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'''[[Republican]]s surrender: [[Democrat]]s seize control''' of [[House]] agenda. [https://rantsofizzo.com/dominick/republicans-surrender-democrats-seize-control-of-house-agenda/]
'''Prof Brovkin: The future of [[Ukraine]]:''' [[American]], Ukrainian and [[Russian]] perspectives. [https://youtu.be/cy-Zpe6qWiA]
'''[[House Speaker]] [[Mike Johnson]] and other [[RINO]]s are lambasted and discredited''' by [[Conservative of the Year 2021]] [[Marjorie Taylor Greene]] (R-GA), who refers to Johnson as (D-[[Ukraine]]) [https://thehill.com/homenews/house/4608518-greene-rips-johnson-house-colleagues-advancing-ukraine-aid-bill-traitor/][https://youtu.be/Md_QKrO7Ass]
'''[[House Speaker]] [[Mike Johnson]] and other [[RINO]]s are lambasted and discredited''' by [[Conservative of the Year 2021]] [[Marjorie Taylor Greene]] (R-GA), who refers to Johnson as (D-[[Ukraine]]) [https://thehill.com/homenews/house/4608518-greene-rips-johnson-house-colleagues-advancing-ukraine-aid-bill-traitor/][https://youtu.be/Md_QKrO7Ass]
'''112 [[Republican]]s''' voted [[America First]]; 212 [[Democrat]]s and 100 [[RINO]]s voted for [[perpetual war]] and [[inflation]]. [https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2024/04/20/democrats-wave-ukraine-flags-in-victory-as-another-61-billion-spending-bill-passes/]
'''112 [[Republican]]s''' voted [[America First]]; 212 [[Democrat]]s and 100 [[RINO]]s voted for [[perpetual war]] and [[inflation]]. [https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2024/04/20/democrats-wave-ukraine-flags-in-victory-as-another-61-billion-spending-bill-passes/] ''This violated the Hastert Rule - that no legislation is brought to the floor without majority support of the Republican Conference.''
'''[[America Last]] agenda passes the [[House]]''', looting [[American]]s for $100 billion to send to foreign countries without $1 going towards closing the [[open border]] at home.
'''[[America Last]] agenda passes the [[House]]''', looting [[American]]s for $100 billion to send to foreign countries without $1 going towards closing the [[open border]] at home.

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Republicans surrender: Democrats seize control of House agenda. [1]

Prof Brovkin: The future of Ukraine: American, Ukrainian and Russian perspectives. [2]

House Speaker Mike Johnson and other RINOs are lambasted and discredited by Conservative of the Year 2021 Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who refers to Johnson as (D-Ukraine) [3][4]

112 Republicans voted America First; 212 Democrats and 100 RINOs voted for perpetual war and inflation. [5] This violated the Hastert Rule - that no legislation is brought to the floor without majority support of the Republican Conference.

America Last agenda passes the House, looting Americans for $100 billion to send to foreign countries without $1 going towards closing the open border at home.

Big Weed Day on Saturday with the pungent odor polluting half the U.S., as liberals celebrate marijuana despite how "any level of marijuana use raises the risk of stroke by 42% and heart attack by 25%." [6]

Man who ignited himself outside the Trump trial is anti-Trump and a "Supporter of Obama, Sanders," in contrast with the misleading liberal media headlines. [7]

Over conservative opposition, liberal Republicans and Dems vote to extend senseless Ukraine killing beyond election day. [8] Conservatives confront Johnson on House floor. [9] Johnson's U-turn was so 'sudden' as to imply sinister developments—perhaps kompromat, threats, and the like. [10]

Conservative of the Year Rep Thomas Massie: 'I'm concerned that the Speaker has cut a deal with Democrats.' [11] Seizing Russian assets will have a negative effect on America. [12]

Tucker Carlson: How did a self-described conservative evangelical like Mike Johnson wind up supporting the anti-Christian policies of the Biden administration? [13]

Steve Turley: Is Speaker Johnson being blackmailed? [14] Congress escalates Ukraine conflict. [15] Weekly update. [16]

American-funded Ukraine media distorts death of an American citizen, Gonzalo Lira. [17] American journalist Russell 'Tex' Bentley, 64, reported kidnapped and murdered by Ukrainian Nazis in Donbas. [18] Graham Phillips film: Tex, Donbas legend. [19]

The Ukraine war is lost, but Hollywood and DC don’t know it. [20]

Bloomberg: Sanctions? What sanctions? 'In the second week of April, the volume of Russian seaborne crude exports skyrocketed to its highest level in 11 months'. [21]

