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Is it becoming impossible for a conservative to get a fair chance in the increasingly liberal NFL? Reports emerge that the New York Jets never gave Tim Tebow a real chance in practice, and now his hometown Jacksonville team makes an unusual announcement indicating they won't give him a chance either. [1]

The gun control battle got a little hotter this week. See how hot: [2]

"What happened on KAL 007's Flight Deck when the Soviet missile exploded," by Bishop Bert [3]

Why the fiscal cliff deal solved nothing, and the true goal of the Obama administration. [4]

Satan and evolutionary belief.[5]

Dr. John Lennox pummuled the agnostic Richard Dawkins in a debate. A review of his new book.[6]

Lennox vs. Dawkins debate.[7]

Liberal double standard: After campaigning for months pretending there is a "War on Women," Obama appoints only white men to top Cabinet positions. [8] If Mitt Romney had done that, the liberal media would be howling in protest.

BBC forced to admit global warming "static": [9]

Mark Twain once said that there are lies, d____d lies, and statistics. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the gun control debate. [10]

Conservapedia proven right, again: The fifth straight loss by the 15-20 L.A. Lakers -- who feature two Overrated Sports Stars -- virtually ensures they will not even make the playoffs. [11] Maybe the Obama Administration can appoint the liberal has-beens to posts?

The YouTube Christian Djw0071 asks evolutionists: "Can evolution explain mind?"[12]

Judging from the mindlessness claptrap of evolutionists, it doesn't appear as if it can!

Three days of hearings about Young Mass Murderer James Holmes, yet not a word about "why": [13]. The public should learn how much time he was spending playing video games.

A Question evolution! campaign blog has now received over 300,000 page views. Why is belief in biblical creationism poised for tremendous growth? [14]

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. A parental rights activists warns of a double threat: from the United States government and the United Nations. [15]

Values do matter ... even to some members of the media (baseball writers): Steroids-era baseball stars denied election to the Hall of Fame. [16] You won't find any of them on our list of Greatest Conservative Sports Stars, either.

As the Federal Gun Control Task Force ramps up its bully pulpit activities, it's worth remembering how gun control got started, and why the Constitution still forbids it. [17]

Conservatives run negative ads against RINO Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell due to his fiscal cliff deal. [18] McConnell is up for reelection in 2014.

Why is young earth creationism so exciting and atheism so boring? Why is the young earth creationist Rachel McDonald so excited?[19]

The web traffic of Creation.com is being ramped up before the release of the much anticipated Question Evolution! Campaign book for middle school students. [20]

Will the all-out-assault on evolutionary belief occur in 2013?[21]

How fast is the world’s population growing? [22]

When you do the figures, it confirms the biblical truth that everyone on Earth today is a descendant of Noah’s sons and daughters-in-law.[23]

Dr. Jonathan Sarfati: Firefly lanterns inspire LED lenses. [24]

The liberal media go along with the communist cover-up about Hugo Chavez, despite how he likely died in a Cuban hospital in December. [25]

The Second Amendment does let private citizens arm themselves as well as the government. And for good, solid historical reasons. [26]

Sports commentator who questioned RG3's "blackness" is not being renewed by ESPN. RG3, a phenomenal black quarterback, is rumored to be a Republican -- but does that detract from his "blackness"??? [27]

"The Courage of sticking to it: On the March with the IDF" [28]

"The equine name for liberal stupidity" [29]

You guys voted for it!
Obama supporters are in a state of shock: their paychecks just got smaller. [30] They shouldn't be so angry. After all, they wanted it this way.

The "cleansing" of Elizabeth Warren's Wikipedia page: [31] "The net result of this effort is that there no longer is a Cherokee Controversy subsection, and the entire discussion of Elizabeth Warren’s claim to be Cherokee are three sentences meant to present Warren in the most favorable light possible"

RG3, the star rookie quarterback who publicly thanks God during NFL games, was done a disservice by his own coach. [32]

Fox News pundits try to push the Republican Party further away from social conservatism, by overhyping Chuck Hagel and foreign policy. [33]

Democrats seek to hike taxes by $1 trillion this year. [34]

Inefficient government regulations and "tree huggers" are causing an explosion of the deer population in Mississippi. There is now one deer for everyone one-and-a-half people in Mississippi and the deer are moving into populated areas.[35]

On a related note, the recognized degradation of the deer genome is in the opposite direction (i.e. downhill) to what’s needed for primordial sludge to have supposedly turned into a series of other organisms which turned into deer.[36]

NCAA champion wrestler Congressman Jim Jordan -- one of the Greatest Conservative Sports Stars -- criticizes the irresponsible fiscal cliff deal: "This is crazy. It's about time we cut up the credit card." [37]

In addition to Roman parallels, Communist parallels, especially to their utopian promises, are useful to remember. [38]

Obama's Religion shines in his pick of Chuck Hagel to be the next Secretary of Defense, to the ire of Democrats, neocons, and homosexual agenda backers. [39] Hagel voted against the Iraq War and has criticized homosexuality.

