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Greatest Conservative Sports Star Herschel Walker: "during Summer Olympics will the @NBA players play for USA or China?" [1]

Setback to Overrated Sports Stars: Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters burn LeBron James' jersey and shout “Hong Kong lives also matter!” [2] LeBron pushes the pro-communist China agenda of Nike, which is paying him an estimated $1 billion.

Donald Trump is on his way to an easy win in 2020, according to Moody’s accurate election model.[3]

Trumpslide 2020! See also: Donald Trump achievements

Facebook founder meets privately with some RINOs and faux conservatives. [4] How about ending liberal censorship instead?

Reasons for getting out of – or staying in – Syria. A remarkable treatment giving both sides equal consideration. [5]

Four more years: "Poland’s right wing secures decisive win in parliamentary elections," WaPo admits

Setback for feminists: "'Queen of chess' says it's hard to imagine women competing at same level as men," observing that "women are less focused." [6]

An Israeli lays out a (spiritually) militant program for Jews, drawing inspiration, oddly enough, from George Lucas' Jedi discipline. [7]

Angela Merkel’s EU Nightmare as Nationalist Alternative for Germany (AfD) SURGES Throughout Germany.[8]

Leftist gasbag Bill Maher: "But I must say ... my confidence that" Joe Biden "can beat Trump is waning." [9] Well, duh. What was his first clue??

Dem presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard mocks the bias of the New York Times, which ran a ridiculous smear of her in a "feature" today. [10]

The American church needs to stand up and be counted, which they are not doing. Hint: Romans chapter 13 doesn't apply to corrupt government. [11]

Setback for Never Trumpers: Shep Smith has left the Fox News Channel, and Trump jokes "that's a shame!" [12]

More than "100,000 supporters signed up to attend the rally" by Trump in a state won by Hillary Clinton, and 25,000 stood outside the stadium. [13]

Trump said Joe Biden would “kiss Barack Obama’s ass,” at a cheering, raucous crowd of 20,000 in liberal Minnesota. [14]

An Israeli makes a plea on behalf of the Kurds now in northern Syria. But: he says if America wishes to withdraw, his own country should step in. [15]

NBA is more liberal than even the media: "CNN Reporter Abruptly Muzzled While Asking NBA Stars About China." [16]

Setback to liberal censorship: Facebook rejects Biden request to remove Trump Ukraine ad." [17]

The more reason not to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry: it is Step One in a plan to remove the last generation that remembers the disastrous results of socialism. [18]

"White House says it won't cooperate with impeachment inquiry." [19]

Massive setback to neocons and other globalists: Trump is pulling U.S. troops out of Syria.

Even liberals are appalled at how the NBA just caved into communist China over the Hong Kong protests issue. [20] But the lamestream media downplays this news.

Rudy Giuliani Slams Fox News Channel host for hogging the segment: ‘Could You Just Listen for One Second?!’ Guiliani retorts. [21]

SHE CAN’T STOP LYING: Liz Warren Claims She’s the Daughter of a Janitor — But Her Dad’s Death Certificate Lists Him as Flight Instructor for US Army." [22]

"US Media now filled with former Intelligence Agents. Mockingbird Media nothing more than public relations arm of the Deep State." [23]

Washington Post admits online: "With Bernie Sanders hospitalized, Joe Biden under attack, and Elizabeth Warren's ideology raising concerns, fears rise among some Democrats."

Trumpslide 2020!

Don’t celebrate 70 years of People’s Republic of China — mourn them.[24]

Despite capitalism and democracies being far superior to communism, many Chinese atheists are duped into still believing in communism.

Also, see our new article: Atheism and gullibility

Liberal double standard, again: Warren campaign fires senior staffer for 'inappropriate behavior,'" but then conceals what the behavior was. [25]

How well do Americans love their freedoms? Consider where people commonly attend on Sunday and what else goes on in the society around them. [26]

"Toxic masculinity" narrative struggles amid outrage over the light sentence of Amber Guyger -- she'll be eligible for parole in just 5 years -- who failed even to help her murder victim much as he died. Underreported by the liberal media is how her social media posts "appeared eager to exert dominance and expressed casual comfort shooting and killing human beings." [27]

The seductive message of collectivism: eternal childhood. This explains why so many Americans never seem to grow up. [28]

