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'''[[Katie Hobbs]] [[collude]]d with [[Twitter]]''' to rig [[Arizona]] election. [https://rumble.com/v1ytw40-katie-hobbs-busted-for-colluding-w-twitter.html]
'''[[NATO]]/[[Ukraine]] shelling of [[Donetsk]]''' continues; [https://youtu.be/e8Ng9ODCuAU] [[Russia]] under long range drone attack. [https://korybko.substack.com/p/kievs-drone-strike-spree-raises-serious]
'''[[NATO]]/[[Ukraine]] shelling of [[Donetsk]]''' continues; [https://youtu.be/e8Ng9ODCuAU] [[Russia]] under long range drone attack. [https://korybko.substack.com/p/kievs-drone-strike-spree-raises-serious]

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Katie Hobbs colluded with Twitter to rig Arizona election. [1]

NATO/Ukraine shelling of Donetsk continues; [2] Russia under long range drone attack. [3]

Conservapedia Conservative of the Year Marjorie Taylor Greene smokes extremist election denier and threat to democracy Hakeem Jeffries, who just replaced Nancy Pelosi as Democrat Leader. [4]

2020 Democrat presidential frontrunner Michael Avenatti sentenced to 14 years. [5]

Musk warns assassination risk ‘quite significant’; [6] Kyle Rittenhouse asks if Twitter Files reveal ‘hidden censoring’ against him; prays for Musk’s safety. [7]

Covington kids' Nick Sandmann asks Musk about ‘hidden’ Twitter files allowing death threats. [8]

Neo-cons seek backdoor power grab to circumvent Trump 2.0. [9] How fake news media is trying to kill Trump. [10]

EcoHealth Alliance whistleblower: COVID was genetically engineered, leaked from Wuhan lab. [11]

Attorneys General release full transcript of Fauci deposition. [12] Fauci has amnesia. [13]

Why is The Washington Post rehabilitating Xi Jinping's image? [14]

Greta Thunberg admits climate agenda is really an attack against capitalism. [15]

Switzerland bans electric vehicles for putting too much stress on the power grid. [16]

Biden regime funds Arabs who want to destroy Israel. [17]

Is France funneling Ukrainian arms to African terrorists? [18]

UK Express Exclusive: Inside Bakhmut frontline 'littered with corpses' and 'colossal' losses. [19] It was bound to happen sooner or later - that we would get some factual reporting on the Ukraine war from Western media.

Nazis kill Russian POWs in Ukraine. [20] Your tax dollars at work.

Zelensky regime imposes personal sanctions against church officials in Ukraine. [21][22]

A baseline understanding of Twittergate govt influence over social media and the surveillance state. [23] The Patriot Act turned intel surveillance from foreign terrorists to domestic searches for terrorists; Obama/Biden redefined “terrorist” to include political opponents.

FBI admits giving targeting instructions to Big Tech and social media for blocks and content removal. [24][25]

Comer: Biden Twitter colluders will face Congressional investigators. [26][27]

Obama wingman Eric Holder: trade arrest of President Trump for arrest of Hunter Biden. [28]

Much to the dismay of liberals, more college students avoid the worst college majors and pursue more marketable degrees like business, healthcare and IT. [29] Some colleges encourage this trend and will be jettisoning junk degrees.

Joe Biden's student loan debt forgiveness election scheme suffers 3rd major setback.[30]

Setback for liberal indoctrination and professor values: 1 million fewer students enrolled in college than 2 years prior.[31] Largest decline in history. Liberal leaning Vox.com says "ghost colleges" may soon litter America's landscape.[32]

Dreizen Report: "juicy stuff for policy makers, journos, and amateurs alike." [33]

Twittergate is fascism - the merger of business and government to suppress human rights and rig elections.

GOP expands House majority to 221-213 by taking a California seat where Dems have a 42%-24% majority. [34]

EU imposes anti-capitalist, anti-free market, Soviet-style price caps on energy.

