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[https://s4.cdnstatic.space/wp-content/uploads/video/06.02.2023_IMR_Ukraine.mp4] '''confirmed.''' [https://youtu.be/LkGYtA46qJI].  
[https://s4.cdnstatic.space/wp-content/uploads/video/06.02.2023_IMR_Ukraine.mp4] '''confirmed.''' [https://youtu.be/LkGYtA46qJI].  
'''[[Human Rights Watch]] and [[Amnesty International]] condemn [[Zelensky regime]]''' [[war crimes]]. [https://korybko.substack.com/p/human-rights-watch-joined-the-ranks]
'''[[Human Rights Watch]] and [[Amnesty International]] condemn [[Zelensky regime]]''' [[war crimes]]. [https://korybko.substack.com/p/human-rights-watch-joined-the-ranks] #DefundUkraine trends. [https://twitter.com/nameless_cynic/status/1622487232849276929]
'''Please read''' our new essay: [[Essay: The West: Idealistically standing with Ukraine or cynically standing far behind Ukraine?|The West: Idealistically standing with Ukraine or cynically standing far behind Ukraine?]]
'''Please read''' our new essay: [[Essay: The West: Idealistically standing with Ukraine or cynically standing far behind Ukraine?|The West: Idealistically standing with Ukraine or cynically standing far behind Ukraine?]]

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House Oversight Cmte exposes Twitter/Democrat election interference and violations of federal law. [1]

Seymour Hersh: How America took out the NordStream pipeline. [2]

German investigators: No evidence Russia was involved in US attack on the NordStream pipeline. [3][4]

Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders: “The dividing line in America is no longer between left or right...The choice is between normal or crazy.” [5]

Conservative of the Year Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene calls out Biden for the liar he is, in the middle of his farcical State of the Union Address. [6]

Church of England considers making a gender-neutral God. [7]

UK training Ukrainian pilots makes NATO’s jet coalition an inevitability.[8]

Russian Ministry of Defense: Ukraine lost 6,500 dead in January, U.S. is prolonging the conflict. [9] Ukrainian sources: Life expectancy of an untrained Ukrainian conscript in Bakhmut is 4 hours . [10]

Gatewaypundit: Ukraine is sending 60-year-old, untrained, ill-equipped conscripts (i.e., guys press ganged off the street) into the Bakhmut meatgrinder. [11] Zelensky is now drafting 16-year-olds. [12][13]

French TV: Ukranian women can't understand why their men are dying and their country perishing. [14]

Ukrainian Army chemical weapons attack [15][16] [17] confirmed. [18].

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International condemn Zelensky regime war crimes. [19] #DefundUkraine trends. [20]

Please read our new essay: The West: Idealistically standing with Ukraine or cynically standing far behind Ukraine?

Was the Chinese weather balloon a trial run for an EMP attack? [21][22] Possible scenarios following an EMP event. [23]

LGBT insurrectionists attack Oklahoma capitol and American democracy. [24]

German public support for Ukraine is falling.[25] As Russian invasion nears one-year mark, partisans grow further apart on U.S. support for Ukraine.[26]

Israel sends humanitarian earthquake relief to Syria after request from Russia. [27][28][29] 4th quake of 5.6 magnitude hits. [30][31]

Germany to send 14 & 88, two different models of the Leopard tank to Ukraine. [32] 14/88 is a global white supremacist dogwhistle for the "14 words of David Lane," and 88 stands for "Heil Hitler" - H being the 8th letter of the alphabet. [33] The Russians well understand the meaning and intent of NATO's actions.

Scott Ritter: Antisemitism is rampant in Germany. [34]

Did Biden fire up Project HAARP again? [35][36]

Zelensky Purge continues: Defense Minister sacked in corruption probe. [37][38] Zelensky corruption update: potatoes sold for $50 each to AFU military. [39]

Former Israeli prime minister Naftali Bennett: Biden & NATO allies sabotaged peace efforts between Ukraine and Russia. [40][41][42]

Hunter Biden’s Metabiota and EcoHealth Alliance operated biolabs in Ukraine funded by CIA. [43] Zelensky ordered destruction of all documents related to Metabiota and Hunter Biden on day of Russian incursion. [44]

Pfizer sponsors Satanic ritual at the Grammys. [45]

Alleged Chinese weather balloon update. [46]

Newsweek: Joe Biden offered Vladimir Putin 20 percent of Ukraine to end war. [47] This proposal foresees NATO's continued occupation of Western Ukraine and the Ukrainian rump state, which is a 'no go' for Russia.

