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'''A new discovery that will shake the foundations of [[evolution]]: a [[Precambrian]] multicellular [[embryo]].''' ''If J. B. S. Haldane were living today, would he finally admit [[evolution]] stands falsified?'' [http://www.examiner.com/article/precambrian-late-embryos-cast-doubt-on-biological-evolution][http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2014/09/26/creation/precambrian-late-embryos/][http://creationsciencehalloffame.org/2014/09/26/creation-2/news/precambrian-late-embryos/]
'''[[Associated Press]] fact-check''' shreds [[Barack Obama]]'s [[United Nations]] speech.[http://www.teapartycrusaders.com/u-s-politics/ap-fact-check-shreds-obama-un-speech/]
'''[[Associated Press]] fact-check''' shreds [[Barack Obama]]'s [[United Nations]] speech.[http://www.teapartycrusaders.com/u-s-politics/ap-fact-check-shreds-obama-un-speech/]

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Welcome to Conservapedia!

A new discovery that will shake the foundations of evolution: a Precambrian multicellular embryo. If J. B. S. Haldane were living today, would he finally admit evolution stands falsified? [1][2][3]

Associated Press fact-check shreds Barack Obama's United Nations speech.[4]

Pentagon: Majority of Tomahawk missiles in Syria are airstrikes aimed at Khorasan group.[5]

Senator. Pat Roberts warns of "national socialism" taking root.[6]

Instead of a federal gun registry, why not a national criminal registry? A detailed legislative proposal [7]

Why did Eric Holder resign? Four guesses. [8]

Obama's top lawyer, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, announces his resignation. [9] This occurs barely five weeks before the midterm elections.

Did King Saul of ancient Israel set up the present Islamic State crisis by not eliminating the Amalekites as God directed? [10]

Another setback for gambling, this time in Mississippi: a $62 billion casino project files for bankruptcy and closes with enormous debts. [11] Reading the Bible is far more rewarding and affordable.

A Poor Way to Fight Poverty: The War on Poverty did not increase self-sufficiency.[12]

Bureaucrat Paid $107,000 Salary to Help L.A. Integrate Illegal Aliens.[13]

Critics are calling Obama’s sloppy salute to a Marine "shameful" and "embarrassing".[14] Has any previous U.S. president ever given a shameful salute?

The War on Poverty: Failure redefined as success. Welfare queens rejoice![15] John Stossel calls for an end to a "nation of moochers."

Welfare queens/kings: U.S. taxpayers are no longer going to pay for your marijuana.[16] Hear the recording of the Texas welfare queen who smokes marijuana and says, "Why should I work?"

U.S. Admiral takes issue with Obama's efforts to keep the Bible out of the hands of military personnel. [17]

The Silk Road: a source of highly distorted history. A series that sets the record straight. Based on a critique of an exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. [18][19][20][21][22][23][24][25]

Lois Lerner brazenly says she is not sorry for selectively applying United States tax law. Shouldn't she pay some of the price an infamous tax collector in ancient Jericho offered to pay? [26]

New York City global warming climate march draws hundreds of thousands of liberals.[27] The Farmers’ Almanac Predicts Another Nasty, Cold Winter.[28]

More Than 700 Infants Exposed To TB At Texas Hospital.[29]

Chicago's mayor Rahm Emanuel, who was a former chief of staff to the Obama administration, backs down: New high school won’t be named after President Obama.[30] Never trust a man who studied/engaged in ballet dancing to stick to his guns!

Illegal Immigration 2014: Shut Down All Ports Of Entry Group Plans To Block US-Mexico Border.[31] How successful or unsuccessful will they be?

The bogus immigration crisis?[32]

A forthright series on creation ex nihilo makes the case for it. [33][34]

Florida school board makes history, opts out of Common Core.[35]

Angela Merkel: Multiculturalism Is a Failure in Germany.[36] If only Germany had sought to bring hard working Christian immigrants to their country instead of Muslims.

Congress did not act wisely in funding "moderate" rebels in Syria. [37]

Are America's preachers setting America at war with God? [38]

Rift widens between Obama, U.S. military over strategy to fight Islamic State.[39] If Obama is such a great strategist, why are his approval ratings so low?[40]

State Department Whistleblower Sued in Retaliation by John Kerry — and the Case Could Reveal Sordid Accusations of Department Misconduct.[41]

Parents release photo of daughter born at 24-week-old abortion limit saying "She’s not a foetus, she’s a fully-formed human being".[42]

Wikipedia refuses to post evidence of one man's fabrications. Could it be a blinding love of science, even if it's false? [43]

Scotland rejects independence.

A review of a pending federal case invoking the Third Amendment to the Constitution. [44]

Texas Gun Shop Takes It Up a Notch With Latest Sign Blasting Obama.[45] Also, gun shop owner indicates CNN and the pro-gun control J. Pierpont Morgan used deceitful tactics when they featured his gun shop and shooting range.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) said he doesn’t trust Syrian rebels and will not support President Obama’s plan to train them in the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).[46] The Obama administration's training of the Iraqi army failed miserably.

Trey Gowdy Shows He’s Not Playing Games With Fierce Interrogation at First Public Benghazi Hearing.[47]

A fascinating study of the Biblical book of Revelation and what it "reveals" for us. [48]

Video calling Barack Obama a coward already has over 200,000 views.[49] Self-absorbed Obama delayed attempted rescue of Foley for personal reasons.

