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Moses vs. Francis Collins - Moses wins![1]

Evidently, Francis Collins never saw the movie The Ten Commandments. God and Moses always win.

Another new wrinkle in the tight presidential race: the official unemployment rate declines to 7.8%, which is still higher than the rate when Obama took office.

Barack Hussein Obama plays the race card, though he does not share the common Black American heritage. [2]

Marco Rubio predicted Romney would win the Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney debate on both substance and style.[3]

Barack Hussein Obama is impotent outside his liberal media cocoon and "Professor Obama" with his liberal professor values is incompetent and boring. [4]

The Democrat strategist James Carville indicates that a disinterested Barack Obama did not appear to want to be at the presidential debate.[5]

It's time to fire a lazy and and detached Obama. [6][7] Obama loves golfing and vacationing, it's time to give him a chance to pursue his interests more fully.[8][9]

Bewildered and lost without the teleprompter[10], Obama's debate performance succeeded in freaking out his liberal base. [11]

Mitt Romney wins the key presidential debate Wednesday night. "Even some Democratic partisans grudgingly acknowledged that Romney had a good debate." [12] The key: Mitt Romney used judo, not bare-knuckle fisticuffs, to win. [13]

Latest slew of Obama videos show an appeal to racism. But it is all a sham. Obama's real game is, and always has been, redistribution, or confiscation, of wealth. [14]

A Tea Party activist predicts: Mitt Romney will not call out Barack Obama on his record, or his mis-statements. Can a man be too careful to win? [15]

Fool me once,... Promises, promises, promises. Barack Hussein Obama has fulfilled only one in four promises he made in the 2008 Presidential Election. [16]

It's not Christianity.[17]

When will liberals tire of attempting to claim their useless and harmful ideologies are compatible with Christianity? [18][19]

Does pro-life matter? Bank on it! After all, it was in the Declaration of Independence. [20]

Texans love Conservapedia![21]

Should Conservapedia ask Chuck Norris to endorse its evolution, atheism, homosexuality and ObamaCare articles or does it go without saying that all true Texans like these articles?

An Obama adviser makes a shocking admission about Obamacare: "we need death panels." [22]

21st century atheism is well-known for its foolishness and cowardice.[23]

"God never wrought miracles to convince atheism, because his ordinary works convince it." - Sir Francis Bacon

Tokyo Rose is alive and well, and working for the Democrats this time. But conservatives know better. [24]

"2012 has been a very BAD year for Darwinism and atheism just like we predicted!"[25] New data/chart!

Also, the popular YouTube Christian Shockofgod made 3 videos on how 2012 was going to be a BAD year for atheism. See atheists! Shockofgod told you so!

Edward Babinski's creation vs. evolution website has significantly lost web traffic according to Compete.com. Is he an agnostic/evolutionist destined for total obscurity?[26]

Also, will the evolutionist Edward Babinkski's blog be lifted up from obscurity?

Liberals have to wake up on November 6 to a very painful reality: Tea Party supporters in the voting booth...all 41 million of them! [27]

The New York Jets lose 34-0 and drop to 2-2 due to its refusal to start Tim Tebow, but at least Tebow's conservatism might be influencing the Jets' owner: he says "it's very, very important, not only for us but in particular for our kids and grandkids, that this election come off with Mitt Romney and Ryan as president and vice president." [28]

Flag of New Zealand.png

Biblical creation belief is growing in New Zealand. In addition, New Zealand Associate Education Minister John Banks says he is a creationist.[29]

Also, a New Zealand Christian who has successfully raised money via Christian grants has expressed a strong interest in a fundraising effort which could help revolutionize fund raising for biblical creation evangelism efforts worldwide. [30]

A nightmare scenario for a dictatorship in America? An activist puts three disturbing facts together. [31]

Did the Obama White House arm Al Qaida? It's a scandal that could make "Fast and Furious" look like child's play: [32]

A First Amendment lawyer has a simple message for all citizens worried about their First Amendment rights: stand up and be counted! [33]

Atheist John Loftus's blog is losing its global market share according to Alexa. Is he another atheist destined for total obscurity? [34]

Paul Kurtz, the father of secular humanism, is another atheist failure without a legacy.[35][36]

Atheism is a false religion and it is a failure on the decline while biblical Christianity is true and greatly prospering.[37][38]

There are reports of weird sounds around the globe - heavenly, demonic, frauds, natural phenomenon or a mixture of these?[39][40][41]

Could THIS and THIS be the answer?

