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(The liberal media wants both Donald Trump and Pope Francis to resign, because both are pro-life. Expect more nuttiness by the media as Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing nears, as it did when Clarence Thomas was confirmed)
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'''The [[liberal media]] wants both [[Donald Trump]] and [[Pope Francis]] to resign''', because both are [[pro-life]].  ''Expect more nuttiness by the media as [[Brett Kavanaugh]]'s confirmation hearing nears, as it did when [[Clarence Thomas]] was confirmed''.
'''The conflict between [[Donald Trump]] and his detractors recalls another conflict:''' [[David]] and [[Goliath]]. [http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2018/08/27/constitution/david-and-goliath-court-public-opinion/]
'''The conflict between [[Donald Trump]] and his detractors recalls another conflict:''' [[David]] and [[Goliath]]. [http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2018/08/27/constitution/david-and-goliath-court-public-opinion/]

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The liberal media wants both Donald Trump and Pope Francis to resign, because both are pro-life. Expect more nuttiness by the media as Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing nears, as it did when Clarence Thomas was confirmed.

The conflict between Donald Trump and his detractors recalls another conflict: David and Goliath. [1]

How badly is Donald Trump hurting Turkey? All President Recep Tayyip Erdogan need do is one simple thing: free Andrew Brunson! [2]

Mass murder at a video game tourney, as a gamer shoots up the place. [3]

Overrated Sports Star Lance Armstrong endorses Beto O'Rourke in Texas Senate race," which Ted Cruz is at risk of losing. [4]

"My deepest sympathies and respect go out to the family of Senator John McCain. Our hearts and prayers are with you!" tweets President Donald Trump about the decorated deceased senator. [5]

Trump takes a strong stance against censorship by liberal social media monopolies. [6]

With apologies to Thomas Jefferson, herewith the Declaration of Cybernetic Independence. [7]

What America must do to avoid the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah. [8]

"Trump-Justice feud deepens," and even RINO Lindsey Graham is advocating for change at the Department. [9]

Black Business Ownership Up 400 Percent Under President Donald Trump.[10] See also: Donald Trump achievements

Two Overrated Sports Stars -- neither having won a major in more than 5 years -- are being hyped by the liberal media to play golf for $9 million in Las Vegas. [11] Professional sports are shifting away from merit to liberal hype.

Italian actress Asia Argento is one of the Me Too Movement’s biggest voices, accusing Harvey Weinstein of rape. Now, a new report claims Argento has paid off an actor accusing her of sexual assault.[12]

Also, please read our new article: Atheism and the Me Too Movement

Hebron, Israel, has foreign occupying forces in it, which are supposed to be a "temporary international presence." Is this an excuse for eventual foreign occupation of all of Israel? [13]

An illegal alien murdered the 20-year-old missing Iowan Mollie Tibbetts, driving up and abducting her as she jogged. [14] The liberal media will downplay the horrific crime now.

Setback for liberal denial: it. was apparently an ongoing affair with a co-worker by a Colorado man that led to his brutal murder of his pregnant wife and presumably their two little girls, and not due to lots of debt as implied by the media. But the latest AP story does not even mention the affair.

A reminder of what happens to democracy when people trust free stuff instead of free minds. [15]

More double standard by the liberal media: "Media Didn’t Care When Obama Scrubbed Security Clearances." [16]

CBS polling currently indicates that few House seats will change hands in November — and that the GOP could very well hold its majority in the House.[17]

Another case of the Trump effect?

Britain had become a haven for a network of foreign criminals. London is the primary hub.[18]

Britain's and London's political leadership is incompetent. Do people get the government they deserve?

Even the Deep State itself is getting fed up with John Brennan's rants against President Trump, as James Clapper (who may be next to lose his security clearance) criticizes Brennan's overheated rhetoric. [19]

Can Mexico's new President fight corruption in his country? Click here for the novel approach he is considering. [20]

Israel does not get support from certain American Jewish groups who claim to support that embattled country. [21]

5 reasons why America is going to become a very conservative country.[22]

Post Donald Trump being elected in the 2016 presidential election, liberal issues appear to be losing public interest according to Google trends.[23] See also: Donald Trump achievements

While liberal Californians preach to the rest of America about social justice, wealthy San Francisco "is covered with human feces." [24] As with other Leftist failures in the US, only the British press reports on it.