General Jerry Boykin – Marxists Have Taken Over Govt, Citizens Must Become More Engaged.[50]

Nine reasons Trey Gowdy was chosen to head the House Select Committee on Benghazi.[51]

A message to Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey about the Second Amendment, with a current case pending about a Pennsylvania visitor who ran afoul of New Jersey's gun control laws. [52]

Is the Constitution dead? No, but conservatism is in danger if it strays from fidelity to the Constitution. [53]

Without Congress: White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough says "We Are at War With ISIL".[54]

Susan Rice: It’s Not a War Because We Don’t Have Combat Boots on the Ground.[55] The US didn't have combat boots on the ground at Hiroshima or Nagasaki.

Liberals take their war against the macho NFL to a new level: Dem Governor of Minnesota demands that the Vikings reinstate the suspension of their star player. [56]

Last Week’s Political Polls Show the Fight for 2014 Between GOP and Democrats Just Got Way Clearer.[57]

Another liberal myth debunked: After 30 Years Of Lies, the NY Times Admits “Assault Weapons Are A Myth.” [58]

The State Department cleaned up the message record between their headquarters and the Benghazi Annex. Does anybody care? [59]

US would retaliate against Assad The United States would retaliate against Syrian President Bashar Assad's air defenses if he were to go after American planes launching airstrikes in his country. [60] This is the real objective of the whole operation.

New study: Distinguishing between conservatives and liberals by smell. [61] Hippies do have a distinguishable odor.

"Greater disgust sensitivity, which is intimately interconnected with the neural substrates of smell, predicts more conservative positions".[62] Liberals tolerate disgusting smells to a greater degree because they are more apt to stink!

Charles Barkley Wades Into Controversial Subject: "Every Black Parent in the South Is Going to Be in Jail…"[63]

Liberal logic: "whooping" as a traditional form of discipline must be considered a terrible crime, but profits by liberals from violent video games causing worse psychological harm are somehow wonderful. "Corporal Punishment: Legal and Common"

The Islamic State is in it for the long haul. And Barack Hussein Obama just gave them the best advice they could get at this stage of their development. [64]

Democratic State Senator Sentenced for Perjury, Voter Fraud.[65]

Germany Bans All ISIS Support After Sharia Police Were Found Patrolling German Streets.[66]

NBC Poll Says 70% of Americans Think We CAN’T Defeat ISIS.[67] Obama's war on ISIS is going to be another taxpayer funded boondoggle.

Rand Paul: 'Mistake to arm' Syrian rebels Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said Monday it is “a mistake to arm” vetted Syrian rebels to counter the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). [68]

New York Times: Are Liberal Jewish New York City Voters a Thing of the Past? [69]

Chicago public schools are "filthy with rodents, roaches, garbage — principals say." [70] Homeschooling will continue to grow.

Barack Obama's key coalition partner to fight ISIS turns his back on Obama.[71] Does anyone respect/trust Obama?

Hamas Admits to "Mistakes" During Gaza Battle.[72] Those "mistakes" caused a lot of civilians to lose their lives.

Nanny state update: the finest running back in the NFL spanked his kid, using "the same kind of discipline with his child that he experienced as a child growing up in east Texas," and now the lamestream media make it a national crisis and attempt to destroy his career. [73]

"Israeli intelligence veterans refuse to serve in Palestinian territories.... They allege that the 'all-encompassing' intelligence the unit gathers on Palestinians – much of it concerning innocent people – is used for 'political persecution' and to create divisions in Palestinian society." [74]

Common Core Backers Reduced To PATHETIC Ad Swearing Standards Are ‘Better Than You’ve Heard’.[75]

Mob Rule Economics.[76]

Barack Obama’s Immigration Stall Fooling No One.[77]

"Chilly Chicago-Area Temperatures Break Record," shattering by 5 degrees a record set back in 1940. [78] But liberals won't admit they were wrong in pretending there would be a crisis in global warming.

Wanted: prophets to call America to repentance from sin. [79]

With a substantial possibility of Republicans defeating Dems for control of the U.S. Senate, talk begins of a conservative agenda first 100 days. [80] Repealing leftist global warming regulations are high on the list.

Free land for a Palestinian state 5 times larger than Gaza. Egypt makes the offer that is rejected by Abbas. The Palestine leader would rather moan about the acres in the West Bank Israel is building housing on. [81]

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) makes a bold stand for Israel before a nominally Christian dhimmi group. [82]

A society sickened by welfare. [83]

Score: Vladimir Putin 6, Obama 0…And Counting.[84] Russian RT video openly mocks Obama's sissy ways (Girly dancing with a lesbian, "punching" a pink punching bag, etc.).

