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(Cross-over Dems reelect RINO Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan by only 366 votes, while studies show that far more former Dem primary voters have been voting in Texas GOP primaries.)
(NYT:''''' In the past 50 years, the US has gotten good at losing wars.)
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'''[[Neocon]] [[Institute for the Study of War]]''' drops [[Ukraine propaganda war|Ukraine]] [[fake news]] reporting, switches to [[Russian Ministry of Defense]] for more accurate picture. '''''[[Newsweek]]:''''' [[Russia]] claims [[NATO]] is planning [[Nuclear war|nuclear strikes]]. [https://www.newsweek.com/russia-nato-nuclear-drills-1905123]
'''[[Neocon]] [[Institute for the Study of War]]''' drops [[Ukraine propaganda war|Ukraine]] [[fake news]] reporting, switches to [[Russian Ministry of Defense]] for more accurate picture. '''''[[Newsweek]]:''''' [[Russia]] claims [[NATO]] is planning [[Nuclear war|nuclear strikes]]. [https://www.newsweek.com/russia-nato-nuclear-drills-1905123]
'''''[[NYT]]:''''' In the past 50 years, the [[US]] has gotten good at losing [[war]]s. [https://archive.is/1IrQA]
'''[[Putin]] recognizes parliamentary leader''' as [[Ukraine]] leader. [https://www.pravda.com.ua/eng/news/2024/05/28/7458044/]. ''[[Zelensky]], whose term ended last week, cannot legally sign international treaties and documents.''
'''[[Putin]] recognizes parliamentary leader''' as [[Ukraine]] leader. [https://www.pravda.com.ua/eng/news/2024/05/28/7458044/]. ''[[Zelensky]], whose term ended last week, cannot legally sign international treaties and documents.''

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Cross-over Dems reelect RINO Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan by only 366 votes; studies show that many former Dem primary voters are voting in Texas GOP primaries. [1]

Society “shouldn’t be listening to some 10-year-old who says they want to be a boy instead of a girl,” declares Academy Award-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss in rebuke of the transgender agenda. Liberals are petrified at this truth. [2]

Federal judge smacks down weaponized prosecution of Trump in Florida, tells Jack Smith's team that they will be sanctioned if they file another inappropriate motion. [3]

Neocon Institute for the Study of War drops Ukraine fake news reporting, switches to Russian Ministry of Defense for more accurate picture. Newsweek: Russia claims NATO is planning nuclear strikes. [4]

NYT: In the past 50 years, the US has gotten good at losing wars. [5]

Putin recognizes parliamentary leader as Ukraine leader. [6]. Zelensky, whose term ended last week, cannot legally sign international treaties and documents.

Biden campaign press conference at NY courthouse Trump trial bombs.[7]

Washington attacks key element of Russia's nuclear umbrella threatening entire global nuclear security architecture. [8] Russian Sen Dmitry Rogozin: US directly responsible for strike on Russia's nuclear umbrella. [9] What could be the consequences of a strike on Russian early warning systems? [10]

Stephen Bryen: Ukraine's attack on Russia's strategic radar a significant escalation. [11] 2 of 10 Russian early missile response systems damaged. [12]

Zelensky's 'peace' summit and Ukraine's nuclear provocation. [13]

Western media: WWIII begins in 51 days. [14] Dreizin Report: The empire’s decision day on Ukraine has arrived. [15] War = Draft. [16]

Responsible Statecraft: Putin is ringing the doorbell, why does Biden ignore it? [17] Russia open to compromise [18] Dr. Gilbert Doctorow comments. [19][20] Trump: 'I am committed to restoring peace and stability and to stopping Joe Biden's march to World War Three.' [21]

WaPo: US satellite guided munitions failed against Russian jamming. [22] NYT: Russia possesses the best electronic warfare capabilities in the world, [23] US bid to 'strategically weaken' Russia backfired, creating army adapted for post-industrial warfare. [24]

Liberal Hollywood crashes: worst Memorial Day w/end for movies since 1995, not even factoring in inflation. [25]

Homosexual nominated for president by the Libertarian Party at its D.C. convention [26] rather than RFK Jr. whom DC liberals fear will draw too many votes from Biden.

