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'''''USA Today'' on Mark Anthony Conditt,''' the [[Austin]] bomber, "Raised by both parents in a [[Christianity|Christian]] home, Conditt reportedly walked away from his faith several years ago."[https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2018/03/21/who-mark-anthony-conditt-austin-serial-bomber/444738002/]
More and more the evidence is pointing to Conditt being a [[Psychopathy|psychopathic]], irreligious, serial killer. He said he has a psychopath in his video confession in which he showed no remorse.[http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/03/25/austin-bomber-called-himself-psychopath-had-no-remorse-congressman-says.html] See also: [[Atheism and psychopathy]] and [[List of atheist shooters and serial killers|Atheist serial killers]]
'''Mark Anthony Conditt, the [[Austin]] bomber,''' in his video confession described himself as a [[psychopath]]. [https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2018/03/23/austin-serial-bomber-self-described-psychopath-left-behind-unemotional-trail-murder/454173002/]
'''Mark Anthony Conditt, the [[Austin]] bomber,''' in his video confession described himself as a [[psychopath]]. [https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2018/03/23/austin-serial-bomber-self-described-psychopath-left-behind-unemotional-trail-murder/454173002/]

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USA Today on Mark Anthony Conditt, the Austin bomber, "Raised by both parents in a Christian home, Conditt reportedly walked away from his faith several years ago."[1]

More and more the evidence is pointing to Conditt being a psychopathic, irreligious, serial killer. He said he has a psychopath in his video confession in which he showed no remorse.[2] See also: Atheism and psychopathy and Atheist serial killers

Mark Anthony Conditt, the Austin bomber, in his video confession described himself as a psychopath. [3]

Given what we know about atheism and psychopathy and given that the press is not reporting on his church attendance as an adult, did Mark Anthony Conditt become an atheist before his killing spree? Did he lose control of his emotions after losing his job? See: Atheism and anger and Atheism and depression and Atheism and negative emotions/thoughts and Atheist serial killers

"The Problem with Atheism, Part 2"[4]

Free transportation and food brought hundreds of thousands to D.C. for a march for gun control. [5] Was it the most subsidized protest in history?

A free speech rebellion is starting to brew in Britain.[6]

As far as the Austin bomber, as can be seen HERE, Mark Anthony Conditt's blog listed in his blog roll: Andrew Sullivan, Crooks and Liars, Huffington Post and blog roll links to liberal, mainstream news organizations.

So not only was he a jobless slacker who lacked the Protestant work ethic, but he was surely not a true conservative! Why does the mainstream press avoid this issue? Also, there are no news reports of him attending church regularly as an adult.

Mark Anthony Conditt six years ago: "I view myself as a conservative, but I don't think I have enough information to defend my stance as well as it should be defended." Notice he did not say that "I am a conservative" and merely said I consider myself to be a conservative. And of course, he did not have enough information to defend his positions well. He was too busy reading liberal claptrap!

USA Today: Switzerland's three largest cities always rank in the Top 10 places to live in the world. "The average annual salary in the three cities ranges between $100,000 and $108,000, with income tax rates lower than in most of Europe."[7]

Switzerland is a beacon of European, biblical creationism and economically flourishes while Darwinist Britain is an economic laggard.[8]

The Times reports: British economy to remain in doldrums ‘until 2020 at least’.[9]

Reuters: "A survey by the Thomson Reuters Foundation in February found more than 120 staff from about 20 leading global charities were fired or lost their jobs last year over sexual misconduct."[10]

Overall, Christian charitable organizations still surpass secular charitable organizations in their ethics. See also: Atheist nonprofit scandals and Atheist fundraising vs. religious fundraising and Atheism and charity

Financial Times reports that Britain has had a productivity problem since its relative economic performance peaked in the mid-19th century.[11]

Thank God Britain recently hit "peak secular" and is expected to experience desecularization in the 21st century. See: UK and secularism and Growth of British evangelical Christianity and British atheism

What are school officials, or law enforcement authorities, hiding regarding the Parkland, Florida school shooting? Seventy cameras throughout the high school, and we've seen footage from only four of them, and none of them showing the prime suspect clearly. [12]

Australian atheist and columnist admits that "only a miracle can save atheism."[13] See also: Irreligion in Australia

First the cancellation of the 2018 Global Atheist Convention that was scheduled to occur in Australia and now this! See also: Decline of the atheist movement and Desecularization

Trump signs the bloated spending bill, which funds everything except his agenda, and then lambasts Congress. [14] Trump vows never to sign another bill like it.

Has the Internet fallen into collectivist hands? Signs abound of a war lovers of liberty must fight. [15]

Conservative John Bolton replaces globalist H.R. McMaster as National Security Advisor, as the Trump Administration continues to shift to the Right. [16]

Our prayers go to the victims of the 23-year-old Austin bomber who didn't work, illustrating that "Idle hands are the devil’s workshop." (Proverbs 16:27 TLB) Why was he being supported not to work?