Liberal Hollywood takes a hit: Motion picture and sound industries jobs drop 19% in two years.[85]

Israel’s Bennett Bucks U.S. by Seeking More Settlement Building. Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett says he sees “no problem” with building settler homes in the West Bank, defying U.S. censure of construction on land the Palestinians claim for a future state. [86]

Widespread criticism of last night's teleprompter reading by Obama, as even Dem Senators trying to get reelected pan it. [87] Meanwhile, "Obama’s ratings hover near his all-time lows." [88]

ISIS or ISIL: does it matter? As Barack Hussein Obama makes a prime-time speech, his choice of acronym might signal secret support for their ultimate goal: to destroy Israel. [89]

ABC and NBC Barely Mention Obama Approval Rating "Near Record Lows"; CBS Ignores.[90]

Breitbart News says IRS targeted company for audit.[91]

What would Hillary Clinton’s energy policy look like? [92]

Justice Department aide caught red-handed colluding with Democratic Congressman over IRS scandal. The aide scrambled like mad when he knew he'd blown it, and now tries to deny it. But Darrell Issa now has demanded an explanation from Attorney General Eric Holder and Ranking Member Elijah Cummings. [93]

Golf courses don't even want Obama anymore, as several refused to allow him to play on their courses over Labor Day weekend. [94] Will Dems improperly try to play the race card over it?

A strong "pan" of the opera The Death of Klinghoffer, now playing at the Metropolitan Opera. [95]

Democrat vs. Democrat - Diane Feinstein: If Obama acts unilaterally on immigration, it "will be challenged".[96]

The politics of terrorism is affecting the U.S. midterm elections.[97]

Christian Group ‘Derecognized’ at State’s Colleges Because It Requires Leaders to Hold Christian Beliefs.[98] Doesn't the U.S. Constitution's freedom of association clause trump needy liberals' desire to infiltrate and corrupt organizations?

Governor Christie, who are you? Where are you? Conservatives in New Jersey want to know. [99]

The wife of suspended NFL star Ray Rice rebukes the liberal media for invading her family's privacy to boost its ratings, at her family's expense. [100]

2014 is a bad year for militant atheists and atheism in general: "atheism is at best a sputtering engine"[101]

Costco's founder went to liberal public schools for all his formal education and it shows.[102]

Did the commanding general in Egypt make the Palestinian Authority an offer they shouldn't have refused? From Israel Defense Forces Radio comes this stunner: President al-Sisi of Egypt offered Mahmoud Abbas a six-fold increase in territory from Gaza to the Sinai, plus autonomy for majority-Palestinian cities in Judea and Samaria, if he would just accept Judea and Samaria as Israeli sovereign territory. [103]

Unidentified Respiratory Virus Likely to Hit Kids Across the United States.[104]

The lack of global warming caused a casino to fail: "extremely cold winter weather and frequent snowstorms in the Mid-Atlantic United States" is a stated reason why a sixth Atlantic City casino may shut down. [105] Now people might open a Bible on cold winter days instead.

New Record 92,269,000 Not in Labor Force; Participation Rate Matches 36-Year Low.[106]

"Supporters of Scottish independence take narrow poll lead for first time." [107] Disunity is inevitable in atheistic Britain, in the absence of totalitarianism to maintain unity.

Former Auditor General of Pennsylvania says welfare fraud represents 10-15% of total state expenditures.[108] Also, video on welfare fraud in America.

Israeli group wants Hamas leader to face war crimes charges for Gaza executions.[109] Also, on camera French journalists caught Hamas firing a rocket in a U.N. emergency shelter area.

Federal Reserve: Under Obama, only the richest 10 percent saw incomes rise.[110] See: Barack Obama and liberal elitism

U.S. Appeals Court in Chicago rules against homosexual marriage bans in 2 states. [111] Also, 10 reasons why homosexual marriage is wrong.

Consider the things Barack Hussein Obama has done to America, the rise of the Islamic State in the Middle East, Muslim activity elsewhere in the world, and the attempt to revoke the Second Amendment. Could all this be part of a single plan? [112] And even if not, why does America hesitate in the face of a declared enemy? [113]

How American ignorance aids and abets White House criminality. [114]

ABC's Good Morning America host foolishly asked Phil Robertson: "Would You Consider Yourself a Homophobe"? [115]

Bible believers fear no men which is why Sarah Palin is far braver than effete liberal men.[116]

Another crack in the mainstream media's cheerleader squad front for Obama. Ultra-liberal reporter criticizes “President Obama’s Unnerving Happy Talk” about foreign affairs.[117]

Martin O’Malley will run in 2016 even if Hillary Clinton does.[118]

Obama Signs New Executive Order Restricting Religious Freedom.[119]

Did the Hebrew word rendered "firmament" really mean exactly that? Hint: it does not always mean "outer space" after all. [120][121][122]

Now India has a shortage of women due to gender-based abortion, admits CNN: "While India's girls are aborted, brides are wanted." [123] Didn't liberals claim that abortion is pro-woman?

Why haven’t Barack Hussein Obama’s approval ratings hit rock bottom? [124]

Missionary Group: Boko Haram Beheaded Six-Year-Old Christian Boy. [125]

Ted Cruz: "A GOP president will sign a bill in 2017 repealing Obamacare".[126]

We need not let a fear of man paralyze us. How real leaders of the past responded to threats like the one the Islamic State poses. [127]

Setback for the homosexual agenda in the EU, as it will probably not withhold athletes and teams from the increasingly Christian Russia's big sporting events, such as the World Cup in 2018 ... at least not yet. [128]

Mom’s curriculum roadmap helps homeschoolers choose non-Common Core aligned publishers.[129]

Europe stands strong for traditional definition of marriage.[130] Watch one British conservative battle three liberals in a debate and come out on top!

Saudis paying off ISIS not to attack them?[131]

Was Jesus Christ wrong when He said Adam and Noah were real men in history? [132][133][134]

17 Reactions to the "We Don’t Have a Strategy" Gaffe That May Haunt the Rest of Obama’s Presidency.[135] Why is Obama so lazy when it comes to rigorous thinking/strategizing?