Liberal claptrap: the lamestream media use the upcoming Notre Dame-Alabama championship game as an opportunity to publish criticism of conservative social values held by the Catholic Church. [40]

Conservapedia proven right, tragically: "Connecticut town to burn violent video games as Sandy Hook returns to school." [41] Yet liberal denial about the harm of video games continues.

Chinese atheists/Darwinist leaders are getting even more desperate. Arrests and detentions of Christians was up 130% in 2012.[42]

China's communist leader Chairman Mao Zedong is known to have regarded Charles Darwin and his disciple Thomas Huxley as his two favorite authors.[43]

Complacent, egotistical and unrealistic evolutionists vs. hardworking, humble and realistic creationists - biblical creationism will continue to prevail in the world.[44]

"Equine Assisted Psychotherapy": Christendom needs to stop horsing around with homosexuality and rip out pro-homosexuality ideology at its roots.[45]

But there is one thing for certain partner, John Wayne was not gay!

A chilling side-by-side of factors at work in ancient Rome before its fall, and America today. [46]

Leave it to a liberal Democrat to spout off on the need for everyone else to pay higher taxes, while avoiding them himself. [47]

Gun control in Obama's back yard means a sky-rocketing homicide rate, including five murders this year alone. And it's only January 4th! [48]

"Note to Conservatives: Never Stop Fighting for Individual Liberty." [49]


A Question evolution! campaign online forum is now fully up and will be filled to the brim with people committed to defeating Darwinism.[50]

Pulling out all the stops in the Question evolution! campaign in 2013 and helping Creation.com break the Alexa 40,000 barrier by January 1, 2014.[51]

Evolutionists, mark down the date of January 1, 2014 on your calendars!

Why has suicide increased exponentially throughout the world? [52]

One thing for certain - biblical Christianity, young earth creationism and conservatism are not causing the increase! Excellent graph showing church involvement rates and suicide rates.

"So easy, a caveman did it!" [53]

Communist Hugo Chavez may be "kept alive by life support machines" and might be "in an induced coma in Cuba." [54] Or, similar to the liberal denial about Fidel Castro, Chavez may have died last month and leftists are lying in saying he's alive.

"The Russian ramming attempt and three brave sailors: The hunt for KAL 007" by Bishop Bert [55]

The gun control battle is joined. Those who disdain the Second Amendment throw civility to the four winds, while the people arm themselves. [56]

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey and Representative Peter King of New York shouldn't be so outraged over the Hurricane Sandy funding bill. It was indeed loaded with pork, the relief money would never have flowed right away, and besides, each man could have done more about the situation, but hasn't. [57]

Compromise often produces tragic results, and will again this time. So says this Tea Party activist. [58]

Are communists resorting again to liberal denial, as they have about Fidel Castro? Hugo Chavez "has not been seen or heard from since a Dec. 11 surgery for an undisclosed type of cancer." [59]

2013 is starting off to be a BAD year for Darwinism. Study shows that the world's biggest pro-evolution website is driving away newcomer editors. Also, a video shows that the evolutionists at Wikipedia are clowns! [60]

A liberal columnist is so full of hate for supporters of the Second Amendment that he proposes killing them. [61]

About 77% of American households will face higher federal taxes in 2013 under the agreement negotiated between President Obama and Senate Republicans, estimates the Tax Policy Center, a nonpartisan Washington research group. [62]

Using your God-given talents in 2013. [63]

"CBO: 'Fiscal cliff' deal carries $4 trillion price tag over next decade." [64] Government spending will actually increase under the deal, which also increases taxes.

The final installment in the "Obamacare Dead on Arrival" series. [65]

Homosexuality is reportedly on the increase in Kabwe, Zambia and residents have called on police to curb the vice. Night club owners are being asked to bar a group of known sodomites from entering their premises before people’s morals are compromised.[66]

Eight questions to any person who advocates gun control as a way to keep society "safe." [67]

"Fiscal cliff deal meets resistance in GOP House"; Rand Paul voted against it in the U.S. Senate. [68]

A lawyer sets out a documented case: Barack Hussein Obama is not a natural born citizen. Nor can Congress arbitrarily make him one. [69]

As the NFL demands more political correctness – refusing to play Tim Tebow and having "moments of silence" rather than prayer – its television ratings decline. [70] Why bother watching its liberal style playoffs?