Biden regime denies Knights of Columbus permit to hold Memorial Day services in national park. [27] Government is the greatest rights violator. Once you see it, you cannot un-see it. [28]

Is the Pandemic Treaty really dead? [29]

Shocking violence by a transgender, "laughing the whole time": a trans activist allegedly stabbed 4 girls at an AMC theater near Boston. [30]

Federal prosecutors admit in court that Hunter Biden laptop is legit. [31]

Zero (0) awards at Cannes for the fake news biopic smearing Trump [32] while the vile Trump-hating hecklers in anti-American D.C. were probably not even libertarians.

Breaking: One dead after Egyptian Army opens fire on IDF. [33]

'We believe the job of the United States military is not to wage endless regime change wars around the globe,' Trump declared in his speech to the Libertarian Party. [34]
Trump deflated hecklers: they want to 'keep getting you 3% every four years,' which is at most what the Libertarian Party draws.

Conservate Daily: Sifting through the pro-war lies. [35] US playing a dangerous game of nuclear chicken with Russia. [36]

Simplicius: NATO's Yipping chihuahuas strain their leash as Russia gears up for next wave. [37] Globalists are having a bad time. [38]

Military and Foreign Affairs Network: Battlefield Ukraine Russia prepares the knock out blow. [39]

Republic of Georgia prime minister says EU/NATO issued death threat. [40][41]

The Conservative Treehouse: Biden reminds West Point grads of their duty to interfere in election if leftist vision of democracy is threatened. [42]

Breaking: Situation turns critical as de-legitimized Zelensky dangerously escalates. [43] Ukraine attacked a nuclear ballistic missile early warning radar in Russia. ICJ rules against Israel as Ukraine crosses a major red line. [44] Zelensky betting on Armageddon. [45] Daniel Davis: Limited nuclear attack? [46]

Russian International Affairs Council: Ukraine is losing, and direct intervention by the West risks a nuclear conflict – so what now? [47]

NATO preparing for war. [48] The Conservative Treehouse: Orban seeks exit from NATO conflict with Russia [49] Hungary warns Serbia of EU plans to intervene in NATO war. [50]

US Special Forces chief gives new details on UK ops in Ukraine; [51] UK PM Sunak calls for early July elections cause he does not want to be a wartime prime minister. [52]

We are in a 'Phony War' period when war is waged but its effects have not yet hit home. Politicians are intent on bringing those effects to us. [53] Weekly updates. [54][55]

All roads lead to Kiev: Ukraine's terror tactics, Russia turns up the heat. [56] Big Serge: Widening the front. [57] More on tactical nuke exercises and Russian escalatory options. [58]

Daily Mail: Russia warns it will strike UK targets in 'Ukraine and beyond' - forcing NATO to enter the conflict - if UK weapons are used for attacks within Russian territory. [59][60]

Ukraine lost 11,200 troops last week. [61] NATO sends Lithuanian replacements. [62] NATO's phantom armies. [63] Why the US can’t find enough troops to feed its imperial ambitions. [64]

China preps public for war against Taiwan separatists in early June. [65][66] US remains painfully dependent on China for silicon and solar panels. [67] Pepe Escobar: Russia and China have had enough. [68]

News Forensics: Russia on a roll. Belousov! [69][70][71]

Budget update: Interest payments overtake Defense spending. [72]

Failure of liberal claptrap: The Washington Post "lost $77 million over the last year, and had a 50% drop off in audience since 2020." [73]

Another odd earthquake occurs near Trump's New Jersey home, baffling atheistic science as no fault line is there, while suggesting biblical significance. [74]

The same RINO Governor who sided with transgender operations on children, and boys playing in girls' sports, just called a special session for Biden to be placed on the Ohio ballot despite Dems' refusal to nominate him 90 days before the election. [75][76]

President Trump rally in the Bronx. [77] Live updates by the local New York Post: [78] Massive crowds stun liberals. [79] MSNBC reporter gets shut down by Blacks & Latinos when asking about Trump’s ‘racist rhetoric’. [80]

David Stockman: The UniParty's malignant fiscal consensus. [81]

Battlefield Ukraine: scraping the barrel. [82] NATO raises the stakes. [83] 'It is impossible to divide the Holy Trinity, Father and Son and Holy Spirit, so also it is impossible to divide Russia, the Ukraine and Belarus, these together are Holy Rus'. [84]