Setback for pro-aborts: an outspokenly pro-life Dem congressman defeats a multimillion-dollar attempt to unseat him in his primary. [17] The Democrat Party breached its policy by refusing to endorse the incumbent, because he's pro-life.

RINO incumbent Illinois governor is nearly defeated in his own primary by a conservative challenger. [18]

Maryland officer at public school did what should have been done in Florida: within 60 seconds he gunned down the assailant who had begun shooting up the school. [19]

The secret to winning America's new civil war. David Kupelian on defeating the totalitarian left.[20]

Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent, advises former CIA Director John Brennan and former U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power to "dial down the volume" on their criticisms of President Donald Trump over the firing of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.[21]

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Ex-CIA director Brennan's role in the Obamagate/FISAgate scandal.[22]

Brennan admitted that he voted for Communist presidential candidate Gus Hall in 1976 in a CIA polygraph test.[23]

Globalist "Koch Brothers ‘All In’ for Amnesty: ‘We Need to Know There’s Going to be No Reduction to Legal Immigration.’" [24] The billionaire Kochs want the cheap labor to keep their refineries profitable.

Is Donald Trump truly analogous to King Cyrus of Persia? And if so, what does that say of the Church in America, that is supposed to be salt and light? [25]

Independent poll confirms: 74% of Americans recognize the problem of the Deep State. [26] Will Trump be able to eradicate it?

Has California started a cold civil war? So it would appear, with their attempts to nullify Federal immigration law. [27]

"Tyranny, Part 2"[28]

The Telford Child Sex Scandal and the End of England.[29]

1,000 children may have been victims in Britain’s biggest ever child abuse scandal.[30]

Islam and London: Child Sex Crimes Jump 30% During London Mayor’s 1st Year.[31]

"The most astonishing thing, to me, is the utterly supine nature of the British people. They conquered the world and defeated Germany twice only to lie down and submit to third world rape...".[32]

Another setback for liberals: the conservative all-black movie Black Panther wins the box office for the 5th straight week, and surpasses $1 billion in sales worldwide. [33]

The jihadi and the social justice warrior differ but little. In fact they differ only in the nature of the masters they serve. They have the same goal, and have the same attitude toward criticism. Which is to say, they brook none. [34]

Liberal media admits "What gun-control supporters don't mention: The U.S. rate of gun violence has dropped sharply." LA Times article

Now that liberals/leftists recognize that Donald Trump is president of the United States and is very unlikely to be charged with collusion with the Russians in the 2016 election, they have moved from denialism to anger - specifically anger at evangelical Christians for supporting Trump.[35]

Question: How long will it take global, secular liberals/leftists to accept that nationalist, right-wing populism will become more and more dominant in the 21st century and that they are powerless to stop this trend?[36] See also: Desecularization and Decline of the secular left

How the Founding Fathers would answer gun control advocates, point by point. Quotations from the Founders answer every gun-control argument directly and forcefully. [37]

Gambling claims another victim: Reports are that a gambling habit caused the firing of a low-level White House official, who was then escorted off the grounds by security. [38]

Setback for materialism: NASA confirms that "Astronaut's DNA no longer identical to his identical twin's after year in space." [39]

The rise of right-wing populism; the death of global, secular liberalism and the 5 stages of grief.[40]

Liberals are starting to move beyond denialism and have entered into the panic/anger stage.

What a libertarian government would look like, for better – or worse. [41]

Video game industry is pushing to be included as an event in the Olympics, and already it will be a medal event at the 2022 Asian Games. How low will the Olympics fall in credibility? [42]

"The Problem with Atheism"[43]

Free trade is not free. Here's why. [44]

Beware C-SPAN, which is just another Mainstream Media organ with a typical game plan against Israel and America, too. [45]

Conservative churches are growing in Canada![46] The future of irreligion in Canada looks bleak (see: Canada and irreligion).

The New Atheist Richard Dawkins Wants People To Eat Human “Meat” to “Overcome Our Taboo Against Cannibalism”.[47] See also: Atheism and cannibalism

Another bitter cold front mimicking the Beast From The East will hit Britain this weekend — sending temperatures plummeting to as low as 26.6 degrees fahrenheit just a fortnight before Easter.[48]

Hopes for the arrival of spring are dashed. It comes just weeks after Britain ground to a halt under intense blizzards from The Beast and Storm Emma.

Global warming?

The wealthier country of Switzerland, a beacon of European creationism[49], is generally better prepared for winter than Britain as it has an adequate amount of snow removal equipment to handle winter storms.