"Becoming anti-abortion: a personal odyssey" by Bishop Bert [71]

A reply to the gun control agenda. [72]

Pro-life movement continues to advance: Texas court rejects attempt to block Texas law defunding Planned Parenthood. [73]

A troubling disdain for success: "The left in this country — aided by the old-guard press — is peddling the fallacy that all our economic woes are the result of the wealthy not paying their fair share of taxes. Financially successful people are vilified as the new enemy of the middle class. We were a happier people when as a nation we admired success and emulated the successful. Striving for something better was an equal-opportunity aspiration. The political right can’t seem to overcome its crippling public relations deficiency and rekindle our national ethos. Merely surviving is not a way to live and certainly not the American way of life." [74]

A family-owned American company takes the same stand that Saint Peter, and Saint Paul after him, had to take. [75] While a Tea Party activist writes a legal analysis that the lawyers for this company might use. [76]

Time, eternity and the beginning of the universe. [77]

As the fiscal cliff negotiations stall, "Obama governs 'like a visitor from a morally superior civilization,'" observes the New York Times columnist David Brooks. [78]

The Obama-supported change in Egypt has resulted in a collapse of the value of its currency: "Egypt pound hits record low under new currency regime." [79]

Conquering Darwinism with the help of a key Christian organization and through collaborative efforts.[80]

7 reasons why the Question evolution! campaign will be a boon to single women and a bane to homosexual activists. [81]

Also, the ladies love the Question evolution! campaign.[82][83]

An activist with experience in setting up a Christian school shows you how government schools poison their pupils' minds—and how to stop them. [84]

A leftist lawyer who represents Occupy Wall Street intends to cash-in on the Sandy Hook tragedy. [85]

Despite liberal claims and bad science, oil doesn't come from dead animals: "Astronomical techniques have thus produced clear and indisputable evidence that hydrocarbons are major constituents of bodies great and small within our solar system." [86]

The Tea Party activists who filed the most comprehensive challenge to Obamacare now predicts: Obamacare is dead-on-arrival in 2013. The decisio by Hobby Lobby to perform an Acts Chapter Four act of defiance might be the trigger. [87]

A new study confirms the obvious, despite the liberal denials of truth: "The more that people play violent video games, the greater their levels of aggressive behavior." [88]

Were dinosaurs created on day six of God's creation?[89]

The most popular Wikipedia article of the year 2012 was the one on Facebook.[90] No, users were not really trying to read an encyclopedia article on Facebook. They were searching for Facebook, and stumbled on a Wikipedia article by mistake.

Russia, fed up with how liberals export their homosexual agenda, bans adoption by Americans and prohibits political activity in Russia by American groups. [91] And the lamestream media are still clueless about the underlying conflict.

China's atheist leaders and intellectuals are panicking about the rapid growth of Christianity in China.[92]

Conservapedia is proven right again. Atheists are timid little bunnies with no backbone: Atheism and cowardice

Gender gap and feminism in American politics: “a welfare state that provides an unmarried young woman with the possibility of having kids without a husband is not going to last very long.”[93]

What is the biblical view of women?[94]

True vs. false humility. [95]

Also, Thomas Sowell on the vulgar pride of intellectuals.[96]

The atheist and evolutionist PZ Myers falls deeper into the abyss of obscurity. Global Christianity and creationism see explosive growth.[97]

Imagine how obscure PZ Myers will be after he dies. Like the atheist Paul Kurtz, it doesn't appear as if he will leave a legacy.[98]

"I once wanted to become an atheist but I gave up . . . they have no holidays." - Henny Youngman

Liberal hypocrisy abounds after the Newtown Incident. Liberals are hypocrites in three separate ways. [99]

Liberal fascist.jpg

The smiling face of liberal hate: An Austrian professor wants the death penalty for global warming deniers.[100] [101]

Putin plans to sign into law a ban on Americans adopting Russian children. [102] Is this punishment for how the Obama Administration pushes the homosexual agenda on Russia? (The lamestream media would never admit that.)

The Tea Party and the Republican establishment are at all-out war. That war broke out last week, when members of the Tea Party in the House of Representatives refused to pass a corrupt bargain. Now prominent people on both sides have drawn their knives. [103]

The liberals who want gun control can't handle the truth: [104]

NBC flaunts a gun ammunition magazine in order to engage in demagoguery for gun control, and now it is being investigated for violating gun control for possessing it in D.C.! But expect the liberal double standard to allow NBC executives to avoid gun-control punishment inflicted on ordinary citizens.

