Google Engineer James Damore Holds “Fired for Truth” Protest Sign Outside Google HQ." [12] Professors back up Damore's observations. [13]

With an abstinence leader in a key position at HHS, it cuts off funding to a liberal teenage pregnancy program. Liberals are dismayed, but their programs don't work as well as abstinence education. [14]

"Trump: 'Doing the military a great favor' with transgender troop ban." [15]

Advice to Donald Trump: fire H. R. McMaster! And do it now, before he does any more globalist damage. [16]

The Shadow To Light blog publishes an article on atheism and infanticide.[17] See also: Atheism and infanticide

Trump speaks with the incompetent RINO Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader, by phone and then unloads on him with well-deserved criticism on Twitter. [18]

Liberal university elites practice re-education in America today. One must recognize it before one can stop it. [19]

Worldwide Google searches for the term "atheist" - 13 years and 7 months after the beginning of the New Atheism movement - Searches are down.[20] See also: Essay: The slow implosion of atheism is accelerating

Canadian atheists face a tough slog ahead.[21]

The Guardian reports on an international study indicating that atheists are widely seen as potentially morally depraved and dangerous - even by other atheists.[22]

Communist "North Korea threatens missile strike on Guam," and they are crazy if they don't think Trump will strike back very hard. [23]

"Pro-Trump challenge in GOP primary" to RINO incumbent in Nevada. [24]

Sarah Palin sues The New York Times. But a liberal judge blocks key evidence of actual malice. [25]

"110 out of 111 former NFL football players who donated their brains to science showed signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE)," another reason to Unplug the NFL. [26]

Liberal double standard as environmentalists do not complain: "Pollution from illegal marijuana farms deep in California's national forests ... has turned thousands of acres into waste dumps so toxic that simply touching plants has landed law enforcement officers in the hospital." "Toxic waste from U.S. pot farms alarms experts"

Left-leaning Politico.com admits: "Democrats fear Russia probe blowback," as "two-thirds of American voters say investigations into Trump and Russia are hurting the country." [27]

As Donald Trump keeps trying to drain the swamp, the swamp fights back – and flagrantly breaks the rules. [28]

Classic liberal denial: global warming alarmist Al Gore declares, "Actually, I think I carried Florida" in 2000 to become president. [29]

For whom does the President of the United States work? Have immediate past Presidents forgotten for whom they work, or even to ask themselves that question? [30]

Kept on the payroll of a Democrat congresswoman until his arrest, Imran Awan was apprehended "at the airport as he attempted to leave the US for Pakistan." [31]

"West Virginia's Democratic governor announces flip to GOP. ... 'Like it or not like it, but the Democrats walked away from me,' Justice said during a rally with President Trump. ... Trump won West Virginia in the presidential election by 42 points." [32]

Deep state advances against Trump: "Mueller using grand jury in DC in Russia probe." [33]

Anti-Trump Senator Ben Sasse, who is another Koch puppet, turns down an offer to run the Heritage Foundation. [34] The Koch brothers continue to secretly gain control over right-of-center groups.

Donald Trump understands America's problems, and he's the man to fix them! Let's put any personal foibles into proper perspective. [35]

Koch puppet Jeff Flake, a U.S. Senator from Arizona, pushes globalism and whines about how Trump is promoting America First. [36]

Transgender people in the military are bad enough without supporting their transition between genders while they are serving. [37]

Whatever Is On Imran Awan’s Smashed Hard Drives Likely Can Be Recovered.[38]

Aide for Rep. Wasserman Schultz arrested while trying to leave country.[39]

"Los Angeles will host the 2028 Summer Olympics, in part because the International Olympic Committee ... couldn’t guarantee that any other city on Earth would be willing to do it." [40] The Olympics didn't help Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Setback for liberals: "After swearing in new chief of staff, Trump pledges: I won't stop tweeting," reports USA Today.