"Ann Romney lashes at GOP critics: ... 'Stop it. This is hard. You want to try it? Get in the ring.'" [42] Conservatives like Todd Akin do "get in the ring" on the social issues, and Mitt would win if he starting engaging on working class values.

EvC Forum and the "fairness" of evolutionists.[43]

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." - George Orwell's Animal Farm

An atheist wrote a reasonable letter to Creation Ministries International.[44]

Miracles never cease in God's creation.

The first annual God and Country Conference of the New Jersey Tea Party Caucus took place today. It provided a good education and networking opportunity for pastors and activists. [45]

Is a group of 3 Christians in New Zealand going to help spark a revolution in internet evangelism and anti-evolution fundraising?[46]

Historically-speaking, the polls have always underestimated the GOP vote: [47]

Look who's bailing out of green energy investments. Hint: rhymes with "bore". [48]

Cops to answer in court for allowing the stoning of Christians...in Dearborn, Michigan! [49]

Liberal judge OK's the invasion of a private home by social workers, in violation of the 4th and Fourteenth Amendments: [50]

Does Scripture logically imply that there was brother-sister intermarriage at first? Does this follow from the teaching that all people come from a single first human couple?[51]

Do you use the concept of Analogia Scripturae when reading the Bible?

Those who fail to recognize the many Counterexamples to an Old Earth must now invent new "explanations" for earthquakes, because they are occurring in unexpected places. [52] How about appreciating that the Second Law of Thermodynamics makes earthquakes inevitable worldwide?

Did the Netanyahu speech to the United Nations merely put off until "tomorrow" what Israel should do today? Netanyahu named a threshold that, he says, Iran might not reach until next year. Or is he kidding himself? Or is Israel not yet ready? [53]

The killing of Ambassador Stevens in Libya was a terrorist attack—and Barack Hussein Obama knew it. He knew it within the first day. And still he told a different story for a week. [54]

Pro-aborts shift their costs onto everyone else, until now in Missouri: "Aetna Health Insurance Company has been fined $1.5 million by the state of Missouri for selling policies that cover elective abortions without requiring customers to pay an additional premium for that coverage." [55]

The New Jersey Tea Party Caucus will hosts its first annual God and Country Conference on September 29, 2012. The Tea Party is reaching out directly to pastors. [56]

The Democrat Party: the party of racism, and racism they practiced and pushed for over 200 years: [57]

Anarchists tied to the Occupy Wall Street Movement are planning something worse for Halloween. [58]

Obamacare costs more, not less, than health care cost four years ago. Barack Hussein Obama promised the opposite. He didn't deliver, and couldn't deliver. [59]

Did Jesus have a wife?[60]

We know that the evolutionist and agnostic Richard Dawkins has had 3 wives. See: Women's views of Richard Dawkins and Abrasiveness of Richard Dawkins.

Not all arguments against the income tax are sound. Here's a discussion of an unsound argument. [61] Instead of filing cases that they know the Supreme Court will throw out, why don't tax protesters get behind some really helpful legislation?

Creation evangelism is ramping up in the United States and in the world - see the exciting graph broken down by countries.[62]

How soon will a leading creation evangelism organization expand its outreach by in the United States by 600%? Get ready for a creationist majority in the United States because its coming! [63]

Black Bishop says Blacks, Christians, Jews, Godly Must Leave The Democrat Party Now![64]

A lot of Barack Hussein Obama supporters are extremely dazed, confused and ignorant.[65]

Veterans support Mitt Romney instead of Obama by 20 points nationwide. "'It's no contest,' said Maurice Tamman, a Reuters data news editor who has polled on veterans and the presidential campaign." [66]


China, the world's biggest atheist population, is about to have an accelerated loss of adherents to atheism and evolutionary belief.[67]

Has a very committed Chinese creationist been found to translate the Question evolution! campaign into Mandarin Chinese? What does the history of the creation vs. evolution issue teach us about this matter?