Richard Dawkins, it doesn't pay to be naughty during Christmas! Jesus smites you again! Repent and be saved![105]

With Dems running the country, the "U.S. to hit debt ceiling on Monday." [106]

Virginia plans to nominate three movement conservatives for its statewide elections in 2013, with conservative Ken Cuccinelli leading the ticket - and the liberal media fear they will win. [107]

"The Gates of Hell: the Assault on the Enemy Kingdom," by Bishop Bert: [108]

The BIGGEST LIE of 2012. It's not the media's reporting of Mitt Romney's number 47, as they love to claim; it's the media's mis-reporting - and Obama's distortions of - the attack in Benghazi, in which four Americans were killed: [109]

The liberal war on Christmas has a new victim: Santa Claus: [110]

Sam Donaldson thinks it's not OK to be a conservative Republican; thinks it's not OK to be a Tea Partier. [111][112]. But he thinks it's OK to drive drunk: [113][114]

Best of the public triumphs again: "Wis. man's Little Free Library copied worldwide." [115]

A liberal newspaper removes some common sense, tosses the Second Amendment in the trash, throws in some hate, and stirs the pot to make it easier to be a criminal: they publish the names and addresses of law-abiding gun owners in two New York counties. [116] And they might have laid themselves wide-open for lawsuits. [117]

Christmas celebrations begin in Europe, but the liberal media criticize the Pope even at this special time by saying he is "elderly" and "frail". [118] Funny, the media do not use those terms to describe the aged liberals in Congress.

Aside from who should guard a school, Wayne LaPierre got it right when he said,[119]

The one thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.

"Ron Paul no fan of NRA gun plan ... 'Only a totalitarian society would even claim absolute safety as a worthy ideal, because it would require total state control over its citizens' lives,'" Ron Paul observed. [120] For an in-depth analysis: [121]

Is the forced-removal of God from public schools the real reason behind the Sandy Hook tragedy? [122] “The Founders believed that religion and morality were necessary for a government of limited authority, which provides a lot of freedoms,” said Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel. “Without religion and morality as the base, they knew the government would devolve into chaos. We have to be a self-restrained people with morals. And the way people would be moral is through the teaching of Judeo-Christian values and beliefs and that there is a God to whom they are accountable.”

Downward spiral continues for labor unions: the "twinkie" company folded due to a union, then Michigan voted against compulsory union membership, and now 97% of NHL players vote for allowing the dissolution of their union. [123]

2012 has been a very BAD year for Richard Dawkins's website according to Quantcast.[124][125]

Physics vs. the evolutionary hypothesis - Physics wins![126]

First there was PPsimmons, Shockofgod, MultiArchangel, PiltdownSuperman, Onceforgivennowfree and the 13 year old Cecil B. DeMille of creationism.

They were forerunners to the Question evolution! campaign video making machine Djw0071 and the pack of Question Evolution! video makers to come![127]

Socialized medical care in Britain: "Hospital apologises to 38 families for appalling care that saw a patient starve to death." [128]

Another pro-life victory: Planned Parenthood drops its challenge to South Dakota's 3-day waiting period prior to an abortion. [129] Many choose life if given time to think about it.

Club for Growth helped sink the RINOs' "unacceptable combination of tax increases and phony spending cuts" known as Plan B, and the group is not making any apologies for its principled stance. [130] It's up to liberals now to show some leadership for a change.

The fictional Big Bang today relies on a growing number of hypothetical entities, things that we have never observed — inflation, dark matter and dark energy are the most prominent examples.[131]

What new fiction will Bing Bang propagandists dream up to keep their fantasy alive? Leprechauns popped the universe into existence? Fairies caused the Big Bang?

Six out of ten universities can't figure out the First Amendment. It isn't conservatives who are running these centers of higher "learning"; it's liberals. [132][133]

The end of that Mayan Calendar "doomsday" myth. [134]

They bungled Benghazi in more ways than one. [135]

The warped thinking of liberals dictates that the way to end gun violence is to shoot everyone supporting the NRA: [136] Talk about hate speech!

The secret Soviet air and naval missions to Moneron Island and to KAL 007: The Russian ruse: [137]

Conservatives defeat the RINO leadership in the House by rejecting the "Plan B" tax increases, and the House adjourns for Christmas. [138] Now it's entirely up to the liberals who control the White House and U.S. Senate if they want to avert the fiscal cliff.

Passing out Question evolution! campaign tracts in front of British Free schools in 2013 and asking creationist schoolchildren in these schools to pass them out to their friends.[139]

Apparently, British evolutionists and atheists are not familiar with Sir Isaac Newton's laws of motion. To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction.