Common Core Blockbuster: Mathematician Dr. Jim Milgram Warns Common Core Will Destroy America’s Standing in Technology.[136]

Vladimir Putin Mocks and Taunts the Unpopular, Political Weakling Barack Hussein Obama.[137] Did Putin see Obama's workout routine?[138]

"California poll: Obama sinks to record low." Even in California? "Obama’s national approval rating stands at 42 percent, while his disapproval rating is 51 percent, according to Gallup." [139]

Why did the creation science movement really reject the Hydroplate Theory of the Great Flood? Because its originator upset some people by demolishing a pet theory in public. [140][141][142]

The drought in California is further evidence against global warming, which was supposed to bring more rain. [143] California has not built a big new dam in more than three decades, due to radical environmentalism, and now the overused reservoirs are running out of water.

Evidence Barack Hussein Obama paved the way for the rise of ISIS in Iraq and Syria.[144] Obama armed the Syrian rebels.

Scientific, peer-reviewed study backs up intelligent design: [145]

Gallup poll: Barack Hussein Obama’s ‘strong disapproval’ double his ‘strong approval.’ [146]

The convict O.J. Simpson wants to convert to Islam. Currently snacking during his Ramadanfasts”.[147]

Letting kids shoot guns is good for them.[148] The United States and Switzerland are two of the best countries to live in and both have generous gun rights compared to many countries.

You cannot take Christianity out of class without taking history out of class. And those atheistic activists surely know this. [149]

Time Magazine and CNN: both are in the ratings cellar and still going down, with a large amount of layoffs set to begin, and all because of rampant liberalism. [150]

Misled by atheistic science about earthquakes, 94% in Napa (no active fault lines) went without earthquake insurance. [151] A week after the massive quake, atheistic science still cannot explain it.

The Hawaii Dem governor blames his calling a special legislative session to pass same-sex marriage for his landslide defeat "by a stunning 2-1 margin, the first time a Democratic governor has been unseated in a Hawaii primary." [152] The pro-homosexual marriage governor lost despite outspending his opponent by a 10:1 margin.

Adults in atheistic Japan are five more times addicted to gambling than other countries.[153]

Shame on PBS!’: The Late-Term Abortion Documentary That Has One Group Fuming.[154]

Corridor: Putin calls on Ukraine militia to let out surrounded Kiev troops.[155]

Britain's food self-sufficiency is in long-term decline.[156] Darwinism, which as birthed in Britain, continues to impede agricultural science.[157] See also: Lysenkoism

John Anthony Walker, one of the worst traitors in American history, dies in prison. [158]

Revel without a cause: Liberals gambled $2.4 billion of other people's money, with the encouragement of Gov. Chris Christie, on a massive casino failure. [159] Revel casino shuts its doors for good on Monday.

Bradlee Dean rediscovers a suppressed documentary about the worst child-trafficking scandal imaginable, that even involves Members of Congress. [160]

The Latest Admission from the Obama IRS is Not Only Maddening, It’s Criminal.[161]

Yet another sign of British decline: UK terror threat level raised: Jihadist attack now ‘highly likely’.[162] Britain has a significant number of Islamic extremists within its midst. And yet the British PM still manages to sound more decisive on terrorism than the American (de facto) President. [163]

The economy, healthcare, foreign policy, etc. - where are the U.S. liberal success stories?[164] Liberals, you have had nearly 6 years and not one success story.

$1.7 billion for a website?? Yep, that is what the Obama Administration is paying for the lousy healthcare.gov [165]. The lamestream media waits until the end of its article to disclose that shocking total.

Conservapedia's Manual of Style vindicated! Britons are using more American words because British English is in decline.[166]

The fool's gold of gambling made Atlantic City the nation's biggest job loser in July, and 6,100 more workers (including 1,100 from Trump Plaza) will be laid off next week. [167] Why did Gov. Chris Christie waste many millions unsuccessfully trying to save a casino there, rather than build a conservative future instead?

Is Barack Hussein Obama, even if only negligently, recruiting for jihad? 300 American men do not go off to fight for the Islamic State without a reason. [168]

Texas school boldly stands up for gun rights.[169]

The White House’s Contrasting Responses to Michael Brown and James Foley Funerals.[170] Are non-criminals lives worth less to the lawless Obama administration?

Liberal Politico.com admits: "The Sad, Dark End of the British Empire - Scottish independence could be the final insult." [171] Atheistic East Germany also collapsed.

Feminists vs. Women Against Feminism.[172] Unlike radical, butch feminists, the married ladies involved in the group Women Against Feminism are truly and dearly loved every Mother's Day.

The Constitution of the United States works when people keep its oaths of office. What happens when they don't? The only cure for that is the ballot box. [173]

Gallup poll: immigration is more important than ObamaCare to Republican voters. [174]

Did the Democratic Party and the Mainstream Media exaggerate or even fabricate a situation in Ferguson, Missouri to get subscribers and votes? [175]

Conservative Doug Ducey trounces RINO-backed opponents to win the Republican nomination for governor of Arizona. [176] Notice how little the lamestream media say about the landslide victory.