Where does the Obama eligibility issue stand in Constitutional law? A lawyer now handling two Obama eligibility matters in two States shares his thoughts. [68]

Obama eligibility goes to college! Electoral College, that is. A Minnesota candidate for the office of Presidential Elector has just asked Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to send to his lawyer their paper, long-form, embossed birth certificates to prove they were born in-country. His obvious goal: to shame Barack Hussein Obama into doing the same, and to shame his fellow Electors into demanding the same. But: could this start a movement to have the Electoral College stop acting like a rubber stamp? [69]

Fewer are satisfied with the presidential candidates than in any presidential election since 1992. [70] Thank the lamestream media.

Revealed: the true goals of the United Nations, including Agenda 21 and beyond. Plus Mainstream Media collaboration with it. [71]

Liberal reality: the atheistic-leaning State of Washington sinks to "one of the lowest states in the country" in education, with only 1/4th of its public school graduates finishing college in 6 years. [72]

Is Russia behind the Muslim unrest across the world? An ex-Romanian general reminds us: Russia was behind Muslim ferment in the Middle East after the Six-Day War with Israel. [73]

It appears that American history is not taught or understood by liberals. Michelle Obama makes a huge gaffe speaking to the Congressional Black Caucus, "Now, back when our great-grandparents were riding that Underground Railroad..." [74]

An urgent message to Christians in America: get out and vote this fall! [75]

"Rep. West on Black Abortions: 'We Are Not Even Allowing Our Children and Grandchildren to be Born.'" [76]

The Tri-une nature of God: analogies and countering critics.[77]

General Motors let itself become "Government Motors" instead of filing for bankruptcy. This sale of its corporate soul is now a true Faustian bargain. [78]

The creation vs. evolution debate forum called EvC Forum appears to be dead. Creationists were censored and banned due to winning debate after debate.[79]

We send millions in foreign aid to countries whose people are no longer friendly to America, if they ever were. If they want us to leave, maybe we should oblige. [80]

Now that Mitt Romney's income tax return is out, the contrast between him and Barack Hussein Obama got more obvious. Mitt Romney is a much more generous giver than Obama ever has been. [81]

"Gallup: Only 8% of Americans Have 'Great Deal' of Trust in News Media--a New Low." [82]

Can religion and evolutionary belief co-exist? [83]

From nonsense to madness, both in the Middle East and in America. A minister warns: the Bible predicted much of what we see happening today. [84]

"Barack Hussein Obama...mmm, mmm, mmm!" The creepy, visual history of a personality cult: [85]

The myth of the "rock star professor":[86]

Cubans still think that male homosexuals lack machismo and that overweight lesbians with butch hair cuts are unattractive. [87] Conservapedia's homosexuality article ranks #2 at Google Cuba.

In addition, at Google India and Google Russia, Conservapedia's homosexuality article ranks #3 at Google. India didn't become one of the most populous countries by loving homosexuality. 17 percent of the world's population is from India.

Alexa says 3.7% of Conservapedia's web traffic comes from India which will no doubt increase given the growth of internet usage in India.[88]

Revealed: the Barack Hussein Obama you don't know. Ruthless opportunist? Dangerous idealist? Answer: Both. [89]

Barack Hussein Obama reinvents the American flag yet again. Behold the Obama rainbow flag, offered for sale in his store. And wait 'til you see the symbols. [90]

"Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) declined to say on Thursday whether he’s supporting President Obama’s reelection bid." [91]

Reasonable Christian creationist vs. evolutionist quackery from National Geographic and Obama Administration advisor ready at the wings. Who wins?[92]

No we know why Barack Hussein Obama added 6 trillion dollars to the U.S Federal deficit. In between playing rounds of golf, taking vacations and political fundraising, he is busy preparing America for full scale alien invasion that will never happen!

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's lead investigator might now have a lead to where Barack Hussein Obama's birth certificate came from. He definitely can show that Hawaii State officials are deliberately frustrating any Obama eligibility investigation. [93]

Taking out the secular left's main weapon.[94]

After this weapon is taken out, the secular left will collapse like a soufflé. And there definitely is going to be a collapse.[95]

What dramatic event are some evolutionists predicting for 2012? Will it happen or will some evolutionists have egg on their face? [96]

Barack Hussein Obama is obviously a collectivist. New video (in addition to the 1998 Loyola Tape) proves that beyond doubt. Watch and judge for yourself. [97]

"Obama's bounce from the Democratic National Convention is dissipating," reports the USA Today, and Obama's lead has declined to 47-46%. [98] 47% is precisely the percentage that Romney said would always vote for Obama due to their dependence on government.