Ignorance, the root and stem of all evil: Neocon cookie monster Victoria Nuland accuses Russia of attacking 'Russia's second city'. [85] BoJo thanks Azov Nazis. [86]

Judge Napolitano: Patrick Lancaster: Live from Russia/Ukraine eastern front. [87]

Covid cabal conspired to destroy evidence to evade FOIA requests. [88] Covid was an inside job. [89]

America First Legal: Secret DoD memo reveals Biden regime may have had original Trump documents before Mar-a-Lago raid. [90] Disgusting Feds raided Melania's bedroom with 'lethal force'. [91][92] Sen Josh Hawley reads Biden gestapo chief Merrick Garland the riot act. [93]

Report: Ukraine conflict reveals Russian supremacy in high-tech warfare of the future. [94] No matter what the US does to arm Ukraine, there is no path to victory. [95]

West grapples with chaos as Ukraine and Gaza crisis worsen. [96] Simplicius: Last dance at the vampire ball: West searches for answers to its demise. [97] Andrew Klavan: Is America over? [98]

Modern American Imperialism Part 1: US political capture as a game (& how to win) [99] The Dangerous Interregnum. [100]

Blinken wants major escalation of Ukraine proxy war. [101] Blinken's neo-Nazi pizza party. [102]

NATO states Spain and Netherlands recognize State of Palestine. [103]

Jungle Josep Borrell: EU members will arrest Netanyahu after ICC warrant. [104] Dick Morris: International Criminal Court: Globalism advances in disguise. [105]

The economic costs of modern war. [106] The Empire’s outdated tank. [107]

What does Klaus Schwab's resignation mean for the World Economic Forum's future? [108]

Tucker Carlson: Erik Prince: CIA corruption, government surveillance. [109] Fake News update: RT shows Tucker Carlson reruns from Fox, Newsweek claims Tucker hosts his own show on RT. [110]

CIA blocked probe into Hunter's Hollywood 'sugar brother'. [111] Twitter Files update: CIA. [112]

Something fishy about Boeing whistleblower autopsy. [113]

Biden desperately forgives a few more student loans to try to stop the exodus of young voters, canceling $7B for 160,000 victims of liberal colleges. [114] 40% of recent college grads are underemployed, and the liberal claptrap hasn't helped.

2022 Conservative of the Year Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) "survives" well-funded primary challengers by winning 76% of the vote, a landslide margin that the lamestream media conceals. [115]

Breaking: Biden FBI had shoot to kill orders in Mar-a-Lago raid. [116][117] Biden authorizes deadly force against Trump [118]

Play dangerous games win dangerous prizes: US foreign policy in Ukraine. [119] Russians prepare for total war. [120][121] Only two options for ending Russo-Ukrainian war agreed upon by CCP and Putin. [122]

Zelensky - dead man walking. [123]

Blinken proposes sanctions on the International Criminal Court which issued arrest warrants for Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu. [124] Hypocrisy of Macron, the Zelensky regime, and the International Olympic Committee exposed. [125]

American Greatness: The country is now on the precipice between political liberalism and a path that will lead to totalitarianism. [126]

Alastair Crooke: American narcissism. [127] Col. Daniel Davis: Lost values in America: Are we becoming a dark power? [128]

Responsible Statecraft: The elusive Chinese boogeyman in Latin America. [129] The anti-Soviet and anti-communist hysteria that typified the Cold War period is to an extent alive and well today with the rise of China.

De-dollarization: China launches cross-border digital currency to bypass US dollar in global trade. [130] Chris Martenson: De-dollarization picking up steam. [131] A BRIC to the head. [132]

Dr. David Oualaalou: Biden's new tariffs on China would backfire & impact US auto industry. [133] The price of Biden’s new China tariffs. [134]

India defies the West by supporting crucial Russian sector. [135]

Glenn Diesen: Hegemonitis: Why the West has become so dumb. [136][137] Alastair Crooke: Why are Israel and the West unravelling in tandem? [138] Crooke: The Two Israels.[139]

Assange wins right to appeal: British judges thumb their noses at weaponized U.S. prosecutions, finding that Assange may be denied his 1st Amendment rights by U.S. courts. [140]

