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(Snowfall of 8 inches in Buffalo sets a record for March 2nd. Global warming???)
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'''Snowfall of 8 inches in [[Buffalo]] sets a record for March 2nd'''.  [http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/latest-late-winter-storm-packing-rain-snow-high-53461234]  ''[[Global warming]]???''
'''The case for a [[President]]ial system of government''' for the State of [[Israel]]. ''The case includes an indefinite number of four-year terms: no more [[lame duck]]s!'' [http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2018/03/02/constitution/101/presidential-government/]
'''The case for a [[President]]ial system of government''' for the State of [[Israel]]. ''The case includes an indefinite number of four-year terms: no more [[lame duck]]s!'' [http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2018/03/02/constitution/101/presidential-government/]

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Snowfall of 8 inches in Buffalo sets a record for March 2nd. [1] Global warming???

The case for a Presidential system of government for the State of Israel. The case includes an indefinite number of four-year terms: no more lame ducks! [2]

Setback for the neocons: globalist H.R. McMaster is getting the heave-ho by Trump from the key post of National Security Advisor in the White House. [3]

Moral relativism dictates policy in Israel, resulting in bad policy and weakness. Amalek, the ancient enemy, couldn't have done worse. [4]

Evolutionism and the second law of thermodynamics argument: A timeline.[5]

The people of Iran are converting to Christianity at a record-setting pace.[6]

Stock in Papa John's pizza jumps 4% on the announcement that the NFL is severing ties with it, while other stocks decline. Unplug the NFL seems good for business, too.

A description of how liberals think and act and why. Margaret Thatcher spoke of running out of other people's money. [7]

The Pharaonic syndrome: an egomania like that of the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Do Israel's leaders suffer from this syndrome, when they talk of trading away Judea and Samaria for an illusory peace? [8]

As Purim begins, one should remember that reversals-of-fortune, like the one that happened to Haman the Agagite, still occur today. [9]

Facing sexual harassment allegations, the atheist and physicist Lawrence Krauss will not appear at several events.[10][11] See also: Atheism and sexism and Atheism and women and Atheism and rape

Krauss' hypothesis about the origin of the universe is a complete farce. See: Atheism and the origin of the universe

Will the sexual abuse allegations against Krauss cause the atheist movement to decline even faster? See: Decline of the atheist movement

Barack Obama seemed to lead a charmed life. But whatever his charm was, might be wearing off – especially if Donald Trump has anything to say about it. [12]

President Trump on the school shooting: "I’d run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon" and the local officers "weren’t exactly Medal of Honor winners." [13]

California, and especially San Francisco, look like Third World areas. Many California politicians, among them Representative Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.), live apart from the reversal of civilization in their State – and elsewhere in America. [14]

Trump effect: The U.S. economy will grow at an annual pace of at least 3% over the next decade after the benefits of tax cuts and regulatory changes exceeded expectations in 2017, the Council of Economic Advisers said in its annual report.[15] See also: Donald Trump achievements

Meanwhile, the UK economy lags behind G7 after 2017 growth rate cut.[16] In September of 2017, it was reported that "UK voters ‘favour socialism over capitalism’.[17]

Some parts of the UK are set to feel colder than the Arctic Circle as the “beast from the east” sees freezing temperatures sweep the country.[18]

Britain set to battered by snow. Health chiefs advise to stock up on food and medicine.[19] Army on standby as heavy snow to cripple Britain.[20]

Switzerland, a beacon of creationism in Europe and a much more advanced country and resilient country than nanny state Britain, is hit with its coldest temperature in six years - yet the country will not ever be crippled by snow/ice.[21][22]

If only Britain hadn't been weakened post Darwinism, then it might not be crippled by snow in winter. Apparently, the British cannot afford to buy as many snow plows as the Swiss who better prepare for winter.

Are these cold temperature in Europe caused by global warming?

A man who posted anti-Trump rants on his Facebook page viciously stabbed to death a female student as she was studying in the reading room of a public library, with a 10-inch hunting knife. [23] He next stabbed a Good Samaritan.

Israel's system of proportional representation often makes for strange – and deadly – bedfellows. Why else did the Knesset let incitement to insurrection, on the part of one of its members, slide? [24]

Liberal Senator Diane Feinstein is too conservative for the Leftist California Democrat Party, which refuses to endorse her and overwhelmingly prefers her challenger from the Left. [25]

A "Palestinian" has no basis in international law. The Oslo Accords were therefore never legal. [26]

In 2012 Miami-Dade County in Florida entered into an agreement with law enforcement which saw a "reduction" in numbers of juvenile delinquency. Could this non-engagement of young criminals have toppled the dominoes straight to the Parkland mass murder? [27]

President Donald Trump's 50% approval trumps Obama's 45% at this time into their respective presidency's.[28][29]

President Trump's approval rate could climb higher once the economic effects of the recent tax cuts affect the economy.[30][31][32]

Is liberal/leftist hatred of Trump driven by envy, continual sore loserism about the 2016 presidential election and because they lost so much power over the last 8 years? See also: Donald Trump achievements and Trump derangement syndrome and Decline of the secular left

Christianity in China continues its rapid growth. Adherents to Christianity have been increasing about 10 percent annually in China for nearly 40 years.[33] See also: East Asia and global desecularization and Growth of Christianity in China and Growth of evangelical Christianity

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