"Anti-Trump Deep State Operative Leaks Trump China Call Info to Fake News CNN." [29]

A hard look at the wealth tax proposed by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). This would tank the stock market. Maybe she wants that result. [30]

The contradiction with the "toxic masculinity" narrative of the lamestream media is why it covers up for Amber Guyger, who murdered a defenseless man as he ate ice cream. Liberals want the case to be perceived as one about race rather than gender. [31]

Israel has its own version of a Democratic Party politician. But this one was once an IDF general. [32]

Christian forgiveness overwhelms the courtroom after the 10-year sentence for Amber Guyger, who was sexting her married police partner before irresponsibly murdering an innocent man in his own apartment she mistook as her own. [33]

Why are Conservative Girls So Attractive and Liberal Girls So Ugly?[34] See also: Atheists and physical attractiveness and Atheists and genetic mutations

Flashback to Worst College Majors: "Harvard President Apologizes for Comparing Donor Policy to Slavery," and people are baffled by his very bizarre comparison. [35]

The latest Muslim tactic to get into a church and sow the seeds of conversion: "tea time" at church. Alert your pastors not to permit this. [36]

Liberal censorship, California style: Dem presidential candidate Kamala Harris wants Trump banned from Twitter! [37]

Conservatives WIN in Austria as "Left Suffers Worst Election Since WWII"!!! [38]

A hard look at the Presidential candidacy of Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. Did she say she was not a socialist? [39]

Even the leftwing Daily Beast admits: "rarely, if ever, has one campaign made an affirmative demand that a top aide to a rival candidate no longer be given a platform," as Joe Biden desperately demands liberal censorship of Rudy Giuliani. [40]

Washington Post: "Some of Joe Biden’s supporters are voicing growing concern that his campaign is not prepared to weather the dual political rip currents suddenly reshaping the 2020 race — an onslaught of attacks on his family from President Trump and a tightened contest for the Democratic nomination."


Donald Trump's and Rudy Giulianis' "Quid Pro Quo Joe" Biden message is working![41][42]

Setback to global warming hoax: 3 feet of snowfall in Montana, and it is still September. [43]

The attempted impeachment of President Donald Trump is a booby prize example of cheating in American politics. The attempted removal of President Andrew Johnson was another. [44]

Impeachment hype by the liberal media smokes out the anti-Trumpers, and the RINOs in the Senate are like deer in headlights. [45]

Why no "red flag" laws or any other restrictions on firearms are unacceptable to a free people who want to stay free. [46]

So many Leftists are trashing the new Joker movie -- despite its initial rave reviews -- that even its director is lashing back at the "agenda" of the "far left," reports the Daily Beast.

These once-secret memos cast doubt on Joe Biden's Ukraine story.[47]

Deep State (CIA) outed by New York Times as being behind the anti-Trump "whistleblower". [48]

Why zero population growth was another excuse for globalism and a pathway to world control. [49]

Setback for Darwinists: a supporter of Intelligent Design is nominated by Trump to the Ninth Circuit, Lawrence VanDyke, and evolution syndrome is unable to block his confirmation. He gave a pro-ID book a good review. [50]

"RNC Urges Joe Biden to Release Transcripts of Calls with Ukraine." [51] Trump released his call transcript, and there's nothing improper on it.

Deep State "Whistleblower" in the latest accusations against Trump concerning the Ukraine is represented by a former operative for Hillary Clinton. [52]

Dem presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard -- dubbed the Ron Paul of the Left -- rejects the Pelosi's attempt to impeach Trump. [53]

Why does the Jewish Council for Public Affairs lend credence to liberal causes while ignoring the rise of anti-Semitism? For that matter, the entire Jewish-liberal alliance, shortly after WWII, had its basis in a false premise. [54]

Questions about the attack on the oil port facilities in Saudi Arabia. Who did it? Iran? Yemeni rebels? How did they fly under our radar? [55]

Setback for Never Trumpers: Donald Trump and Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, attract a crowd of 50,000 people to a Houston football stadium amid exuberant cheers for both. [56]

A reply to the latest liberal disinformation campaign. [57]

The Joker walked out of an interview when asked an obvious question about whether his new movie would incite more demonic violence. [58]

"Trump Pounces On Biden-Ukraine Scandal As Whistleblower Story Flips On Dems." [59]

"Warren overtakes Biden in Iowa for first time: poll." [60]

Conservapedia proven right, again: talent is irrelevant to the pro-gambling, owner-collusive profit model of the NFL, and the best wide receiver is banished from the league. [61]

"Video of Justin Trudeau in Blackface in Third Instance of Racist Dress to Surface in a 12-Hour Period." [62] Why does the lamestream media downplay racist conduct by liberals?