Oh no!!! The new Chief of staff John Kelly is a secret supporter of anti-Trump James Comey, and Kelly fires pro-Trump Anthony Scaramucci!! "Kelly told Comey he had considered resigning over [Comey's] ouster. Comey told him not to resign." [41] The deep state wins again!

Gun control is people control. We see that now in Venezuela. [42]

Atheism in Russia cut 50% in three years.[43] See also: Central and Eastern Europe and desecularization

How to tell real capitalism from the crony capitalism – or state "capitalism" – that too often passes for it. [44]

The US flew two supersonic bombers over the Korean Peninsula in a show of force against North Korea. [45]

Instead of deliberately fomenting racial tension, why don't teachers promote a meritocracy? Because they prefer socialism? [46]

"GOP Senate candidates race to align with Trump." [47]

"Trump once summoned Priebus to kill a fly in Oval Office." [48]

RINO Reince Priebus "forced out as White House chief of staff," in a conservative triumph over the Establishment and the deep state. [49]

When liberals cry for "diversity," they are perpetrating – or falling for – another humanitarian hoax. This is yet another divide-and-conquer technique. [50]

The people of Minneapolis, Minnesota had a harsh word or two for their mayor: "stop terrozing us!" This after a Muslim policeman shot and killed a woman who had turned in a prowler alarm. [51]

"White House declines to apologize to Boy Scouts" because the 45,000 or so Scouts cheered Trump's candid remarks at their event. [52]

Another ally of Reince Priebus is fired, and "The Mooch" speaks out further against the Establishment Republican Priebus, who has been ineffective as Trump's Chief of staff.

Republican Senators -- even ones who pretend to be conservative -- are so afraid of the Left and the liberal media that they wrongly criticize Trump's ban on transgenders in the military. [53]

Setback for the homosexual agenda: "Trump: U.S. military won’t allow transgender people ‘to serve in any capacity.’" [54]

"Al Gore Humiliation: NASA Study Confirms Sea Levels Are FALLING. Al Gore has falsely predicted that sea levels would rise by 20 feet, with some of the world’s largest cities underwater." [55]

What's wrong with an anti-bullying campaign? Everything, if it replaces one set of bullies with another. A liberal set. [56]

"Boos for Obama as Trump speaks at Boy Scout jamboree." [57]

A taste of his own medicine: Richard Dawkins gets expelled.[58][59] See also: Western atheism, schisms and political polarization

Remembering the struggle for liberty, 241 years ago, and today. [60]

"It's very sad that Republicans, even some that were carried over the line on my back, do very little to protect their President," Trump tweeted Sunday. [61] Yep, they are called RINOs.

Read the new Regnery book Fake Science, which exposes the Left's skewed statistics, fuzzy facts, and dodgy data [62]

As first observed here, TheHill.com explains that Sean Spicer's departure is "a broader defeat for the pro-GOP establishment faction in the White House, of which Chief of Staff Reince Priebus is the most prominent representative." Rumors are that the pro-Mitch McConnell Priebus has "become an isolated figure." [63]

Atheist admits that the atheist movement could be more boring than it was 10 years ago. How could atheists and atheism become even more boring?[64]

President Donald Trump explains this morning: "all agree the U.S. President has the complete power to pardon." [65]

Confront biased mainstream media and corrupt politicians, and they will flee. [66]

Global warming is another humanitarian hoax. Its roots go all the way back to a 1970 Executive Order by President Richard M. Nixon, establishing something called the Environmental Protection Agency. [67]

Setback for RINOs: Sean Spicer is replaced with Mike Huckabee's daughter Sarah as press secretary, while Trump shakes up his personal legal team and hires a new communications director. Spicer's buddy Reince Priebus tries to stay on as Chief of Staff. [68]

Tim Tebow is crushing minor league baseball after being promoted. Currently he has a .306 batting average. [69]

Melinda Gates pumps $$$$ from Microsoft stock into population control and pro-abortion groups, while a Catholic theologian rejects her attempts to change Church doctrine. [70] Why isn't she excommunicated by the Church?