Eurocrats fear Fico's attempted assassination will influence June's EU Parliament elections. [141] 'Democracy', European Union version. [142]

Americans for Limited Government: The betrayal of America: globalist agenda exposed. [143]

Study finds gender-transition surgeries drastically increase suicide risk.[144]

Zelensky refuses to leave office. [145] Zelensky popularity at 17%, 3rd place behind Zaluzhny and Budanov. [146]

NBC News, New York Times replay Russia hoax for 2024 election. [147] The Globalist: Why Trump supporters love Putin. [148] Geopolitical Earthquakes. [149]

This graph on the economy may be the most damaging for Biden for the 2024 Presidential Election.[150]

Mike Benz discusses the role of intelligence agencies pushing for internet censorship. [151]

Weaponization of prosecutions goes global: ICC seeks arrest warrants against both sides in the Middle East, and suddenly liberals are appalled. [152]

San Francisco Bay Area values, again: an 80-year-old man's 1959 red Corvette is stolen in broad daylight after a car show, and "vehicle thefts have been rising since 2020, with a jump from 8,700 to a whopping 14,700 reported incidents in 2023" in Oakland. [153]

Assassination attempt against Europe in Slovakia. [154]

Zelensky's presidency ends, Ukraine military mobilization begins. [155]

Danny Haiphong: Raisi's death w/ The Duran & Glenn Diesen. [156]

Newly NATO adoptee Sweden moves toward civil war. [157]

Breaking: 'Iran's president, foreign minister and others found dead at helicopter crash site, state media says.' [158] Prayers extend to the victims and their families.

International media: US blamed for Raisi's death. [159][160][161]

Not a lone wolf: New evidence in the shooting of Prime Minister Robert Fico. [162] Shooter filmed giving the 'Slava Ukraine' (Heil Hitler) salute. [163]

"Penske Truck Rental employees in Nashville, Minneapolis oust union; 'we are better off without.'" [164]

7 more Christians headed to prison for praying in Washington DC. [165]

Human Events: due to pro-LGBT NATO, Crucifixes banned in NATO member, formerly conservative Poland and "officials must respect same-sex couples and preferred pronouns." [166][167]

Lunatic NATO leader Jens Stoltenberg declares the Western military alliance exists to promote degenerate LGBT values. [168]

2 days before Zelensky's legitimacy runs out, WaPo reveals Yermak as the power behind the throne. [169] Anatoli Shari: 'If God forbid there be a tactical nuclear strike, everyone will forget Zelensky is a madman, that those around him are thieves, that they stole everything.' [170]

NATO brings new escalation to Ukraine. [171][172] Western generals and pundits still traffic in false assumptions about Russia. [173]Blinken dines at Nazi restaurant in Ukraine. [174]

Americans in custody after deadly coup attempt in Congo; [175][176] American 'cannabis entrepreneur' arrested. [177]

David Woo: Sliding towards WW3. [178] BRICS currency terminates US dollar: What next? [179]

Liberal media 'Fact check Biden’s repeated false inflation claim', conclude that he's lying. [180]

Dr Jerome Corsi: The lunacy of world government, the WHO pandemic power grab. [181] CDM: Toxic Progressive ideology behind assassination attempt on Fico. [182] Fico: the sin of honesty. [183]

Moscow vs Democrat run cities. [184]

McDonald's to offer cheaper meals, people can't afford fast food; [185] bear refuses to eat McDonald's. [186]

Stephen Bryen interview on the Duran. [187]

US admits it funded gain of function research in Wuhan. [188] Cover up: US Government officials funded covid and lied. [189][190]

Merrick Garland contempt of Congress resolution passes. [191]

Another Police State mug shot like Trump's, this time of the world's #1 golfer over a traffic misunderstanding outside the PGA championship. [192] The outspokenly Christian golfer then "shot a stunning 5-under under-par 66" to nearly lead the big tourney. [193] Scottie's mugshot is on a t-shirt now, reminiscent of the mistreatment of Trump.