Prominent Dem donor -- "well known in LGBTQ political circles in Los Angeles" -- arrested after years of drug-related deaths in his home. Prosecutors described him as "a violent, dangerous sexual predator" who "preys on men made vulnerable by addiction and homelessness." [63]

Liberal double standard: Photo shows Justin Trudeau wearing brownface at 2001 party, but Canadian Leftists support Trudeau. [64]

At least four NFL teams desperately need a quarterback, but they are more likely to welcome Anthem-protesting Colin Kaepernick than the Bible-quoting Tim Tebow. [65]

Setback to liberal narrative: mile-long line and massive traffic jam of diverse supporters who wanted to attend Trump's rally in Democrat stronghold of New Mexico Monday night. [66]

Fake news accusation against Brett Kavanaugh is discredited by a New York Times update: the alleged victim does not recall the incident. [67]

The discredited theory of Thomas R. Malthus appears again as propaganda to support world socialism. [68]

"Empty Seats Outnumber Fans in Several NFL Stadiums," as fans unplug the NFL. (photos)

"Donald Trump: New Brett Kavanaugh Claim 'to Scare Him into Turning Liberal.'" [69]

Just how much support do the most violent and nasty leftist movements in America have? Direct observation shows they haven't nearly the support the Mainstream Media say they have. And in some cases, no support at all! [70]

Dems Secretly Trained Thousands of Activists to Manipulate Media, Clinton Library Docs Show. [71]

Nasty Kamala Harris claims that "Trump is 'really small dude' behind the curtain in 'Wizard of Oz.'" [72]

Dem presidential candidate "Marianne Williamson Caught on Hot Mic: Conservatives Are Nicer to Me.’" [73]

Time to review the Climategate story and the ongoing lie about climate change. With The Squad in the House moving forward with the Green New Deal, let's remember where the scam started, and with whom. [74]

Is American Christianity on Its Last Legs? The Data Say Otherwise.[75]

Trump wins big in the U.S. Supreme Court as it overrules interference by the Ninth Circuit and a San Francisco court with his asylum rule, but the CNN headline refuses to admit Trump won. [76]

An interesting theory of the cause of Autism in modern societies. Are we using prenatal ultrasound too often? And exposing the developing brains to damaging sound and heat? [77]

Leftist-controlled California, once a land of freedom, just made it nearly impossible to avoid mandatory vaccination, despite the harm it causes for many people. [78]

Globalist "Bill Gates: I met with Epstein because 'he knows a lot of rich people.'" [79]

Massive setback for the pro-war neocons: Trump fires John Bolton as National Security Advisor. [80]

Hollywood was a summer bust as only Disney enjoyed success. [81] Is this the end of influence by Hollywood values?

Are veterans committing suicide at a greater rate than we see in the general population? And if so, why? [82]

StemExpress CEO admits selling beating baby hearts, intact baby heads in Daleiden hearing.[83]

"Line Forms 48 Hours Early for President Trump’s Campaign Rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina," [84] but Hollywood's Sean Penn says there is "not a chance in Hell" he'll win reelection.

A hard look at the income tax and other tax laws in America today. [85]

Even the Daily Beast lavishes praise on the new Joker movie, which sparked an 8-minute standing ovation by moviegoers at a film festival. [86] Is it the finest portrayal of a Satanic anarchist yet?

Best of the public: a 19-year-old low-seeded Canadian wins the tennis US Open in straight sets.

Setback for the homosexual agenda: The Times of India just published an article entitled Homosexuality is a psychological disorder.

The Journal of Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine states concerning homosexual murders: "These 'Lovers' quarrels' between male homosexuals manifest an increased level of violence due to the fact that the parties involved in the emotional conflict are both sexual aggressors." See: Homosexuality and murders and Homosexual Couples and Domestic Violence

A singer and social media user, suspected of being intoxicated, caused the tragic fatal wreck that killed an innocent 16-year-old girl in Texas. [87] Maybe the liberal media could praise Trump's abstinence from alcohol once in a while.