Markets dump then rebound as Israel retaliates to Iran in oddly toothless, performative stunt. [22][23] Likely old Bell helicopter plant was target. [24]

Breaking: Israel strikes Iran, Syria and Iraq. [25] Shift in Israel's narrative signaled Israel's attempt to strike Iranian nuclear facility. [26][27]

Supercharged spying provision buried in 'terrifying' FISA 702 reauthorization. [28] Congress goes 'full Stasi'. [29]

James O'Keefe and George Papadopolous discuss Deep State bureaucracy. [30]

Judge Napolitano interviews Sen Rand Paul, Ukraine, covid, FISA. [31]

David Stockman: America’s fiscal Armageddon and how to avoid it, Part 3. [32] Part 4. [33] IMF: The ballooning US national debt which exceeded $34 trillion in December, and the fiscal deficit threatens to exacerbate sky-high levels of inflation while posing a long-term risk to the global economy. [34][35]

Victor Orban: NATO vassal Ukraine has lost its sovereignty. [36]

National Guard whistleblower nukes J6 kangaroo court narrative, [37] Mark Milley refused to deploy Guard til after 5PM. [38]

Gambling corrupts NBA: a young player is tragically banned for life but billionaire owners aren't who welcomed sports gambling to boost profits. [39]

Elon Musk defies liberal censorship in Brazil, standing up against a tyrannical court that ordered Musk not to allow freedom of speech on X. [40] Update: Years of US-UK military and intelligence planning behind sweeping Brazil censorship, evidence suggests. [41]

West working on color revolution in Republic of Georgia. [42][43] NGO assets rioting in Tbilisi. [44]

Prof John Mearsheimer: Should Congress stop funding the War in Ukraine? Yes! [45]

Washington and the world wait on Speaker Johnson's foreign aid bill. [46] Update: Politico: Johnson rolls out foreign aid package outline. [47] Update: In the bill, Biden can 'forgive' the 'loans'. [48]

Explanation: US aid to Ukraine is a major cause of the current bout of inflation in gas, food, and electricity costs.

Heritage Foundation poll: Swing state voters tired of endless funding of Ukraine, especially with Southern border wide open. [49]

Under Bidenomics owning a home, which is part of the American Dream, is beyond the reach of many due to rising costs.[50] More than half of Gen Z want to leave the United States. [51][52]

CIA funded rag Kyiv Independent: German Chancellor Scholz begs Xi to intervene to stop Ukraine war since Biden's too demented. [53]

BBC via Yahoo Finance: IMF says Russia to grow faster than all advanced economies. [54]

U.S. Supreme Court poised to toss out bogus charges on which hundreds of J6 protesters were convicted by the anti-Trump prosecutors and federal court in D.C.. [55]

Inferiority of 'Western way of war' comes to light. [56]

Black Mountain: Prospects for World War 3 Part II. [57]

Gatewaypundit: Chasov Yar: Nazi Azov Brigade refuses to enter city to defend it. [58][59][60] Ukrainian Nazis refuse to follow orders. [61][62]

Liberal denial says "no one knows why ... Anxiety and depression is spiking among young people." [63] The causes are liberal indoctrination and the liberal media misleading young people.

The truth about the US labor market. [64]

Yellen visit to China backfires, exposes US trade weakness. [65] Economic regret: France buys more Russian LNG, Italy runs to China for trade. [66]

Libyan slave trader Samantha Power called out for funding Covid bioweapon. [67]

Punchbowl News: Inside Speaker Johnson's foreign aid play. [68][69]

Fed gov't spending $2 Billion per day, debt to GDP headed to 200%, electricity costs soaring. [70] David Stockman: America's fiscal Armageddon and how to avoid it, Part 1. [71]

The Deep State needs Trump to win. [72]

Outspokenly Christian golfer Scottie Scheffler demolishes the field with his second Masters win, his 48th week at #1. [73] "I believe in Jesus. Ultimately, I think that's what defines me the most...I was called here to glorify God." [74]

Iran breaches Anglo-Zionist defenses in historic attack: a breakdown. [75]

Will the American oligarchy accept limits or choose World War Three? [76]

A "male escort" -- i.e., homosexual prostitute -- reportedly perpetrated the knife massacre in Australia. [77] Were warning signs ignored due to political correctness??

Leftists who gained power in Poland under globalist puppet Donald Tusk, due to clueless conservatives siding with liberal NATO, move swiftly to legalize abortion despite Poland's horribly low birth rate. [78]

After liberal media-demanded gun control has been adopted by Australia, a knife attacker there murders 6 and injures 8, including an infant. [79] Prayers extend to the victims.

