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'''Breaking: Russia destroys 2 of the 4 HIMAR''' ''[[Wunderwaffen]]'' that were supposed to save the failed [[Ukrainian]] state. [https://youtu.be/fKvDEq-zDc0]
'''The suspected [[Chicago]]-area [[young mass murderers|shooter]] is an unemployed 21-year-old man who dressed as a woman''', but the [[liberal media]] unjustifiably says that he cross-dressed only to evade detection. [https://www.cnn.com/2022/07/05/us/robert-e-crimo-highland-park-suspect/index.html]
'''The suspected [[Chicago]]-area [[young mass murderers|shooter]] is an unemployed 21-year-old man who dressed as a woman''', but the [[liberal media]] unjustifiably says that he cross-dressed only to evade detection. [https://www.cnn.com/2022/07/05/us/robert-e-crimo-highland-park-suspect/index.html]

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Breaking: Russia destroys 2 of the 4 HIMAR Wunderwaffen that were supposed to save the failed Ukrainian state. [1]

The suspected Chicago-area shooter is an unemployed 21-year-old man who dressed as a woman, but the liberal media unjustifiably says that he cross-dressed only to evade detection. [2]

The evolutionists have started to air the dirty laundry of their abject failure in public instead of merely privately - in the left-leaning Guardian no less! [3]

So many collapses, failures and defeats in relation to the liberal world order and secular leftism in 2022. It is truly amazing. See: Will 2022 be the WORST year in the history of secular leftism?

Young mass murderer in Chicago identified as a "video-game enthusiast" by the Daily Beast, which reports better than anyone on this important issue. [4]

Another video game-inspired massacre? A young mass murderer, age 21, kills at least 7 and wounds 24 in Chicago. British press reports on details without American liberal media spin. [5] Our prayers to the victims.

Why the Russian sanctions are causing apocalyptic famine.[6]

A flood of Middle Eastern and African migrants could flood Europe in 2022 and 2023. See: European desecularization in the 21st century

Denmark's gun control is strict: its law prohibits carrying firearms in public.

Liberal-leaning NBC News: U.S. Supreme Court Shifting Faster, Farther To The Right Each Ruling.

Question: Given the U.S. Supreme Court's rulings on religious freedom and the public funding of religious schools, will Conservapedia's article Acceleration of 21st century desecularization be proven right sometime in the 21st century? See also: Atheist indoctrination

EU folds on Kaliningrad blockade, Putin wins. [7] Biden: Putin wants the Finlandization of NATO. [8]

Former President Donald Trump’s lead on President Joe Biden increased over the last month in a hypothetical matchup, an Emerson College Polling survey released Friday found.[9]

According to the survey, 44 percent choose Trump in a hypothetical 2024 presidential matchup, compared to 39 percent who said the same for Biden.

An angel departs our world: Dr. Zev Zelenko, we could only attain glimpses of your courageous brilliance, and your legacy will inspire forever.

Empire to expand NATO in response to war caused by NATO expansion. [10]

Poll: Entire planet has become unhappier and more stressed since Biden took office. [11]

Setback to political posers who are global warming alarmists: The U.S. Supreme Court limits Joe Biden administration's power to cut carbon dioxide emissions.[12] First the U.S. Supreme Court, overturns Roe vs. Wade, maintains gun rights and expands religious freedom in the USA and now this!

So many liberal/leftist sacred cows are being tipped over by the court. Secular leftism is being put through the proverbial meat grinder in the United States. See: Will 2022 be the WORST year in the history of secular leftism?

Biden's approval/disapproval plummets further in the U.S., to his record low -19.5. [13]

Newsweek: "Joe Biden's Approval Rating Plummets Internationally. Among more than a dozen publics in North America, Europe, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific, median confidence in Biden was at 60 percent, according to a Pew Research Center report on June 22, 2022."

Didn't Biden say after taking office: "America is back."?

Setback for liberals who want to continue to deny that most Muslims reject homosexuality: Rainbow-colored toys and clothing are seized in Saudi Arabia for indirectly 'promoting homosexuality'.[14]

52% of British Muslims who live in areas of Britain with at least 20% Muslims in their area think homosexuality should be banned.

"The persistence of a strong religious culture among Muslim immigrants long after having migrated and among the second generation is remarkable given the normative pressure toward secularism and lower religiosity levels in the European context. In Britain, Muslims’ religious identity is demonstrably as salient among individuals who migrated fifty years ago as among those who were born in the United Kingdom (Bisin et al. 2008, Lewis & Kashyap 2013)." - Assimilation and the Second Generation in Europe and America: Blending and Segregating Social, Dynamics between Immigrants and Natives, The Annual Review of Sociology academic journal, 2019.[15] See: Religious immigrants to Europe resistant to secularization and European desecularization in the 21st century

Oh liberals who love Muslim immigration, feel the sting!

