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<!-- ================ PAGE CONTENT BEGINS BELOW THIS LINE ==================== -->
'''How &ndash; and more to the point, why &ndash; [[Google]] deliberately manipulates search results''' to suppress [[conservative]] content and promote [[globalism]]. ''And by the way: "Google" is not a verb! Let's stop using it like one.'' [https://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2019/06/20/accountability/news-media/google-neutral-search-humanitarian-hoax/]
'''Two [[Israel]]i commentators urge their government to make [[immigration]] easier for [[Judaism|Jews]]''' now living away from Israel. ''Sadly that includes [[America]].'' [https://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2019/06/20/editorial/guest/aliya-safe-haven/]
'''Two [[Israel]]i commentators urge their government to make [[immigration]] easier for [[Judaism|Jews]]''' now living away from Israel. ''Sadly that includes [[America]].'' [https://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2019/06/20/editorial/guest/aliya-safe-haven/]

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Welcome to Conservapedia!

How – and more to the point, why – Google deliberately manipulates search results to suppress conservative content and promote globalism. And by the way: "Google" is not a verb! Let's stop using it like one. [1]

Two Israeli commentators urge their government to make immigration easier for Jews now living away from Israel. Sadly that includes America. [2]

Joe Biden embarrasses himself, proving Conservapedia right again: “Fellow Dems slam Biden, who said he and segregationists ‘got things done.’” [3]

Trump is waking up to how the Fox News Channel, which panders to its advertisers and owners, is not conservative: '“something weird going on at Fox,” Trump tweets. [4]

President Trump officially kicks off his presidential campaign Tuesday night in Florida, as a new poll shows him in a statistical tie in Michigan with Biden.

The weaponization of human sexuality and the threat to Western civilization. [5]

Pete Buttigieg, who is married to a man, raised $7M in April alone in his bid for the Dem nomination for president, and it not because he is the mayor of South Bend, Indiana. [6]

Study of 263,000 active-service U.S. Army soldiers: Only 30% have ‘ideal’ blood pressure.[7] Military Times: A staggering number of U.S. troops are fat and tired, report says.[8]

"... about a third of active duty American soldiers don't have a religious affiliation." - Hemant Mehta. See also: Atheism and physical fitness

"Trump: Obama 'had to know' of 'setup' to block presidential bid." [9]

The overwhelmingly white U.S. women's soccer World Cup team leads in self-described lesbians, including its coach and also two players who are engaged to each other. [10] Is this why the liberal media does not criticize the team's lack of racial diversity compared with the men's team??

Liberals and leftists are in an uproar because YouTube’s demonetizing frenzy slammed the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).[11] Recently, the SPLC has been mired in hypocrisy/scandal.[12]

According to Alexa, the "Traffic Sources: Percentage overall site traffic from each channel", SPLC has the highest figure to a joke, irreligious website (See: Essay: Conservapedia vs. the joke, irreligious website).

According to Alexa, the number one channel of traffic to Conservapedia is u-s-history.com.[13]

It's obvious that Conservapedia attracts an audience that wants to have a deeper understanding of the world. See also: Essay: Conservapedia vs. the joke, irreligious website

Vaccine police end religious liberty in Leftist New York, which "Ends Religious Exemptions For Required Vaccines." [14]

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) actually said his new taxes would delight "many" Americans. Americans will take a lot less delight when they find out about the bill of goods he's selling. [15]

More on the recent Supreme Court ruling on abortion. Why did the Court punt on the question of eugenics? [16]

"I promise you that if I am elected president you are going to see the single most important thing that changes America. We are going to cure cancer." - Joe Biden.[17][18]

Biden promises to cure cancer in 4 to 8 years! The are over 100 types of cancer.[19]

First, the liberals/leftists brought us fake origins science. Then fake global cooling science followed by fake global warming science. Then fake news. And now fake medical science!

There is a growing backlash against the homosexual agenda in Poland.[20]

The political pendulum is beginning to swing to the religious right in Europe and there will come a time when it is going to rain on gay parades. See: European desecularization in the 21st century

Many agree with Conservapedia's criticism of the U.S. Women's soccer team's gloating after running up the score: "For me it's disrespectful, it's disgraceful. Hats off to Thailand for holding their head high on their first time on a World Cup stage," said Canadian star Kaylyn Kyle. But CNN continues with its double standard, despite how they would have criticized such conduct by men. [21]

Please read the essay: Conservapedia vs. the joke, irreligious website.

Did your college or university have a separate graduation for blacks only? If so, they did them no favors. [22]

Wendy’s Breaks with Other Companies and Supports Adoption over Abortion.[23]

Burger King supports the uncivil practice of throwing milkshakes at politicians.[24] Burger King also supports the homosexual agenda and had a "Proud Whopper" campaign.[25] Is this one of the reasons why so many lesbians have a problem with obesity? See: Lesbianism and obesity

Buy a Wendy's salad today and boycott Burger King's calorie laden milkshakes and Whoppers!

More double standard by the liberal media, which cheers how the U.S. Women's World Cup soccer team senselessly runs up the score to 13-0 against Buddhist Thailand, contrary to good sportsmanship against a country that does not prioritize women's soccer and has the lowest-ranked team. [26] Why is this something to cheer?

Big setback for atheism. These people tried, and failed, to remove "In God We Trust" from U.S. currency. [27] And it also appears that they admitted atheism is a religious belief.

In liberal lala land, it's steal now, pay later...or never.[28]

Another setback for liberal claptrap: "TV Ratings: Tony Awards Fall to All-Time Lows." [29] Its audience share among 18-49 year-olds dropped 41%.

Siena College poll: "More People in New York City Like Trump Than Bill de Blasio," its liberal mayor and candidate for the Dem nomination for president. [30]

Why not to accommodate any part of the Five Pillars of Islam, especially five-times-daily prayers. Islam doesn't seek assimilation but settlement – we're out and they're in. [31]

"Biden slumps, Buttigieg soars" in the latest Iowa caucuses poll. [32]

Setback for the homosexual agenda: the hyped movie about Elton John crashes at the box office despite glowing reviews by liberals, plummeting 57% for its second weekend. [33]

Attacks against Jews from at least three new Members of the United States House of Representatives continue. But which is worse: the attacks themselves, or that the House and Senate Jewish Caucuses say nothing about them? [34]

The liberal media pile on against Joe Biden's flip-flop on abortion funding: for years he was against it, then answered a question saying he was for it, then affirmed that he was against it, and then finally for it. This "undermines Biden’s chief asset in the primaries: the claim that he’s electable. ... If the left can browbeat him into discarding his moderate stands, though, where’s the upside?" [35]

Another setback for the Deep State: Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn fires his Establishment-type attorneys, and may seek to withdraw the plea that the disgraced Muellergate extracted from him. [36]

Joe Biden is back to his plagiarizing ways, and even the liberal media is dismayed by it, observing that Biden's "1988 presidential campaign ended in a plagiarism scandal." [37]

Remembering Beit Hadassah in Hebron, forty years after the Israelis resettled it. Hint: it was always Jewish. [38]

Setback for the one-sided gun control narrative: an arrest is made of the armed public school resource officer for failing to defend students during the shooting rampage at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida last year. [39]

An impassioned defense of the free market and of a Constitutional republic by an ordinary citizen who does not wish to lose either. [40]

Scholars: Europe is in the midst of a 30 year trend of moving politically towards the right.[41] See also: Dr. Steve Turley

Conservapedia proven right, again: Gropin' Joe Biden "Slips in Latest 2020 Poll." [42] Will he eventually pull out before he and his boss Obama are humiliated by voters?

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