The so-called "Jesus" papyrus is a forgery. [99]

A record 46 million Americans — almost one in six — are on food stamps, which is practically double the number from when Mr. Obama took office. Washington Times editorial

Professor values: Biology Professor Richard Cardullo of University of California-Riverside speaks to middle school students on how to save the earth by finding new ways to stop sperm from fertilizing an egg. [100] Liberal claptrap paid for by tax dollars.

Did Barack Hussein Obama deliberately let the Middle East catch fire just to raise the price of oil? He could serve no practical or political purpose, for right now he looks like a bumbler. But high energy prices suit his environmentalist ideology. [101]

Emails reveal the coordination between liberal Media Matters and the Obama Justice Department in an effort to silence critics of the administration: [102]

Will liberal stupidity - nay, idiocy - ever cease? A business owner would like to replace his garage with a Dunkin' Donuts franchise, but the liberal establishment is creating excuses preventing it, up to and including citing it as a threat to the existence of bald eagles! [103]

The givers and the getters: those are the stakes of the 2012 Presidential Election. [104]

Mitt Romney told the cold, hard truth about government dependency. But he gives up too easily. If government must tell people to forget their pride in their own independence, why can't Mitt Romney appeal to it and talk about reversing that trend? [105]

Are you looking for a web page listing some of the best resources for the evidence for Christianity? You will want to tell others about this convenient resource: Evidence for Christianity: websites, articles and videos

Horse Shoe Bend, Arizona was carved by the receding waters of Noah’s Flood.[106]

Ungodly scoffers typically deny there was a global worldwide flood just as the Apostle Peter predicted they would.[107][108]

New York Jets' coach gets testy in response to good questions why he hasn't allowed conservative Tim Tebow to play more, even as the Steelers -- the team Tebow defeated with 316 passing yards earlier this year -- were crushing the Jets Sunday. [109] Romney's RINO advisors have the same losing strategy as the Jets coach.

Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey did not flee Communist Cuba, as he claims. He fled capitalist Cuba, the Cuba of Batista. And while Fulgencio Batista was a criminal, Menendez seems to think that every capitalist is a criminal, hence his liberal and Progressive politics. [110]

The Presidential Debate schedule makes no attempt to be objective. Why did the Republicans let this happen to them? If they lose this time, the Tea Party will have to think "third party." [111]

Vimeo restores conservative news outlet’s videos after kowtowing to gay sex offender.[112]

Attempts by liberals to censor Conservapedia have been ineffective. Halfway through September, Conservapedia is on track to set another month's record for unique visitor traffic - by double-digit growth.

Liberal opposition to outspoken Christian Tim Tebow getting playing time for the New York Jets results in a 27-10 rout of the Jets by the Steelers - a team Tebow defeated 8 months ago. [113] Tebow had a spectacular 22-yard run in a brief appearance Sunday, before being abruptly replaced.

Chicago public school teachers refuse to return to work Monday, adding another day to their walkout. [114] Why hasn't Mitt Romney made the failing public schools a centerpiece of his campaign?

Secularization theory has been falsified. The global resurgence of religion is a very strong trend - Christian and secular sources.[115][116]

Flag of Spain.png

Creationism has flooded into Spain and the future growth of biblical creationism in Spain. [117]

The terrorist attack in Libya raises a lot of questions. And the answers are not satisfactory. Either the State Department has a lot of egg on its face, or...[118]

Does archaeology confirm the Bible’s historical record?[119]

God-hating atheists do not care about the considerable amount of evidence supporting the biblical record because they do not want to repent of their sins. [120][121]

WorldNetDaily reports: "A state board in Kansas that had planned a hearing Monday to examine evidence of Barack Obama’s eligibility for the Oval Office was left in limbo today when the plaintiff, citing “animosity and intimidation,” abruptly withdrew his complaint."[122]

Due to the Federal Reserve's decision to print more money, Egan-Jones cut the credit rating on the U.S. government to "AA-" from "AA." [123] For more perspective, and why you should trust Egan-Jones before you wait for Moody's to "get the picture": [124]

Karl Rove sided with Planned Parenthood when Komen temporarily stopped funding it, says Karen Handel. [125] So why does the Fox News Channel continue to promote Rove??