Free speech is defended by President Trump in social media, amid liberal censorship that he criticizes. [25]

Another setback for the Deep State: Trump said Friday that “I think Bruce Ohr is a disgrace. I suspect I will be taking [his security clearance] away very quickly.” [26]

List of all Muslim candidates now holding elective office in the United States or seeking it this fall. Includes updates on who won or lost their primaries. [27]

Trump's strong stance for freedom is working: "Turkey is reportedly prepared to release the imprisoned US pastor at the center of their economic crisis." [28]

Memo to the Jewish people in Israel: get with The Program! Including the Torah and the Temple. [29]

Give it up, liberal media: "Trump at 36 percent approval among African-Americans," which is remarkably high for a Republican, admits USA Today. [30]

More Internet censorship: The Wordpress blog-hosting service takes down Fellowship of the Minds. Must all conservative sites host themselves? [31]

Setback for the legalize marijuana movement: "Almost 80 overdose on synthetic pot in park near Yale." [32]

The flames of envy burn brightly in Israel, as a direct result of Muslim terrorism in the form of incendiary kites from Gaza. And how do Israelis respond? "They burn; we plant." [33]

Dr. Steve Turley: A religious revival is beginning to happen in Europe.[34] See also: European desecularization in the 21st century

President Donald Trump revokes the security clearance for John Brennan, the former director of the CIA during the term of Barack Obama.[35] Brennan voted for Communist Party candidate Gus Hall for president of the United States.

Obamunism failed. Obama is the only president in America's history to never produce a single year of 3% GNP economic growth. Even Herbert Hoover and FDR in the depths of the Great Depression managed one good year.[36]

Setback for globalism: "New Zealand bans foreigners from buying property." [37]

Conservative "Kris Kobach wins Kansas GOP governor nomination after incumbent Colyer concedes." [38] The count of mail-in ballots had extended Kobach's lead to 345 votes out of more than 313,000 in the election.

Setback for the Party of gun control: unsuccessful Dem congressional candidate "charged in shooting death of campaign treasurer." [39]

All-Pro player is suspended by the liberal NFL for criticizing the media, which may not like his "God bless" in his tweets either. [40]

Setback for the Never-Trump Deep State: Peter Strzok is fired by the FBI. [41]

Did the Deep State and its social-media minions violate antitrust law when they silenced a prominent dissenting voice last week? [42]

Liberal media double standard: it refuses to report on hundreds of thousands who march annually in D.C. for the March for Life, but over-reports about a mere handful at a race rally. [43]

"Trump Threatens to ‘Get Involved’ to Force FBI Release of Andrew McCabe’s Text Messages." [44]

President Donald Trump's economy is destroying the Obama coalition.[45]

Steve Turley: There is NO Democrat "Blue Wave." [46]

The Hill: Latest election day results show Democrats fall short of 'blue wave' prediction for midterms.[47]

That Muslim training camp in New Mexico is not the only one. Thirty-four more exist. Why haven't the Mainstream Media said anything about them? [48]

Trump effect in West Virginia: on the eve of his visit, a House committee passes articles of impeachment against the entire West Virginia Supreme Court, to eradicate the entrenched Establishment. [49]

More on the InfoWars ban: Twitter didn't go along with it. And furthermore: if half of what InfoWars says are in fact true, then the Mainstream Media are deliberately suppressing some supreme ugliness. [50]

Setback for global warming alarmists: an attention-seeking Facebook user is charged with setting the massive Holy Fire in California on Monday, which has already burned more than 6,200 acres. [51]

Cognitive dissonance is the new weapon of the Left. They want you to shut one eye to the truth and see only their show. But sometimes, in their zeal, they trip themselves up. [52]

Liberals admit in Politico.com that conservative Kris Kobach would be more difficult for Dems to defeat in Kansas for governor, if Kobach holds on to his 191 vote lead as 10,000 provisional primary ballots are counted. [53]
UPDATE: Kobach's lead drops to 121 votes.