"Gaza: Some Secrets Few Will Say Aloud ... It is little-known that when Israel became a nation in 1948 it expelled about 750,000 Palestinians from their homes... it is no surprise that numerous Jewish organizations such as Jewish Voice for Peace are leading the way condemning what is happening in what they call 'the world's largest open air prison.'" by Gary M. Burge, Professor of Theology at Wheaton College (Chicago) specializing in religion and politics in the Middle East. Huffington Post article

"U.S. Airstrikes Destroy Millions Of Dollars In U.S.-Made Arms In Iraq. ... Since the Obama administration began strikes there on Aug. 8, U.S. fighter jets and drones have destroyed an estimated $3 million-$4 million worth of Iraqi military vehicles that were provided by the United States and later seized by Islamists who now control a third of Iraq." [177]

"Dem poll: Iowa Senate race a dead heat ... the latest indication the race is more of a challenge than Democrats had expected." [178]

U.S. Department of Justice attorneys: former IRS official Lois Lerner’s emails exist, but here’s why we aren’t turning them over.[179][180]

SAS and US special forces forming hunter killer unit to ‘smash Islamic State’.[181]

Will Barack Hussein Obama do an unconstitutional executive order amnesty for illegal aliens by Labor Day? If son, what would the reaction be? [182]

The South Napa earthquake was not near any active faults, and buildings were not prepared to survive it. [183] Atheistic science is remarkably inept at explaining earthquakes, many of which are not near active faults.

A hard-hitting answer to the most common denials about Muslim practice, ambition, and distortion of history. [184]

A Town Near You? U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Reveals Locations of Convicted Murderers It Freed.[185]

American public turns on Barack Hussein Obama’s education policies. [186]

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s gun control policies are failing. Shootings in NYC climb.[187] Nanny Bloomburg's anti-obesity efforts are failing too and obesity was reported to be up 25% in NYC in 2013.[188]

Liberal double standard: racist remarks by Dem Harry Reid are downplayed by the lamestream media as merely being "gaffes" [189], while any remark with racial overtones by a Republican results in his destruction by the media.

Leftist donations flow into the Dem coffers, but even independent analysts observe that more money will not salvage many Dems on Election Day. [190]

"6.0 earthquake jolts Bay Area." [191] We pray for the victims and for a better understanding of earthquakes that does not cling to mistakenly atheistic old earth theories.
Atheistic science is dumbfounded by the increase in earthquakes. [192]

The rise of Europe's religious right.[193] Wait until 2021! [194]

The establishment GOP spent $4.3 million on a primary race against Tea Party favorite Tim Donnelly. [195] Content with fighting against conservatives and at the same time, surrender elections to Democrats, the GOP candidate Neel Kashkari has just $200,000 in his fight to unseat incumbent Jerry Brown.

169 illegal immigrants convicted of murder released into your neighborhoods by the Obama administration. [196] Americans intentionally put in harms way when the Feds claim they had 'no choice'. [197] See the Map

Has Russia confirmed the Great Flood? Their cosmonauts might have found sea plankton on the outside hull and window of the International Space Station. How else did those sea plankton get there, except from the breakout of the Fountains of the Great Deep? [198][199][200]

Real unemployment rate is at least 18 percent in the U.S., ask someone looking for a job - do not rely on phony Obama administration for figures.[201]

Illegal Immigration Helps Mexico Maintain Low Unemployment…As it Keeps US Unemployment Higher.[202]

Another conservative triumph: Texas returns as the top U.S. job creator in July of 2014.[203] Why do liberal slackers hate hard work and economic achievement? Envy?

Opportunists fan the flames of racial unrest in Ferguson. [204] Where is the outcry for the 6,000 African Americans killed by gun violence each year?

Couple fined $13,000 for refusing to host same-sex ‘wedding’ at their family farm.[205] Is it any wonder there has been an exodus of residents out of New York State?

Common Core: Legally sanctioned child abuse.[206]

NRA launches ad campaign against Michael Bloomberg.[207] Also, journalist asks Bloomberg why he has so many armed security personnel around him and whether he wants a sip of soda.

Conservative Guest Asks CNN Anchor to Define ‘Automatic Weapon’ — His Response Is Leaving Viewers Stunned. [208] Real men understand gun basics. Effete liberal beta males are clueless when it comes to guns.

Barack Hussein Obama at African summit: Accept homosexuality or else. [209] Obama is a cultural imperialist.

New York City Mayor De Blasio to Build Luxury Condos Where Welfare Queens Will Reside.[210]

Has America suffered a bloodless coup? And if so, who will lead us out of it? [211]

Abortion and atheism: Richard Dawkins says morality commands a woman carrying a Down Syndrome child "abort it and try again." [212][213]

Ferguson: Barack Hussein Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett secretly briefs civil rights leaders.[214] Didn't Obama promise transparency?

Ben Carson Challenges Al Sharpton to Debate – With Predictable Results.[215] Sharpton, another liberal windbag afraid to debate.

Support For The Common Core Curriculum Plummets, Especially Among Teachers. [216]

The lamestream media quickly drop their coverage of Ferguson as emerging facts and public opinion are substantially against the liberal spin on the events. [217]

RINO Mitt Romney who ran a bad campaign: Obama "Worse Than Even I Expected." [218] The bland Romney campaign never took the political gloves off.

The Border Crisis: Forgotten, But Not Gone.[219]

The U.S. unemployment rate rose in majority of states last month. [220] Democrats, ready for the upcoming midterm elections?