Biden sends more troops to Ukraine border; [16] U.S. border remains wide open. Putin declares July 8 day "to preserve traditional family values ​​and spiritual and moral education of children and youth." [17]

Trump-endorsed candidates, led by Rep. Mary Miller in Illinois, win stunning landslide primary victories. [18]

CNN: White House doubts Ukraine will ever take back territory controlled by Russia. [19] "The West has gone to great lengths to generate false narratives about the conflict. The Kyiv regime is losing and badly so. No amount of propaganda can alter this reality. The conflict will come to an end on Moscow’s terms. [20]

The New York Times: The 2010 Midterm Elections, which was a red wave midterm election that Barack Obama called a "shellacking" in terms of it being a Democrat defeat, caused a huge flood of anti-abortion laws.[21]

Obama's incompetent presidency and the resultant political backlash planted the seeds of the overturning of Roe vs. Wade.[22]

Will the 2022 midterm elections be a red wave election? See: A big red wave is rolling towards the 2022 midterm elections in the USA

50 dead migrants was the inevitable result of the Biden regime empowering human trafficing on the southern border. [23]

Breaking: Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Arkancided one day before testimony at J6 hearings about paid protesters. [24][25]

Biden hears OPEC won't increase output, worsening his self-induced energy crisis. [26][27][28] (Macron's words, subtitled) Inflation costing Americans $460 a month. [29]

Ukrainian propaganda update: the Kremenchuk mall has been closed since the war started and was used to store U.S. donated weapons. 2 military personnel were killed. [30]

Democrats are losing everything.[31]

A predictive model by Quontos polls indicates Republicans will gain 53 House seats in the midterm elections. See: A big red wave is rolling towards the 2022 midterm elections in the USA


Please read: The seven profound differences between Phyllis Schlafly and RationalWikians

Seven is a very biblical number. Is it merely a coincidence that there are seven profound differences between Phyllis Schlafly and RationalWikians?

If only RationalWikians were as profound and influential as the late, great, conservative icon Phyliss Schafly!

G7 debates with itself whether it's better to let Africans starve or abandon their climate agenda. [32]

Fertilizers are made with natural gas. [33] The EU has banned Russian natural gas and fertilizers, and doesn't want Africa making its own fertilizers, leaving millions of Africans to starve.

GOP gained over 1 million voters in warning for Democrats.[34] Another sign of an upcoming, red wave, midterm election?

Setback for atheism: Big 6-3 win for prayer by public school coaches in the U.S. Supreme Court! [35]

Setback for Democrat ballot box stuffers: New York Supreme Court strikes down NYC law granting voting rights to non-citizens. [36]

Protests against NATO aggression continue. [37]

Post the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Carson v. Makin, the school choice movement is already picking up significant momentum and more parents will be sending their children to religious schools. See: Arizona passes massive education law regarding school choice and Supreme Court ruling brings new momentum to the school choice movement in Nebraska.

2022 is already shaping up to be the WORST year in the history of atheism! See: Will 2022 be the WORST year in the history of secular leftism?

Ukraine blames social media for disrupting its disinformation narratives to cover up its humiliating defeat at Severodonetsk. [38]
800 civilian hostages liberated from Azot chemical plant. [39]

Politico: A study predicted that abortions would go down 15% if Roe vs. Wade would be overturned which would mean 94,000 to 144,000 less abortions each year. Since this would affect poor, rural people more (less funds to travel to an abortion-friendly state) and since poor, rural people tend to be more religious, this would be a net increase in the amount of projected desecularization in 21st century America.

First Joe Biden opens wider the spigot of religious Latinos pouring over the southern border and now this!

For more information, please see: United States, irreligion vs. religion and demographics and Religion and migration

"50" has biblical importance, voiding Roe v. Wade just before it turned 50. [40]

As global Christianity continues to grow in 2022, the printing of Bibles continues to grow along with it. This year 93 million copies of God’s word will be printed, up from 54 million in 2000 and 5 million in 1900.[41] See also: Will 2022 be the WORST year in the history of secular leftism? and Christianity and its margin of victory over atheism

Gay pride parade ideology overruns conservative Poland after going along with Leftism concerning Ukraine. [42] Mission accomplished? Update: Gay Russians were not allowed to participate in the parade by gay Russophobic bigots. [43]

Danish troops deployed by NATO to Latvia have no underwear or ammunition; [44] China, which is allied with Russia, is the world's largest manufacturer of underwear.

June 24, 2022 - A Day That Will Live in Infamy. Pro-abortion insurrectionists attack Arizona State Capital. [45]

French journalist reports (in English) citizens of Lysychansk hate the Ukrainian Army and await Russian liberators. [46]

On the eve of a gay pride parade in strict-gun control Norway, a shooting among patrons at a gay nightclub leaves 2 dead and 14 injured. [47]

Biden incites insurrection. [48]

Steve Turley: Roe v. Wade overturned. The head of American, secular, liberal, wokeism has been cut off and it is now dead.[49] Like a chicken with its head cut off it will run around awhile, but it is now dead.