Conservative Daily: The House has betrayed the People: 4 days till FISA is reauthorized. [80]

Jimmy Dore: CIA targeted Alex Jones to shut him up. [81]

Breaking: Weeb Union: Iran attacks Israel. [82] Larry Johnson: Iran strikes back, what will Israel do next. [83]

Europe becomes Russia's top buyer of LNG gas, more than China, as Russia sanctions continue failing. [84]

Liberal angst at Politico: "If you thought a trial could force Trump off the campaign trail, you thought wrong." [85]

Conservapedia proven right, again: "Scientists have yet to pinpoint the fault that ruptured in New Jersey on April 5 and rattled much of the Northeast." [86] It is fake atheistic science that fault lines are the source of earthquakes.

Joint presser w/ President Trump and Speaker Johnson. [87] Politico: Trump throws Johnson a lifeline. [88]

Breaking PM: FISA reauthorization passes. [89] Earlier AM: 212-212 tie vote in the House results in a failure to require warrants for Deep State spying on Americans. Conservative Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) describes this as "a sad day for America." [90][91] Kash Patel talks FISA 702 reform: program could still be used to spy on Trump & others. [92] Devin Nunes: Congress must have role to prevent abuse. [93]

US artillery fall victim to 'profit over purpose'. [94] Eurasia v NATOstan. [95]

Zerohedge: IMF prepares financial revolution – say goodbye to the dollar. [96]

Janet Yellen dispatched to beg China for face-saving slowdown. [97] US tightening noose around China in first island chain. [98]

Sen Rand Paul exposes Fauci's CIA connections before COVID-19. [99]

Estonian Justice Minister seeks to classify the Russian Orthodox Church as a terrorist organization [100] after the ROC baptizes thousands of Black Africans. [101] Zakharova: Will the Pope communicate with terrorists?

Revolver News: Trump's secret weapon: The genius of choosing Conservative of the Year Sen JD Vance as VP. [102] NYT op-ed: JD Vance: The math on Ukraine doesn't add up. [103][104]

Putin ultimatum - Kiev surrender, no NATO and accept reality or continuous war. [105][106] After May 20 Zelensky's constitutional mandate runs out. [107][108]

US funds Ukraine groups censoring critics, smearing pro-peace voices. [109] American taxpayers footing the bill for NGOs smearing proponents of diplomatic solution as 'Russian disinformation' agents. AOC, Stephen Colbert spread debunked lies about 'Russian disinformation,' Biden probe. [110]

Speaker Johnson allies cooking up scheme to pass domestic FISA 702 snooping bill. [111] Johnson flip flops on FISA: How he caved to Deep State after one meeting. [112]

"Judge Aileen Cannon Smacks Down Jack Smith In Scathing Court Order," in a vindication of Trump's objection to Deep State secrecy (which only covers up their own wrongdoing). [113]

OJ Simpson has died at age 76; he was compared to Othello in Shakespeare's tragedy.

Out-of-control inflation disproves Biden's happy talk. [114]

Miss Havisham and the West. [115]

Trump: 'They spied on my campaign'. Reform FISA or end it. [116] Trump calls on Republicans to end Deep State spying - 'Kill FISA'. [117][118] UPDATE: Conservatives then defeat the Deep State in Congress, blocking FISA in the House for allowing warrantless searches. [119] Sundance: Inside baseball stuff on FISA 702 - the stuff you never see explained. [120]

Liberal NPR has declining viewership, and a stinging expose by a longtime journalist explains "there are exactly zero Republicans working as journalists in the government-funded news organization’s DC office." [121]

More on terrorist financing and CIA ties. [122]

NATO cranks up false-flag mode. [123] The NATO proxy war is shifting to all-out hybrid terrorism.

Russia's top counterterrorism investigators name Burisma as a financier of terrorism over the years. [124][125][126]

RWA Samizdat: Eurocrats to Kiev's rescue. Prospects of French intervention in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. [127] Stephen Bryen: Will NATO fight? [128]

Stephen Bryen: Big trouble brewing in Moldova: Is this Plan B for Ukraine? [129][130] Gagauzia, one more pro-Russian region on the path to separate from Moldova. [131]

Ukraine spares clowns from military draft. [132] Circus performers declared of special strategic importance not subject to conscription.