Breaking: Musk releases documents showing U.S. Government instructed Twitter to remove political content, a clear First Amendment violation. [35][36][37]

Trump's meeting with Ye was planned to 'make Trump's life miserable' and the plan worked. [38] Potential proof Ye is a psyop against MAGA. [39]

Trump delivers message to J6 political prisoners. [40]

A fascinating and informative debate: The 2022 Holberg Debate w/John Mearsheimer and Carl Bildt: Ukraine, Russia, China and the West.[41]

Macron accuses US of profiting from war; [42] rips anti-fossil fuel sanctions policy. [43]

Bankman-Fried admits he scammed investors in Ukraine aid money laundering scheme. [44]

Katie Hobbs threatened to jail officials who refused to certify her election theft. [45]

Hypocrites and psychopaths: EU’s Russia war crimes tribunal. [46]

Corrupt DOJ probed Tara Reade's twitter acct after she accused Biden of sexual assault. [47]

Flashback: Media trumpet Biden-backed 'pro-union' agreement opposed by rail unions. [48]

Musk releases details on Twitter election meddling. [49]
Dems caused liberal censorship of conservatives on Twitter, the documents confirm.

Setback for the homosexual agenda: Disney’s first LGBTQ movie bombs at box office. [50] It's expected to lose at least $100,0000,000. Get woke, go broke! Godless art lacks transcendence.

Ukraine intensifies shelling of Donetsk civilians. [51]

Are the Never-Trumper globalists who control DeSantis keeping him from helping Herschel Walker in the final days? South Carolina Republicans are doing much, while the Florida governor is not.

RT: Moscow names conditions for resuming arms control talks. [52]

FT: EU threatens to ban Twitter unless Musk falls into line.

Jimmy Dore, who says that the atheist Sam Harris is an immoral, narcissist, says that he helped cause Harris to angrily quit Twitter in a childish fit of rage.[53] A lot of people have lost respect for Harris and called him out on his ill-behavior. Harris blocked them on Twitter before quitting the platform. See also: Atheism and morality and Atheism and narcissism and Atheism and anger and Atheism and social skills

With help from Apple Inc. and the Biden regime, China’s security apparatus swings into action to smother covid protests. [54]

The mask is off: WEF's Klaus Schwab declares China a "role model". [55]

Protests erupt in China demanding Xi Jinping resign over COVID lockdowns. [56][57][58]

Will right-wing populism break up the European Union?[59] Does the decline of Europe also contribute to the probability of the breakup of the European Union?[60]

And even the liberal International Monetary Fund predicts that Germany and Italy will tumble into an economic recession sometime in 2023.[61]

Politico: EU officials accuse US of profiting from war. “They are selling more gas at higher prices and selling more weapons”. [62] Twitter explodes: “Every move by Washington is driven by their own interests”, “Two world wars in Europe were good business for the US…They learned this trick many years ago”. [63]

‘Above all this is a war of propaganda: Australian journalist, writer, scholar and documentary filmmaker John Pilger on Ukraine and Julian Assange. [64]

Propaganda update: European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen confirms 100,000 KIA Ukraine soldiers; statement censored in rebroadcasts. [65]

Musk announces 'Twitter Files on free speech suppression soon to be published on Twitter itself. The public deserves to know what really happened.' [66] Post Millennial: Elon Musk confirms that Twitter has meddled in elections. [67][68]

Despite ban, Twitter downloads surge in China amid COVID protests. [69] Why aren't Dems defending the courageous Elon Musk?

MSM and Biden regime defend Chinese lockdown protesters, demonize Western lockdown protesters. [70] [71]]

Propaganda 101: 'Ukraine’s Victories May Become a Problem for the US'. [72][73]

Dems elect racist troll Hakeem Jeffries minority leader. [74]

Biden's Minister of Truth is now a propagandist for a foreign power. [75]

GOP backpaddles on cutting out Ukraine aid fraud. [76]

Unredacted Fauci emails reveal lab leak. [77]

Biden official charged with felony theft. [78] Non-binary Sec. of Nuclear Waste was arrested for stealing woman's luggage and clothes. [79]Deputy Secretary of Energy for Nuclear Waste Sam Brinton, a prominent LGBTQ activist, faces prison time. [80]

Yankee Go Home! Anti-American protests erupt in Germany. [81] How did the Biden junta ever think it could hide its destruction of the Nordstream pipeline from the Germans?

NATO ally Turkey attacks US allied proxy force. [82]

Ukronazi Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman tries to take on Elon Musk. [83]

George Eliason: It takes 15 seconds to understand the Ukrainian genocide. [84]

Ukraine gestapo raids churches, denies free exercise of religion. [85]

Liberal double standard: Democrats threaten to ignore subpoenas from GOP House. [86] What recourse does the GOP have, the Garland DOJ?

Five takeaways from the New York Times report about NATO’s military-industrial limitations. [87]

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