Cohen destroyed: Trump lawyer 'dog walks' star witness through lie after lie, CNN pundits aghast. [194][195] Congressional Democrats send money to Judge Merchan's daughters' personal residence. [196][197]

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott pardons a former US Army sergeant "for 2020 fatal Black Lives Matter protest shooting," for which a jury in Leftist Austin had imposed a 25-year prison sentence. [198]

Bloomberg News: China dumps a record $53.3 billion in US Treasuries as it diversifies away from US dollar. [199]

NATO ally Spain denies ships carrying arms to Israel access to its ports. [200]

Zelensky regime asks Biden regime to provide targeting information in Russia. [201] Ukraine weekly update. [202] Zelenksy former top propagandist: 'Ukraine is ruled by incompetent immoral monsters.' [203] It's the manpower, stupid. [204]

Catfight in the House. [205]

Magic Monetary Theory goes primetime. [206]

Who's behind the color revolution in the Republic of Georgia? [207] Georgian president was born in France and is a French citizen. [208]

McConnell trashes Orban, [209] indirectly giving a wink and a nod to the attempted murder of Fico. Plain talk gets Fico shot. [210] Foreign policy statement by the government of Robert Fico. [211]

Assassination attempt on Fico proves fake news can radicalize people. [212]

Arab man threatens Jewish man online, shows off his Nazi flag. [213]

Putin meets Xi in China. [214] To draw, to push together two nuclear powers, Russia and China, it’s really a blunder of the highest order [215]

The Economist ominously reminds people Zelensky's term officially ends soon. [216] Why would that be?

Slovak prime minister expected to survive; UK media appears to justify assassination attempt. [217][218] Judge Napolitano on Fico shooting. [219]

Fake news that Biden will debate Trump on June 27: Biden's odd "no audience" condition shows he's not really committing to this, but needs to appear competent immediately to halt his hemorrhaging in the polls.

Former Ukrainian MP blew the whistle on Burisma's connection to terrorist financing. [220]

Ashley Biden 'singing like a canary'. [221][222]

Greatest Conservative Sports Star Harrison Butker's commencement address -- we excerpt it here -- nailed liberals so effectively that the NFL's sheepish response is merely that "he gave a speech in his personal capacity." [223]

Breaking: Anti-Ukraine aid Slovak prime minister shot. [224][225] The shooter is an opposition liberal of the pro-EU pro-NATO Progressive Slovakia party, and well known writer. [226] Where were his CIA trained bodyguards? [227]

Prime Minister Robert Fico, who is fighting for his life from the shooting, is a conservative populist in the Victor Orban and Donald Trump mold. [228] Fico promised to veto Ukraine joining NATO. [229]

Fico said just 5 days ago Slovakia was not going to hand over its sovereignty to the WHO via their Plandemic Treaty. [230]

Who shot the Slovak Prime Minister? Fico predicted an assassination attempt. [231] The shooter has been described as a radicalized left-wing, ultra-liberal.

All-pervading bias caused hate-fueled attack. [232] When you are repeatedly told a one-sided story where a person, in this case Putin, is constantly demonized, then all those who fail to accept this framing can easily be seen as people to hate also.

Human Events: 'The Russians just walked in': Ukraine border defense funds diverted to fake companies in massive 'betrayal'. [233] Lack of fortifications in Kharkov due to Ukrainian corruption. [234]

NYT: According to a report by Forbes, the number of billionaires in Moscow — measured in US dollars — increased so much that the city moved up four spots in the global rankings, behind only New York City. [235]

Hungarian Foreign Minister outlines truth of NATO/EU sanctions against Russia. [236]

Fake news outlet Reuters is dying, web traffic drops 50% in the last seven months. [237]

Foster Children: the New Pawn in the Gender Wars.[238]

Over Half of Illegal Aliens in U.S. Are Unemployed.[239]

Star Super Bowl-winning kicker Harrison Butker rails against Pride month, President Biden during commencement address" at Benedictine College in Kansas. [240]
Thunderous standing ovation by the students. [241]

Tucker Carlson interviews Aaron Rodgers. [242]

Stinken Blinken meeting with corrupt Ukrainian dictator Zelensky in Kyiv; [243] Blinken plays the fiddle while Ukraine burns. [244]

The Duran: NATO vassals pushing for Ukraine intervention w/ Emil Cosman. [245]

Deep State Playbook - SITREP 5.14.24. [246]

NYT: Trump leads in 5 key states, as young and nonwhite voters express discontent with Biden. [247]

Melinda Gates quits the Gates Foundation that was co-named for her, and she will take control of $12.5 billion presumably to promote mostly liberal goals. [248] Will the Gates Foundation expand its funding of international Planned Parenthood groups?