The plot behind that anti-Islam film that started all the riots just thickened. How many people knew, for example, that the film's producer was a government snitch? Add to it that the killing of Ambassador Stevens in Libya was planned—weeks in advance. Do plans like that wait on luck to have a riot as cover? Is the Brooklyn Bridge for sale? [126]

Romney-Ryan's Fox News Channel strategy of running away from the social issues, and criticizing pro-life Todd Akin as other RINO Backers have, isn't working: Romney-Ryan have now fallen way behind in the swing states of Ohio, Virginia and Florida. [127]

The Federal Reserve's Quantitative Easing program is nothing more than wholesale theft of value from those smart enough to save. [128]

Insight as to how the Democrats and Republicans ended up polarized. Hint: a vocal minority of liberals dissented from traditional values. [129]

Worried about a primary challenge, RINO Mitch McConnell hires a Tea Party advisor! [130] Will this fool the conservative grassroots whom McConnell has ignored as the GOP leader in the U.S. Senate?

Is Barack Hussein Obama a Muslim? He certainly acts like one! Read this side-by-side table and decide for yourself. [131]

More Muslim anti-American rioting, now in Yemen. Meanwhile: the real filmmaker behind the video that (allegedly) started the trouble might be a Coptic Christian, not an Israeli Jew. [132]

More bad news on the economy: "new claims for jobless benefits rising to a two-month high," and inflation kicks up also. [133]

There is a growing army of Christian and creationist bloggers.[134]

Will more resources and expertise be poured into Christian blogging via the aid of internet evangelism organizations and experts?[135]

Foolish atheist blogger admits: "I have never cared about the ‘evidence’ one way or the other, I know God exists, I just refuse to bow down to anyone."

The war on Christianity continues ... by the RINOs controlling the political cash: "We're done," RINO John Cornyn declares as he pulls $5 million in spending out of pro-life Todd Akin's race. "It's all theological for" Akin, snarled one Republican House member who was too cowardly to allow his name to be identified. [136]

Chicago politics clashes with reality in the teachers' strike. [137]

Does God have a prior claim on the way the Internet works? Yes! The foraging system of harvester ants mimics the TCP Internet protocol. An entomologist and a computer scientist established that experimentally. They might not know what that implies, but evidence is evidence. [138]

South Korean creationism has a minor setback, but it will come back like an Asian tiger.[139]


A Question evolution! campaign group wishes to translate the campaign into Korean and 8 other language in order to turbocharge global creationism.[140]

Also, is South Korea another case of evolutionists and secular momma sons having no cubs? Is it another case of evolutionism and secularism being a paper tiger?

We have a dead ambassador in Libya, and had our flag torn down and replaced in Egypt. And our officials apologized to the Muslim mobs that did these deeds! [141]

Barack Hussein Obama snubs our ally, Israel, once again. This has gone on for two and a half years. Now the game is up. [142]

A reason for the Chicago teachers' unions strike: "The 2.2-million member NEA has lost more than 100,000 members since 2010," and the union may be counting on Obama giving the union a victory now to help his own reelection. [143] Time for more homeschooling in Chicago???

The Barack Hussein Obama eligibility question is now an international controversy. The latest country to join the fray: Israel. See their independent analysis. [144]

Democrats and Republicans really are different. Not just politically, but in every idea they have for how a society ought to run. This side-by-side table shows this. [145]

Roman Catholic theistic evolutionists vs. Protestant creationists: Who will ultimately prevail?[146]

Has a Roman Catholic young man promoted the Question evolution! campaign to thousands of his supporters? Is the Roman Catholic theistic evolutionist Kenneth Miller a slothful laggard when it comes to getting out his message?

Remembering 9/11, and the 9/11 conspiracy theories that color the debate to this day. Are any of these theories credible? See here for many links to "both sides." [147]

In an embarrassment to Obama, public school teachers in Chicago -- where Obama's first chief of staff is now mayor -- "strike for first time in 25 years." [148]


Un-bee-lievable! Bees outsmart supercomputers.[149]

Once again, biblical creationism floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee![150]

By the way, evolutionists still cannot reasonably explain bee instincts.[151]


Can you guess what 10 languages are a Question evolution! campaign group's top priorities and why?[152]

Why are Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese and Italian important languages for turbocharging the growth of world creationism? Is the world's largest atheist population as fragile as a porcelain china doll?[153]