Unable to win creation vs. evolution debates, UK evolutionists and atheists are taking desperate measures and attempting to indoctrinate British Free School children into believing evolutionary pseudoscience.[140]

A new version of the Bible alters the passages critical of homosexuality. [141] Fortunately, the Conservative Bible Project rejects any such departures from the Bible's original meaning.

Republican Scott Brown has a big lead to win John Kerry's U.S. Senate seat in the Democrat stronghold of Massachusetts, reports the left-leaning Politico.

"Video game lobby silent" now; it spent "$4.4 million lobbying Congress" in 2011, allowing video games to continue to desensitize kids to extreme violence like that inflicted by the young mass murderer in Connecticut. [142]

Fast and Furious just added another twist to the scandal. Ex-ATF agent buys gun - illegally - and this gun ends up at the murder scene of a Mexican beauty queen. [143]

When it comes to guns [144] or Robert Bork [145], Democrats and liberals just have to "tweet" as much hate as possible.

Adam Lanza had a basement lair, to which he would retreat to play violent video games every day: [146] Are his favorite games on this list? [147]

A public school district in Texas has "allowed staff members and teachers to carry concealed weapons" since 2008, and never had a problem. Some other school districts do likewise, yet liberals won't allow it where it is needed most - where neighborhood kids play video games all day. [148]

American Christians: Inoculate your church's young people against atheism/agnosticism and doubt! Have your church invite Dr. Jonathan Sarfati to your church for his Christianity for Skeptics tour in the United States.[149]

Invite all your village atheists acquaintances to your church when he speaks there! Remind them that atheism has no proof and evidence supporting it.

The rise of teavangelicals in American politics. Teavangelicals may play a bigger role in the 2016 or 2020 U.S. Presidential election. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio: Democrats Worst Nightmare. [150]

Against the raw emotional appeal of the liberals to gun control, some facts to remember about mass killings and how to stop them. [151]

Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) joins the Shameless Squad of gun control promoters. Of course, he shed not a tear for the victims of Operation Fast and Furious. [152]

Your liberal radio host Ed Schultz, and the lack of respect he has for the nation's founders. "The idea that we need to be stuck in the mud of a different generation because some dead people think that's the way we oughta live 200 and some odd years later, I'm not there." [153]

Are you a wise man? Are you seeking Him?[154]

Yes, you can legitimately blame liberals for the Connecticut school shooting. Why? Months before Adam Lanza played with guns for the last time, the liberal ACLU STOPPED Connecticut Senate Bill 452, which they claimed would have infringed on the rights of the mentally ill without their consent. [155] So, we have a liberal organization saying you can't forcibly medicate someone who's nuts without their consent. As opposed to killing children without their consent?

"US school gunman was ‘obsessed’ with violent video games" - an India news headline tells the truth that the lamestream media fail to admit. [156]

A gun incident ignored by the major media: A concealed gun permit holder prevented a larger tragedy at a shopping mall. [157]

This Christmas season, let's remember that Jesus Christ is the Lord of time and creation. [158]

The Rt. Rev. Stanley Ntagali was yesterday enthroned as the eighth Archbishop of the province of the Church of Uganda, at a function where President Museveni urged leaders and the public to desist from promoting homosexuality.[159]

Liberal denial: instead of admitting that violent video games probably incited the unspeakable rampage by the young mass murderer, the authorities plan "to interview the youngest survivors of the school shooting as they try to determine the motive of the gunman." [160]

The meme of atheism and obesity is spreading WIDELY across the internet. Google USA estimates that there are 126,000 search results for "atheism and obesity".[161]

A Christian apologetics article at Beacon Apologetics mentions "atheism and obesity".[162] At Yahoo Answers India someone wrote that people are starving in the world because obese atheists are consuming too much food.[163]

"KAL 007's After-attack Escape from Destruction:" [164]

"Exit polls: Conservative party wins Japan election." [165]

The Christian apologist Mariano Grinbank reviews the movie IndoctriNation: Public schools and the decline of Christianity in America.[166]

When Christian private schooling and homeschooling was predominant in America, there wasn't a significant problem with children killing children. Don't send your kids to the ungodly public schools.

Alex Jones has a show on the documentary IndocriNation which demonstrates that American public schools are not only unsafe in terms of violence, but they have significant problems in terms of molestation and indoctrination into filth/leftism/anti-Christian rhetoric/evolutionism.[167][168][169]

Dynasty Warriors: that was the violent video game preferred by the young mass murderer several years ago. [170] Why won't authorities say what he was doing on his computer in the days leading up to his Connecticut massacre of schoolchildren?