Setback for the Never-Trumpers: "President Trump went 5 for 5 in the race on Tuesday night." [54]

Trump's rally for GOP congressional candidate in Ohio enables him to overcome a massive early voting deficit and declare victory, but Dems refuse to concede the race. [55]

Liberals try to contain the criticism that extreme environmental laws have led to the worse wildfire in California history.

Tech monopolies press ahead with removing people they don't like from the public square and they refuse to back down. Liberals are cheering this news but it really is an attack on free speech and the 1st Amendment. First they came for Infowars and I was silent.... [56]

Setback for gun control: armed bystander stops gunman from shooting up a back-to-school rally, but the liberal media obscures the heroic intervention. [57]

The liberal cabal that runs Wikipedia runs damage control for the New York Times. Mentioning the racist tweets from recent editorial hire Sarah Jeong is forbidden. [58]

Mexico has relied on the United States as a pressure valve to remove its discontented, its unemployables, etc. But new President Obrador has some ideas that could vastly improve conditions in Mexico and make Mexicans proud again. Will he follow through? How can Donald Trump help? [59]

"Donald Trump: Bad Environmental Laws Make California Wildfires Worse," because water use is limited and dead trees are not cleared. [60]

CNN’s ratings actually lose out to Shark Week.[61]

Rasmussen Poll: Black approval rating of President Donald Trump now at 29%.[62]

"Climate Change Activist: Extreme Weather Is Sexist, Targets Women and Girls." [63]

A primer on Trump Derangement Syndrome, its causes, and who benefits from it. [64]

Trump takes down Overrated Sports Star LeBron James, after James falsely "accused Trump of enabling racists and using sports to divide the country." [65] Player protests against the National Anthem divide the Nation more than Trump does.

"Wage Growth Was The Soft Spot In The July Jobs Report," as deflationary forces continue to confound economists. [66]

Major "marvel" factor: did Barack Hussein Obama actually admit he was foreign-born? Just what did he mean when, traveling in Kenya, he introduced himself as "the first sitting President to come from Kenya? [67]

The RNC supports Trump as he exposes the globalistCharles Koch of Koch Brothers, who claims to be giving away millions of dollars to politicians even though I know very few who have seen this (?), now makes the ridiculous statement that what President Trump is doing is unfair to 'foreign workers.'” [68]

Is the Lord building the house of state? A good question as our elections approach. [69]

Pope Francis goes against 2000 years of doctrine by changing the catechism to oppose capital punishment in all cases, even though both St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas supported it. [70] Religion needs conservatism, too.

Trump delivers: "U.S. sanctions Turkish officials over detained pastor." [71] No other president would have delivered so quickly on his promise.

Daily Beast: "Trump Turns Fire on ‘GlobalistKoch Brothers." [72] Conservapedia has been criticizing the Kochs as globalists for more than a year.

Dems think they can defeat Senator Ted Cruz in Texas, pouring money into his opponent's campaign at double the rate of Cruz's fundraising. [73]

Today: the 72nd anniversary of the Battle of Athens, not the Civil War battle, but a battle between WWII returnees and corrupt law enforcement officers in McMinn County, Tennessee. This is a quintessential modern test case for the Second Amendment.

Eight State Attorneys General plus the DC AG sue to estop a settlement allowing for 3D printed guns. The AG of Washington State asks Donald Trump why he is "allowing dangerous criminals easy access to weapons." Whom is he talking about, seeing that the really dangerous criminals already have guns? [74]

Liberal media double standard: "CBS Board Takes No Immediate Action Against Les Moonves Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations," despite how "six women accused" him. [75]

The Democrat Party changed itself from incrementalism to unmasked, right-now socialism and showed it by "primarying" Representative Joe Crowley, D-N.Y.-14, in favor of an unabashed socialist. And the Democratic establishment can blame none but themselves. [76]

The Economist: "Britain has fretted about decline before, but never like this."

Britain's Vue Cinema website crashes as the whole of Britain decides it's a movie day.[77][78]

Countries and empires that are in decline are often obsessed with entertainment. The Romans were obsessed with their gladitorial games while they were in decline.