The film ‘2016: Obama’s America’ by Dinesh D’Souza and highly-acclaimed movie producer John Sullivan has grossed $26 million at movie theaters and is the second biggest grossing film documentary in American history. [154]

The documentary is playing to packed movie theaters.[155] Conservatives are calling the documentary "a must see movie".[156]

Obamacare in one sentence! It will make you laugh, and then cry. [157]

"McCaskill silent on Akin abortion stance" ... and "if McCaskill wants to engage him on abortion, Akin welcomes the discussion." [158] So why do RINO Backers and the Fox News Channel side more with abortion than the pro-aborts do?

"Get ready, presidential swing states. Now the campaign ad crush — and TV spending spree — really begins." [159]

TalkOrigins: Talk is cheap and evolutionist propaganda is stale and boring.[160]

Stored under the right conditions, wine tastes better with the passage of time. Apparently, evolutionary speculation and evolutionary propaganda do not age well in the information age.[161]

Barack Hussein Obama sure knows how to hypnotize people when he makes a speech. He did it four years ago, and he did it again two days ago. Amazing, since he didn't really say anything. [162]

Muscle car.jpg

Update: The Creation Ministries International meme is growing stronger while the memes of evolutionist Richard Dawkins are growing weaker.[163]

Is a Question evolution! campaign race team going to rip of the rear view mirror of their race car due to the Richard Dawkins' "race team" being so far behind in their beat up evolutionism jalopy?[164]

The Christian apologist James Patrick Holding recently produced an excellent article on the withering of Wikipedia.[165]

Israel stands almost alone as it prepares for war with Iran. And one country stands up to call Iran the terrorist country that it is. Not the United States. Canada! [166]

Richard Dawkins pic.jpg

The memes of Richard Dawkins are weak and dying.[167]

Why are the memes of evolutionism, atheism and agnosticism so fragile and the memes of Christianity and biblical creationism so strong?[168]

Other possible mechanisms for the origin of life and evolution?[169]

The problem for the evolutionists/atheists is precisely what we do know about chemical laws.[170] Evolutionists and atheists, once again the goaltender called reality prevents you from scoring.

Obama's reading from the teleprompters Thursday night had several million fewer viewers than four years ago, and less than a third the audience for the Super Bowl earlier this year. [171]

Democrats are the party of government. They uphold government as part of a citizen's identity, at least when it suits them. [172]

Seeing Noah’s Flood in geological maps.[173]

Geological maps can be used to develop an authentic geological history of the area that fits within the biblical perspective.

5 things that Darwinists fear and why they fear them.[174]

"The wicked flee when nobody is pursuing, but the righteous are as bold as a lion." - Proverbs 28:1

One of the emptiest speeches he has ever heard, observes Pulitzer Prize-winning Charles Krauthammer about Barack Obama's speech tonight to the DNC. Krauthammer predicts the speech will give Mitt Romney a boost in the swing states.

The Democrats were not sincere in restoring God to their platform. The vote to restore was a travesty of parliamentary law. The restoration, furthermore, was incomplete. [175]

Not even Obama's top supporters expect much of a bounce in the polls from his liberal claptrap tonight; unlikely to interest enough students to fill its originally scheduled venue of a stadium, Obama's reading from teleprompters has been moved to a small arena instead. [176]

Barack Hussein Obama said the Republican Convention could have played out on a black-and-white television set? Well, the Democratic Convention would often have had to carry Parental Warnings. [177]

What part of "Socialism is a system under which you run out of other people's money" don't the Democrats understand? [178]

The bizarre rise of "fact-checking" liberals within the major media, aka The Pinocchio Press: [179]

The Almighty Meltdown! The re-inclusion of God and Jerusalem in the Democrat Party platform has been met with plenty of boos and jeers form those that cannot stand the mere mention of God: [180]
This rejection of God by the Democrats may be the turning point in the coming election,[181]"America is disgusted with this party of atheists and America haters...can you imagine a nation founded on the principles of God is being taken over by a party that despises God, denies God’s existence and wants to stab Israel in the back...?"