Dems "open to relaxing federal marijuana laws." [171]

Rampage in another school leaves 23 injured, but this time it involves a knife: [172] And why is the liberal media largely silent on this story? Is it because there's no guns involved?

Officials withhold from the public the evidence they seized from the killer's computer. [173] Authorities and the lamestream media may never disclose what the young mass murderer was really doing leading up to his rampage.

Labor unions were once champions of liberty. Today many of them act like instruments of tyranny. And the United States government is taking a mis-cue from them. [174]

Liberal claptrap for gun control begins within hours of today's tragic murders, which would not have happened if laws banning guns for self defense in public school were repealed.

Why do liberal politicians, who ban the most common foods and drinks, press so hard to legalize marijuana? Could it be because this drug destroys initiative in the user? [175]

Incredible: Barack Hussein Obama gets his own portrait bust, commissioned by a big-city mayor, specifically of Trenton, New Jersey. Does he now think he is Julius Caesar? [176][177]

Pennsylvania becomes the 28th state to reject the ObamaCare exchanges. [178] Is ObamaCare the biggest legislative failure in history?

Among the targets of the union violence of December 11: a hot dog seller. Happily, the local community has rallied to him. And shame on the goons who wrecked his business. [179]

Atheism drops England lower on the European standard of living ranking, as the UK falls below the less atheistic Germany and Austria. [180] "Atheism" = "stop trying," which is why there are almost no atheistic sports stars.

Roots are important. Your ancestry affects your life now. Unless your past is rooted with dignity, being made in the image of God, then what difference does it matter what happens to you?[181]

Poll: Obama support mirrors Bush after reelection. [182] And then it declined, and declined, and declined.

Two years ago, a Tea Party group in New Jersey tried to recall their Senator. So why didn't they work actively against his re-election? Because his suggested replacement would have been his near-clone. The head of Recall NJ explains. [183]

Is union violence the real face of organized labor? The reaction to Michigan's new right to work laws makes that plain. You can also play the incriminating footage of the incidents. [184]

The quid pro quo in Michigan: [185]

A Tea Party/third party activist accuses Democrats and Republicans of hypocrisy about the "fiscal cliff." Included: a shocking video to illustrate the US debt ceiling, which Congress will raise again. [186]

"A right to carry firearms in public may promote self-defense" -- with those words the Seventh Circuit invalidates Illinois' ban on carrying weapons in public. [187] The federal appellate court recognizes the right to use weapons for self defense in public.

A Question evolution! campaign blog has now received over 275,000 views. This is merely the beginning of things to come. Wait until the all-out assault on evolutionism arrives![188]

Shoot down of Korean Airlines Flight 007: the transcripts [189]

The GOP-led Michigan legislature passes right to work, which ends compulsory union dues; many public school teachers walked off the job to protest at the capital. [190] Unions don't support real "freedom to choose."

"The Ruling of the Baby Killers." [191]

Woman could face up to a year in jail for faking victimization by an anti-gay hate crime. [192]

Federal court rules that Choose Life license plates are unconstitutional unless North Carolina also offers pro-abortion-rights plates. [193]

RINOs are worried that conservative Tom Price may challenge the weak John Boehner for Speaker of the House. [194] One congressman nominated Newt Gingrich to return as Speaker, which is allowed by the rules.

One thing you can be very sure of: The world is approximately 6,000 years old.[195]

Hosing the influence of evolutionist rats out of Britain before more British college women enter the sex trade! Also, news update: Gentlemen, if you want to marry a nice girl, marry a lady where biblical creationism is prevalent or growing![196]

"Cuba stays silent about deadly cholera outbreak." [197] Leftist regimes are not known for telling the truth.

The liberal media continue to prefer failure rather than support playing the conservative Tim Tebow. Today the Jets barely squeaked by the 2-11 Jaguars. [198] There will be no playoffs for the Jets if they continue to play this poorly without Tebow.

Unchivalrous and evolution loving British liberal elites are looking the other way while British young women are being used as exploited sex workers. In the last year, sexually related work has doubled for college students in the down British economy - an economy no doubt oppressed by failed liberal economic policies. [199]

2010 research suggest that one in four British students know someone who had worked in the sex industry to fund their college studies – up from three per cent in 1990. British women working in dangerous conditions reported physical/verbal harassment from customers.[200]

British college women are paying their way through college by being whores, pole-dancers, strippers, lap-dancers and escorts.[201] The UK brought us evolutionism which has been linked to a loss of morality.[202]

New research conducted by Professor Ron Roberts at the Kingston University found that six percent of students are obtaining jobs in sexually related sector of the British economy and universities are receiving between £600,000 and £3 million from the sex industry.