CGTN: Interview with Victor Orban. [249]

BBC: Ukrainian reconnaissance commander confirms Kharkov border was undefended. [250] Funds intended to build defense fortifications had been looted by the corrupt Zelensky regime. [251]

Punchbowl: Inside House Democrats' Israel problem. [252]

David Stockman: Washington DC: The unaffordable and unnecessary war capital of the world. [253]

Gatewaypundit: Warmonger Lindsey Graham suggests nuking Iran. [254]

UK government used Army 'PsyOps' Division to monitor citizens and lied about it. [255]

Polish farmers begin hunger strike over EU Green Deal. [256]

China dumps $21 billion in US treasuries, largest in 4 years; [257][258] Saudi-US mega deal falls apart. [259]

American girl reacts to Abrams tank captured in Moscow. [260]

"Clinton adviser says Biden campaign ‘doing it all wrong.’" [261]

UN cuts estimate of civilian Gaza casualties by half. [262]

Leaked health insurance company document shows that $250,000 extra was paid to physicians for injecting their patients with the Covid vaccine. [263]

J.K. Rowling courageously criticizes the unfair transgender invasion by biological men into women's sports. [264] Thank you!

Greatest NFL linebacker ever, Lawrence Taylor: “I grew up a Democrat and I’ve always been a Democrat until I met this man right here,” pointing to Trump at a New Jersey rally attended by 100,000. [265] Football experts rank Taylor #1: “He is not only the greatest linebacker in NFL history, he's one of the game's greatest players period.” [266]

20-year-old transgender drives a speeding car into a 64-year-old pedestrian, backs up again over him, and then stabs him to death 9 times in Houston. [267]

Nancy Pelosi gets a proper spanking at Oxford Union. [268]

Elon Musk: 2024 will be last election actually decided by US citizens. [269]

The Economist: The liberal international order is slowly coming apart. [270]

Ukraine is set to abolish human rights. [271] Former BoJo advisor: 'We should have never got into the whole stupid situation...Zelensky's no Churchill...This whole Ukrainian corrupt mafia state has basically conned us.' [272]

Egregious blunders by the West have brought about Ukraine's destruction as a viable state. [273]

Newsweek op-ed: Biden withholding aid from Israel sure looks impeachable. [274]

The ideological roots of the open borders push. [275]

Digital currencies, BRICS, and de-dollarization accelerate ahead of Trump's return. [276]

What is critical global geopolitics? [277]

Victor Davis Hanson: The end of everything. [278] Col Jacques Baud: NATO can't fight Russia. [279]

David Stockman: Clueless in the canyons of Wall Street. [280]

Trump voters explain why they’re moving to Russia. [281]

Mearsheimer: Zelensky & the West detached from reality. [282]

End of US hegemony: multipolar world order, economic decline & failed sanctions. [283]

Russian offensive in Kharkiv is coming. [284][285][286] Russian drone destroyed two HIMARS missiles near Avdiivka. [287] Weekly update. [288]

RFK Jr. declares that abortion should be fully legal until birth, stunning even his liberal woman running mate. [289]
UPDATE: RFK Jr. shifts right a bit after hearing criticism. [290]

Most Dems bail out Speaker Johnson while 43 conservatives and progressives vote against him on MTG's motion to vacate the chair. He should resign.
As many Republicans voted to vacate as when McCarthy was Speaker. Today's list.
Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX)'s vote against Johnson signals opposition by the fiscally conservative Koch network megadonors.

Another setback to political prosecutions by Trump-haters: Georgia grants full appeal in challenge to Fani Willis's conflict of interest. [291]

Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson: 'They're done with Zelensky' assassination plots unfold. [292] Zelensky's term ends May 20. General Armageddon returns. [293]

Creative Destruction Media: Zelensky regime shoots draft dodgers at border. [294]

Demonic attempt to murder a pastor -- by a killer who allegedly just murdered his own cousin -- is stopped by a miraculous jamming of the gun and a heroic, quick-acting deacon. [295]

AstraZeneca withdraws covid bioweapon 'vaccine' worldwide. [296]

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