The sad charade of the Clergy Project. [182]

Why are atheists so pathetic and desperate? How is parading a few weak and hypocritical liberal clergy advancing their cause? Aren't atheists and liberal clergy both weak? See: Atheism and cowardice

Vietnam location.png

How fast is biblical Christianity and creationism growing in Vietnam?[183]

The growth of biblical creationism is occurring in the communist country Vietnam.

What makes American and European evolutionists believe they can stop the present growth of American and European creationism?[184][185]

The Democrats are now officially the God-less party in America. Their platform makes no mention of God, or of the city of Jerusalem. [186]

Can you get all 11 questions right on this political news quiz? [187]

As the DNC kicks off their convention in Charlotte, we remind readers here of their own bloody, racist past, a past they want to hide: [188]

Which comes first, rise in global CO2 or rise in global temperature? [189][190]

Conservative lawyer Larry Klayman warns the Democratic National Committee's top lawyer: Do not—he repeats, do not—certify Barack Hussein Obama as eligible to the office of President of the United States. Because the Hawaii State Registrar could not verify the White House copy of the birth certificate, Obama has no evidence that he is a natural born citizen or even of how old he is. [191]

Have a seat, Mr. Prez!

Clint Eastwood's "empty chair" speech hit a raw nerve among the liberal left, provoking some violent reactions: [192]

Another Christian turns atheist Penn Jillette into a chicken.[193]

Why are atheists such cowards when it comes to publicly debating? See: Atheism and cowardice

Creation Ministries International responds to the evolutionist and humanist Bill "the pseudoscience guy" Nye's spurious viral attack video on biblical creationism.[194][195]

Mr. Nye, what proof and evidence do you have the atheism or agnosticism are valid worldviews?[196]

30,000 dead voters, in a State (North Carolina) with 9.6 million people living in it? If that's not a setup for voter fraud, what is? [197]

What must conservatives do to make sure of victory? Axe Karl Rove. He has "axed" too many conservatives in the last four years. [198]

It's the Democrats in charge of Chicago, which is the perfect answer for the violent crime wave there, and this absolutely stupid stunt [199] that goes with it.

UN Agenda 21 now has a new opponent: the Republican Party. The environmentalists are up in arms. "You're not supposed to mention that!" they cry. Sorry, but liberty takes precedence. [200]

As the national convention for Democrats descends on Charlotte, North Carolina, "There's been a lot of anxiety" among store owners who expect the Dems to be bad for their businesses. [201]

"Blasphemy case: Christian girl's accuser arrested for planting evidence." [202]

The Rev. Sun Myung Moon, founder of Unificationism dies at age 92, succeeded by his youngest son Hyung Jin Moon. [203]

  • "... believed in the need for a powerful free press to convey accurate information and moral values to people in a free world." [204]
  • "The Reverend Sun Myung Moon, revered by millions as the Messiah and True Parent, who was born in Korea but who lived more than 40 years in America, and who is loved by families of peace the world over, has ascended." [205]

Give it up, liberals: The market share for television dropped by nearly a half million households last year -- that's more than a million people -- despite our population growth. [206]

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona is in the clear, once again. A federal criminal investigation into allegations of financial chicanery turned up insufficient evidence. Of course, Sheriff Joe was investigating Barack Hussein Obama's eligibility to the office of President. [207]

How did the elements come into existence? Is the Bible correct or are the Big Bang theory proponents correct? [208]

Karl Rove should resign and retire to private life, say his many critics, Phyllis Schlafly among them. And by the way: Todd Akin is not so far behind as Karl Rove thinks! [209]

An opinion piece in Britain's esteemed The Telegraph: Both British and U.S. interests would be best served by a victory for Mitt Romney. "Whether Mitt Romney can eliminate the deficit is not clear. What is beyond doubt, though, is that Mr Obama cannot." [210]

Wikipedia, the pro-evolution online encyclopedia, has a shrinking base of editors plus Quora is Wikipedia's worst nightmare. [211]

Web traffic tracking graphs indicate that Wikipedia is losing influence on the internet.

Clint Eastwood reminds Obama: WE own this country, not you politicians, and if you don't do the job we hired you for then we can "let you go" [212]

  • reminiscent of Mitt Romney's quote, "I like being able to fire people who provide services to me." [213]

New poll shows pro-life Todd Akin ahead, 45-42%, over a pro-abort Democrat incumbent for U.S. Senate, despite (or because of?) the hysterical opposition to Akin by RINO Backers and the liberal media. [214]

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