China, Russia, and France, which are countries with a recent past of secularism and/or have current secularistic societies, have lunatics panicking over the supposed end of the world according to the Mayan calendar.[203]

"Two killed at alleged Washington pot house on first day of legal weed." [204] Didn't Democrats claim that legalizing pot would reduce crime?

The harmful impact of ObamaCare is beginning to be felt: at the Cleveland Clinic, considered one of the better facilities, a doctor sees ten patients at the same time to save money. [205]

Atheist serial killer from Alaska did not repent of his atheism and committed suicide in jail.[206]

See also: Atheism and mass murder and Atheism and suicide

Self-worship by liberals has no limits: "Obama to take corporate cash for inauguration." [207] Teleprompters are expensive!

The Russians give a big NYET to homosexuality.[208][209]

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, it's the only word that can describe FEMA under the Obama Administration: [210]

"Armageddon's terrorist prison: home to the earliest known church," essay by Bishop Bert [211]

The Great Tea Party Purge just had another consequence: the Fire Boehner campaign, to remove Representative John Boehner (R-OH) as Speaker of the House. [212]

Human beings in the evolutionary scheme are reduced to the status of mere animals, at the mercy of their various lusts and appetites. Yet leading theistic evolutionists, such as Kenneth Miller, downplay or altogether ignore these points in their teachings.[213]

The Great Tea Party Purge from the House of Representatives might have given House Speaker John Boehner more than he bargained for. He pulled four men from key committees, for voting conservative when he didn't want them to. And he's not fooling anyone. [214]

Not even $42 million -- the most of any congressional candidate -- was enough for Democrat Elizabeth Warren to defeat Republican Scott Brown in liberal Massachusetts; Warren begs with donors to help her pay down the additional debt she incurred. [215] And Warren is a bankruptcy law professor!

Conservatives save American sovereignty by defeating a U.N. Treaty that would regulate disability. [216]

Record early sales for Black Friday fell flat the following week, just as the liberal gimmick of early voting decreases overall turnout in elections. [217]

Liberal consequences: "Manufacturing Declines to Weakest Level Since July 2009." [218]

A sports announcer parrots the old logical fallacy about gun control, after an NFL linebacker killed his girlfriend, then himself, with a gun. His remarks were as disgraceful as they were absurd. [219]
Broadcasters who make millions from the NFL blame others for the harm it causes.

"Peace-making, God-style, in Alexandria, Egypt", by Bishop Bert. [220]

The 4-7 Jets were losing to one of the worst teams in the league when the coach finally replaced their quarterback, but still refused to play the conservative Tim Tebow. [221] This time the excuse was a minor rib injury, but the reality is that the liberal media want to exclude the pro-life Tebow.

A leading African American conservative, J.C. Watts, considers running against RINO Backer Reince Priebus for the chairmanship of the RNC. [222]

The Mercury ice could not have stayed on Mercury for 4.5 billion years, or even 3.2 million years. The meteors and dust that bombard Mercury constantly should have blown it away. It did not. So it got there recently—thousands, not billions, of years ago. [223][224][225]

Does Barack Hussein Obama want to go over the fiscal cliff? Maybe. Maybe he wants a rerun of the Cloward and Piven Strategy. [226]

It appears the lamestream media may succeed in driving conservative Tim Tebow out of the New York City media market. "Tebow, likely along with much of the current Jets roster and coaching staff, is almost certainly gone this offseason," writes a prior supporter. [227] The Jets would rather lose than play a conservative who would win.

"Obama’s Now Borrowed More Than All Presidents from Washington to W." [228]

The goofy atheist Stephen Hawking goes off the deep end with his "little green men" fantasies.[229]

The ice on Mercury, found by NASA's MESSENGER probe, has provoked a lot of controversy. Specifically, a creation-oriented correspondent asserts that the Mercury ice confirms the Hydroplate Theory of the Great Flood. Here's why no other theory can account for the Mercury Ice. [230][231][232]

Ronald Reagan proposed to "starve the beast." Now a Tea Party activist proposes to slay the beast. That beast is larger than government, which is only part of it. [233]

The United Nations votes to call Palestine a "State." But what does that really mean? Does it do anyone any favors? [234]

"The Message and its Music: a marriage that sticks," by Bishop Bert [235]

NASA's MESSENGER probe today found ice on the planet Mercury. Enough ice, in fact, to bury Washington, DC in two and a half miles of ice. But where did it come from? The best answer is that it came from Earth during the Great Flood. [236]

The Eighth Circuit issues an injunction against a key ObamaCare mandate. [237] One possible reason: the mandated drugs could harm the women who take them! [238]

Warren Buffett is not only a hypocrite, but he also spouts total nonsense about how people invest. [239]

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer rejects ObamaCare by declining to set up a health insurance exchange there. [240]

An atheist who loses a debate admits that "most homosexuals are atheists".[241][242]

No wonder why so many young earth creationists are better in sports that atheists! More Olympic gold medals will be coming to America and the UK!