IMF forecast: UK faces recession in 2023 while Russian economy continues to grow. [48][49]

Jair Bolsonaro addresses Turning Point USA. [50]

Graham Phillips reports from Soledar. [51]

Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders to ban drag queen shows for children in Arkansas. [52]

As predicted, Thursday's annual event loses Christ-focus under new congressional control: "The Changing Face of the National Prayer Breakfast." [53]

Biden boasts 'more than half the women' in his admin 'are women'. [54] The other half haven't fully transitioned yet.

Deep State rag The Hill: The war is not yet over, but Ukraine has already lost. [55][56]

Biden top economic adviser bails. [57] Brian 'Liberal World Order' Deese is the second high level rat to jump ship this week. [58]

Vladimir Putin speaking at the 80th commemoration of the victory at Stalingrad: "Once again we see German tanks sent to fight Russia in Ukraine...it won't end with the use of armored vehicles." [59]

Black Republican councilwoman assassinated. [60]

Conservative House Speaker Kevin McCarthy schools Biden at their White House meeting: “I was very clear,” McCarthy said. “We’re not spending more next year than we spent this year.” [61]

For the first time, the US deploys F-35 nuclear-capable stealth fighters to Thule, Greenland for attack on Russia. [62]

Ex-ABC News Journalist Arrested on Child Pornography Charges.[63]

Sky News: US general warns British Army no longer top-level fighting force. [64] "It would take 5 to 10 years for the army to be able to field a war-fighting division of some 25,000 to 30,000 troops backed by tanks, artillery and helicopters."

Former UK Defense Minister: NATO may need to send ground troops to Ukraine. [65] Easy to say, since American and not UK troops would do the dying.

Gen. Michael Flynn interview with Gatewaypundit on Biden laptop. [66]

Raid on Biden crime headquarters was a sham - FBI set an appointment with attorneys to allow time for clean up. [67]

Zelensky Great Purge continues: Secret police sicced on Igor Kolomoisky, the oligarch who funded Zelensky's rise to power. [68][69] Zelensky's neoliberal fire sale. [70]

Russia to send weapons to Donetsk Republic to defend itself from US, German and NATO aggression. [71] German Foreign Minister: "We are fighting a war against Russia." [72]

NATO member Croatia condemns German declaration of war against Russia, [73] says tanks and efforts to retake Crimea will only ignite World War III. [74][75]

Ukraine is losing a war of attrition and its military is in a bad situation.[76]

Chair of the NATO Military Committee: "NATO is ready for a direct confrontation with Russia." [77]

Breitbart: Lt. Col. Daniel Davis warns of nuclear war: U.S. has ‘no plan’ in Ukraine, this is not a ‘video game’. [78]

Heritage Foundation: “The US military may not be able to win one war — let alone two." [79]

Columbia Journalism Review blasts The New York Times for its Russiagate fake news. [80]

US threatens missiles, jets, and now Crimea, sees war with China by 2025. [81]

Ukraine refugees too racist for liberal UK hosts. [82][83]

House votes to end Covid-19 emergency. [84]

SNL Trump impersonator Alec Baldwin charged with manslaughter. [85]

"White people need to be beaten as the only way to get police reform." [86] Whoopi Goldberg is an idiot. [87]

In blow to Biden DOJ, jury acquits pro-life activist of all charges. [88]

Setback for liberal claptrap: "CNN Ratings Hit Nine-Year Low." [89] Bill Maher to compete with Greg Gutfeld for latenite ratings.