Britain has a leaky water supply.[79]

President Trump threatens shutdown over wall, immigration. [80][81] What a welcome contrast to the liberal claptrap emanating from the Koch donor meeting!

Koch network gathers 500 high-roller donors for their biannual meeting at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, and are more vocal about their pro-illegal alien, pro-phony-free trade agenda. [82] Charles Koch dislikes ethanol subsidies, too, which compete with his oil refineries.

New York Daily News Layoffs Cut HALF of its Reporters.[83]

Another defeat for the left and another victory for Donald Trump! See: Donald Trump achievements and Essay: Donald Trump's glorious victories

Six women accuse the C.E.O. of CBS of sexual harassment and intimidation, and dozens more describe abuse at CBS.[84]

Will CBS's 60 Minutes news show engage in investigative journalism and do an expose on the sexual harassment occurring within CBS?

Tough day for liberal censorship as Twitter's "effort to purge unwelcome accounts" results in this: "Twitter's stock plunges nearly 21% after it reports a decline in users." [85] Its stock value is well below its first trading price.

Setback for liberals: "Economic growth hits 4.1 percent for second quarter" in fulfillment of Trump's lofty campaign pledge. [86]

Greatest Conservative Sports Star Jim Jordan announces his candidacy for Speaker of the House.

President Trump to Muslim Turkey: release the American Christian pastor, or "large sanctions" will be imposed. "This innocent man of faith should be released immediately!” Trump tweeted. Turkey's currency then fell to a record low. [87]

Setback for Witchhunt: "House conservatives move to impeach Rosenstein." [88]

Overrated Sports Star Ryan Lochte, best known for his Ugly American stunt at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil, gets slapped with a 14-month suspension and even fellow swimmers are not sympathetic. [89]

"Trump-supported Brian Kemp wins GOP nomination for Georgia governor." [90]

RINO Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who is quitting rather than trying, oddly claims that Trump is somehow "trolling" people with his possible revocation of their security clearances. [91]

Massive setback for the Deep State as President Trump considers revoking the security clearance for all their disgraced leaders, who are furious about the possibility.

Conservative Sen. Rand Paul meets with President Trump today, and will ask him to revoke the security clearance of Deep Stater John Brennan, the liberal political hack who was Obama's CIA director and should not be allowed continued access to national security secrets. [92]

Setback for the Deep State: its just-released FISA application in 2016 was based on innuendo and falsehoods in order to wiretap a former Trump campaign adviser, Carter Page, and thereby try to catch Trump secretly on tape. [93]

"Half of Kansas Identified as High Risk for West Nile Virus." [94] The disease did not exist in the United States two decades ago, which the liberal media and CDC conceal.

Leftwing Colleges Lose Students while Conservative Colleges Surge.[95]

Baseball as a metaphor between nationalism and internationalism, especially in America. Which way will the game play out? [96]

Republican Establishment missteps in leaving the Rust Belt for its 2020 Republican National Convention, choosing Charlotte in the red state of North Carolina instead. [97] Dems are expected to pick for their convention a red state such as Texas, Wisconsin, or Florida to boost their competitiveness.

The Neoconservative Never-Trumpers are Never Coming Back.[98]

How Biblically illiterate people misinterpret and misconstrue Scripture to call for obedience to unjust laws. Romans 13 does not mean to submit to absolutely everything a government does, just because it is the government. [99]

The return of patriarchy and the rise of conservative society.[100] On a related note, pro-life spring: more Americans want larger families.[101]

Setback for liberals: "A whopping 79% of Republicans approved of Trump’s handling of Vladimir Putin at the post-summit press conference. And 85% think the probe into Russia’s war on our elections is a distraction." [102]

More liberal double standard: Obama turns the poor against the rich by telling an audience, “There’s only so big a house you can have,” after he bought an $8.1 million home for himself. [103]

President Trump lambasts the warmongers at the Fox News Channel and the Wall Street Journal, and decries Trump Derangement Syndrome that we wrote about last year. [104]

Russia is pro-life and anti-homosexual agenda, which is why liberals and neocons are furious that Trump is friendly to it. When Russia was communist and the average woman had six abortions, liberals wanted American presidents to welcome it.

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