Fifteen questions the Mainstream Media should ask of Barack Obama, but won't, this as Obama uses a woman (United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice) to shield him, while pretending to defend her: [243]

Those foolish enough to buy a Powerball lottery ticket will be better off if they lose than if they win. "A West Virginia man who won $315 million a decade ago on Christmas later said the windfall was to blame for his granddaughter's fatal drug overdose, his divorce, hundreds of lawsuits and an absence of true friends." [244]

A British ex-atheist/evolutionist writes to Creation Ministries International: "I am overwhelmed by the quality of information you guys put out and overjoyed to have discovered what a fraud the unbiblical theory of evolution is."[245]

An example of liberal hate on the air: Mike Malloy goes on the air to "pray" for the execution of anyone in the Tea Party. [246]

Conservative Rand Paul affirms that he'll honor his anti-tax pledge, asks why liberals plan to break the pledge they made to the American people. [247]

Just who is it that really wants to execute homosexuals? [248]

Millions fall for the fool's gold of the Powerball jackpot, now that it reaches $500M in payout. [249] The lottery losers are mostly Obama supporters.

RINO Backers Fox News Channel and John McCain strike again: Folks "like me" should leave the abortion issue alone, McCain declares on Fox. [250] Jesus didn't keep quiet in standing up for life.

Religious makeup of the chambers of the 113th U.S Congress. Atheists still mistrusted by many.[251]

Are you an American atheist? Maybe you should start off small and run for dog catcher!

The 19-year-old star of the "Two and a Half Men" comedy calls the show "filth", and he begs people to stop watching the show. [252] Teenagers are increasingly repudiating the garbage pushed on them by the Left.

The U.S. Supreme Court clears the way for a new challenge to ObamaCare, by Liberty University with respect to the mandate imposed on employers to buy insurance. [253]

Liberalism: is it psychosis, evil, or based in ignorance? [254]

"Millions Struggle With High College Debt and No Degree." [255] The Worst College Majors pushed by liberal colleges can leave students with misinformation and massive debt.

Uganda's president begs forgiveness for his sins, his country's sins, and dedicates his nation to Jesus Christ: [256] “This incident is also important as a contrast to the picture being painted of Uganda by the godless left of a backwards, violent and savage culture intent on murdering homosexuals," Rev. Scott Lively said. "On the contrary, Museveni is calmly and confidently setting the course of his nation by the guidance of the Bible, in a way that also shows great courage and resolve."

"Abortions Down 5%, Biggest Decline in a Decade." [257]

How evolutionary belief has harmed science and society.[258]

A shrill evolutionist was clearly rattled by the scientists at Creation Ministries International.

An unholy trinity has replaced the system of checks and balances of our Constitution. A Tea Party activist reminds us of what comes of that, and what to do about it. [259]

The gimmick of early shopping for Black Friday is as senseless as the liberal stunt of early voting for elections: "Low Black Friday turnout at big-box stores in" a Pennsylvania town. [260]

My two dads and my two mommies have one thing in common: their kids ain't so happy and gay. [261]

Ahhh, Planned Parenthood. Want that abortion? Fine. Want the "doctor" to mess up your innards? Fine. Want the staff to call 911? Fine. Want the staff to say you're "fine" at the same time? [262]

More than 4 times as many Americans would like to have pro-life Tim Tebow as a Thanksgiving dinner guest than Barack Obama. Only 5% want Obama to join them today for dinner. [263]

Uganda's anti-homosexuality bill was officially added to their Parliament’s schedule on November 21, 2012.

The Uganda speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga was greeted with a hero's welcome at Entebbe International Aiport for her staunch support of the proposed anti-homosexuality bill. VIDEO

Why didn't the Republicans challenge the rampant voter fraud in the 2012 Presidential election? Because 31 years ago, they signed away their right to do so! A Tea Party activist explains, and vows to take up the challenge. [264]

Why do those who dislike unemployment insist on voting for socialists? "London students protest youth debt and joblessness." [265]

Conservapedia proven right, again: Some Dems would rather fail than accept conservative reforms. Union bosses refuse to allow a secret ballot for workers, thereby causing the maker of Twinkies to terminate nearly 18,500 jobs and liquidate in bankruptcy. [266]

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