Christianity influences British atheists more than atheism influences British Christians.[88]

William Lane Craig, citing research published by author Arthur C. Brooks, points out that atheists raised in religious households are twice as likely to give to charity than those raised in nonreligious households.[89] See: Atheism and charity and Christianity and social stability

"You need to ask first": Iowa teacher blasts Joe Biden for grabbing her hands when she asked him a question.[90] See also: Creepy Uncle Joe

Setback to liberal claptrap: "ThinkProgress, a Top Progressive News Site, Has Shut Down," laments the Daily Beast

"Former Vice President Joe Biden appeared to have a blood vessel burst in his left eye while participating in CNN's town hall... Biden, 76, has long been plagued by health issues."[91] See: Biden's age

Why is Biden's campaign stonewalling about the incident?[92] Was the incident caused by high blood presure? Bleeding disorders? Blood thinners? Diabetes? A viral infection? What is Biden hiding?

Biden hasn’t disclosed his medical history since 2008, when doctors found he had an irregular heartbeat.

Dem prez candidate Beto O'Rourke calls for more liberal censorship of "misinformation" on the internet! [93] He could lead by example by using his real name, which is Robert O'Rourke.

Babe Ruth - a sports celebrity who was pro-religion - just had his 98-year-old record tied of being the winning pitcher, homering, and playing center field in one game. [94]

A radical proposal for a State of Israel to conform exactly to the dictates of Moses in the Book of Deuteronomy. [95]

Setback to naturalists and materialists: wild horses in North Carolina have been huddling together to survive Hurricane Dorian, but how did they know beforehand to do that? [96]

Globalists stymie conservatives in the British Parliament over Brexit; a vote for new elections then fails. [97]

The full particulars on socialism, collectivism, and the New World Order. [98]

A sharp reminder: the Second Amendment guarantees the rest of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. [99]

Socialist Dem Bill de Blasio spent a total of less than one full day at work in an entire month, while he pursued his absurd bid to become president. [100]

Once conservative, Walmart caves into gun control by ending most of its ammo sales and even asking customers not to "open carry" in its stores. [101]

This is pathetic: "only three contenders are polling above single digits: Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders" among Dem candidates, admits Politico

"Gaming bro, Call of Duty has ruined me," admitted a tennis star about the video game while he was beaten in straight sets at the U.S. Open. [102]

The straight dope on socialism and what makes it immoral and unethical. [103]

Police chief refused at the press conference to disclose the name of the mass murderer in Odessa, and once again the British press is the best source for this info. [104] Nothing disclosed yet about the killer's addictions.

Liberal logic to mobilize the Dem voter base: Beto O'Rourke unleashes profanity on CNN before it can react to bleep it out, after saying he does not know the facts. [105]

Cognitive dissonance: two of the most anti-Semitic Members of Congress, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, get free passes from the Democratic Party and even from members of that Party who happen to be Jewish. [106]

Another mass murderer goes on a shooting spree: 7 dead, 19 injured in Odessa, Texas. [107] Marijuana, violent video games, atheism and/or Facebook this time? We pray for the victims.

Trump issues rules to protect students who were defrauded by liberal colleges. [108] Tackle Worst College Majors next?

Setback for RINOs: a former Romney worker who has been a gatekeeper to Trump, and a suspected leaker, is terminated after she disparages Trump's children to the press. [109]

Will the Bank of Israel buy gold to hold the shekel stable? [110]

China topples the West and India in chess, as Ding Liren defeats world champ Magnus Carlsen in a playoff. [111] The liberal media ostracizes the game because it confounds feminists in how the best players are all men.

Ding Liren is from China's Zhejiang province which is China's Christianity heartland. In 2005, Zhejiang province had the highest IQ of all the provinces in China with an average IQ of 115.8 which was markedly higher than China's average IQ at the time which was a score of 103.4.[112] See: Atheism and intelligence

Setback for the Deep State: James Comey violated policies when he kept and leaked memos he took describing meetings with President Donald Trump in 2017, the Justice Department announced. [113]

“I want to be clear, I’m not going nuts." - Joe Biden.[114] See also: Biden's age

It's tragic that Biden did not mentally challenge himself with conservative ideas during his life and instead chose to remain in his liberal bubble.