Conservatives vote against reauthorizing FISA 702. [133] FISA 702 was used to spy on President Trump in the Russiagate scandal. [134]

Responsible Statecraft: Congress needs answers before sending more aid to Ukraine. [135] When does NATO actually promote US interests? [136] Losing two wars. [137]

Dr. Jerome Corsi: Jamie Dimon's dire warning to the world. [138]

Sara Carter: Here's how Joe Biden obliterated the special relationship between Israel and America. [139] Dershowitz: The dangerous US rush to save the terrorist group Hamas. [140]

Conservative victory! Transgenders banned from women's sports by the NAIA, which is the growing association of small colleges. [141]

God's spectacular gift of the eclipse, unknown anywhere else in the universe: "the sun is approximately 400 times larger than the moon. And it’s also 400 times more distant from Earth." [142] But beware of possible harm to eyes in looking at it.

‘A massive betrayal’: Sen JD Vance pushes Speaker Johnson to use his leverage on border. [143]

Ukraine attacks Zaporozhe nuclear power plant, again. [144] Technicians and specialists attacked at lunch. [145]

Korybko: Would NATO really hang France out to dry if Russia pulverizes its forces in Ukraine? [146]

RFK Jr. debunks Biden's jobs report: the increase in reported jobs were all part-time jobs, while full-time jobs actually decreased last month. [147]

Liberal Politico admits to an electoral shift: "former President Donald Trump is ascendant with the youngest bloc of the electorate, even leading President Joe Biden in some surveys." [148] Vibe Shift. [149]

Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson: America's hypocrisy as an authoritarian state exposed as Ukraine founders. [150] Elon Musk is all that stands in the way of totalitarianism. [151]

Speaker Johnson caves in to Biden on Ukraine. [152]

Head of the French Patriot party: 'Since April 1, Zelensky is the illegitimate leader of Ukraine. Elections were supposed to be held March 31....cancelled under the pretext of war, but above all because opposition to Zelensky and the war is growing among Ukrainians!' [153]

ISIS is a creature of US and UK intelligence. [154] Col Wilkerson NSA military intelligence: We planned then executed Moscow Crocus massacre. [155]

Americans participated in attacks on Russian Federation. 1 KIA. [156]

Politico: There's nothing that can help Ukraine now. [157] Dr Steve Turley: Media admits Ukraine is collapsing. [158] MSM admits Elon Musk's Ukraine takes are proving correct. [159]

The Hill: Prof Jeffrey Sachs: Biden has destroyed Ukraine, more funding would be insane. [160] Sachs: Biden is a miserable failure. [161] Fake news still not helping win. [162]

Victor Davis Hanson: Public opinion shifts on Ukraine-Russia, Israel-Hamas wars. [163]

Prof John Mearsheimer: NATO states will have to accept they lost in Ukraine. [164]

Canada pledges millions to 'gender-inclusive' effort to remove landmines from Ukraine. [165]

Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey at the epicenter of earthquake. [166][167]

Earthquake - the largest in 50 years in NJ - is misused by atheistic science to promote its fault line theory of causation, which is part of Old Earth claptrap. [168] In fact, today's earthquake did not emanate from a fault line. UPDATE: A significant aftershock was not centered on a fault line either.

Setback to atheistic science: USA Today reports on evidence suggesting that animals anticipate earthquakes. [169]

Setback for the Deep State and liberal media: RFK Jr. observes that "activists" in the J6 Capitol protests have been "stripped of their constitutional liberties.” [170]

Liberal Politico covers for LGBTQ-favorite Pete Buttigieg: "Bridge warning systems have been recommended for decades. The Key Bridge didn’t have one," but Buttigieg is not blamed. [171]

Our Unplug the NFL triumphs in 58-42% landslide defeat of a referendum to renovate the stadium for the NFL champion Chiefs, despite threats by its owner to leave if taxpayers declined to foot the bill. [172] When they move, can also they take Taylor Swift and her Biden supporters with them??? Cthulhu gazes right. [173]

Russian oil revenue and profits double as it cuts back production due to sanctions; [174] crude tops $90 on news of Israeli strike on Iran embassy. [175]

Ukrainian drones hit Russia's 3rd largest oil refinery, prompting White House anger. [176] Despite the blank check given to Zelensky to carry out terrorist attacks, Biden's afraid high gas prices might hurt his election chances. [177] The Hill: Pump prices will only increase into the summer and pummel Biden’s popularity. [178]

US drilling activity slips further as oil prices rise. [179]

How Russia survived 16,000 sanctions. [180]