In celebration of the people of Italy, who rebelled against the new world order and the European Union in their last parliamentary elections. [50]

A nun who criticized liberal Katy Perry as someone who "represents everything we don’t believe in," accusing her of witchcraft, dies suddenly in a courtroom appearance as the nun sought to protect her convent against Perry's purchase of it. [51] A scene out of The Exorcist?

Homeschooled teen wins county spelling bee for second straight year.[52]

In 2016, it was reported that homeschoolers do markedly better on SAT tests.[53]

Question: Are public schools, which indoctrinate students in leftist propaganda, making students less intelligent and less likely to engage in critical thinking? See also: Academia and intellectual development and Atheist indoctrination and Atheism and critical thinking

Australian tobacco use rises for the first time in a decade.[54]

A number of factors, including overall societal decline, are causing intelligence scores to drop in Australia as well. See: Irreligious Australia and intelligence

Question: Will irreligious Australia repent, embrace biblical Christianity and have its citizens become better at sports, spelling bees and non-smoking campaigns? See: Sports performance: Religious faith vs. atheism and Intelligence trends in religious countries and secular countries and Irreligion and smoking

In a new book, Victor Sharpe describes the incessant attacks on the State of Israel. He goes back to a term Abba Eban coined: politicide. [55]

"US Conservative Activist Brittany Pettibone Is Being Held in London’s Colnbrook Bypass Prison as Political Prisoner." [56]

Post Brexit, Britain is trying to resurrect relationships with its former colonies.[57]

"Some countries, such as Singapore, have surpassed Britain in per capita income and growth, and they see little need to indulge the UK."

According to the Humanist Society of Singapore, "The creationist movement is well and alive here... Local creationists are well-funded and well-organised, riding on the steady growth of the Christian community which has jumped nearly two-fold from 9.9% in 1980 to 18.8% in 2015."[58]

If only Britain hadn't embraced Darwinism and instead embraced biblical Christianity/creationism, things would be so much better in Britain. See: Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism and Atheism and sloth

Chaos: how could it be otherwise, when people in church and government alike do not respect order? [59]

"College Student Barred From Class For Claiming There Are Only Two Genders." And God has a sense of humor: this occurred at "Indiana University of Pennsylvania," itself seemingly a contradiction. [60]

The rise of right-wing populism.[61]

Pro-gun lawmakers in Georgia punish Delta Airlines for cutting ties with the NRA.[62]

The globalists and their useful idiots among Republicans decry the tariffs that President Donald Trump announced. Herewith a review of tariff policy in the United States and the good purposes tariffs serve. [63]

Overrated Sports Star Peyton Manning is still the choke artist that he was in the big games, this time by bailing out of his 31 Papa John's stores after the company properly unplugged the NFL.[64]

Liberals can dish it out, but can't take it: Trump tweeted, “Lowest rated Oscars in HISTORY. Problem is, we don’t have Stars anymore – except your President (just kidding, of course)!” Kimmel responded with nastiness, rather than with good humor or acknowledging his own failure. [65]

"The END of the EU is nigh." Nigel Farage warns Italian election result will crush Brussels.[66]

Dr. Steve Turley on the nationalist populist right winning big in the Italian election.[67]

Massive setback for globalism in Italy as populist, anti-immigration voters crush the Establishment parties in the recent election. “The Italian people have gone farther, in a shorter period of time,” than the U.S. or Britain in tossing out the political elite, observed Steve Bannon. [68]

Liberal windbag Jimmy Kimmel's television ratings for last night's Oscars fell so low that it may have broken the all-time low set by Jon Stewart. "That, despite the fact that The Shape of Water was the highest-grossing Best Picture winner in five years." [69]

A Russian combat officer goes to his death rather than let a Muslim enemy capture him and turn him into a propaganda pawn. A sobering and inspiring example of honor. [70]

Leftist New York Times publishes a news article on how the Italian Election Gives Big Lift to Right-wing and Populists Parties.[71]

Right-wing Alternative for Germany (AFD) Becomes Second Most Popular Party in Germany.[72]

First Royal Visit to Israel Is Sign of Britain’s Diminished Status in the World and Israel's Growing Importance.[73]

Darwinism was a key factor in the start of both WWI and WWII (see: World War I and Darwinism and Adolf Hitler and evolutionary, racist genocide). After those two wars Britain was very weakened which set the stage for Britain to be thrown out of its former colony India.[74][75]

Evolutionists, just admit it: Moses' legacy continues to be a positive influence in the world and it helps produce greatness in countries, while Charles Darwin was a wrongheaded fool.[76] See also: Social effects of the theory of evolution and The Bible and health and Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism

Dems in the Swamp launch an unusual campaign against a primary candidate in their own Party in Texas, much as Republican insiders try to prevent conservatives from winning in the GOP. [77] The Establishment against both sides now?