Professor Values: Atheist Princeton Professor Peter Singer wants to legalize euthanasia.[221]

Time for a fresh perspective on Jews, Israel, and Middle East history. [222]

The Ferguson cop "suffered a fractured eye socket in the fracas, and was left dazed by the initial confrontation" and is now petrified that government will "make some kind of example out of him," stated a source. [223]

Ex-DOJ official: Federal charges coming in Ferguson.[224]

How does Bill O'Reilly really treat his e-mail correspondents? Find out. It isn't pretty. [225]

How Widespread the Looting and Property Destruction Has Been in Ferguson Captured on One Map.[226]

Why is There Such a Shortage of .22 Ammunition? [227] Why do liberals like to cause so many price increases and shortages?

Video Surfaces of an Overweight, Drunk DA Who Accuses Gov. Rick Perry of Abusing Power.[228]

A Rocket Was About to Cause the Worst Terror Attack in Israel’s History, But a "Miracle" Happened.[229]

You know Barack Hussein Obama's policies are bearing bad fruit and ineffectual when he has to break off his liberal elitist vacation at Martha's Vineyard due to multiple crises.[230] How many vacations did Calvin Coolidge have to break off? [231][232]

Mainstream Media meets Barack Hussein Obama and gets the short end of the stick. [233]

Dr. Michael Baden: "Don’t know" if Ferguson, Missouri teen shot with hands up.[234] Witnesses have said Michael Brown had his hands raised above his head when he was repeatedly shot.

Mexico protests Texas National Guard troops on US border, Deployed by Texas Governor Rick Perry.[235]

Happy ex-homosexual day! Oregon bakery that refused lesbian couple now making cakes for ex-gay ministry.[236]

Political ads run by a liberal billionaire are bizarre and even determined to be "false" by independent fact-checkers. [237] But since when did liberals even care about the truth?

FIVE RACE RIOTS IN OBAMA’S POST-RACIAL AMERICA. Obama’s Race Baiting is Backfiring.[238]

Professor Values: Professor awaits sentencing after assault on pro-life teen.[239]

Mexico, guilty in the human trafficking of minors, complains about Governor Rick Perry deploying the National Guard to the border. Mexico's foreign ministry said, the troop deployment "does not contribute in any way to solving the immigration problem." [240]

The suburb of Ferguson, Missouri might turn the corner yet. When a protest turned violent, some of the protesters did the right thing: moved to protect the targets of the violence. [241]

Class warfare at State Fair as Democrats rally against GOP.[242]

Elementary school brainwashes children with assembly celebrating homosexuality.[243]

Hollywood is a panic over the upcoming 2014 U.S. midterm elections - pouring money to worried Democrats.[244] See also: Hollywood values

Liberals sink to new lows by indicting Texas Governor Rick Perry in a political witchhunt that dismays even a top Dem. [245] Neighboring governor Bobby Jindal observes that "The lawsuit against Governor Perry is a blatant misuse of the judicial system by liberal activists who couldn’t defeat him at the polls." [246]

Are the Mainstream Media being "reasonable" when they fill us with fear of the Islamist enemy? Better to have faith in your ability to meet that enemy and defeat him. [247]

Was he a nice guy gunned downed by cops, or was he a thug who had just committed a robbery and didn't want to get caught? The man who sparked the riots in Ferguson, Missouri identified as the suspect in a strong-arm robbery of a convenience store minutes before he died. [248] Still: what else is going on about this case? We still don't know why the officer couldn't handle the stop better than he did. Or why his department got all that military hardware. [249]

Something the often Jew hating, godless, leftist Guardian doesn't often highlight about militant Islamacists.[250]

Barack Hussein Obama's poor attitude towards applying himself as far as his presidential duties is now the butt of late night comedy jokes.[251]

A "jobless recovery" according to The New York Times.[252] Barack Hussein Obama has been president for about 6 years and still no "hope and change".

Did a United States Congressman actually ask for martial law today? He fails to realize his liberal friends might have set things up for that very thing in Ferguson, Missouri. [253]

As war with Israel shatters lives, more Gazans question Hamas decisions.[254] The historian Ferdinand Braudel observed that revolutions rarely achieve their aims.

Young evangelicals Are Not Experiencing a Sexual Revolution.[255] See also: Liberal Christianity and marital infidelity

Study: Environmentalists discriminate against women and minorities.[256] Also, classic video of tree hugging environmentalists literally crying over dead trees.

Anti-Fossil Fuel Activist Steyer Got Rich on Coal Stock.[257] Also, Obama is killing coal jobs.

White House in the dark over arms supplies to Israel: report. Israel secured supplies of ammunition from the Pentagon last month without the approval of the White House or the State Department, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. [258]

At long last a candid column appears in the LA Times telling Overrated Sports Star Tiger Woods to "give Ryder Cup, and his ego, a rest." Ranked only No. 70, Tiger Woods then did what was long overdue: he removed himself from consideration for the elite competition.

An Islamic State that practices beheading? A monument in Jerusalem itself that mocks God? All predicted in prophecy. Surprised? [259]

Are you armed? ‘Knockout thugs begin checking.[260]

73 million youth are currently unemployed. The global youth unemployment rate was 12.6 per cent in 2013 and is projected to rise to 12.8 per cent by 2018.[261]

Barack Obama and Joseph Biden promote homosexual agenda at African summit.[262] Also, black preacher takes Jeremiah Wright on for trying to feminize black men and for promoting homosexuality.