Facing a $22.5 billion budget deficit while 350,000 productive people flee annually, California Leftists propose to tax wealth including assets of those who leave. [90]

German populist uniting Left and Right. [91][92]

Setback for atheism and the vaccine police: Greatest Conservative Sports Star Novak Djokovic gestures in thanks to God upon winning his record-tying 22nd Grand Slam tourney, his 10th Australian Open. Last year Covid vaccine tyrants banned him, but they were voted out of power.

Biden regime, Zelensky clash over strategy; [93] US says save manpower for spring offensive, Zelensky keeps feeding troops into the Bakhmut meatgrinder.

Russia supports India’s efforts to defend itself from the BBC’s latest hybrid war. [94] BBC is a state media corporation attempting to sow violent discord in India to get India to support the NATO war in Ukraine. [95]

Breaking: Iranian drone factory hit. [96][97][98]

Jack Posobiec on the RAND Corp. report warning against a protracted war in Ukraine. [99] Rand Corp. report. [100]

Mostly peaceful riots break out in Tyre Nichols case. [101][102]

Google censors Project Veritas video of Pfizer exec's admitting 'directed evolution' with viruses. [103]

WHO: “In radiation emergencies, people may be exposed to radiation at doses ranging from negligible to life-threatening ... Governments need to make treatments available for those in need – fast”. [104]

President Trump: "I could end this horrible war in 24 hours." [105] Kremlin: "the key to the Kiev regime resides in Washington’s hands." [106]

Twitter Files 15: Hamilton 68. [107][108][109] Mass media complicity in “Russian disinformationfraud. [110][111]

Biden regime refuses to say if Ukraine will get depleted uranium ammo linked to cancer and birth defects. [112] Russia will consider M1 Abrams and Leopard 2 depleted uranium shells as a nuclear attack with all attendant consequences. [113]

HistoryLegends: German tanks will once again burn in the steppes of Ukraine. [114] Former tank commander comments on M1 Abrams in Ukraine; [115] why is the DOD lying to America? [116]

Zelensky regime takes over Orthodox churches, [117] uses churches for Satanic and pagan rituals. [118]

Pfizer official goes berzerk after being shown film of him saying Pfizer planting viruses for vaccine profits. [119]

Video of Paul Pelosi in his underwear, drink in hand with his friend released. [120]

IC worried about Weaponization of government investigation. [121]

Never Again! Russians not invited to 78th commemoration of Russian liberation of Auschwitz in Poland. [122] Russians being punished for fighting Nazism.

Garland Nixon: "The U.S government has fallen into the hands of some of the most dangerous psychopaths in history. Will mankind get out of this one alive?" [123]

Rebel News: Do the terms left and right make sense in politics anymore? [124]

Pierre Poilievre challenges Pierre Trudeau to fix 'broken' Canada or 'get out of the way'.[125][126]

Ukraine refugees push German population to all-time high.[127]

Americans are leaving high-tax Democrat states and moving to low-tax Republican states.[128]

The next stage in Western escalation. [129]

Dreizin asks, What is globohomo? [130]

McCarthy meets with Elon Musk in Capitol. [131]

House Committee secures first cooperative witness in Biden corruption probe. [132] Former FBI intel chief calls for national security damage assessment. Cover up underway: Biden DNI refuses Senate Intel Oversight Committee briefing on Biden stolen classified documents. [133]

Patrick Lancaster: Children targeted in Donetsk. [134]

Unfreezing the Debt-Ceiling Debate. [135]

Cannon fodder needed: Ukrainian press gangs kidnap men off the street (videos). [136]

President Trump criticizes Biden: 'next comes nukes' [137]

Global censorship update: AT&T & Direct TV dump Newsmax. [138][139] Conservapedia however will keep you informed.