Leftist MSNBC has to humiliate itself by retracting its fake news story about Donald Trump and Russia: "I shouldn’t have reported it and I was wrong to discuss it on the air," liberal Lawrence O'Donnell admitted. [115]

Drastic measure taken to try to civilize atheistic Brits: Boris Johnson and the Queen suspend the British Parliament! [116]

Like Stalin repudiating Lenin's work while maintaining a facade of praise: all leading Dems "disavow Obama's creation of rival political group" by which the egotistical Obama hurt the rank-and-file party while president. Politico article

First apologize for insulting Brazil, conservative Jair Bolsonaro tells globalists while rejecting their paltry offer of $22M to fight fires in the Amazon rainforest. [117]

Gallup Poll: There are FEWER Democrats Today and MORE Republicans today.[118][119] Trump effect?

Liberal globalist Emmanuel Macron can dish it out, but does not like it when world leaders dish it back. Conservative Jair Bolsonaro responds to Macron's insult by poking a little fun at Macron's wife, and suddenly Macron acts like a baby. [120]

The New York Times offered the silliest possible motive for the alleged suicide of Jeffrey Epstein. The evidence clearly suggests otherwise. [121]

Liberal hypocrisy sinks to a new low: Obama buys $15M beachfront estate on Martha's Vineyard, despite liberal predictions that global warming will cause a rising sea to engulf such property. [122]

29-year-old star QB Andrew Luck announces his surprise retirement, walking away from millions of dollars. If he can unplug the NFL, fans who waste time and money on it can too. [123]

Why are selfish Democrats continuing to use Joe Biden in a desperate attempt to unseat Donald Trump, when Biden is clearly showing signs of cognitive decline? Even Barack Obama tried to discourage Biden from running and refuses to endorse him.[124][125] See our new articles: Joe Biden, grief and cognitive decline and Biden's age.

Harvard University: "There's strong evidence that certain diets — like the Mediterranean diet, the DASH diet, and the MIND diet — can help improve cognitive function."[126]

According to the British Medical Journal, cognitive decline can begin at 45 years old. See: Cognitive decline and diet. What has Biden been eating?

CNN's Chris Cuomo recently indicated that Donald Trump isn't aging as fast as past U.S. presidents.[127]

Eminent Yale computer scientist publicly rejects the theory of evolution, and previously the New York Times had called him a "rock star." [128]

Risk of deflation rears its ugly head: "Negative interest rates — where the lender gets paid back less than they’ve loaned — now add up to 30%, (and counting), of the global tradable bond universe." [129]

Setback for liberal demagoguery: one of the Koch brothers (David) dies at age 79, who was portrayed as a "boogeyman" (Politico.com term) for liberal fundraising but actually was an impediment to conservatism. [130] R.I.P., David, we'll pray for you anyway.

Liberals run amok! "Protesters Demanding Impeachment Crash Nancy Pelosi Award Ceremony in San Francisco." [131]

Joe Biden hasn't visited New Hampshire for five weeks and lacks confidence about his future prospects in the state's Democratic primary vote. Within Biden’s living memory eight front runners have met defeat New Hampshire. Only three recovered to win the White House.[132]

Abortion turned to flat-out infanticide last year with the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and the incredibly vile and savage reaction in States like New York, Rhode Island and, sadly, Virginia. But in other States, like Alabama, pro-life forces are fighting back. [133]

Liberal logic: "Top Danish Official Disses Trump, Then Is Shocked When He Cancels Planned Trip There." [134]

Setback for violent video games: a public high school gamer made a joke threat in a chat room, which caused his arrest and juvenile detention on felony charges in Florida. “I hate that game,” his anguished mother said. [135] Doubt the video game industry will help.

Joe Biden’s focus on big donors backfiring.[136]

Despite championing the global warming hoax, Biden received the maximum $2,800 donation from the president of Marathon Energy Corp., a New York-based oil, gas and electricity supplier.[137]

In May 2003, Jeffrey Epstein pledged a series of donations totaling $30 million USD to create an evolutionary dynamics program at Harvard University.[138]

Joe Biden’s boom and bust online campaign.[139][140]

Remember what the Wicked Witch of the West said in the Wizard of Oz because Biden may be saying it soon: "I'm melting. Melting! Oh — what a world, what a world!"