'Trump-proofing' Ukraine by NATO-izing it. [181] NATO conspiring against the US as they prepare for a Trump victory. [182] Don Jr: They know that if Ukraine joins NATO, it will immediately trigger World War 3 with Russia - Which is what Joe Biden and the establishment have always wanted. Vote Trump to save America and stop these war mongering psychopaths!!![183] Gatewaypundit: World War 3 on the horizon? [184]

Graham Phillips: More than 20 Days in Mariupol. [185]

Ukraine plan of Crocus Hall attack to start ethnic pogroms, Civil war in Russia. [186]

Judge Napolitano: Crocus concert attack is a turning point. [187] Update. [188] Military analyst: The decision has been made. Nazi Ukraine will be wiped off the face of the earth. [189]

The New Serfdom: America's housing crisis and the erosion of freedom. [190]

Layoffs surge to 14 month high. [191]

NYT oped: The long march of cultural Marxism through our institutions has come to pass...The federal government is a behemoth, weaponized against American citizens and conservative values... [192]

Nebraska governor endorses ending its wacky splitting of Electoral College votes, which forced Trump to waste a campaign trip there in 2020 and could enable Biden to win by just one vote this time. [193]

Setback for liberal brainwashing of youth: "Donald Trump Leads Biden Among Swing State Voters Under Age 35." [194]

Prof John Mearsheimer: Our destructive foreign policy continues. [195]

Gatewaypundit fake news update: CBS 60 Minutes pushes fake 'Russia did it' Havana syndrome narrative. [196]

The US and ISIS. [197] Alan MacLeod navigates the intricate entanglement between the US and ISIS-K in the aftermath of the Crocus Hall attack.

Nothing is as it appears. [198] Who can we trust from past administrations?

Asymmetric response and the perp walk to World War III. [199]

Inept Brits arrested for illegally crossing the northern border and crashing into a Vermont landowner's fence. [200]

"Joe Biden Declares Easter SundayTransgender Day of Visibility.’" [201]

Col Douglas Macgregor Easter Greetings. [202]

The upcoming total eclipse of the Sun is unique to planet Earth, and proof of God for many. Some say it occurred during the Crucifixion, and eclipses are mentioned at least nine times in the Bible.
UPDATE: Canada declares a state of emergency to handle 500,000 visitors to Niagara Falls to view God's extravaganza.

The Resurrection of Jesus is the most important event in history; [203] Biden declares 2024 Easter Sunday date as 'Transgender Day of Visibility'. [204]

The Hill: Is Biden listening to any of his military or intelligence advisers? [205] The Three Horsemen are coming for the US and our allies...Yet Washington seems to be crassly predicating its national security moves based on election-year politics. Ukraine being destroyed as NATO becoming delusional. [206]

Marijuana use by a 22-year-old triggered paranoia and sent him into a rampage of murdering 4 - without a gun - in Illinois, by his own admission. [207] Where are liberal calls for marijuana control rather than gun control??

Liberal claptrap in New York City: Trump-haters spend $25 million on Holy Thursday to try to reelect the depraved Biden. [208]

Patrick Lancaster report on NATO terrorism in Belgorod. [209]

Politico: Ukraine needs to open up about hard truths from battlefield. [210]

Do you hate Ivan the Russian? Does he hate you? [211] The War Pigs need to convince you that their enemies are your enemies.

Judge Napolitano w/Top intel analysts: US and UK were 100% behind Moscow Crocus terror. [212][213] Desperate West steps up covert actions as delusional thinking persists. [214]

Zakharova: US 'backed itself into a corner' blaming ISIS. [215][216] News Forensics: ISISCIA, MI6, Ukraine. [217] Russians investigating money trail. [218]

Cargo ship was filled with hazardous chemicals and containers have breached. [219] Steve Bannon interviews Lara Logan: We are arrogant and ignorant - a lethal combination. [220]

LGTBQ's favorite for president, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, should explain why the Francis Scott Key bridge apparently lacked basic pier protection [221], and why there was not an effective emergency evacuation to save 6 workers. [222]

New book by an ex-CIA official reveals the Deep State's allegiance to .... the radical transgender agenda. [223][224]

This Holy Week Trump promotes Bibles and peace, while hateful Never-Trumpers like Liz Cheney allow perpetual war. That's an easy choice for people of faith. [225]

Trump and his campaign were targeted with FISA for different foreign policy views, and it looks like Congress will do nothing about it. [226]

Zerohedge: The Nuland/Budanov/ISIS/Crocus connection. [227]

Russian intel: US & UK behind terrorism in Russia. [228] Why ISIS-K is entirely a US construct. [229] Prof John Mearsheimer: Moscow Terror Attack. [230]

See also Previous Conservapedia Breaking News.