Judge orders release of body cam footage of Paul Pelosi's spat with his boyfriend. [140]

New video footage of the murder of Rosanne Boyland by Capitol Police. [141]

Poll: 82% of Europeans want peace negotiations with Russia now. [142]

The nightmare of NATO equipment being sent to Ukraine. [143]

Stolen Biden classified doc reads: "The strategic value is to create a land bridge for [Russia] to Crimea. That won’t directly affect Burisma holdings but it will limit future UK exploration and utilization of offshore opportunities in particular." [144][145][146]

Setback to the homosexual agenda: "Philadelphia Flyers’ Ivan Provorov Jerseys Continue To Sell Out Amid Media Attacks For His Refusal To Wear LGBTQ+ Pride Jersey." [147]

Adam Schiff outlines U.S. intelligence community's conspiracy against the People's elected Congress. [148]

For the first time since Adolf Hitler's Operation Barbarossa, Germany to send tanks into Ukraine. [149][150] World War III not expected to end well. [151]

US to send M1 Abrams to Ukraine. [152][153][154]

UK company recruiting tank mechanics for boots on the ground in Ukraine. $35 per hr. [155]

Report: NATO/Ukraine using nuclear power plants as ammo dumps. [156] Glenn Greenwald: Flirting with nuclear catastrophe, US continues to escalate. [157] USA Today: Doomsday Clock says the world is closer than ever to a global catastrophe. [158]

Mike Pence busted with documents after trashing Trump. [159]

‘Our family’s sick’: Why Hunter Biden lied about paying $50k monthly rent. [160]

Ukraine military intel chief tells Radio Liberty that the Interior Ministry murdered one of his top men; [161][162][163] Zelensky aide absconds with millions of dollars. [164] Deciphering Ukraine’s destabilizing “Deep State dynamics. [165] Kyiv purge continues. [166][167]

Biden impeachment? McCarthy discusses and Schiff responds. [168]

Former FBI counterintelligence officer who investigated Trump for colluding with Russia arrested for colluding with Russia. [169]

NYT: U.S. now considering to invade Russia. [170] Mission Creep? How the US role in Ukraine has slowly escalated. [171]

Zelensky'a latest decree: middle aged men seized off the street as cannon fodder; [172][173][174] Kremlin spokesperson: European armies prepare to invade Russia since Ukraine is out of manpower. [175]

Former Zelensky adviser Alexei Arestovich risks his life telling the people the truth after being fired as chief propagandist. [176] "I'm an unofficial person, I can say what I believe." [177] The war is lost.

WSJ: After death of the Interior Ministry's leadership, Zelensky regime claims the ministry's murder of negotiator who negotiated humanitarian corridors was a "mistake". [178] Update: Zelensky regime admits to killing Interior Ministry leadership. [179]

Biden DOJ colluded with White House to keep stolen classified document scandal secret. [180]

Australian conwoman who served as Ukraine Foreign Legion communications director threatens to leak damning information on Ukrainian military. [181]

Bakhmut facing operational encirclement. [182] Top Kyiv propagandist admits Bakhmut is a problem. [183]

U.S. war against Russia was planned 3 years ago. [184]

Lloyd Austin aide implicated in Biden collusion with Chinese communists; [185] Austin staff lawyers up with criminal attorneys. [186]

Big rat jumps ship – chief of staff Ron Klain quits Biden regime. [187]

Deja vu all over again again: 6 more stolen classified documents found in Biden crime headquarters. [188]

Massive protests in London for the vaccine injured. [189]

Fake news update: ABC News report on mostly peaceful riots. [190]

Three pillars of law.[191]

Ukraine fires on kindergarten, music school & homes in Donetsk killing and wounding civilians. [192]

Pentagon confirms Navy SEAL with "active duty deserter status" killed near Bakhmut. [193] Will the VA pay benefits to a deserter's family?

Antifa fascists attack downtown Atlanta. [194][195] Mayor confirms Antifa used explosives.

Elon Musk: 'The S in ESG stands for Satanic.' [196][197]

Propaganda narrative flip: Milley: Kyiv cannot defeat Russia. [198]

CNN joins latest trend contradicting original Ukraine propaganda narrative. [199]

John Mark Dougan interview with Scott Ritter. [200]

Biden begs Speaker Kevin McCarthy to cave in on debt ceiling ($31.4T), while conservative opposition to increasing it fuels stock market rally on Friday.