Gallup poll shows an increase in individuals in the United States indicating "God created humans in their present form".[141]

Good news for Answers in Genesis: Ark Encounter expands tourist attraction, boasts of increased attendance.[142]

The pro-evolution forum EvC Forum, which censors creationists and intelligent design proponents, continues to bleed web traffic. The website is dying on the vine. See: EvC Forum vs. the Grim Reaper

Global creationism continues to see significant expansion.

Another Gaffe: Joe Biden Mixes Up Iowa and Vermont at First Event After Lengthy Rest.[143]

"I am a gaffe machine...". - Joe Biden

Joe Biden allies float scaling back events to limit gaffes.[144]

"Biden has a tendency to make the blunders late in the day, his allies say, particularly after a long swing on the road, like he had last week in Iowa. They say something needs to be done to give the candidate more down time as the campaign intensifies in the fall."

Students fall behind while schools focus on social justice.[145]

Read our new article: SJW atheists

Greenland is part of the Americas in the Western Hemisphere, and its residents oppose current rule by Denmark. The liberal media criticize Trump's idea to purchase Greenland but the islanders would welcome independence from Denmark. [146]

Opening ceremonies begin for the top chess tournament of the year, but the contestants are all men so the liberal media ignore it. [147]

Leftist Daily Beast admits that Obama tried to talk Joe Biden out of running: “You don’t have to do this, Joe, you really don’t.” [148]

Setback for pro-legalized-drugs crowd: cocaine was found on the Dayton nightclub shooter and in his system. [149]

Liberal claptrap is not working even for Dem voters: all five of the top Dem candidates for president lose support in latest poll. [150]

Liberal Politico.com criticizes video game industry for how it exploits its workers, while Dem politicians avoid the issue. [151]

The current Torah reading, about the entry of the Israelites into the Promised Land, coincides beautifully with a fresh influx of returning Jews from North America to Israel. [152]

The Political Right is TAKING OVER Latin America.[153]

China gets nailed with a vicious trifecta of negative data as industrial output growth falls to a 17-year low.[154]

President Donald Trump mocks China’s weak second-quarter GDP.[155]

Why The USA Will Win The China vs. USA Trade War.[156]

Why the charge of white supremacy against Donald Trump is a hoax and an exercise in projection. [157]

The Biden Gaffe Machine: A Running List Of Joe Biden’s Best Slip-Ups.[158]

"These days, Biden is confused about everything and everyone virtually all the time... He routinely says things that are absolute gibberish... These are not ordinary slips of the tongue. They are signs of cognitive decline that will be familiar to anyone who, like me, spends a good deal of time in the company of people who are roughly Biden's age." - The Week on Joe Biden

"After Biden’s shaky performance in Iowa, a Democratic county chair told The New York Times, "He’s pressing against Father Time, who is a very tough competitor." - Sports website The Ringer in their article We’re Covering Joe Biden Like He’s an Aging Quarterback

Conservapedia proven right, again: Sanders overtakes Biden in New Hampshire poll. [159]

24-year-old who "smoked marijuana every day for about 10 years and ... had not stopped smoking" arrested for arming the Dayton nightclub shooter. [160]

Did Donald Trump pull out of the INF Treaty with Russia to contain China? Did Russia have nothing to do with it? [161]

Hollywood's Miley Cyrus's marriage breaks up less than 8 months after her wedding. "They still remain dedicated parents to all of their animals they share while lovingly taking this time apart," their publicist said. [162]

Re-examining physician assisted suicide in the wake of the death (murder?) of Jeffrey Epstein. [163]

Dem frontrunner Joe Biden falsely claims, “Those kids in Parkland came up to see me when I was vice president,” but he had been gone from that position for more than a year! [164]

Bill Clinton's pal Jeffrey Epstein is found dead in his jail cell. Will that end the investigation of Clinton's role in the underage sex trafficking?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says about the circumstances of Epstein's death, "We need answers. Lots of them".

Clinton body count?

Michael Moore recently brought his fellow environmentalists up short: reminding them that electric cars are only as clean as the juice to charge them. Why didn't Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez think of that? [165]

Johnson City pastor says Facebook is censoring his conservative content.[166]

Facebook Censors Peaceful Saint Augustine Quote As ‘Hate Speech’.[167]

Conservapedia's Unplug the NFL campaign scores another touchdown: TV ratings for its opener fell 15% from last year's record low. [168] The NFL rewards obsessive coaching and fosters gambling, while the best athletes are kept out of its Super Bowl.

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