A new conservative age is rising in America. A victory for the Bible also - see abortion and the Bible.

SCOTUS aborts Roe v. Wade. [50]

The United States Supreme Court strikes down Maine’s ban on using public funds at religious schools.[51]

'Victory for religious freedom': 7 reactions to Supreme Court ruling on Maine's tuition program.[52] See also: Atheist indoctrination and Religion and education

Massive win for the Second Amendment and the right to carry guns for self-defense, in a 6-3 U.S. Supreme Court ruling Thursday. [53]

Boris Johnson: Ukrainian refugees could be deported to Rwanda. [54]

UK Express: 80% of Brits in a survey of 22,000 want to emigrate from UK to Russia. [55]

Food shortages? Entire list of over 100 food processing plants wiped out by fire in the past two years; [56] the U.S. has only 8 weeks of diesel fuel supply remaining to transport the groceries to your local store shelves. [57]

Zelensky asked 55 African heads of state for a meeting, only 4 showed up. The rest support Putin. [58][59]

Global Growth of Christianity Outpaces Atheists, Charismatic Churches Lead the Way.[60]

RINOs fleshed out by conservative Texas GOP platform: Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) says the platform is not "inclusive" because it criticizes homosexuality. [61]

Aidin Aslin, the convicted UK mercenary facing the death penalty after joining the Nazis to fight Russia, turns to God. [62]

Another massive defeat for the homosexual agenda: Japan BANS Same Sex-Marriage.

First transexual swimmers are banned from international competitions by the world swimming body and now this!

Oh homosexual activists and supporters, feel the sting!

81 years ago today, June 22, 1941 Adolph Hitler started what Joseph Biden, Antony Blinken, and Lloyd Austin all say is the same objective for the War in Ukraine. [63]

Graham Fuller: "Western Europe will rue the day that it blindly followed the American Pied Piper to war against Russia. Indeed, this is not a Ukrainian-Russian war but an American-Russian war fought by proxy to the last Ukrainian." [64]

Anti-NATO protests erupt at NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. [65] 80,000 take to the streets. "Gas not guns!" "Stop NATO!"

Germany fires up carbon polluting coal plants to compensate for the loss of sanctioned natural gas in order to re-charge the growing demand for electric cars which were supposed to reduce carbon emissions. [66][67]

Sticking it to Putin looks more like sticking it to your local treehugger.

Emmanuel Macron HUMILIATED as Populist Right Scores MASSIVE WINS in France.[68]

Brexit was a foreshadowing of Donald Trump being elected president in 2016. This glorious victory of the French right is a foreshadowing of Donald Trump winning the U.S. Presidency in 2024. And there will be a red wave in the 2022 U.S. midterm elections.

Macron Lost Grip on Parliament Amid Rising Gas Prices.[69]

The transexual Lia Thomas BANNED from Women’s Swimming.[70]

Oh homosexual agenda activists and supporters, feel the sting of this utterly crushing defeat!

NATO begins blockade of Kaliningrad to provoke further conflict. [71]

UK Army Commander tells troops to get ready for boots on the ground in Ukraine. [72]

Texas GOP platform embraces conversion therapy and "rebukes" RINOs pushing gun control. [73]

Wrecking Ukraine: The cost of Winning the War with Geopolitics Expert John Mearsheimer.[74]

Larry Summers predicted that Joe Biden's economic policies would lead to inflation. Summers now says that economic history points to a recession coming by the end of 2023 and that the Federal Reserve is 'behind the curve'.[75]

On average, America's post-WWII War economic recessions have lasted 10 months.[76] In 2023/2024, the Democrats could be running a presidential campaign while the U.S. economy is in an economic recession. Trumpslide 2024!

Another setback to libertine, secular, feminist, Hollywood values that glorify entertainment celebrities: The bisexual, atheist Amber Heard is seen shopping at TJ Maxx subsequent to losing her defamation case that Johnny Depp lodged against her.[77]

Get woke, go broke! Will Heard and her lesbian girlfiend be shopping at Walmart next? Recently, an atheism-leaning, pro-feminism website, which is pro-Amber Heard, was experiencing financial problems.[78]

Another setback for the homosexual agenda: "Disney’s Big, Gay ‘Lightyear’ Is the Latest Woke Box Office Flop." [79]

Breaking: Russian Ministry of Defense claims to have wiped out Ukrainian General Staff.[80] [81] Is it almost over?

WaPo: Biden regime willing to risk global recession and mass hunger to prevent Russia from winning Ukraine war. [82]

See also Previous Conservapedia Breaking News.