"From Hospital Bed — John McCain Hits President Trump on Twitter," but the classy President Trump probably won't answer back despite being right. [71]

The lamestream media admits that the Somali immigrant cop refuses to speak with investigators about shooting the unarmed woman in Minneapolis, but most stories conceal that he had multiple complaints against him for other incidents. [72]

Liberal media goes into overdrive to distort the news that a Somali Muslim immigrant, armed as a police officer, apparently shot defenseless Justine Damond in cold blood as she tried to report a crime. [73]

"Trump: Let Obamacare fail." [74] Conservapedia proven right, again, in predicting that RINO Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would fail.

The Tyranny of Pseudo-Science: "The left is a single, stupid collective mind that is utterly incapable of truly independent and free thought." [75]

How the minimum wage hurts those it purports to help and paves the way for another Cloward-Piven collapse scenario. [76]

The open borders movement: another humanitarian hoax on America. Some forms of "kindness" can kill a person – or a country. [77]

President Trump is pulling the federal government out of K-12 education [78] with an executive order that

  • will eliminate federal policies which resulted in "education that spends more and achieves far, far, far less"
  • orders Betsy DeVos to end federal overreach
  • returns power to teachers and parents

How Barack Obama planned one more surprise to damage the United States military before leaving office. [79]

There have been two Hillary Clinton related "suicides" in a week.[80] See: also Clinton body count and 'Clinton death list': 33 spine-tingling cases

"Failed Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have blown an entire half year and accomplished nothing. When will they be replaced?" [81]

Should politicians who clamor the loudest for war, also offer to lead on its front lines? [82]

Another reminder of how the liberal left suppresses freedom of speech. The irony: if the rank-and-file of the left knew whom they were supporting, they wouldn't support them. [83]

Example of how helpful the death penalty is to obtaining justice: it gave the prosecutor leverage to obtain a confession to solve the recent murders of four young men in Pennsylvania. [84]

The effects of defense of Christianity heavy artillery fire on the efforts of militant atheists.[85]

Trump effect effect: Several industries have seen notable job gains since Donald Trump was elected.[86]

See also: Essay: Donald Trump's glorious victories and Donald Trump achievements

The $100,000 challenge to CNN journalist Brian Stelter by Mike Cernovich: Walk around New York City with a Make America Great Again hat. An ingenious way to showcase intolerant 2017 leftwing violence. [87] It's for a good cause, St. Judes hospital for kids

Kid Rock for Senate?: Surely he couldn't do any worse than those already holding seats. [88]

Bill allocates $1.6 billion for Donald Trump’s border wall on the Mexican border.[89]

Setback for liberals: Greatest Conservative Sports Star Daniel Murphy is tearing up major league baseball with his .342 average, after nearly winning the batting title last year while also hitting 25 homers. He is "the Best Deal in Baseball." [90]

American liberals got a divorce from the values that made America great. But Donald Trump keeps the marriage intact for the rest of us. [91]

Success! The U.S. missile defense system THAAD, which is needed to defend against North Korea, passes an operational test with flying colors, no pun intended. [92]

More Trump effect: "Colorado Voters Are Canceling Their Registrations After Trump Request For Voter Data." [93]

President Trump drains the swamp at the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs: 500 people fired, 200 suspended for misconduct. [94]

Caveat emptor, particularly concerning Worst College Majors: 51% of students in 2-year colleges take remedial courses, and most of them do not graduate, which means they are wasting their time and money. [95]

Update from liberal Sweden: "Christian Preschoolers Banned from Saying ‘Amen’, Talking About the Bible." [96]

Real wages in the U.K. are less now than in 2008, nearly a decade ago. [97]

Another setback for liberals: "New Kentucky Law Allows Public Schools To Offer Optional Bible Course." [98]