NATO plots WWIII in Ramstein today, Friday. [201] Russia installs missile defense system around Moscow. [202][203]

Patrick Lancaster: Proof Ukraine again used Western supplied weapons to kill civilians. [204]

Brian Berletic: US, allies send more weapons to Ukraine in absence of real solution. [205]

Tucker: Biden is done. [206]

How Adam Schiff directed Twitter censorship. [207]

Yet another HIV vaccine fails and is abandoned, but Fauci supports a vaccine approach anyway despite 40 years of similar failures. [208]

Inside Pfizer and AstraZeneca's Ukrainian biolab. [209]

Alexei Arestovich's resignation exposes Kyiv regime's internal problems. [210] GWP: Are the Ukrainian political elite starting to eat each other? [211] Witnesses say the helicopter crash that killed top 3 Interior Ministry leaders was spinning and burning before crash. [212]

Zelensky puts on tinfoil hat at World Economic Forum, says he doesn't know if Putin has been dead or alive. [213]

Alec Baldwin charged with manslaughter. [214]

SCOTUS can't identify leaker in abortion opinion leak. [215]

Socialist premier Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand quits before getting voted out. [216][217] Tyranny is tiresome!

CNN suddenly realizes Biden family is corrupt. [218] Photos place Hunter Biden in Corvette at site of stolen docs in July 2017. [219]

Derek Chauvin files appeal in George Floyd case. [220]

GOP Congressman Greg Steube of FL hospitalized after fall from roof. [221]

Russia demands tribunal for Merkel and Hollande. [222] Ribbentrop was hung at Nuremberg for similar crimes against peace.

Entire leadership of the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior killed in helicopter crash. [223] [224] Azov Battalion, SBU, Territorial Defense and other neo-Nazi militia groups are in the Ministry of Interior, and not in the Ministry of Defense.

Human trafficking booms in Davos as globalist World Economic Forum gathers. [225]

Fake arrest of fake activist Greta Thunberg at fake protest. [226]

Conservapedia proven right, again: despite overhype by the liberal media, it's a first-round exit for Overrated Sports Star Tom Brady after his losing record, and NFL season ratings fall 3%. [227] How about reading the Bible or helping someone instead?

Why was Hunter paying Joe $50k per month to rent house where stolen docs were found? [228][229] Biden tax returns removed from Biden website. [230]

Dnepro missile was shot down by Ukraine, air defense was positioned in a residential quarter; [231][232] Interior Minister demands top propagandist Alexei Arestovich be fired for reporting the truth. [233][234]

With debt ceiling looming, Biden regime refuses to negotiate spending caps. [235] Debt ceiling standoff: McCarthy rejects Democrats in major break with tradition. [236]

Tanks for nothing: NATO keeps on demilitarizing itself in Ukraine. [237]

Do covid vaccines cause unusual blood clots? [238]

Wikipedia is a big problem nobody is talking about. [239]

The hidden story of Open Society Foundation: $18 billion to control media, prosecutors, politicians. [240]

German tanks in Ukraine is a clear violation of WWII demilitarization pact. Is NATO provoking instability in the Balkans? [241]

What if Russia won the Ukraine war and the Western propaganda media didn’t notice? [242]

Twitter Files 15: Big Pharma censored vaccine critics. [243]

Globalist nutcases convene in a remote Swiss Alps ski resort guarded by up to 5,000 soldiers and multiple checkpoints requiring badges, to pretend that their wealth makes them important (when it doesn't).[244]

WEF billionaires want unvaccinated pilots for their private jets.[245]

Sara Carter: Biden’s blatant hypocrisy shows how elites hate us. [246]

Democrat candidate for Kentucky governor: "I think Joe Biden (D-War Criminal) should be impeached immediately for war crimes in Ukraine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq etc. Also for continuing the illegal proxy war against Russia in Ukraine." [247]

Twitter Files: How the Biden regime suppresses truth and amplifies lies. [248]

Alexei Arestovich, the 'Baghdad Bob' of Kyiv, comes under Ukrainian gestapo investigation for reporting the truth about Ukrainian missile strike on Dnipro apartment complex killing civilians. [249][250][251] Update: Top propagandist fired by Zelensky. [252][253][254]

Ukrainian fascists threaten to kill pro-Ukraine propagandist for reporting fall of Soledar. [255]

A Tale of Two Cultures (America and Russia). [256]

See also Previous Conservapedia Breaking News.