Remembering Robin Williams. [263]

Under fellow Democrat criticism of his foreign "policy", Barack Hussein Obama is pulling away the mask and reveals his uncouth and crude nature.[264] Obama lacks grace under pressure.

Liberal mayors criticize the economy under the Barack Hussein Obama presidency.[265]

Pastor gives the raw, naked truth about homosexuality.[266] Definitely, not politically correct!

Ferguson Is A Perfect Example Of How Quickly The Streets Of America Can Descend Into Chaos.[267] Hardworking, law and order, conservatives do not cause riots; liberals cause riots.

Privacy advocates say Facebook Crosses The Line With New Facebook Messenger App.[268]

Microsoft values? Its former CEO spends $2 billion on a basketball team, while Microsoft's founder spends many millions to push population control and Common Core.

Republicans Want Trey Gowdy To Become Next Speaker Of The House: And So Does The Tea Party.[269]

Vladimir Putin imposes sanctions on pro-homosexual agenda Obama campaign donors.[270] What is the political weakling Barack Obama and his limp-wristed campaign donors going to do now? Cry?

Professor Values: Rather than spend his time doing productive research, a liberal professor spends his time being intolerant to an ex-student on Facebook.[271]

The highly unpopular Barack Hussein Obama requires lots of security to play golf - a SWAT team and two snipers.[272] Why isn't Obama attending to his mess in Iraq?

Rory McIlroy just won his fourth major (the PGA) by the age of only 25, so why isn't the lamestream media promoting him like Tiger Woods?

The statesman and the changing voices in the Middle East.[273]

More ObamaCare woes: Congress must act to block health insurance bailout.[274]

Tech entrepreneurs have greater impact on nation than the last two presidents combined?[275] "The business of America is business." - Calvin Coolidge

Irony: Michelle Obama Says "No One Really Cares What You Had For Lunch".[276]

ISIS mimicking the bloodthirsty Genghis Khan?[277]

Overrated Sports Star Tiger Woods is ranked a dismal 69th among American players and he even failed to make the cut Friday at the last major of the year, but the lamestream media still give him far more publicity than better golfers. [278] Conservapedia proven right, again.

Tea Party "Don't tread on me" license plates are one of the most popular in Virginia.[279] Are liberal license plates popular anywhere in America?

First the Target Corporation offends law-abiding gun owners, now they attack the institution of marriage.[280]

76 Times Barack Hussein Obama’s White House Illegally and Unethically Abused Its Power as Documented by Senator Ted Cruz.[281]

British immorality: British government to fund sperm bank for lesbians and single women. [282] First a British woman "marries" her dog and now this! [283]

Obama's latest liberal claptrap: "You know what — cynicism didn’t put a man on the moon!” In recent speeches (teleprompter readings) by Obama, "the words cynical or cynicism have appeared as many as a dozen times in the president’s text." [284]

After accusing George W. Bush of engaging in a "dumb war" in Iraq, Barack Hussein Obama chooses to take military action in Iraq now.[285] Liberal hypocrisy?

How the Parable of the Talents applies to conservative activism. [286]

"Liberalism is a Mental Disorder: More Proof." [287]

Israel, the Geneva Convention, and deceit. [288]

Global cooling deniers get more desperate with each passing day.[289][290]

Vladimir Putin Strikes Back With His Own Sanctions.[291]

Barack Obama whines that Michelle Obama is not getting paid for the great work she supposedly does.[292] But a university study indicates that child obesity did not decrease in America - Michelle failed! [293]

40,000 Iraqis of the Yazidi sect face slaughter at the hands of the ISIS terror group: [294]

Why Does The U.S. Government Have An ‘Office Of Population Affairs’?[295] Does Barack Obama have such great disdain for Americans that he wants there to be less of them?

Left wing discrimination is a Hollywood Value: Hispanics net few roles in major Hollywood movies.[296]

Analysis: Israel Underestimates Hamas’ Asymmetrical Tactics.[297]

Chuck Norris: Barack Obama’s greatest weakness.[298] Chuck Norris is the foremost expert on strength/toughness and he can readily see Obama's biggest weakness!

Global warming hoax: The basics.[299] Great resource for the common man who wishes to understand the issue.

Fearing second forced abortion, teen concealed pregnancy and hid newborn under sink.[300]

Federal employees cost taxpayers millions while watching porn at work – yet, they are not fired![301]

Jack Nicklaus says 25-year-old golf phenom Rory McIlroy could win 20 majors, far more than Overrated Sports Star Tiger Woods has won. [302] So why does the lamestream media give all the attention to Tiger, who has not won a major in six years?

Emotion v. fact on abortion. Who really is waging a war on women? The statistics will surprise you. [303]

RINO Senator Pat Roberts falls short of 50% in his own primary against a first-time candidate, but wins because Kansas lacks a run-off system. [304]

Conservative Justin Amash wins in a landslide against the liberal-leaning Chamber of Commerce-backed candidate. [305]

Linking the month to the formation of Trans-Neptunian Objects. [306][307]

Building an effective border fence: How America Could Take A Lesson On Border Security From Israel.[308] If fences don't work, why is there a fence around the White House?

July was the "the top tenth coldest on record" for Cleveland. [309] Notice how few liberals are admitting that they were wrong about their global warming hysteria.