America and Russia agree on Syrian ceasefire – National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster said a de-escalation zone will take effect in southwest Syria. [99]

Trump affirms all immigrants are welcome if they come in peace and friendship

  • While we will always welcome new citizens who share our values and love our people, our borders will always be closed to terrorism and extremism of any kind. [100]

A reminder: Obamacare is unconstitutional and therefore illegal. Herewith six reasons why. [101]

Setback for liberals: "Trump-Putin meeting, scheduled for 30 minutes, lasted over two hours" in a friendly, productive discussion. [102]

Globalists run amok: California Governor Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown announced a "Global Climate Action summit on Thursday in a video message to the Global Citizen Festival in Hamburg, Germany." [103] Brown falsely declared that President Trump "doesn't speak for the rest of America."

America, the dreams of her forefathers, and why America is worth fighting for against those who deliberately foment chaos. [104]

Massive crowd of 15,000 turns out to support Trump's historic speech in Warsaw Wednesday, where he spoke against those attempting to subvert Western Civilization. [105]

Is the Deep state deliberately instigating chaos as an excuse to use all that ammunition they bought during the Obama years? [106]

Pro-life Poland lines its streets after midnight to give President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump a hero's welcome! [107] What's wrong with Western Europe?

Donald Trump vs. CNN meme and animated GIF Armageddon is nigh.[108] There are already over 8,300 search results at the animated GIF search engine Giphy for the term CNN-Trump. See also: R/CNNmemes

Media Equality Project demands CNN terminate Andrew Kaczynski's employment. Activists are planning a protest outside CNN's Atlanta headquarters on July 22, 2017.[109]

Rasmussen poll: A majority of likely voters support Donald Trump administration travel ban.[110]

A detailed glossary on modern doublespeak by the liberal left. George Orwell might be appalled. [111]

Liberals Are in Trouble – and They Know It.[112]

Bill Clinton's childhood friend: Hillary Clinton is already running for 2020.[113] Is Hillary in a delusional bubble? Could she win the Democratic nomination in 2020?

As the liberal coalition fractures along its fault lines, conservatives may forgive themselves a little Schadenfreude. [114]

"Trump offers help for critically ill British child," more so than churches are. [115] Meanwhile, liberals fail to help and even interfere with life-saving measures.

President Donald Trump says he is "extremely pleased" that CNN's fake news nature is being exposed.[116]

Trump issues a smackdown on fake news with video of a man whose head is obscured by a CNN logo being pushed down near a WWE-style wrestling ring. [117] [118]

Remember "no taxation without representation"? In Israel we now hear, "No taxation without annexation!" The cry goes up in Judea and Samaria – the so-called West Bank. And it finds a level of support comparable to that of American Patriots during the American Revolution. [119]

RINO McConnell is humiliated by his own failure to get 50 votes for a Senate health bill, but in liberal style he is sarcastic about Trump instead: "It's not easy making America great again, is it." [120] Not easy for self-centered RINOs like McConnell, that's right.

A reminder: tolerance has its limits. And a "religion" like Islam, that exhorts its adherents to kill non-adherents, exceeds those limits. [121]

No transgender in the military this year says James Mattis. [122]

China bans homosexuality related videos on the Chinese portion of the internet.[123]

The prominent American sociologist Peter L. Berger recently passed away at the age of 88. [124]

A reminder that the Founding Fathers gave us a government "for a moral people...and inadequate to the government of any other." [125]

Land of Obama and decades of liberal control: Illinois has "the lowest credit rating of any state, just a whisker above junk status; a growing pile of unpaid bills that now stands at more than $14.5 billion; and a yearly population decline that is the highest of any state." [126]

That prominent United Nations global warming maven, Christiana Figueres, published her manifesto yesterday in the journal Nature. And as usual, she went long on prophecies of doom and short on specifics. Nor will she pay any of the price she demands others pay. [127]

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