Liberal double standard, again: story of children "living in a box" was a distortion to justify California taking children away from homeless parents. Friends confirm that the kids were "highly intelligent children who were involved in soccer and scouts" and cared for by their parents. [78] If only the parents could claim to be illegal aliens, then they could get their kids back!

President Donald Trump and the National Rifle Association (NRA) appear to be on same page again.[79]

Given the NRA's strong influence on Congress and American politics in general, was there ever any doubt that Trump would quickly take an about face from some of his pro gun control statements?

"Good (Great) meeting in the Oval Office tonight with the NRA!" - Donald Trump, Twitter, March 1, 2018

The #MeToo movement is beginning to pick up more steam among the Western atheist population.[80]

A coup de grâce for the atheist movement? Will it further fracture the already deeply divided atheist movement which is already on life support? See: Decline of the atheist movement and Atheist factions

Will the level of hatred between feminist atheists and non-feminist atheists ratchet up higher? See: Western atheism, schisms and political polarization

Snowfall of 8 inches in Buffalo sets a record for March 2nd. [81] Global warming???

The case for a Presidential system of government for the State of Israel. The case includes an indefinite number of four-year terms: no more lame ducks! [82]

Setback for the neocons: globalist H.R. McMaster is getting the heave-ho by Trump from the key post of National Security Advisor in the White House. [83]

Moral relativism dictates policy in Israel, resulting in bad policy and weakness. Amalek, the ancient enemy, couldn't have done worse. [84]

Evolutionism and the second law of thermodynamics argument: A timeline.[85]

The people of Iran are converting to Christianity at a record-setting pace.[86]

Stock in Papa John's pizza jumps 4% on the announcement that the NFL is severing ties with it, while other stocks decline. Unplug the NFL seems good for business, too.

A description of how liberals think and act and why. Margaret Thatcher spoke of running out of other people's money. [87]

The Pharaonic syndrome: an egomania like that of the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Do Israel's leaders suffer from this syndrome, when they talk of trading away Judea and Samaria for an illusory peace? [88]

As Purim begins, one should remember that reversals-of-fortune, like the one that happened to Haman the Agagite, still occur today. [89]

Facing sexual harassment allegations, the atheist and physicist Lawrence Krauss will not appear at several events.[90][91] See also: Atheism and sexism and Atheism and women and Atheism and rape

Krauss' hypothesis about the origin of the universe is a complete farce. See: Atheism and the origin of the universe

California, and especially San Francisco, look like Third World areas. Many California politicians, among them Representative Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.), live apart from the reversal of civilization in their State – and elsewhere in America. [92]

Trump effect: The U.S. economy will grow at an annual pace of at least 3% over the next decade after the benefits of tax cuts and regulatory changes exceeded expectations in 2017, the Council of Economic Advisers said in its annual report.[93] See also: Donald Trump achievements

Meanwhile, the UK economy lags behind G7 after 2017 growth rate cut.[94] In September of 2017, it was reported that "UK voters ‘favour socialism over capitalism’.[95]

Some parts of the UK are set to feel colder than the Arctic Circle as the “beast from the east” sees freezing temperatures sweep the country.[96]

Britain set to battered by snow. Health chiefs advise to stock up on food and medicine.[97] Army on standby as heavy snow to cripple Britain.[98]

Switzerland, a beacon of creationism in Europe and a much more advanced country and resilient country than nanny state Britain, is hit with its coldest temperature in six years - yet the country will not ever be crippled by snow/ice.[99][100]

A man who posted anti-Trump rants on his Facebook page viciously stabbed to death a female student as she was studying in the reading room of a public library, with a 10-inch hunting knife. [101] He next stabbed a Good Samaritan.

Liberal Senator Diane Feinstein is too conservative for the Leftist California Democrat Party, which refuses to endorse her and overwhelmingly prefers her challenger from the Left. [102]

A "Palestinian" has no basis in international law. The Oslo Accords were therefore never legal. [103]

In 2012 Miami-Dade County in Florida entered into an agreement with law enforcement which saw a "reduction" in numbers of juvenile delinquency. Could this non-engagement of young criminals have toppled the dominoes straight to the Parkland mass murder? [104]

President Donald Trump's 50% approval trumps Obama's 45% at this time into their respective presidency's.[105][106]

President Trump's approval rate could climb higher once the economic effects of the recent tax cuts affect the economy.[107][108][109]

Is liberal/leftist hatred of Trump driven by envy, continual sore loserism about the 2016 presidential election and because they lost so much power over the last 8 years? See also: Donald Trump achievements and Trump derangement syndrome and Decline of the secular left

Christianity in China continues its rapid growth. Adherents to Christianity have been increasing about 10 percent annually in China for nearly 40 years.[110] See also: East Asia and global desecularization and Growth of Christianity in China and Growth of evangelical Christianity

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