"Obama signs emergency funding package for Israel's Iron Dome ... U.S. President Barack Obama signed a bill Monday granting an additional $225 million in U.S. taxpayer dollars for Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system. The U.S. has provided hundreds of millions of dollars for Iron Dome in the past." [310]

Childish. ‘Narcissist-in-chief’ Obama upset press didn’t ask about his birthday.[311] How old is Obama? 11 years old?

About Nancy Pelosi calling an opponent "insignificant": If that's how she feels about us, she doesn't belong in Congress anymore. [312]

A treatment of how the lunar month changed from an even 30 days to its present value. Another effect of the Great Flood. [313][314]

Gallup Organization: Partisanship Points to Tough Midterm Environment for Democrats.[315]

Nanny-State Mindset Leads to Police Brutality.[316]

Teen’s Open Carry Shotgun Encounter With Cops Caught on Video: ‘Police Treat Open Carry Like You’re a Criminal Until Proven Innocent’.[317]

Foreign Secretary Hammond: "Gaza war could lead to rise in UK anti-Semitic attacks". "Broad swathe of British public opinion feels deeply disturbed by what it is seeing on its TV screens coming out of Gaza," Hammond says. [318]

Liberal Harry Reid would lose by a landslide for reelection in own state, according to the latest poll, and Reid's lame response is that he expected to trail by an even wider margin. [319]

Did Barack Obama deliberately start all the fires that have broken out all over the world? What were his primary and secondary gains? [320]

Online gambling: how a man lost his wife, children and over $1,200,000.[321]

Filipinos aren’t buying into the anti-people/overpopulation hysteria: Welcome Baby Filipino 100 Million! [322]

Hollywood values strike again, as movie actress Penelope Cruz condemns the wrong side in the Israel-Gaza war. [323]

California Parents and Religious Leaders Fight to Make Skin Color Criteria for Teaching a Class.[324]

Mother ‘Still in Shock’ After What Police Officer Did ‘Right in Front of Me and My 6-Year-Old Daughter’.[325] Many unionized police think they are above the law.

Group highlights 60 cases where abortionists’ failure to report perpetuated child rape.[326]

Hillary Clinton: America’s Political System the Most ‘Brutal in the World’.[327] Hillary managed to outdo Joe Biden in ridiculousness.

"Hoax Story Tricks Liberal Media," as they failed to check sources before repeating the falsehood of "Michelle Bachmann Wants Labor Camps For Illegal Immigrants." [328]

Hamas doesn't want you to know who is really responsible for civilian deaths in Gaza. Hint: it isn't Israel. [329]

Federal judge to atheist whiners: the 9/11 steel cross STAYS. Second Circuit Court of Appeals rejected American Atheists, Inc. bid to remove the Ground Zero Cross from public display. [330]

"When I served, the Israeli military was the most moral in the world. No more. Once there was widespread Israeli outrage over the bombing of homes in Gaza. Now there is just indifference." Yuli Novak, former Israeli air force officer. [331]

Did Obama set up an "Constitution-exemption zone" within 100 miles of the U.S./Mexican border? Ordinary Americans are being harassed by the Border Patrol and other law enforcement agencies, in violation of the Fourth Amendment. [332][333]

Increasingly liberal, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce is pouring big money into trying to defeat the conservative Justin Amash in his primary. [334] When a Chamber of Commerce tried to elect the front-runner Jack Kingston in Georgia last week, voters elected his opponent in an upset.

Ted Cruz demands answers on FAA flight ban to Israel.[335]

Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Want to Turn Over Her Benghazi Notes.[336]

Professor values strike again: University professor pleads no contest after attack on pro-life students.[337]

European court: homosexual marriage is not a human right.[338]

How much energy did it take to launch the materials that changed the natural calendar of the earth and the moon? Find out here: [339][340][341]

Conservative states have the lowest unemployment rates, while liberal states dominate those with the highest unemployment. [342] Why are we not surprised?

Another setback for gun control: violating a no-firearms policy at a hospital, a doctor routinely carried a gun for protection and then used it to stop a killing rampage by a patient. The Philadelphia Inquirer admits, "More might have died if doctor had not shot gunman." [343]

More background on the scientist who found soft tissue in a dinosaur bone and got fired for his achievement. [344][345][346]

Liberal "logic": California couple may be charged $500 for not watering lawn, or $500 for watering it.[347]

Heartless big government strikes again: Cancer-Stricken Veteran Denied Benefits, Told to Get a Job by VA.[348]

Rasmussen poll: Support for Common Core plummets.[349]

A scientist makes a radical, even revolutionary, paleontological find. And his higher-ranking professor rants and raves and screams at the top of his lungs, "We are not going to tolerate your religion in this department!" After that his university fires him. And what did he discover? Evidence that dinosaurs walked this earth thousands, not millions, of years ago. [350][351][352]

Police just watch as pro-lifers signs taken.[353] Too many liberal, unionized policemen?

"Michael Moore, movie-making critic of capitalism, has nine homes" and enjoyed a fortune with his ex-wife of $50 million. [354]

Amid casino closings, Moody's cuts Atlantic City's bond rating to junk. [355] Governor Chris Christie wasted at least $261 million on the false hope of gambling somehow saving the city.

Study Concludes That Excess Gaming Negatively Affects Social Behavior, Impacts Development of Adolescent Minds. [356]

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